Emily Likes It Rough

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Emily Likes It RoughEmily Likes it Rough By billy69boyI remember thrashing around on the guest bed, trying to fall back to sleep in the thick, humid summer air. I was staying with my aunt and uncle for the last week of the summer, while my parents were away on vacation. I guess I was too horny to sleep, I don’t know. I was lying there wide awake with my hand between my open legs when I heard my aunt’s car backing out of the driveway, even though sunrise was still hours away. She had a great job, but her commute was long and tedious. My uncle lost his job, and was home all the time.Right after she drove away, the door to the guest room creaked open slowly, and I could faintly make out the shape of my uncle’s body, as he approached the bed. I was shocked to see him in only his boxer shorts, cock in hand, stroking it slowly. It looked huge, and I was immediately fascinated by it. I found myself staring intently at it, but my reverie quickly vanished when Uncle Joe ripped the covers completely off the bed, and he reached for my titties and began fondling them through my thin t-shirt. I began to say something, but he told me to shut up as he pulled my hand to his stiff cock and wrapped my fingers around it. It felt so big and hard; I didn’t know what to think. “Put it in your mouth,” he demanded firmly, as he abruptly lifted my shirt up, revealing my perky young breasts. When I resisted, he slapped my face twice, squeezed my cheeks in his hand as he brought his face down close to mine, and told me to do as he said. I opened my mouth, and he forced his cock in deep, causing me to choke a little. He held my head steady by grabbing a handful of my long blond hair, and he plunged his dick to the back of my throat with steady force. His other hand was busy feeling me up, grabbing, squeezing, and pinching my hard nipples.I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by his actions. I had noticed him checking out my firm 13 year old body for a few days now. He was always joking around about sex, and I guess I played along, even though I didn’t think he was serious. He liked to call me his sexy little Emily, and he frequently complimented me on my skimpy outfits. I was squirming under his heavy mauling of my tits, trying to get away, and I guess that pissed him off. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and ripped my t-shirt clean off. Then, he told me to lock my fingers behind my head. I was kneeling on the bed facing him, and I did what he told me, happy that he backed off from gagging me with his cock, and pulling at my tender tits. The relief was short lived, when I felt his open hand swing wide and hard, smacking one tit, then, the other. I gasped in surprise, and he slapped them even harder. The sting was excruciating at first, but actually felt kind of warm and arousing at the same time.He reached between my knees, fumbling for my crotch, feeling through the outside of my pajama bottoms. Frustrated, he pushed me over backward on the bed, and ripped my pj’s off in one quick motion. As I lay before him completely naked, he flipped my legs open wide, and rammed two fingers into my already wet opening. He seemed surprised: “Oh, so you like this don’t you? Look how wet you are,” he exclaimed. “You are a little slut, just like I thought,” he said, as he continued to finger-fuck me with no regard for my feelings at all.“Now, get up on all fours and face the wall,” he commanded. When I got in position, he slapped my tight smooth ass several times until my cheeks were pink and burning. Then, he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me back towards his throbbing penis. He entered me like he was thrusting a sword into my pussy, and it hurt quite a bit, even though I was so wet down there. I winced in pain, but I didn’t let him know it hurt. I guess it hurt because of his thickness. I had just had sex for the first time a few months back with a neighborhood boy, but his cock was kind of small, and it hardly hurt when he took my virginity. Unfortunately, that’s about all he did, because it was all over right after he popped my cherry. I guess I got the poor boy too excited, and he came almost immediately, got embarrassed, dressed in silence, and left. Uncle Joe pounded my pussy deliberately and thoroughly, riding me like a stallion in heat, and it wasn’t long before I was cumming out of control, my body jerking under him as I gasped loudly for air. He slapped my ass repeatedly, as his thrusts became more rapid and stronger. Finally he pulled out, yanked me around by my hair to face him, and jammed his slick cock into my mouth in one quick motion. He held my head steady with both hands, and pumped his gooey juice down my throat. He made me swallow it all.