Finally a Woman

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Tonight was finally the night for Lana. She had been dreaming of this night for so many years. Ever since she was 12 she knew who she really was. When she was 14 she started working part time as a babysitter and mowing lawns preparing for this night. She never told her parents what she wanted to do, because she knew they would not support her. But now she was finally living the life she had always wanted to lead.

When Lana turned 18 she finally moved out on her own, in fact she moved across the country to finally fulfill her dream. After she moved to the west coast, Lana went to the doctor to finally become what she had always wanted to be: a woman. Lana wasn’t always known as Lana; in fact her real name was Larry. However, she had always known she would become who she really was. She started cross dressing when she was real young and had to do it in private.

The first thing she got was hormones. She knew it would help her transition into a beautiful woman. Lana had always been growing her hair and had mastered the techniques of applying makeup, but now she wanted curves and a sexier voice. Lana never looked like a man. She was smaller than every other guy in her high school class. She was 5 feet 8 inches and a small 130 pounds. She had long blonde hair and was already burdur escort smooth, since she could never grow much hair. All of this just confirmed to Lana she was supposed to be a woman.

After taking hormones for a few years, she noticed the changes. Her hips were becoming curvier. Her voice was higher. In fact she was starting to grow breasts. But they weren’t big enough for her. So, she went and did the more drastic and expensive thing: she got breast implants. Thank God she had been working so much and saved so much money.

Lana went and got her hair done and went shopping with her new figure. She found that she could now wear a 34C bra which excited her. Even skirts were looking better on her with her new formed hips. She looked in the mirror and new that tonight was the night she went out and lost “her” virginity. She had never been with anyone sexually but she knew what she wanted: a man.

She dressed up so sexy: a white sleeveless sweater for the top, her new white Victoria Secret seamless bra, a suede skirt, a white garter belt, tan thigh highs and finally a pair of 4 inch heels. She did her makeup, hair and finally sprit zed some perfume on. Now she felt complete.

She went to a hip local club and went to the bar. It didn’t take bursa escort long and soon a man was hitting on her. Dave was very cute and she knew he would be her first. They went back to her place and started making out on the couch. His lips on hers excited her so much that her small penis got so aroused between her legs. Finally she stopped Dave and had to tell him. She told Dave her complete story and he didn’t even blink an eye. He grabbed her face and started kissing her even more passionately. Lana now grabbed for his crotch and through his jeans felt the biggest cock she could have ever imagined! Thank God she had put her butt plug in earlier!

Dave stood up and unzipped his pants. Out sprang his long thick cock and Lana finally got to suck her first cock. She slowly sucked the head and licked the shaft. She lowered her head and licked his balls which made Dave moan loudly. She went back to sucking his cock and decided to deep throat him. She gagged at first but soon her throat muscles relaxed and she was doing it!

Dave then stopped her and kneeled down between her legs. He started to lift her skirt and Lana couldn’t help but moan. Dave looked at her crotch and then spread her legs. Out sprang her small cock. He lifted her legs up to her chest çanakkale escort and looked at her ass. He took the butt plug out with a loud pop. He then put her legs over his shoulders and placed the tip of his cock up against her lubed asshole. Lana now knew this was it! She would now be a woman!

Dave started to poke his cock in her ass and Lana started moaning loudly. All of a sudden Dave thrust his whole 9 inches in her virgin ass. Lana screamed so loud and stated to cry from the pain, but at the same time Lana came all over. She couldn’t believe it! Dave started thrusting in and out of her ass with big powerful thrusts. Dave started to grab at her tits and Lana wanted more. She pulled her top off and undid her bra. Finally her bare tits were in the hands of a real man. Dave pinched her nipples which made Lana moan even louder.

Dave stopped fucking her ass and pulled out. He made Lana undress completely except the garter belt and thigh highs and heels. He then had her get on her knees and bend over the couch cushions. He then rammed his cock back in her ass but this time Lana didn’t cry, she moaned with delight. Dave grabbed her hips and started pounding her ass with all his might. Lana started jerking off as Dave rammed his cock deep in her ass and again Lana came all over. With her cumming, her ass tightened which made Dave moan and release all of his cum in her virgin ass. She stopped and just felt squirt after squirt enter her ass. This is what she always wanted, and now she got it. She was now a woman!

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