Father Time 3

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Chapter 3

Normally Adam could not conceive of further sexual congress in one sitting. Usually a performance such as he had displayed would require a rest interval. Due to the design considerations within Siren, Adams penis had been bathed in a solution which migrated through the skin to force him to retain his erection. Actually the Trans dermal dosage he had already received was substantial and his manhood would remain fully involved for up to five hours. After that time damage could occur, so he would have to rest and relieve the stored blood engorged within his fully engaged penis. Siren continued to use her physical form as well as suggestive phrases and teases to excite Adam into further sexual acts. This would be a marathon run, non stop until she detected a level of sperm fall below the desirable threshold. At that point, again Siren would administer a sleep inducing mist into her breathing apparatus, and Adam would inhale it and would fall to sleep. The restorative powers of that rest was what he needed before further harvests were conducted.
Adam approached Siren as she kneeled upon the bed presenting her posterior for his pleasure. Her anal cavity may have been man made, but it had been mimicked to perfection. The color and the skin tones/textures about the opening were recreated with absolute attention to detail, and this was not lost on Adam. His passion was eagerly displayed in the massive stiff cock standing out before him. Adam allowed his hands to rest on Sirens tight ass and felt the smooth warm skin. Siren moaned softly goading Adam to proceed. Already the tip of his cock was wetted with pre cum, as he aligned his manhood to her lovely ass. Entering her was no less difficult than it would have been to take his old girlfriend in the same way. Siren was very tight initially, and only after Adam had broached her sphincter, did she release a wetting agent to help lubricate his entry. With slow careful stokes, Adam began to force his shaft deeper into Sirens ass. She looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled another perfect smile. She then spoke in a low lusty voice. “Adam, place your hands about my neck. I want you to squeeze my throat as you thrust into me, choke me, and I want you to really mean it. I want you to fuck me Adam, I want you to force yourself into me and use every fiber of your being to invade my body. I want to feel your desire and your control through your rough touch and I want to be dominated, by you.”
Adam was only half listening at first, as his attention was almost totally consumed in the pleasures of her firm ass engulfing his manhood. As his attention was diverted from the task at hand he looked up questionably. “Don’t worry Adam; you cannot harm me. I am far stronger and more robust than any human female.” Adam was somewhat skeptical but followed her request and placed his interlocked fingers around her slender neck and began to squeeze as he found his rhythm. She gasped and faked a cough as she urged him to go deeper and harder within her. The presence of Adams hands served several functions; Sirens could acquire information on his physiology through physical contact. She monitored his heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels within his blood all through the sensors mounted in her anal tract as well as her Vaginal walls, on her back Siren’s embedded sensors recorded the amount of carbon dioxide Adam expelled, along with the percentage of water vapor in his breath. Every aspect of his physiology was being monitored and recorder, although Adam had no idea.
Adam plunged his cock deep into Siren while controlling her through sheer physical manipulation and this served as a powerful stimulant. Somewhere deep in the recesses of Adams mind a primal urge to dominate and conquer Siren took place and the resulting rush of adrenalin, coupled with the stimulants he was already experiencing, made him half crazy with sheer desire. He had started slowly, still rationalizing that he was essentially having sex with a robot, but as he progressed, his visual queues and sensory organs continued to scream that Siren was a real person, wanting and desirable. He responded to this and redoubled his efforts to force himself into her deeper faster and harder. Alternating short and long strokes, Adam hoped to prolong the pleasure he was feeling, but with each entry into Siren, her body adjusted itself to increase the friction, pressure, and sensations that would defeat Adams efforts. Adam loosened his grip on Siren throat slightly as his body began to weaken from the steady exertion. His eyes half closed Adam allowed his hands to release Sirens throat and glide down her body to finally find her hips which were grinding back into him. Free now to change positions, Siren allowed her upper body to fall to the mattress, and snaked her hand between her own legs. Timing her movements to his she quickly acquired Adams testicles as they bounced to and fro with each deep stroke. She caresses them and with a steady pressure began to roll them in her palm, and slowly tugging downward on the complete package to create some tension. Adam was so absorbed in the moment he initially missed the initial contact, but soon realized Siren was actually controlling him. Each stroke was like a piece of heaven, and each was dramatically better than the last, until the moment when Adam realized he had passed the point of no return, and with a final heavy growl he forced his shaft into her for the final time, planting himself so deeply with her body as he shot his hot load in forceful squirts. Each was a spasm of joy and pleasure while verging on the painful as the jets of sperm rocketed from his shaft. Again jet after long ropey jet of his jisism gaziantep escort kızlar was expelled, and within her body Siren collected each, measured, sampled, rated, and sealed each into a clear collection container. Adam was spent, and while he steadied himself against both the bed and Siren, he felt that he would require some period of rest before he would be able to continue. Siren was not willing to relinquish him as yet and with careful movements guided him to lay on the bed.
Adam allowed himself to be maneuvered onto his back and stretched out to relieve the kinks in his back. He was sweating buckets, winded and thirsty. Siren adjusted herself and stretched out beside him as he caught his breath.
“That was fantastic” he said quietly. “You performed well. You delivered another half ounce during that encounter. However your active count is diminishing. You should be able to deliver another sample before you can rest and rejuvenate. Are you prepared to continue?” Siren asked.
“Can I have a few minutes? I really need to relax for a moment here” Adam said
“Very well, your system should be rested in twenty minutes, and we shall continue” Siren Replied.
“Am I permitted to ask you questions, unrelated to our activities?” Adam asked.
“In so far as the answers to these questions do not compromise security protocols, you may ask what you like” Siren said.
Adam began with simple questions about her, to understand more about what or who Siren was.
“You said before that you are not like my perceptions of a “robot” and you explained some of the technical differences, but you are so much more than just a machine, you seem to almost have a soul.” Adam said.
“I was created specifically to provide you pleasure, and to harvest your seed. Most attendants have restrictions on what they can and cannot do. Due to concerns over privacy, other attendants cannot record or broadcast their experiences. I can. Other attendants are programmed to answer to the laws of robotics, established in the 19th century, I have no such limit. I am Imprinted with the mind of a hu..” Adam suddenly cut her off mid-sentence. “Wait, did you just tell me that you do not have the programming of the three laws of robotics?” Adam asked.
“Of course. My task is to harvest your seed. I have the latitude to assist you, and make the collection process pleasurable. I have the directive to force you to relinquish your seed should you resist. I could not do this if I were limited in my interactions with you and constrained by the 3 laws.” Siren said.

