Fairytale Adventures Ch.1:Goldilocks

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Fairytale Adventures Ch.1:GoldilocksAuthor’s Note: This story contains some elements of reluctance (turned into willingness), as well as lesbian sex. I hope you enjoy =)—————————–Kristen awoke to find herself in the yard of a house… but not the kind of house that she was used to. This house was more of a cottage with a thatched roof… although larger than any cottage she would have ever pictured. Staring at the unfamiliar scenery for a moment, she felt a breeze blow across her body and looking she realized that she was stark naked. The sun was bright enough so she wasn’t cold, but she didn’t really like what was going on… The last thing that she could remember was being with that old tarot card reading witch… she remembered calling the old hag a fraud. After all, Kristen was an educated college student, 23 years old, and her friends had dragged her along for the fun of it. And then the woman had said she had proof of her powers, if Kristen would just look into a book… she had said some kind of warning. Something about how Kristen would have to work through the entire book before returning to the real world.Kristen had laughed and then looked… she knew that she’d read through the entire thing, but she couldn’t remember what stories were in it.Finally, Kristen decided that she might as well stop standing naked outside of the cottage and see if anyone was home and could help her. Stepping up, she gathered her nerve and knocked on the door.No one answered. She knocked again and the door opened to reveal a beautiful buxom girl about her own age with curling gold hair, big blue eyes that were framed by sooty lashes. Kristen immediately felt a little frumpy faced with this beauty. The girl was dressed awfully slutty though, her big breasts were barely encased in a tight blouse, and her jumper was incredibly short and billowed out from bunches of petty coats.”Hello,” said the girl.”Hi…” said Kristen, blushing at little, “Um… where am I?””I’m not sure,” the girl said, “I’m a little lost myself. I just came upon this cottage and no one was home so I came right in. It looked like three people lived here… I was just eating some porridge that had been left out,” manisa escort she stepped back and gestured for Kristen to step inside, seeming totally unperturbed by the other girl’s nakedness, “The first was far too hot, the next far too cold, but the last one was just right. I’m feeling a little sleepy from eating though, and I was just testing out the beds.”This was starting to sound disturbingly familiar to Kristen.The girl continued, “The first bed was too hard, and the next too soft, but would you like to come try out the third bed with me?”Kristen couldn’t figure out a nice way to say no as the girl started walking away and towards another room, she just felt completely poleaxed and out of control of the situation. She followed the girl in and as the beautiful blonde started stripping out of her tight clothing, finally managed to blurt out, “What’s your name?””Goldilocks,” the girl smiled, “what’s yours?””Kristen…” She managed to get out as her brain went into hyper speed. Goldilocks? She remembered that had been the first story in the book that the witch had her read. No way… that old hag couldn’t possibly be behind this. Maybe she’d given Kristen d**gs or something and now Kristen was hallucinating… that had to be it.Suddenly Goldilocks was standing in front of her, completely naked, her body perfect. Kristen recoiled as Goldilocks reached out for her.”I’m not a lesbian!” she said, but the pretty blonde grabbed a hold of her and pulled her in. Their naked bodies pressed together and their lips touched, and suddenly Kristen was inflamed with passion… she was so turned on, so horny… she kissed Goldilocks back.The other girl pushed her onto the bed and sank down next to her.”Just right…” Goldilocks sighed as she pulled Kristen to her. Kristen kissed her hard, ardently, knowing that she wasn’t actually attracted to females, but feeling an unexplainable heated desire for the buxom blonde. Her pussy was swelling and wettening as Goldilocks stroked her back. It felt strange to be pressed up against another female, especially such a well-endowed one, their breasts pressing together as they kissed.Goldilocks played with Kristen’s breasts, nibbling and sucking on escort manisa them, teasing her nipples. Kristen writhed and moaned, her pussy so needy… she felt as though she would do anything for this other woman if only she could cum! Then Goldilocks pressed her own breasts at Kristen’s face. Despite feeling revulsion at being with another woman, Kristen also felt intense desire to suck on the firm milky flesh, nibble at the cherry nipples.As her mouth wrapped around Goldilocks’ nipple, the blonde woman gasped and pressed her pussy against Kristen’s, causing an electric reaction in Kristen’s body. Goldilocks twisted around on top of Kristen’s body, until her thighs were spread over Kristen’s head and she was looking up at a blonde pussy, wet and dripping. Feeling nauseated, Kristen gasped as her own pussy was touched by a soft, wet tongue… and then suddenly she knew that she wanted to taste the juices dripping from the other woman. She wanted to pleasure Goldilocks, feel the other woman sitting on her face, press her fingers into the other woman’s pussy.Although she knew that the feelings weren’t coming from herself, and that under normal circumstances she’d never want to have sex with a woman, Kristen couldn’t help herself. She started licking and sucking at Goldilocks’ pussy, as her own pussy was licked and sucked. The juices were sweet on her tongue, almost like honey, and she could even feel her inner revulsion starting to fade as she ate out Goldilocks. It was almost a horrifying realization that even her inner self was starting to get into the sex act…But her own body was taking over her mind, and her body was feeling a lot of pleasure. Goldilocks was very skilled, her tongue finding all the pleasure spots of Kristen’s pussy, her fingers delving deep and pressing against Kristen’s g-spot. Kristen returned the attentions as best she could, finding that she wanted to please Goldilocks.The other woman began to grind down on Kristen’s face, making it hard to breath as Kristen gasped with pleasure and tried to lick Goldilocks at the same time.Finally Goldilocks began to cum, howling she ground down on Kristen’s face, filling her mouth with juices. As soon as Goldilocks’ manisa escort bayan orgasm touched Kristen’s lips, she started to cum as well, pleasure taking over her entire being. Both of them stroked and sucked as multiple orgasms overtook them.When they finally calmed down, the pleasure fading into a buzzing afterglow, Goldilocks climbed off of Kristen and came around, kissing her. They could taste their own juices on each other’s lips, but Kristen was so exhausted from the pleasure that she didn’t have the energy to be disgusted.Then Goldilocks started stroking Kristen’s body again, stoking the fires, her hand slipping down between Kristen’s legs.Kristen lost track of how many times and the different ways they had sex… she remembered straddling Goldilocks with the other woman’s fingers wiggling inside her, being pressed up against the headboard while Goldilocks at her out, pressing Goldilocks against the headboard while she ate her out… it was just a whirlwind of sex. Finally, completely exhausted, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.When she woke, Kristen realized that she was still holding onto the blonde buxom beauty, who was smiling in her sleep. Completely revolted at herself, Kristen quickly climbed out of bed. Looking around, the only clothes that she could see were Goldilocks… well, from what she could tell the blonde was more the one who should be walking around naked. Ready to fuck anything!Pulling the slutty outfit on, Kristen was surprised to find that her breasts filled out the top just as nicely as Goldilocks’ had, and that – even though she was shorter than the other girl – the skirt was just as short on her. For some reason she couldn’t find the lacy panties that Goldilocks had been wearing, but she didn’t care.Quickly she left, barefoot and running. She didn’t want to be there when the three bears arrived… and she knew from the story book that Goldilocks would escape anyway.Walking down the pathway, Kristen tried to compose herself. She couldn’t believe that she’d just spent an afternoon having sex with another woman! And a fairy tale creature at that! Was this really coming from her own head? She remembered now that Goldilocks had been the first story in the book that the witch had her read… was it possible?No. Absolutely not.Still, as she walked down the path towards a town that she could see in the distance, she couldn’t help but try and remember exactly what story had been next in that book.

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