Four Play

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Note: Okay, I already know this is a pretty silly story. Sometimes I get an idea for a story or just think of a title and it doesn’t go the way I want to write it. Like it has a mind of its own. It started as a crossdressing tail (sic) but rapidly degenerated from there. There are gay male elements in the narrative and/but I hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to all my followers.


“Fore right!” Yelled Rod as loud as he could as I watched another ball slice sharply right again.

“Jesus!” I spat out. “I don’t know what the fuck I am doing wrong.”

“What’s wrong with you, Jamie?” Peter laughed. “You’re already five strokes behind.”

“Are you purposely trying to lose?” Dick grabbed a handful of his balls. “You’ve lost the last two games…”

The four of us played weekly on Thursday afternoons, usually after 2 P.M. when few other golfers are around on the very private course. We were all good friends and over the past years, very, very close good friends. As per the norm, we started with loser buys drinks. While we weren’t scratch golfers, we were all about the same handicap and not being more than a couple of strokes different, we played even. A couple of years ago, the games started to get stale so we instituted a modified Texas rule to add more pressure.

Texas rules specified that if you whiff a tee shot and your ball doesn’t go past the women’s tees, you play the remainder of the hole with your dick hanging out of your pants. But since we don’t whiff that much if at all, we modified it so you must hit your ball past the forward tees. Forward tees usually a ways further down the hole and allowed those players who cannot hit a ball far a chance to still get par.

Later, Peter got the idea of penalizing you more if by chance you do fail to hit it by the women’s tees. He “borrowed” a pair of his wife’s red lace, crotchless panties. The whiffer would be required to wear them for that hole and then must wear them for all subsequent games until someone else whiffs. We all laughed and agreed.

Unfortunately for Peter, he was the first to fail. Hole number 5: a long par 3 to an elevated green. Peter took a mighty swing and hit so fat behind the ball, he was luck to connect with anything other than sod. His ball went nine yard and rolled to a stop inches from the women’s blocks.

“Put ’em on!” We all taunted him.

Initially, Peter was just going to pull the panties over his trousers but we all said “No, you need to take off your pants and play the rest of the hole in your wife’s panties before you can put your pants back on. After a lot of discussion and persuasion, Peter caved. He removed his shoes and dropped his pants. He was commando.

“Were you expecting to put them on or something?” Teased Rod.

Peter’s pecker wasn’t small between his legs. Flaccid, he had to hang about a good six thick inches. After pulling on the panties, his erection was probably over eight.

Of course you can’t hit the ball with a boner and he had to mark down a 6 on his score card before he got to put his pants back on. Try as he might, Peter couldn’t fight back and remained high score. After the game, Peter had to buy drinks. We all teased him relentlessly.

Over that year, we all ended up wearing panties a couple of times. We did have to replace them as they ripped or got so soiled no one wanted to even touch it let alone wear it. Then the rule escalated to include wearing Rod’s girlfriend’s bra. Again, we all laughed and agreed. “Why not?” Until I was the first one.

I took off my shoes and pants. Dick thought it would be funny and literally ripped off my underwear. My shredded garment dangled from his finger. “You won’t be needing these for a while!”

I pulled on the latest edition of pink crotchless/ass-less panties. Peter helped me on with the bra. The stiff cups were huge. Rod’s girlfriend had massive breasts that apparently needed a lot of support. “Double D’s!” Rod announced proudly.

I stood over my next shot. Dick wedged a club between my ass cheeks and I top the ball again.

Of course I was demolished trying to play the rest of the game with boobs. They made me wear it under my golf shirt inside the clubhouse when we finished and went for drinks. Too many drinks. Way too many drinks.

It was late when we finally gulped the last of our beers. There was no one else in the lounge other than Pricilla the good natured, cute bartender. I signed the chit without even looking at the total. I knew it would be pretty big. There was no tipping allowed policy but I slipped her a twenty anyways.

I staggered my way to the change room and found my locker. I struggled to take off my shoes, pants and shirt before the other three naked drunks ganged up on me to throw me under a cold shower. They all laughed as I buckled over from the freezing water pouring over me. I was on my knees still wearing the bra and panties when I looked up to see Peter in front of me. I watched in awe as he stroked himself to adana escort a full hard-on. He held the back of my head and stuck his cock into my surprised, gaping mouth before I could protest. He thrusted his hips back and forth and came relatively quickly. I choked and gagged as his load splashed the back of my throat. Rod and Dick laughed at the premature ejaculation of their buddy.

