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Sparks shoot up from the golden flames as a log shifts on the pile, the flames hungrily licking at the newly exposed piece, the woman curled on the rug before the fireplace jumping slightly at the sudden noise in an otherwise silent room, her thoughts briefly interrupted as she glances at the fire.

Stretching her legs slightly she eases herself down onto the rich soft fur beneath her, sighing softly as it gently tickles against her warm flesh. Turning onto her side, arm bent at her elbow as she rests her head in the palm of her hand, she gazes at the crackling flames as her mind drifts off once more. Lashes dropping to rest against flushed cheeks as her eyes turn inwards, she sees only her lover, her thoughts racing back to the last time she was in his arms.

A soft sigh escapes her parted lips as her hand slides gently against her hip, nails scraping lightly at the exposed flesh of her thigh, in her mind she sees her lovers hands on her body, her own hand imitating his actions. The warm glow of the fire dances across her skin as her hand slides lower, dipping down further past her skirt, fingers pressing harder against the skin as her chest rises and falls rapidly, her breath rushing past her full parted lips.

Moaning low in her throat, her hand starts to slide higher on her body, fingers seeking nipples that push against the restricting fabric of her shirt, nipples made hard by the images in her mind, a lovers lips locked around the small bud, sucking it deeper within his moist mouth, a lovers fingers tugging hard against the tiny nub, stretching it from her body.

Her back arching as her hand roams over her breasts, she lightly drops back against the fur rug, her free hand now lifting to join it’s twin as it teases and torments her hard nipples. Groaning softly as her hands wander lower, fingers slipping up under her shirt, nails flicking against the bare skin beneath.

Arching her back higher as her teeth sink into her lower lip, her fingers inching higher along her body, tips reaching out to rub against the underside of a silk covered breast. Slowly lowering her body back against the rug her fingertip trails up over her breast to slowly circle a hard nipple through the lace, her mind seeing her lovers tongue as it travels over her body, leaving moist trails in it’s path.

Tongue flicking out against her swollen lip, her hands push her shirt higher on her body, the material bunching up beneath her chin, nails flicking against her nipples, tugging at the lace that covers them, pictures playing through her mind, her lover bent over her as he drags on the hard buds with his teeth, his hands roaming over her body, drawing the pleasure from her.

Pushing the lace aside, her fingers tug and pull harder on the aching buds, in her mind all she sees is her lovers mouth covering the buds, teeth lightly nipping at the hard flesh as he tugs them away from her body, up into his eager mouth.

Leaving one hand to torment her aching breasts, she slides the other lower on her body, fingers dipping under the hem of her skirt, trailing lower, legs spreading slightly in anticipation, a low moan sounding in her throat as a nail brushes against her sensitive clit as it lays hidden beneath her lace panties, fingertip pausing to press harder against the aching bud.

Eyes güvenilir bahis closed tight, her mind lost in memories, her lovers hands wandering all over her flesh, tongue trailing in their wake, her moans growing louder as her own hands mimic her absent lovers touch.

Teeth sinking into her lower lip, her head thrown back as her fingers lift to slip into her panties, dipping lower, teasing against her clit, one nail flicking gently against the sensitive bud. Low moans fill the room as her nail scrapes lightly against the swollen bud, teasing and tormenting it pleasurably as her body writhes against the fur rug beneath her.

Her groans grow louder as her fingers dip lower, sliding easily along her moist lips, a finger pressing down, slipping between them to rub teasingly around her entrance. With one hand still squeezing at her breasts, she moves the other against her aching pussy, fingers gliding smoothly against her slippery skin.

Her only thoughts are those of her lover, visions of his head dipping between her parted thighs, his hands slipping up to cup her full breasts, squeezing them gently in time with his tongue as it laps slowly at her slick sex. Her hands move over her body, desperately trying to re-enact her lovers actions, moving feverishly against her heated flesh.

A low whimper of frustration escapes her lips as the tight fabric prevent her fingers from slipping deeper, sighing softly she lifts her hand from her panties, her fingers glistening with her juices, the light from the fire dancing across the shimmering surface. Eyes still closed against the light, her hand lifts to her lips, one long finger reaching out to run across her lower lip, her juices spreading easily against the soft flesh.

Quickly flicking her tongue out against her lip, her moans grow louder as the first taste of her own juices registers, her hand lifts again, fingers lightly touching against her mouth, as her tongue darts out to slide along them. Growling softly to herself, she slowly eases her fingers between her lips, in her mind she sees her lovers hand gently pressing against her mouth, her lover coaxing her to taste herself, to lose herself in the pleasures that he offers.

Her body shifts restlessly against the rug as her panties rub against her swollen clit, thighs pressing together tightly to try and ease the pressure as her fingers press deeper into her mouth, tongue swirling against them as she thoroughly licks them clean.

Sighing softly as she withdraws her now clean fingers from her mouth, her hands roam down over her body once more, fingers dipping to grip the hem of her skirt, pushing the thin material up over her thighs. Wriggling her ass against the fur, her hands tug the tight skirt higher, bunching the material around her waist, exposing her moist panties to the warm air, her damp curls faintly visible through the now transparent material.

Her hands drop back to her panties, a long nail trailing against the edges teasingly, her fingertip sliding effortlessly across the moist patch, nail pressing down against her aching clit as it pushes up against the snug material. Arching her back against the rug as small tingles of pleasure begin to spread from her clit, her hands lift to her hips, fingers slipping into her panties, curling against the material türkçe bahis as she slowly begins to lower them down over her ass.