“So you are free to hurt me or cause me pain?” Adam asked.

“In as much as I consider it a necessity to collect your seed, yes I can inflict pain” Siren replied.
“My god, then in theory you could, you could kill me.” Adam stammered.

“If that were to become a necessity, I could do so, yes. However that would violate my primary function, the collection of your seed.” Sirens said in a sweet voice, with a smile.

“Jesus Christ. So I will be here, restricted to this room and live out my days having sex with you?” Adam asked.

“You make it sound unpleasant Adam Barrett. I have been imprinted with a female mind. I can be creative; I have read every text on the subject, from the Kama Sutra, through the entire range of Playboy forums, and beyond. It is possible that we will never experience each of the positions or acts during your lifetime. In any event you will be entertained, and unlikely to become bored, with our interactions. I can also alter my appearance to become anyone with whom you have ever fantasized of having sex. The variations are practically endless.” Siren said.

“While what you say may be true, in the end I will still be a bird in a gilded cage” Adam replied.
“Humans have a saying “Have Faith”, I would remind you of that. All is not as bad as you may perceive” Siren replied. “I believe your requested recovery time is now at an end, shall we proceed?”
Adam looked into her eyes, and she winked, as if to communicate something non-verbal, and reassuring. “I am still really tired” Adam said.
“Perhaps you should simply lay back, and I will perform all the labor this time” Siren replied, as she positioned herself over him adjusting her weight so as to present her sex without the weight of her body upon his. She straddled him adjusting herself to present her breasts close to his face. Moving her head slightly she was able to then catch his eyes in hers as she lowered herself onto his swollen shaft. His mouth opened involuntarily to the combined stimulus. Her hardened nipples only inches away, the heat of her body, and the soft yielding flesh of he opening sex caught his full attention. He let out a low moan as his cock became fully engulfed in the warmth of her vagina. The luxury of her wetness and the soft flesh served to spur him forward. He started to rise driving his shaft deeper, but she beat him to it lowering herself to trap his hips against the bed. “No Adam, allow me” She said simply. And with that she began a steady rhythmic motion, raising and lowering herself at precise interval, and just allowing t he crown of his cock to exit before plunging downward to implant him anew. The rhythm never changed, and once again, despite all efforts to forestall his orgasm, Adam was forced to surrender his load deep within her. Siren smiled as she detected the last possible drop of Adams seed being deposited with yet another vial. This time she determined that Adam was indeed spent, and required food, and time to regenerate a useful harvest.
“You have done an admirable job Adam. You have earned you rest. Sleep quietly here, and I shall wake you early tomorrow with a meal, and another day filled with pleasures.” Siren said as she administered the small gas charge through her breath, and directly into Adams awaiting lungs. He was sound asleep even before she rose to disengage from him and step to the collection area to process the seal vials.

