Female Public Sex Fantasies

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Female Public Sex FantasiesJust about everyone has sex fantasies – and there are lots of reasons why. In fantasy land, there are no rules and you are in charge of the action. But there’s a second type of fantasy – one that won’t leave your head and which the truly adventurous want to see through to reality with consequences they can’t always foresee.I was born such a girl. Some would say, ” A girl having youth, beauty, and a very hot body”, was the Devil, herself incarnate”, myself, as usual just laughed, all my devilment was in my head, and where my head went, my young body followed.My periods were precocious, my early development from my ovaries outwards, were a warning sign of my impending desire for men to touch and fondle me, having the markings and making of breasts, by the tender age of twelve, meant men could touch for the least whim of sweets, sweetmeat for a lollipop, was a well known bartering, before my existence, in ages past, the daughters of the poor were laid out on beds and up against walls for the rich to exploiter, cheaper than condoms and who gave a rat’s ass, if they leaked, once fucked, they were cast into the gutter and new one mounted.Of course that all lay in the past, today is a different matter, we girls know our value and worth, educated and imbibed with a knowledge as ancient as time immortal, it’s in our genetic coding, the sexual reproduction of the species, we are the half that wants it, whether we agree or not, our sex hormones make us want it, and for the average girl, that’s four to five days, for girls like myself, it’s a daily thing, a fingering before sleep, and another after a dirty dream in the morning, before we arise to a day of wanton pleasure. Sex pervades our bodies, and when we show it, for the sole purpose of being fucked, believe me when I tell you, all the thoughts in our heads go into that supposedly random act, it’s as if I am sucking you dry, before you even produce those little spermatozoon, that I usually finish up cradling in the crux of my pink tongue, just before I swallow them, or simply drowning my cervix, girls like me know a lot more than our innocent faces tell you.Now for my stories, here are incidences, planed and unplanned, from my diary of life. I want you all to know how girls think and work, we are sexual creatures ourselves, but learn to strip away that thin veneer of respectability and you will have a toy you always dreamed about, one that is responsive and receptive to touch, fuck me or make love to me, both are means to the same end, we have our orgasms, and you put your seed, inside my body.Right after these short stories please, please add a comment. Thanks and Love Fridagirl.I always imagine my fantasies are the vibrator of my mind. I visualise the scene and create the man, then the action, and like a physical vibrator, where I can change the frequency of pulsations, as the story emerges I go up a gear and my heartbeat, hips and fingers, combine to match my mental fucking, in my head, my mood depends on whether I am in charge, or simply being used and discarded.In my head there are no rules, or laws of men to control my sexuality, I see and feel sex as a physical need, with whom or whatsoever is inconsequential, and the more way out it is, ripens that big reward we call kaçak iddaa an orgasm, that rush and release of endorphins that make fucking so worth it.What do you think would happen if a man was locked in a room with a beautiful nymphomaniac?Now imagine two teenagers, siblings or first cousins, locked in that room, and the girl was ovulating, and the boy was reading a magazine showing naked girls.I mention this because it was how I got started, as I am sure a lot of you guys reading this have experienced, with a willing sister as was my case with my brother.1.) Family are a good source of inside informationI had been playing hockey down the park for school and decided to shower back home as the water boiler in the changing room was broken. I got back, covered in mud and desperate for a soak, only to find my brother was showering to go out.I stripped off and wrapped a bath towel around my body and went into the living room and watched some TV while he showered.He called to me when he had finished and I went in and run the bath, and back out to the living room to watch some more of the show I had been watching.My brother came into the living room with a t-shirt to iron and he was wearing a pair of Calvin’s, which showed a lot of his cock outline, I mean it was fucking way bigger than I had ever noticed in the past, and I thought he was actually sporting an erection, and there was I, only wrapped up in a bath towel.”What’s got you excited”, I teased him, I was actually drawing his attention to my state of undress, which he casually chose to ignore, as if my body was nothing in his eyes.He stood as if forcing his shape more into his underpants, “That’s not excited”, he retorted, “If I was hard these could not hold it in”, and I laughed imagining my brother doing a Hulk impression and his Calvin’s just shredding as he stuck out.”Yeah Right”, I countered and as I looked at him, he began to touch himself intimately, knowing I was watching him rub himself on the outside of his underpants.Never one to miss a trick or an opportunity, I suggested, “I’ll let you see me, if you jack off for me”?He smiled and eased his underpants down and started to stroke his cock and I stood up and dropped my towel, feeling pretty pleased as the look on his face changed as he took in my body.He was behind the settee, and I walked to the front, lifted a leg onto the armrest and started to finger my pussy, making sure he had a good eyeful of how I masturbated myself.Suddenly I realised I was on the pill, “Fuck this shit”, I said and went around to where he stood and grabbed his cock, “I’m on the pill”, I said, with my back to him and started to push his cock into my pussy, after slipping a few time he went all the way inside and I crossed my thighs tightly to squeeze him inside me, “Cum on my bum”, I said panting as my own orgasm was cumming and did we make a noise.”You came inside me”, I said, picking up my towel to go bathe, but he just said it was too good a feeling to pull out of, that made me feel really good, at least as my body developed, I had inside information I was a really good fuck and my brother had a nine inch cock.2.) Daring myself to have Public Sex.I am a girl who, if she awakes from a sexy dream, I need to finger myself, and I emphasise that digit usage, kaçak bahis because I could not afford to own a vibrator, I was still