“That’s a good little cum-guzzling slut, Emily,” he said. “Good girl, suck your darling uncle dry.” When he finally shot his entire load, he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face, slapping my cheeks with it, and laughing at the sight.By now, it was daylight, and you could bostancı escort see everything clearly. Uncle Joe pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs and seemed to be inspecting my crotch. “No blood! So, you’re not even a virgin? Only 13 years old and someone else popped your cherry already?” he declared, seeming angry that he wasn’t the first one to fuck me. “Well, well, so you’re a born whore, aren’t you? It’s going to be fun to see how much you can take, you little tramp ,” he whispered menacingly.I asked him politely if I could get up, because I had to pee really badly. He pulled me to my feet, and followed me to the bathroom. I tried to close the door, but he pushed it open, and came in with me. “Stand in the shower,” he ordered. When I looked at him quizzically, he grabbed me by my hair, and shoved me into the bathtub. “Now, spread your legs, and put your hands behind your back.” I did what I was told, and he grabbed my vulnerable tits really hard, twisting and pinching my swollen nipples until my knees started to buckle in pain. Then, he reached down between my legs, and began rotating his thumb around my clit, then; he shoved two fingers deep into my still juicy cunt. I was getting aroused again, and then he told me to start pissing. I gave him that look of disbelief again, and he slapped my face back and forth, which brought me back to reality. It was difficult to pee because I really wanted to cum by then, but I followed his orders. Slowly my yellow stream began, and it soon turned into a river, running all over my uncle’s hand and down my legs. He continued to finger me roughly and I had the incredible sensation of cumming and pissing all at the same time. I guess he was trying to humiliate me, but in truth, I had never felt any sensation quite like it. My legs tensed up, and I pushed my hips forward, encouraging him to finger-fuck me even deeper. I was up on my tiptoes by then, and he slapped my tits sharply back and forth as I climaxed wildly into his piss-stained hand. He took his fingers straight from my cunt to my face, and forced them into my mouth. “Suck my fingers clean, you dirty little tramp,” he growled. “You are disgusting! Look at you, piss all down your legs!” He grabbed both of my tits and squeezed them really hard until I let out a gasp. “Quiet, you, now turn around and bend over, and hold onto that handrail, because I’m going to fuck your filthy cunt until you can’t stand up any longer!” he announced, spinning me around in the process.In a flash, I could feel his thick member penetrating my swollen pussy, and he was thrusting into me with his full force in no time. It didn’t hurt as bad this time; I guess because I was already aroused by the rough finger job he’d just given me. He gripped my hips firmly with his large hands, and kept pulling my body back towards his stiff meat, fucking me deeper and harder than I could have ever imagined. “That’s a good little fuckin’ hooker; you can take it real deep, can’t you?” he said, as he kept up his violent rhythm: pounding and pounding until my knees got weak, and my legs shivered as I exploded in orgasm again. Uncle Joe pulled out and shot his hot load all over my back and my ass. “There’s something else you can clean off,” he sneered, as he wiped his gooey cock off on my ass. “Now take a shower while I make some breakfast, and don’t even think of putting clothes on!” he barked through his clenched jaw.The shower felt so good, I lingered for as long as I could, until I felt all squeaky clean again. When I walked into the kitchen, my uncle had two plates loaded with French toast and sausage, and I realized how hungry I was. He eyed up my tight, naked body for a long time before he spoke: “Come over here, and let me inspect you.” I stood before him, and he rubbed his hand over my ass, and around the front to my freshly shaved pussy. “Mmmmm, very nice!” he said, then immediately slid two fingers into my moist opening, catching me by surprise. Instinctively, I spread my legs wider for him, and he responded by adding a third finger, and seeing if he could bury them all at once into my young womanhood. He was none too gentle, but I was getting kind of used to that.After a few minutes, he stopped, saying that he didn’t want the sausage to get cold. I didn’t understand, until he told me to lean over the table. He then grabbed a handful of sausages off my plate, and began to push them one by one into my cunt from behind. After he shoved four of them up in there, I could feel how hot they were, and I squirmed and tried to move away. He yanked me back by my hair, and began slapping my ass, and he warned me not to let the sausages fall out. Then, he pushed me toward my chair and told me to sit down and eat. As I poured syrup over my French toast, he told me: “If you want sausage with your meal, you know where to find some. Otherwise, just leave them where they are.” Oh God, they were burning my fatih escort insides so bad, I just had to take them out. I put all four of them on my