Ending up in a dogging area with mum

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Ending up in a dogging area with mumIt was a nice sunday afternoon and me and mum had taken a drive out to a shopping centre which was a good hour away. We had set off about midday and I was driving. We had never been to this shopping centre so we was driving blind, just on rough directions. I was quite close with mum, we got on really well. Little did she know I did like to spy on her every now and then. Tina my mum was in her early 50’s small, brown hair brown eyes. slimish build with a large busty chest, 34dd as I had checked.We was an hour into our drive and we didn’t seem like we was seeing signs for where we wanted to go. We may need to pull over and ask for directions mum had said. I think we may as we seemed lost. He had driven a bit further on and pulled up in this gravel car park, which looked abit empty apart from these 2 other cars parked together. This looks abit strange I said to mum, looking around and the quite surroundings. There were 2 guys standing by there cars looking over at us sitting in ours parked up. You would of thought the way they was staring that we really not welcomed and were like aliens. I had reversed up to a wooden post so I could see these 2 guys when mum asked are you going to ask them for directions. Yeah sure I said back but just as I said that one of the guys started walking over towards us. As he approached the car we went round to mums side so she had undone the window. Hello miss the guy had said, what brings you here he also said. Hiya sorry were a bit lost we looking for a shopping centre but taken a wrong turn, wonder if you can help us. A bit lost he replied, that what they all say when people turn up here. What do you mean I said, you surely know where you are don’t you. Just then me and mum looked at each other and said no sorry where are we. To that the guy burst out laughing and said I actually believe you, your going to fill awkward now but your in a dogging hotspot. You what, I grinned embarrassed. Mum turned to me and all she could say was dogging, dogging, really.I must admit you look like the typical doggers anyway, this guy now knowing is called tim. I beg your pardon mum said slapping his arm. Tim was just bending over slightly so he could see through the window. Well its not like we haven’t done this before mum said to him. I nearly choked I couldn’t believe I had just heard that. So you have tim said, I knew you was playing earlier. Mum then looked over at me and said were regulars aint we chris. I paused and bahis siteleri couldn’t say much but just came out with, yeah were regulars. I knew it tim smiled. So do you mind, chris said, mind want mum replied, if I call my mate over and we start with just getting our cocks out. Mum laughed nervously and said yeah sure. Just the tim waved over the other guy and introduced him as nigel. Nigel like tim was in there late 40’s tim a white guy and nigel a black guy. Both about 5ft 9 not the best looking guys. As nigel came over he stood next to tim, nigel was more shy by the looks of it, tim had done all the talking before hand and seemed more open, especially as he now had un buttoned his jeans and pulled his soft cock out which didn’t look that big. Mum looked out the window and then back at me a smiled nervously again. Nigel was just standing to the side rubbing it over his shorts. Well you going to give us a show, tim said. And what would that be mum replied back looking at tim stroking his cock. Why don’t you take chris cock out and give him a little wank. Them words nearly made me turn on the car and drive as fast as possible, they hadn’t even questioned us, they didn’t have a clue we was mother and son, they had thought maybe we was just dogging partners. Mum just looked at me and looked back and tim. Im liking what Im seeing already, she said nodding down at tim slowly wanking, how about you show your cock mum said to nigel. Ovbiusly trying to take the spot light away from us. Sure, nigel said un zipping his shorts. I was looking out as well when nigel pulled out his impressive big black cock was a good 6 inches soft. Oh wow that’s big mum had said shocked. I has getting ever so horny sitting there not believing this was actually happening. Go on tim said, give chris a little wank, im sure his horny. Mum looked at me and looked back at tim and said I bet he is but he may have to wait. I didn’t say I word, I didn’t no what to say if anything. But being that horny I did start thinking what it would be like with mums hands wrapped around my cock. Go on tim said again, starting to put abit of pressure on us. Ok quickly mum said back to tim and before I could say anything mum sat facing forward not really looking at me and placed her hands on my crotch, as saw as she could fell I was hard she turned to me and smiled. That’s it tim said, give it a little rub now. Tim was enjoy this looking through wanking him self off through the car window. I couldn’t believe it mum was canlı bahis rubbing mum cock over my shorts. The whole minute she was doing this though she was looking