Her face lights up with a smile of pure pleasure as her mind replays the scene in her head, her lover gently gripping her panties in his large hands, smoothly tugging them down past her thighs and over her ankles to carelessly toss them to the side. Her own hands now sliding her panties down her legs as she watches the scene in her mind, mirroring the movements of her missing lover.

Soft delicate hands drift back along the silky smooth flesh of her legs, yet to her it feels like the large rough calloused hands of her strong, yet gentle lover. Her thoughts so focused on memories that her body can feel only his touch, her hands are no longer the hands she feels.

Slender fingers dip between her parted thighs, sliding easily against her slick pussy lips, they press eagerly against the moist barrier, driving deeper, searching for the hidden treasures within. Lips parting on a sigh as one finger slides deeper, pushing into the warm moist opening, her teeth sinking into her lower lip as she slowly eases the digit back and forth, her body adjusting to the intrusion.

Low moans fill the room as her finger continues its teasing, the feather light touch to her the touch of her lovers tongue as it dips in and out of her body, teasing and tormenting her with its skill. Her body moves restlessly against the rug, fingers slipping easily against her drenched pussy, her palm pressing closer to her clit, the swollen bud sensitive to the slightest touch, a low hiss passing her lips as her hand brushes against the little nub.

One hand drops to the floor, fingers shifting restlessly over the rug, clenching and unclenching against the thick fur. Whimpering softly, her finger delving deeper inside her, her other hand jerks slightly, fingertips bumping against something hard on the rug. Her head turns slightly, her eyes blinking as she strains to focus on the object, a soft gasp escapes her lips as her fingers curl around the neck of the wine bottle she discarded earlier.

A grin splits her features, purely wicked in it’s origins, her mind whirling with ideas as she draws the warm object closer to her taut body. Tongue flicking out to slip along her lower lip, her eyes lock on the bottle as she giggles softly to herself. Lifting the bottle to rest against her stomach, she sighs softly as the warm glass presses against her heated flesh, her hand slips lower, fingers stretching to grip the bottles slim base.

Sliding her finger free of it’s moist imprisonment, she lifts it to run slowly along the bottles neck, grinning as it slips easily against the smooth surface. Small blunt teeth lower to her lip, sinking into the swollen flesh as she grips the bottle tighter, moving it against her body as she lowers it to rub teasingly across her swollen clit.

A low moan sounds deep in her throat as the tip of the bottle brushes over her clit, the smooth glass sliding easily against the slick bud, fingers gripping the bottle tight as she slowly presses it down onto the hard nub. Lips parting as a harsh gasp is forced through them, her hips bucking up against the bottle, thighs parting more, her pussy opened to the warm air as the tip of the bottle slides easily against güvenilir bahis siteleri her slippery sex.

Gasping softly she tilts the bottle slightly, the tip pressing against her opening, pushing harder, lips parting to allow the bottle to enter, a low growl sounding in her throat as the bottle slides easily inside her pussy. Her growl turning to a deep groan as the neck slides deeper, stretching her as the bottle widens, head thrown back, thrashing against the rug as she pushes the bottle that extra inch, driving it as deep as her body will allow.

Chest heaving as her breathing quickens, she slowly slides the bottle back out, the tip still enclosed within it’s moist prison. Gripping the bottle in one hand, she inches it slowly back into her waiting pussy, sliding it effortlessly against her slick walls, her free hand lifting, a finger reaching out to press against her aching clit, hissing sharply between her teeth at the slight pressure.

Both hands moving in rhythm, one stroking as the other pumps, her hips starting to lift from the rug, pushing against the bottle as she drives it deeper, eyes closed tight as she allows her mind to drift once more. No longer does she feel the rigid bottle as it pounds into her body, instead it is her lovers hard cock she envisions, his body covering hers as he skilfully makes love to her.

Soft whimpers sound in the room as her fingers fly over her clit, rubbing the aching nub hard and fast, pressing down against it teasingly, her hips bucking up to meet her touch. Knuckles white with the effort of clenching the bottle tight, she continues to pound it deeper into her gripping pussy, sucking noises filling the room, combining with her whimpers as she moves her wrist faster.

Her teeth clench together tightly as her body arches up off the rug, her hand still racing against her clit, her eyes closed tight as the first tingles of her orgasm begin to spread throughout her body. Hips jerking faster against the bottle as she races towards her goal, her harsh cry filling the room as she reaches the pinnacle of her orgasm, her lovers name passing her lips longingly, hands still moving against her body as she rides her orgasm out to the end, her wrist still slowly pumping the bottle as her body collapses back onto the rug.

Her hand slowly tugs on the bottle, pulling it from her body to drop onto the floor, her hand lifting slightly, before falling back down to rest limply against the rug. Leisurely creeping up her body, her other hand makes it’s way to her mouth, her tongue flicking out for one last taste of herself, before she lays back on the rug with a sigh of contentment.

Slowly her focus returns to the room, the fire having died down to embers long ago, in the dim light she blinks several times, her arms lifting above her head as she stretches, smiling happily to herself she settles back against the fur, her head turning slightly away from the fire, eyes widening and a small gasp escaping her lips as she focuses on the doorway.

Her skin flushes as she spies her lover leaning against the doorjamb, his eyes locked on her sated body, one eyebrow lifts as a small smile spreads across his face, his voice low as he whispers ‘ You started without me baby? ‘ Shaking his head as he chuckles to himself, he slowly makes his way over to the fire, sinking onto the rug next to his love to remind her exactly how his body feels against hers.

His warm breath washes over her flushed skin as he leans against her ear to whisper …… ‘ Let me show you how it’s really done…’

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