plate after I fished them out of my tortured pussy. Uncle Joe pointed at them with his fork, looked me in the eye, and said: “Eat up!” I didn’t care, really. I had apparently worked up quite an appetite, and I ate my whole breakfast, which pleased my uncle to no end, for some reason.Uncle Joe told me to clean up the dishes and scrub the bathroom while he went into town to run some errands. I had to work naked too. Fine, I thought. There really wasn’t much else to do during the day. At least I would have some time alone and away from him. Time flew right by, as I concentrated on my chores. Uncle Joe didn’t get back for hours, and I was surprised how much I missed him. He came in the front door carrying several bags. “Sit down on the couch. I bought you some things,” he said, as he dumped the first bag onto the coffee table. Out fell several sexy lingerie outfits, in black, red, pink, and baby blue, my favorite. He handed me the slinky black number, which was nothing more than a lacy, see-through mini dress that basically covered nothing. As I pulled it over my head, he dumped out the next bag. My eyes got wide as saucers when I saw all these dildos, butt plugs, whips, belts, restraints, and other sex toys spill out. Before I could react, he emptied the third bag, which consisted of several different types of ropes and chains and other devices I never heard of before.He stood in front of me, all proud and beaming. “We are gonna have some for the rest of the week, you and me,” he said, grinning, as he pulled his erect penis out from under his shorts and presented it to me. As I sat back on the couch watching him, he motioned for me to lean forward. He guided my mouth toward his insatiable cock by putting one hand behind my head and pulling me close. “Open” was all he said, and soon enough, I was struggling to accept his fat manhood into my throat. “Oh, that’s it, my little fuckin’ whore girl. You like sucking my cock, don’t you?” After several minutes of deep stroking, he began pumping his sticky seed into my mouth. “Swallow it all, bitch,” he grunted, “I don’t want even one drop on this carpet, you understand?”After relieving himself in my mouth, he pulled me to my feet, and switched places with me, and sat on the couch. He pushed me to my knees in front of him. “Let’s try out some of your new toys, shall we?” he said. “Lie down on your back, and pull your knees up to your titties,” he instructed. When I did it, he pulled my ass right up off the floor, so my whole body was perched on my neck. His face was near to my private parts, up close and personal. He fingered my pussy some, satisfied that I was good and wet, then without warning, he picked up a thick black leather belt, and began to slap my vulnerable pussy until it was pink and on fire. He shoved a fat pink dildo into my exposed cunt. He used it on me like a ramrod, jamming it in and out while he abused my vulnerable clit with his other hand. “That’s it, you hot little fuck, take it like you mean it, damn right!” he blurted out with glee. He rubbed his finger around my juicy cunt, then, he slid his wet finger into my ass with no warning. I had never had anything penetrate my ass before, and I would have been shocked if I wasn’t already on the verge of cumming from the dildo reaming my eager pussy. As much as I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, I could feel those familiar waves of pleasure crashing over my body, and I knew I couldn’t keep myself from cumming for him again. My body writhed and shook in ecstasy, as one orgasm after another enveloped me. He was delighted with the knowledge that he was getting me off against my will. He kept fucking me harder, slamming that rubber toy into my love canal as deep as it would go. I didn’t care by then. All I knew was that my head was jerking back and forth on the floor, my legs were tight against my body, and I was getting off like never before.Uncle Joe knelt down by my face, and managed to force his screaming erection into my mouth. “Get it real nice and wet now, because I have another surprise for you,” he said teasingly. He stood back up, straddled my hips, took aim, and pushed his stiff rod into my ass a few inches. I squealed in pain, and he smacked my ass cheeks several times, and told me to shut the fuck up and take it. He worked more and more of his nasty prick into my virgin bottom, until I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. He told me to relax, and to quit fighting it. I calmed down some after that, and my sphincter muscle loosened up, so I was able to take his sharp strokes without so much discomfort. I marveled at the scene before my eyes: My uncle standing up over me, thrusting his wicked fuckpole into my ass again and again, his eyes glazing over in a****l lust. Getting my first ass fuck was really bağcılar escort different, but by the time he pulled his penis out and squirted his cum all over my chest and face, I realized how much I liked it.So, this was the beginning of my secret affair with my Uncle Joe. I endured