a girl with no earning power and too shy to ask her father to buy her one.I have my sexual fantasies, we all do, different shades and colour intensities, to our masturbation’s, but similar in theory, just little things tick out boxes to make the same scene, much better for us as individuals.I like strong contrasts, young and old, smooth and rough, black and white, I want my sex to be different and as far removed from me as a person, a young pious white girl being forced by an old devil worshipping coloured man, all those differing and opposing elements adds a little something to the final act, and the hornier I get, the more danger I place myself in, risk taking has that element.Thanks to my i****tuous nature, I was no virgin and one morning I awoke late for classes, and wanting sex. My lateness left with with time to get dressed, and because of my horniness, I chose my altered school skirt, where I had sewn on an eighteen inch zipper in lieu of the meagre six inch one, that came with the skirt.As most of you female readers might know, a girls zipper sits to the side of her skirt, over her hip, but, with one ninety degree twist, that same zipper sits over her ass, and that’s where the fun begins, even more so when my thong panties were wrapped around my wrist, a schoolgirl subliminal message too men looking at me, “If they are on her wrist, then what’s she wearing”, I think you get my drift.You men out there know just how young girls don’t really fuss when you touch us, most of us consider a tender grope or fondle as an acknowledgement of our sexuality, morning times, sex hormones, inexperience, and just fucking plain horny, a perfect storm of an aura emanating from our pussy’s, with our heat and scent, ever heard someone say, “I don’t know what came over me”, or, “I heard something in my head tell me it was OK to do it”, that is the forces we are dealing with, Mother nature drawing men to young ovulating girls, and in my case, positioned standing in front of a man, brushing his crotch with my pert bum, as the train rocks us together.That morning commute, had me feel my own lubrication seep down my inner thigh and by now I can feel the man behind me press his erection over my cheek and nestle in the crack of my ass. I reach behind and ease my zipper down and as my skirt opens up, he had my bare flesh to stick his cock into and between my ass cheeks and wet crotch, only that morning, as he pushed into me, he slipped inside my pussy, and for ten minutes we fucked in public and people around us, dozed and read their papers, unawares of the copulating and seeding of a school girl, right in front of their sleepy eyes.It truly was that easy, so easy, I did it regularly whenever I got bored, or simply go to the toilet and eye a guy to follow me.3.) An old nieghbours revengeI walked past him every day growing up and never really thought about the thoughts he might be having about me. After everything that has now happened, it scares me a little to know now what he wanted if given the chance he would have took me there and then, but as it happened, I was eighteen and having a ball with my adventurous boyfriend, the early morning illegal bahis when he finally took me and then confessed about his sexual desire for me five years earlier.Most girls my age do stuff in public, as a dare, or just to relieve the horniness that comes over you whenever ovulation starts to work on your body.My public masturbation on the tube, is still actually doing the rounds on xHamster, posted two years back and showing my face, so you an see just how far gone I was.I was wearing a red top and heels. I stripped off with my pants and panties, as my boyfriend dared me and then as we played, I started masturbating, only stopping at tube stops, praying no one would get on and sit close by, because he would have seen my nakedness, from my waist down.My boyfriend filmed it on his phone and refused to delete it, I was fucked.One night we were in a pub which was quite local to me, and we were fooling around because I was in the mood. An old neighbour I knew who lived in the flat, beneath our family home, came into the pub and said, “Hello”, to me and effectively, joined our company. As the evening wore on I began to realise just how much this old man really liked me, he recalled a lot of stuff about me as a schoolgirl walking past his front door and climbing the stairs, by then we were all a little worse for wear with boozing, when my boyfriend whipped out his phone and let the old man see my tube masturbation, he was seeing me for the first time as a sexual woman, and this weird feeling came over me, I was between one guy, who had been sexually abusing me and another man who had sexual desires for me.I felt like a piece of fuck meat being discussed and bartered over, a submissive feeling, imbibed with a highly sexually charged urge to let the old man have me, just to please him and see what I got from letting him use me.As it happened I left with my boyfriend and went back to his flat and stayed the night, with both of us falling asleep. In the morning, still dressed like a tart I called a cab and went home, leaving my boyfriend out cold and snoring.I went upstairs to be confronted by my old neighbour from last night. he must have been awake all night awaiting my return, and now he stood at his door in his dressing gown, as I approached him.”Good night”, he asked me, as I felt those feelings suddenly awaken again, I just knew why he was there, “No”, I replied, as I stopped close to him, “we both fell asleep”, I said, my voice thick and my throat tight, then I pushed past him and went inside and straight to his bedroom, stripped off naked and got in with him and had sex.later as we lay there, I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed being with him and when he told me my boyfriend had given him a copy of my masturbating video, I told him he had me because I was scared it might go public, could I trust him and in return we could have sex weekly, to keep him sweet.My boyfriend never ever found out about my clandestine fucking with my old neighbour, he even forgot he gave him a copy of my video, and when he dropped and smashed his phone, he had never made a copy of it, so only the old man had it and it was he who posted it up to xHamster.Only people who knew me back then would recognise me, but the quality is not that great so I don’t mind who sees it, because mixed in with the hundreds of thousands of young fresh faced girls today, I am just another pussy out there screaming for a bit of cock and lost in the throng of men blindly jacking off.

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