In the control room Dr Mauls had watched intently, while monitoring the qualities of Sirens harvest. With each ejaculation the percentage and volume had dropped. Now this last sample was barely above the threshold of acceptable. Quitting for the time was the right move, and would insure more quality harvests in the coming days. As she watched Siren go through the process of separating the spoils her personal communicator buzzed in her right ear. “Dr. Mauls, why have you stopped the harvest, we have eager customer and expenses to cover” Beverly Lasko said without the pleasantries of a greeting. “Yes hello Chairman Lasko. I was about to notify you of the current findings..” she began but was cut off in mid sentence.
”I am well aware of the situation” Lasko spat. “I am monitoring your pet’s progress as it occurs. He should be able to sustain a viable product for several more hours before resting. Why isn’t he doing so?”
“Chairman Lasko, I am aware of some limitation, due to stress, and they play a factor here. If we pursue your goals to hard, we will damage the goods and render a poor crop. Better to delay slightly and have exactly what is required, wouldn’t you say?” Mauls asked.
“I am fairly certain that with the right motivation, we can gather another 4 samples today, and fifteen to twenty tomorrow. I have no patience, to let this play out in a romantic setting. I will allow him this rest period, but starting tomorrow morning he will have to perform like a machine. And if he fails, I want Siren to force him dry.” Lasko said with a sneer.
“I will do as you ask. I have recorded your comments in the event that your aggressive schedule damages this male. You will accept the brunt of the responsibility for any failure, before the other members of council, you understand this yes?” Mauls said in a tone that was both threatening as well as condescending all at once.
“Just get it done!” Lasko shouted. “I wouldn’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to make a personal profit from this councilwoman Lasko” Mauls said under her breath.
“Tomorrow morning I will be sending the eight winners, …I meant to say the most qualified recipients to your facility. Each was guaranteed, and opportunity to be impregnated directly from the source. Your man will be quite busy tomorrow.” Lasko said. “Oh are these women a part of some unknown lottery? How were theses women selected, and by whom?” Mauls asked.
“Dr. Mauls, your responsibility is to have the man ready and able to service these women. The selection process and other responsibilities are not your concern. Do you understand your place? Or shall I have you removed and someone of my selection replace you in charge of the lab?” Lasko added.
“No need for threats Councilwoman Lasko, I will have everything ready for these recipients early tomorrow.” Mauls said in her most convincing voice.

“You had better; I will be there to supervise this action personally” Lasko shot back pressing her advantage, and promptly disconnected before Mauls could respond.

“Oh I’ll have everything ready, but it won’t be what you are expecting, you bitch” Mauls said quietly.

Dr. Miriam Mauls sat in the deserted control room, pondering her next move. Occasionally she would glance at the monitor to see the sleeping man. She had so many conflicting thoughts running about with her head, and a rash of emotions whipped through her. She felt guilt, shame, pride, anger, resentment, and a sense of protectiveness over Adam. She had done exactly what she had been required to do; she had brought the genetically pure man from the past. But left to the decision of Council this man would be reduced to a living sperm bank. While he might be participating in the collection processes of his own volition at the moment that would eventually change. At that point he would have to be physically restrained. If he continued to resist they would direct that a charge be administered to his brain, essentially destroying the personality within and leaving only the functional shell of what was once a man. Siren would milk him at set intervals, he would be kept alive through artificial means, fed through a tube, and until eventually his systems would fail. Then they would start again, with another trawl, and another subject. No. This was wrong; this was something that should never have happened. Attempting to control the global population was at the root of the problem. Historically, man inserting his will into the designs of nature yielded disaster. If only it had not happened. If only they had looked into the future and realized how foolish this mistake was, and how dramatic the repercussion were to be. Miriam Mauls pondered the possibilities for another thirty minutes. Then like a light being turned on, she had the answer. She understood the implications, and what was required. Mauls set off for the solitude of her personal office and began her research.

