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I wanted to write this in 2 different stories, but it wasn’t long enough to meet the 5000 character minimum, so I put them together. This is the true story of my first 2 sexual “relationships”

The first time i sucked a cock i was 8 years old. Brandon was the son of some friends of my parents and was a few years older than me. One night he asked if i could spend the night. After staying up late, he pulled out one of his daddys nudie magazines. We were in his bed with the covers pulled up to about waist level. We spent some time looking through it, making random comments about the women.
All of a sudden he said that one time he saw a movie where the women put her mouth on a mans penis and started moving her head up and down. He said he wanted a women to do it to him someday. At that time i was pretty horny (i know they say kids dont think about sex until later in life, but i definitely know they’re wrong). Without warning, i got under the covers and stuck his warm cock in my mouth. It was the most beautiful thing i had ever tasted. To this day i still think about that first taste and it still gets me hard. At that time i didnt know anything about taking my time, teasing it and making it last.
After sucking like crazy for a few minutes he said he wanted to try. He had me lay down on my back, got under the covers, pulled down my underwear and engulfed my young cock in his warm mouth. It was the most amazing thing i have ever felt. Unfortunately, it didnt last long before his jaw got tired and he stopped. He laid down, pulled the sheets back up and started jerking off. Since i was inexperienced, i didn’t know what he was doing, so he told me how to do it. I started stroking my hard cock cock. şişli bayan escort It seemed like it took forever and after a while i gave up. I laid there for a couple hours thinking about it. I may not have cum that night, but my life was definitely changed.
I went home the next day and following some advice he gave me, i sat on the toilet, put some shampoo in my hand and started stroking my cock. It took about 10 minutes, but it finally happened, I had my first orgasm! It was incredible! I was too young, so no cum came out, but my mouth was dry, my heart was racing and right as I came, my dick started twitching and the most amazing feeling flooded through my body. After that was hooked. I started masturbating frequently.
It was about 3 months later that i had my next sexual experience. This one turned into kind of a friends with benefits thing. It was with my friend Andy.
Andy is the same age as me. We were in the basement with our friend Stephanie, who is a year younger than we are. Andy made an excuse for us to go into the bathroom. When we were there, he told me that he thought she was hot. He said that he needed to rub his penis and asked if i wanted to do it too. He told me that it feels real good, not knowing that i had been doing it for a while. I told him that there was something else we could do, that i learned from a friend.
I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock. Finally, the amazing taste I had been missing for the last 3 months. This time I didn’t let him stop me. I sucked for all I was worth, guiding his cock over my warm tongue, i wrapped my lips around it tight and bobbed my head as fast as i could. Finally I heard him say “oh god” and he slumped down, panting. After he regained şişli escort his composier, I stood up, took out my dick, and guided it to his mouth.
He didnt suck with the same furosity that I did, but it still felt good. His mouth was warmer than Brandons and felt amazing. It took a while, about 10 minutes, but finally I felt it. It built up slowly, but when I finally came, it was the most incredible orgasm i had ever had! All of them I had up to that point were tiny in comparison. It seemed to last minutes, I fell back on the counter and seemed to black out.
Finally I was able to get it together and we went back out to Stephanie and acted like nothing had happened. It went on this way for about a year and a half.
When we were about 10, I began to notice that clear fluid began to leak out when I came. It was at that time, he stopped sucking me off before I came.
We experimented a lot with different types of oral, 69, jerking each other off, kissing, etc. One day, we were on my bed, he was on top of me facing me. We were kissing, our cocks against each other, while he jerked us both off with one hand. He stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear “I love being gay with you”. That was all it took, I was ready to go.
I got up, flipped him over so he was on his back on my bed, and got between his legs. I had read up on how to give a blowjob and was determined to make this one unbelievable. I grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it. While stroking, I licked his balls, then stopped stroking and slowly ran my tongue up the shaft to his tip. I did that a few times, then when I got to the tip, I closed my mouth and slowly sucked more of him into my mouth. When i got to the base, I sucked in while pulling mecidiyeköy escort his cock out of my mouth, creating a suction. I slowly sucked him off for about 5 minutes then licked his balls some more. He was begging me to hurry, so I put his cock in my mouth and sucked the tip while jerking him off. He didnt last long. He came in my mouth and I tasted the runny, salty sweet precum that he finally was producing. It was my new favorite taste.
When it came time for me, he just said, “I dont really like the taste, can I just rub it?”. After a quick hand job, we went outside for a bike ride. That was the end of my getting blow jobs.
After a while, I was clearly frustrated at our arrangement. He told me he knew what we could do. We had talked before about “using our butts instead of our mouths”. He asked me if I wanted to “put it in” his. Needless to say, I was on board.
Andy came over one day when my parents were at work. We went into my bedroom and stripped. He was clearly nervous. I kissed him and asked if he really wanted to do this. He nodded, smiled and turned around. He bent over and I brought my throbbing cock to his tight hole. I tried to push it in, but he was too tight and let out a cry. I grabbed some lotion that we had in the closet and put it on. This time I went more slowly. After I got the head in, he told me to stop and wait because it hurt. Finally he gave me the go ahead. I went in a little more, then had to stop again. This went on for a while. When i was finally in I slowly pulled out. I slowly fucked him and when I was about to cum, I pushed in all the way. Came hard, then fell forward on his back. We laid together cuddling for a bit before I sucked him off. We fucked a few more times, then one day, out of the blue, he moved away. It was almost 13 years before my next sexual experience with a guy, which I will definitely tell you about in my next story.

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