The cold water did well to restore some sense back into me. I did my best to wash the cummy taste out of my mouth. I stripped off the bra and panties before wrapping a towel around my waist. The three were still reeling a bit as I confronted them. “What the fuck was that?”

Rod spoke up first. “We modified the rules again.”

Peter still laughed. “And you looked so cute in that underwear.”

Dick related the rule changes. “So we decided that the loser not only buys, but has to accommodate the winner.”

“I didn’t agree to that.” I protested.

“Oh, we’re a democracy. So you don’t get to decide.” Peter pointed out.

“Besides…” I looked over at Rod showing me cock sucking in a picture on his phone. “And maybe you’ll learn to play better.”

I went home and decided not to play golf with them anymore however when I received a copy of the photo on my phone, realized I had no real choice.

I got to the club and went to change in the locker. Rod and Peter were already there. They made sure I was properly attired in the bra and panties before putting on my shorts and shirt. The stiff cups protruded out regardless of how much I hunch over to hide them.

The three of us made our way to the course. The first tee was a bit away and not really visible from the starter’s booth. The starter does not allow the next group to go before the previous group has gone; there was no one behind us anyways. Rod and Peter wacked their respective ball down the centre of the fairway sailing passed the forward tees. I had gotten used to wearing my underwear and hit a pretty decent shot which passed both Rod’s and Peter’s but rolled just onto the first cut of rough. We were about to leave when Dick just made it to the tee. After seeing where we all hit, Dick whose handicap is one better than mine swung as hard as he could at the teed up ball. Without a warm-up, Dick topped his ball. It was a screaming line drive that skimmed the ground.


The ball hit the women’s tee marker block. The block went flying but the ball stopped dead. Literally perfect motion transfer. We looked at where his ball landed. Dick insisted that it was just passed the line, but Rod, Peter and I said “Nope!”

I quickly stripped off the bra and panties and handed them to Dick to put on.

Relieved and unencumbered by the female attire, I had one of the greatest games I had ever played. I had shot a rare 80 a couple of times but today I shot a 79. Rod shot an 83 and Peter shot an 81. Dick who was not used to playing in bra and panties, shot a horrid 91.

We made our way back to the bar. Most of the male members knew what was going on and laughed when they saw Dick with tits. Pricilla tried to suppress a chuckle as she brought over our drinks. Purposely she pushed her proud breasts out more to compete with Dick’s.

Again after too many beers, we all staggered to the lockers. I was soaking under a hot stream of water when Dick entered my stall. Still dressed in the bra and panties, he dropped to his knees and held my bum as he took my soft cock into his mouth.

“Look!” Laughed Peter as Rod took videos. “Dick in Dick!”

I thought my girlfriend was good. Dick was pretty good. I’m not as thick as Peter but maybe a little longer. Dick took me all the way down his throat to the amazement of all us. Every time I was close to coming, Dick somehow prevented it. He managed to mumble out. “No… Not Yet!”

It had to be a good ten minutes of sucking. My knees were shaking and threatened to buckle. I looked over at Peter and Rod. They were jerking each other’s cocks. Dick forced his fingers between my ass cheeks then pushed a finger more and more into and out of my ass hole. He found my gland and pressed it like an eject button. Cum immediately shot out from my piss hole. I managed. “Oh gawd! Fuck!”

Dick didn’t stop finger fucking me and sucking at my dick. He didn’t spill a drop of my cum. By the time I recovered enough, it was just in time to watch both Rod’s and Peter’s cocks dribble out the last of white cream.

Which brings us almost up to today. The last couple of games were atrocious. For some reason I had completely lost my swing. Ball control… None! Hit it thin. Hit it fat. Everything bad. I had to wear the bra and panty set and then suck off Rod and Dick. But don’t worry about poor Peter. Whoever I wasn’t sucking got to fuck Peter in the ass (apparently another new rule they all decided on).

So today before we teed off, I was in the locker room about to change into my girlie attire. Peter and Dick eskişehir escort were already changing when in comes Rod. He hands me a package. “The other set was getting really seedy and ugly looking. Thought a new outfit might make you play better. I had Tara buy some new ones.”