out at nigel and tim rubbing there cocks. So are you going to show us you now, nigel said. I still didn’t no how this was going to end up. Would mum finally of had enough joking about or was she actually enjoying this. Mum wasn’t shy about her body, and your could tell when she said , sure, and just like that she lifted up her top and bra and let he big 34dd tits flop out. Oh wow both guys had said. Fucking lovely tim said as he lent in and went to grab mums tits. But she flinched and moved back, sorry tim said I should of asked, pulling this hands away not getting a feel. No sure yeah its ok mum said looking at tim. At just like that tim and nigel both reached in and grabbed one tit each rubbing it. I must admit I was so hard now but didn’t expect mum to learn back and let out a little moan. mmmmmm she said. And just like that to my surpise her had lent out and reached for my cock rubbing it for the second time. Go on get it out chris, tim had said. This time not letting mum answer I undone my shorts and pulled them down letting my haard 7″ cock flop out. Oh wow mum and tim said. I smiled and slowly grabbed in wanking it as mum looked down. She was cleary shocked. Tina how about you step out and give us a little handjob tim said. Mmm sure mum said to my surpise, but is it safe here. Yeah course nigel said back. Just like that mum pulled her top back over her tits and stepped out. She looked down at tim and reached out and grabbed his cock and started wanking him off. I need a better view so I got out the car and came over to where them 3 were standing. Mum then looked down at nigels cock and looked up at him, wow ive never experienced a black guy before. Nigel smiled and said go for it. Just then I see her white hand reach down and wrapped round his big hard black cock. Oh wow im loving this mum had said slightly bending down, wanking of nigels big black cock. Tim nudged me and said shes loving that isn’t she. I laughed and said looks that way. Mum carried on wanking nigel off and just like that she pulled her tits out again this time tim asking me to have a rub with him. So that is what we done we reached out and cupped her big tits. Tim bent down and tried sucking them, still mum wanking off nigel. Im sorry but im going to give this a little try, and just like that mum had got down on her knees and started güvenilir bahis sucking nigels cock. I was about to burst I couldn’t bleive I was seeing my mum sucking on a black cock. Me and tim was standing around her watching and wanking as she was still sucking nigels cock. With no warning she then went onto tims cock, head back and forth sucking him off. This was going to get awkard was she going to go back to nigels or me. A couple minutes more she took tims cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, she didn’t say anything but just reach out and wank me off and start sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe this, she was on her knees not only had just sucked off 2 strangers she was now sucking on my cock. And I felt amazing. I looked around as tim was wanking faster, it looked like he wanted to cum, and with no warning he took a couple of steps closer, grabbed mums head trying to pull her away and started cumming, hitting the side of her face as she didn’t no what he was trying to do, and having the time to turn around. Tim was still cumming as she looked up at him and took over wanking his cock getting every last drop out of him. Not evening saying anything she came back onto me and started sucking me off again. I had stopped her and said im going to cum, just the I pushed her back bent down and wanked off fast over her tits, srpaying the biggest load ive ever had all over her tits. She looked up and said wow, but again turned to nigel. She was still on her knees sucking nigels huge cock, really going fast on it head bobbing up and down. Nigel just stood back loving it. That when it got even hornier. All I heard was do you want to fuck me with that big black cock. Me and tim looked at each other and just smiled. Ws she really going to this this. Come on mum said not letting nigel answer and pulled her jeans and knickers down. You could see the glare on her bald pussy where she was wet. And just like that she learnt over the bonnet of the car and spread her legs. Nigel came from behind and enter her, ohhh mmmmmmmmm she let out a almighty moan as nigel started pumping his cock hard and fast into her pussy. Oh yes faster faster im going to cum mum had said. Wow she must of been horny nigel only had started fucking her for a minute when she let and and big moan,, ohhhh ohhh that’s it im cummed and just like that you could see her body shaking as she was cumming whilst nigel was still fucking her from behind. He carried on for abit another 25 seconds when he pulled and and held his cock and just shot his load all over her ass and back as she stayed bent over looking back as his cum was running down her ass cheeks. Wow that was hot she said all flusted cum on her ass, back, tits and face. @-)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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