Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 27

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Keith sat and worked quietly in his office whilst his wife teased her big dicked lover in their bedroom just 20 yards down the corridor. Lisa sat on the bed she shared with her husband and crossed one deeply tanned toned thigh high over the other and smiled as she watched his huge straining erection pointing straight at her face. Richard’s eyes feasted on her huge firm tits as they bulged out of her sheer black bodice.

“Lisa, why do you think you were born with that perfect body and that stunningly pretty face? Every man that sees you wants to fuck you. It makes no sense to me that you married a boring tiny limp dicked excuse of a man who can’t possibly satisfy your incredible body. You are a mismatch,” Richard said with a smug smile as he walked up to her and allowed his huge cock to push against her full sexy lips and smear pre-cum on her pretty nose.

“I am going to fuck you Lisa, right here on your marital bed. Don’t blame yourself; you are too fucking sexy to be faithful to him. It is not your fault you are so pretty and have such great tits and this fantastic arse. You are a premier league babe and you married an ordinary man who knows every day he wakes up he isn’t nearly good enough for you and all he has to offer is bringing in loads of cash so that you don’t have to lift a finger. You find him boring but what really bothers you is that you can’t feel his cock when he tries to fuck you.”

Lisa didn’t say anything in response; she was in shock as Richard stripped her so that she was lying naked on the bed in just her white stilettos. Richard placed his huge cock between her legs and eased his large mushroom shaped cock head against her neatly shaved pussy. “Do you love your husband who is sitting along the corridor Lisa?”

“Ye… uh fuck Richard uhh….” Lisa gasped as he pushed his large cock head into her and allowed the first few inches of long thick smooth shaft to slide into her.

“So you want me to pull out and leave then?” Richard asked with a confident smile.

She opened her mouth to answer as Richard flexed his hips and thrust up and deep casino şirketleri into her. Her groan echoed through the house but thankfully the solid office door was closed and Keith didn’t hear his wife’s appreciation at getting filed with cock.

Richard reached forward and his hands were filled with her large full jutting tits that didn’t have a hint of sag but thrust out from her tight toned tanned body. He settled into a rhythm as he drove his long smooth shaft in and out of Lisa. She felt the flared ridge of his huge cock head pleasuring her to orgasm after orgasm as over a foot of smooth thick cock fucked her tight voluptuous body.

She turned to look at him over her shoulder and she groaned: “God I love your cock, ahhhh, so big…. So fucking huge and oh yes Richard, there, just there… fuck yes”

“He’s just along the corridor, working for a better future for you both so that you don’t need to work and this is how you repay him. What is more important… oh God Lisa your body is so fucking hot, that pussy is so tight, thank god he has such a small dick, take it all” he said drilling hard into her. What is more important to you Lisa, Keith’s wellbeing and happiness or having my cock inside of you?”

Just the question itself had the married babe shuddering to another climax on his huge cock. “I want to be good, to be a good wife. I feel so bad about this, about everything…”.

At that moment Richard heard the office door open and footsteps on the landing.

“Quiet baby,” he whispered in her ear. “If he comes in here your marriage is over” he said as his huge cock continued to explore her in places her husband couldn’t even nearly reach.

Keith stopped at the bathroom and Lisa breathed a sigh of relief as her world was not turned upside down, not yet anyway.

Richard started pounding into her, his strong muscular backside driving forward and his cock relentlessly pleasured Lisa’s incredible body. Richard whispered in her ear:

“You must not blame yourself for anything. God you have a great arse,” he groaned as his hands mauled at her shapely casino firmaları firm bubble shaped arse. “Things happen in life which are no-one’s fault. Remember that you are physical perfection and that any shortcomings lie with him. You deserve the best in life and you deserve to be happy. It is not a crime to want a much better cock to service you.”

She groaned and he was not sure if it was in anguish or orgasm. He cupped her huge tits which pressed into his chest and he moved his head down to suck and chew on her fantastic boobs. “I am under your spell Lisa, your body captivates me” he moaned as he worshipped at her primary assets.

They continued to fuck each other whilst her ignorant husband wandered back to his office. For 20 minutes he fucked her savagely, drilling his cock into her and working her to multiple climaxes as his hands groped her fantastic body.

Eventually Richard felt the pressure building in his huge balls and he knew he could hold it in no longer. He pressed Lisa face down onto the bed and lifted her pert sexy arse off the bed. He pulled out of her and muttered: “Stay still and I will cover you in cum.”

Richard worked both hands along his huge cock and he slid his cock head against Lisa’s smooth tanned arse. His cock looked so large sliding through his hands, slick with copious pre-cum and Lisa’s lubrication. Even with her fantastic tanned body on full display the main thing in the room was his cock, its sexual power ready to display its dominance.

He swept her long dark hair over her shoulder and left her flawless toned back with its smooth tanned skin and her ripe toned arse as his canvass.

He flexed his hips and felt the surge of cum from his balls; the first jet streaked up Lisa’s back and ended at her shoulder blade. For the next 30 seconds he shot thick ropes of cum all over her back together with long spurts of cum that glazed her arse and lower back in a smooth coating of cum. He felt power building in his balls and shot cum over Lisa’s shoulder and past her face so that it left thick white streaks of cum on her plum güvenilir casino coloured mattress cover. A random ejaculation flew across the room and coated her curtains. Lisa moaned: “Fuck Richard, he will see your mark on those curtains, how the fuck did you reach them?”

Richard gripped his cock and ran it against her arse before churning thick creamy cum all over her fantastic arse and so that it formed as deep thick well of cum in the small of her back. He then started directing it at points on her back and grunted “Missed a bit” before covering her back in thick bursts of cum.

Finally he looked up into her eyes; her back looked like it was covered in wallpaper paste, thick white spunk sat over a general gloss of shiny cum. Lisa playfully reached up and grabbed Keith’s pillow.

“Cover it bad boy, let his face rest in your cum and he can breathe your spunky essence in all night” as she held it as a target about 4 feet from Richard. Richard wanked his cock and managed to spurt cum about 2 feet across the mattress. “Pathetic,” Lisa teased, “don’t you want him to sleep in as puddle of your spunk?” She pulled the pillow a foot further away from him and raised an eyebrow.

“I love a challenge,” Richard said and he wanked his cock until a torrent of thick spunk jetted hard across the bed and into the pillow, further spunk followed and he moved closer to the pillow and jerked all over it.

“He might notice that” Lisa said looking at the dark pillow case covered in streaks of thick white spunk.

“Turn the case inside out so that the spunk sinks into the pillow permanently.”

“Bad boy, but I want my pillow to smell of your spunk too,” she said with a giggle.

Richard slipped his large cock inside her pillow case and finally emptied his balls and left her pillow soaked in spunk.

“What a fucking mess Richard, the whole place is coated in your stuff and I need a shower.”

“Lisa, there is a reason I coated your sexy back in my cum, I am going to stick you against that office door and glue you in place with my spunk whilst I fucking drill you against his door. I don’t play second fiddle to anyone; it is time to decide Lisa. Do you want this?” he said picking up the bedside photo of their wedding day “or do you need something else?” he said sliding his still huge erection across the photo.

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