“Doesn’t she ask what you do with it?” Dick questioned.

“I told her.” Rod answered then paused. “But not about what happens with the losers.”

I peeked into the bag and pulled out a bright fire engine red bra and panty. The panties were lace and satin and of course were crotchless. The matching bra were the normal double D cups but were underwired, half cups and made with soft lace.

I smiled and thought to myself. “Great! At least I won’t have tits getting in my way.”

By now, we were all well versed in putting on the bra. I hooked the eyelets and looped my arms through. I was about the pull my golf shirt one when Rod stopped me.

“Whoa!” He said. “Can’t have floppy tits now can we?”

He handed me another package. I looked inside and pulled out some silicon breast forms. Double D’s with huge cherry red nipples. Once I figured out how to put them on, they stayed put since they were self-adhesive. Supported with the bra, I pulled on my white shirt. The red was clearly visible through the light material and the hard nipples easily poked though.

First tee. Rod, Dick and Peter all drove down the middle of the fairway. Swinging with heavy tits was something completely alien. I teetered as I stood over the ball. My balance was off as I started my back swing. Then my tits got in the way of my down swing. I did strike the ball but it only travelled 75 yard. How women play golf with these bags on their chest was beyond me.

The three of them were just howling at my poor result. Dick pumped an empty fist towards his open mouth. Dick was pretending to jerk off. Peter was just doubled over laughing.

By the eighth, I had figure out how to hit but lacked the distance to carry the ball far enough and gain any strokes. Par wasn’t going to help. I needed birdies.

Now, the ninth was a long 525 yard par 5 with a tight tree lined fairway. Rod with the honours hit first. It was fortunate on the last hole, Dick and Peter had trouble in the sand and double bogie-ed. I was next up and with my big tits, I nearly fell flat on my face as I bent over to tee up. I aimed left as I addressed the ball. I needed a good, long drive but I guess I was a little more exuberant in my swing. Heavy titted, centrifugal force threw me off. As I tried a mid-swing adjustment, my hands were late and the club face on impact was open. We all watched as my Pro-V sailed deep into the woods.

… You must want some cock really badly.” Dick howled and having trouble teeing up his ball. Try as he might and concentrate, he was just thinking about me too much and topped his shot. It was far enough to reach the fairway but that was it. The ball was well behind the forward tees.

Peter’s was much worse. His driver had to hit almost a foot behind the ball. It barely trickled to the women’s blocks.

“Great!” I started to strip off. “I can finally take this extra stuff off.”

“No, you hit yours way out. I think it was worse than mine.” Peter started to protest.

Dick kept quiet since his ball was well short meaning he would be in consideration for panty wear. After some more discussion, it was decided that Rod should decide. “Well maybe all of you should wear panties! We’ll have to carry extra, but what to do now?”

Dick mused for a few moments. “We’ll play the rest of the hole and whoever has the worse score wears it. The current wearer must keep it all on since they were the last person obligated until a final decision is made.”

As per the regular golf rules, I took a provisional in case I couldn’t find my original ball. This time I managed to hit it much better and straighter carrying passed Dick’s ball. Peter hit his second shot from the longish grass but topped it slightly again and ended even with Rod’s first ball. Dick hit his second shot while I searched for my first.

The woods were dense and my tits kept getting in the way of the branches. I found three other balls before I saw mine. I carefully verified the red marking identifier I wrote on the ball then tried to figure out what to do. There was a thin clear path back onto the fairway. I’d have to keep the ball low but carry almost 50 yards to get out. “Hey can one of you guys pass me my 5 iron?”

Peter fought his way over to me. He saw what I had to deal with and tried to psych me out. “Yeow! Not much room especially with your big tits getting in the way.”

The ball laid perfectly on a mossy area with no obstructions around. I could swing but it was a very tight lane to get it through. Taking a more forward grip and aiming to the right edge of the opening, I pulled the club back about three quarters and made a sharp descending downswing. Peter and I watched as the ball rose no more than five feet high and straight. But in trying to keep it low, the closed face caused a slight aim to the left and the ball was headed for a thick tree.

“Whack!” The familiar sound of a golf ball hitting a tree.

I was really lucky and it caromed off the left side and flew down the fairway.

“Son of a bitch!” Peter spat. “Lucky shot.”

