Emma pops round….

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Emma pops round….So Emma, the 18 year old student I’d met online, was popping round to my flat for the first time and I’d tidied up accordingly. Everything was ship shape and smelling nice, including me. I went to pick her up from the station and was turned on by her outfit, little denim skirt, crisp white blouse, and pink knee length boots to set her blonde hair off. We made our way back to mine, and made small talk about things. As she walked in to the flat she slipped out of her boots, and made for the kitchen. It was a warm Friday evening so we poured a cold glass of white wine and went to sit down. We were relaxing on the sofa watching TV, she was d****d across me with her lovely arse across my lap pointing up at me. Eventually, didim escort giving in to temptation, I lifted her skirt up and pulling down her thong gently massaged her cheeks. Her arse was so perfect, a real bubble butt, and she must have felt me getting so hard under her as I slipped my finger in to her pussie from behind and rubbed her rapidly wettening clit. She writhed and moaned in pleasure, and raised her arse in to the air. Slowly undressing myself I mouthed her arsehole and pussie, dragging my tongue in broad strokes over her holes with her cheeks spread wide. I took time to french kiss her cunt, probing and exploring her wet womanhood. She was clearly enjoying the attention, on all fours with her arse in escort didim the air, groaning in pleasure at being licked and sucked. I removed her knickers from round her ankles, and pulled the denim skirt off. I’d already fucked her at her folks place so this was just a nice relaxing fuck with no pressure, I spread her cheeks and eased my now hard swollen cock in to her soaking pussie from behind, as she continued to moan in delight. I started off slowly at first, then built up the pace. I looked down at my cock slipping in and out of her, her pussie stretched taut around me and my balls banging against her. Leaning forward I popped her tits out from under her bra and blouse, pinching her nipples as I fucked her deeper. This didim escort bayan was clearly driving her wild because she started to slam herself on to my cock, wanting to fuck even harder. There was something about shagging this horsey posh girl that really turned me on, her small frame, blonde hair, and big tits probably had a lot to do with it. By now she was soaking wet, so as I fucked her from behind I reached under and rubbed her clit. She exploded in a huge shuddering orgasm and this in turn set me off, i came loads, filling her tight little twat up with my cream. Pulling out I kissed her bottom, she then got up and stood in front of me. It was such a sight, a pretty young blonde woman with ruffled hair in just a undone blouse with her tits hanging out of her bra, naked from the waist down with cum dripping down the inside of her thighs asking me where the loo was. She was such a dirty bitch, and the fun continued for a couple of years after….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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