his rough treatment for the two days that remained of my parents’ vacation. On the second day, he really turned it up a notch. Right after my aunt left for work, he was in my room, carrying the bags of goodies he had bought the day before. He immediately began to tie me to the bed, without saying a word to me. I was already awake, but I pretended to still be sleeping, just to see what he would do. Soon enough, my arms and legs were bound tightly, and he proceeded to feel me up and smack me around. “Wake up, my little slutty sex toy,” he said, as he slapped my tits back and forth. “You’re not going to believe what I have in mind for you today.”Well, he was right about that. He kept me tied up all day, coming into my room at least every hour, whipping me, and toying and fucking me in all my holes. He would pull his cock out when he was ready to cum, and put it into my mouth, commanding me not to swallow his load. Instead, he made me spit each mouthful into a drinking glass, then, he would just leave the glass on the table for the next time. By the end of the day, the glass was pretty full, and he made me drink the whole thing down.On the last day, he made me wear one of those skimpy outfits he had bought me, while I scrubbed the floors and did all his housework for him. He would stop me every so often, and make me masturbate for him. I had to use dildos in my pussy and ass. He would force me to lie flat on the floor, kneel over top of my face, and fuck my throat until I gagged, pulling my head up off the floor with each new stroke of his big cock. I was glad when my aunt finally came home that night, because I was exhausted from all of my uncle’s abuse.My parents came home and I was actually happy to see them. I almost ran home, I was so excited to be free from Uncle Joe’s clutches. My parents’ house was right around the next block, in the same neighborhood as my aunt and uncle. I spent the weekend getting my stuff ready for the first day of school on Monday. Things were getting back to normal, or so I thought. Walking home from school after my first cheerleading practice, I found that I couldn’t keep from thinking about my adventures with my uncle. Since both my parents were working, and my little sister was at an after-school program, I would be alone in the house. Instead, I walked over to Uncle Joe’s, and rang his doorbell. When he opened the door and saw me in my cheerleader uniform, he had a grin on his face so wide, it almost masked the fact that he was actually blushing red. “Well, look who it is, my favorite slut-c***d,” he said softly, as he let me in. “I didn’t think you’d be able to stay away for very long.” He reached under my skirt, and was delighted to discover that I had already removed my panties. He turned me around and told me to bend over the coffee table. He pulled my skirt up over my back and finger-fucked me in both holes as he slipped off his shorts. Soon, he was pounding my pussy and ass for all I was worth. God, it felt so good, and we were both cumming together in a matter of minutes.For the next three years I went to Uncle Joe’s after school at least three to five times a week, and we would play together for a few hours each time. He would really get creative: One of his favorite things to do was to take me to the movies, where he would make me dildo myself, and suck his cock right there in our seats. He had a knack for finding matinee movies with hardly anyone in the theater.Other times, he would drive me out to the woods, and he would tie me to a tree and fuck me all kinds of ways with all different dildos and butt plugs. He loved tying me up to beds, chairs, and tables, then fuck my brains out. He would tell me the day before what type of sexy outfit I should wear for him the next day. Usually it was something short, tight, and low cut. Each day almost always started with me playing with myself for him. He loved to watch me bringing myself to my first orgasm after school.Even though my uncle threatened me not to tell anyone in the beginning, I did finally tell my best friend Misty, but not until about two years went by. Misty and I are very close, and she loved hearing about some of the things Uncle Joe and I did together. I invited her to come with me and join in the fun, but she was afraid because of all the rough stuff. We did do some of the things together, just her and me, but that’s a story for another time. My aunt and uncle moved away to another state when I was 16. It took me a long time to get over losing my “playmate”, and I still think fondly of my Uncle Joe, even after all this time. Now, my little sister June is 13, and she’s curious about sex. I know she plays with herself a lot, especially at night. She asks me stuff all the time, and wants me to show her the ropes. Well, I’ve got plenty of things to show her. But, that’s also a story for another time. But right now, I’m going to snuggle up with a few of my favorite “gifts” from Uncle Joe, and fuck myself silly.

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