“Better to be lucky than good some times.” I laughed as we extricated ourselves from the forest.

By the time we all reached the green, Peter, Dick and I were tied in strokes. I was about 10 feet away from the hole; Dick was maybe eight but Peter was twelve feet away, pin high and in the rough.

Peter studied his shot. It was a slick, sliding, downhill, right to left line. As Peter took his stance, half of his left foot was over the edge of a deep sand bunker. He slowly pulled his club back slightly and bumped the ball. It popped up and landed just onto the first cut of the green. The ball jumped forward then gravity took over. We all watched in amazement as the ball picked up speed and rolled to the left. If it didn’t hit the hole, the ball would run at least ten feet passed.

“Dunk!” the ball hit the flag dead on and fell in.

Even though we were still competing, we were all still friends and were ecstatic for Peter’s incredible lucky bogie.

Rod ended up double bogie but wasn’t concerned since he wouldn’t have to change into the bra and panties anyways. I was next and squatted down to line up my putt. It was below the hole, pretty straight, maybe aim a half hole right and uphill. I pulled back my club about nine inches and struck the ball but didn’t follow through enough.

The line was perfect but the ball was slowing due to the ramp upwards. It came to a stop about three inches short. I tapped in for a double bogie. Dick had one stroke to win. His line was similar to mine and was aiming to take his stance. He took his back swing about nine inches and followed through nicely. I held my breath as the ball started towards the hole. It started losing speed but would have enough to reach the hole but the right to left slope was just too much and the ball missed the cup by a mere inch. Tap in double.

“Okay now what?” I asked Rod.

“Well since there was no clear winner, the current wearer must maintain wearing the whiffer’s attire.”

Of course, Peter and Rod readily agreed. I protested but really didn’t mind.

By the end of the round, I managed to get a couple of birds but fell well short of Dick’s 87. Priscilla couldn’t help but laugh loudly at my sizeable tits as I served the drinks. “Holy smokes! They’re bigger than mine!”

I was last in to the locker room where the others were already showering. I stripped off but kept my bra and panties on. Under the hot streaming water, it felt weird with my weighty chest. I was on my knees waiting to award the winner’s prize. I didn’t realize we weren’t the only ones there. Tobias, another golf member walked by my stall. “Another loss eh? Becoming a habit.”

Rod presented himself to me. I immediately opened my mouth and allowed him access. Of course Peter and Dick wanked each other off as they watched. I grabbed Rod’s meaty bum and pulled him into me. His cock hit the back of my throat. Initially I gagged slightly but quickly got used to it. Peeking over at the other guys, Peter was bent over and Dick was bum fucking his friend.

“What a great idea!” Exclaimed Rod. “No use wearing crotchless panties for nothing.”

The panties were basically split open from the front all the way to the back. It wasn’t really crotchless; more like just two loops of material attached to a waist band.

Rod had me stand up and bend over. I felt a slippery bar of soap between my cheeks. A soapy finger pushed inside of me ensuring for an unresisting entry. Rod used his palms to split my crack. I felt something press against my portal. I tried to clinch but the soapy lube did its job and Rod pushed his knob through. I braced my hands against the shower walls as Rod penetrated me deeper and deeper.

“Jesus fuck!” Rod grunted as his thrusting became more and more forceful. “You’re tighter than Tara’s ass!”

I wasn’t really unfamiliar with being ass fucked. My girlfriend used a strap-on on me frequently. A real cock felt so different; so incredible. “Oh gawd! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

Dick was slamming his cock into Peter’s ass as vigorous as Rod. Suddenly Dick pushed forward and arched his back; I knew he was coming.

“Yeah, give me your cum!”

“Ooooh!” Dick screamed. He shot a half dozen loads into Peter before he slowly pulled out.

Peter’s asshole still gaped and less than white cream poured out and down his legs.

I squeezed my ass tightly as Rod continued to fuck my ass. From the change in rhythm I could tell he was about to cum too.

“Uuggh! Uuggh! Uuggh!” I lost count of how many times he fired inside me.

“Oh yeah! Fuck! Oh yeah!” I cried out. “Come inside me. Give it all to me!”

When Rod had nothing left to give me, he rested with his cock still inside. I could feel the solidness of him start to wane until my ass spat him out. My hole closed and nothing dribbled out.

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