3:00AM, her eyes red and sore, Mauls now had the information she needed, and a plan of action. She sat back and reviewed her plan, looking for any possible flaws, and finding none of note she began the task she had so meticulously planned.
She would reap her reward first. Then take comfort in the acts that would change so much for so many. In the office where she often worked late into the night there was a wash facility. Taking her time Mauls allowed herself to take a hot long shower. Once she stepped out she dried herself completely and although there was no one about modesty prevailed and she slipped on a smock, the usual one worn by scientist the world over. White and shapeless, it accomplished the task at hand, covering her exposed body. Mauls made her way down onto the production floor, when the dull lights over the bed showed a sleeping Adam. Siren was standing nearby, having accomplished her task; she was in stand-by mode until needed again. Mauls approached Siren and with a voice command reanimated the attendant.
“Siren, please access your security login screen” Mauls directed.
“Complete” Siren replied.
“Dr. Miriam Mauls, please voice authenticate security clearance” Mauls said.
“Authenticated, access granted” Siren replied.
“Siren, you have a unique skill set that is required, the mission classified, “need to know only”, priority AAAA. Acknowledge” Mauls said.
“Precede” Siren again replied.
Doctor Miriam Mauls then voiced for the first time her plan, and accepted the title of traitor into her soul. Mauls explained exactly what was about to happen, for several reasons, but to get the entire complex situation completely on the table. At the end of the explanation, she addressed Siren.
“Do you understand the directive?” Mauls asked.
“Completely, and I am in accord with your observations” Siren agreed.
“Good. Siren please awaken Adam, then proceed to the lab for reconfiguration” Mauls said.
Siren approached the bed where Adam lay peacefully asleep. Bending at the waist she lowered her head directly above his and introduced the stimulant gas through her breathing mechanism. Within seconds there were the faint stirrings of awareness within Adam. Mauls moved to the bedside and sat on its edge as Adam awoke.
“Good morning Adam. I hope you are feeling better” Mauls said in a light tone.
“Dr. Mauls, what are you doing here, what’s going on? Where is Siren?” Adam asked
“Relax Adam, everything is fine. I asked you before to have a little faith, and you did, you trusted me to do the right thing, and I believe I have a solution that makes everything right” Mauls said gently almost wistfully.
“Adam, I don’t think you want to know all the details of the future, I am certain I would not were I in your shoes. It is important however that you understand what a huge mess mankind has made. The planet, humanity, the creatures and gifts of the entity you might know as God, has given over to our species. Man has corrupted it, out of greed or ignorance, perhaps out of vanity or ego. Mankind has proven himself his own worst enemy. My world is one of desperate women, doomed to a life without a mate, without the joys of children. Only the wealthiest here will ever be able to afford your seed. That condemns the poor to a prolonged death, without hope. But that doesn’t have to be what your future is. We can change it, we can correct the past, and make a brighter future for tomorrows children” Mauls said.
“How? Adam asked, “Where is Siren?” Adam was confused.
“All your questions will be answered tomorrow, but for tonight I would like to make another request. Adam, please do me the honor of making love to me” Mauls said.
“Really? I am surprised; I rather thought you saw me as more of a lab experiment” Adam said lightly taken aback at the request.
“No, I saw you at first as the end game, in a long list of my accomplishments. You were the crowning moment something I had worked towards for many years. I saw in you the potential to save humanity and promote our species. I realized later that we are hardly worthy of saving, and that you are innocent of any wrong doing. You deserve your life back, despite the Lasko’s in this world.” She stared deeply into his eyes. “I also realized that I am the person with the keys to the kingdom. I alone control Mobius, and it’s through me that they were able to acquire you. I was blinded by my ambition, and now I have come to terms with what must be done. That’s all for tomorrow, tonight, for the first time I want to know what it’s like to be with a man.” Mauls said.
“You’re a virgin?” Adam asked.
“Yes. I’ve never really stopped to think about sex as a personal experience. It was always the means to an end. Now I want to know about it, about the carnal pleasures of sex and the feeling of being with a man.” Mauls said.
“I really had a full day yesterday, I’m not sure I can perform, at least not to the level that I would hope to, as it is your first time” Adam said.
“That won’t be a problem, here, take this. It’s a stimulant to awaken your manhood and foster the rapid production of sperm within your system. You were supposed to be on a regiment of these, but I greatly decreased the dosage. If things go as I plan you won’t need any more of this.” Mauls said.
Adam took the pill washing it down with the chilled water on the night stand.
“Have you ever even kissed man before?” Adam asked
“No, I never knew my father, and the only other males were subjects here that were trawled as you were. Adam, they lied to me. I thought that after they had done what was needed, after each harvest, that we were returning each man to his own time to carry on his life. The council provided the co-ordinates for me to install into Mobius, and I blindly followed their instructions. Now each of them is gone, lost forever sent back to a certain death.” Mauls said weakly.
“Is that what I have to look forward to?” Adam asked.
“No Adam. You are something special, and I have a very special plan for you. Let’s talk about that later. It’s now 3:47AM. At best we have two hours of privacy. Then we will have to create the illusion of normalcy. Please Adam, this is my one opportunity to know a man. Please, can I just have these next two hours?” Mauls asked

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