E023:Sunday Night:Pearl Eleven

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Donald stands and watches Emma’s car go down the street. His cock is throbbing, thinking how many times he has cum and the many more he was at the cusp in the last forty-eight hours. He is the one who is supposed to be the tour guide for Emma, her teacher, as she learns new sexual things and grows accustomed to them.  But somehow, she is such a fast learner, in ways unbelievable to him, she is taking the lead in initiating playing some of the things she is learning over and over. He had looked up how she had done in school and college when this whole possibility was beginning, and he did see that she had excellent grades, at the top of her class, and all her instructors praised her quick comprehension and analytical skills.Never could he have imagined that they would carry over so much with what she is now mastering.Laughing a little to himself, he goes into the house, to his study, his ‘control room’, and flips through the videos of most of Emma’s ten lessons.  As he watches he writes up a report card for her for her first ten pearls.  He does not mail it to her, rather he decides to save it for her to see when all of her pearls have been earned.By the time he finishes reviewing the videos, writing up the report card, and making notes for the research part which was all this was supposed to be, he is hard as a rock.  He closes his eyes and imagines Emma’s lips and fingers playing with him, without even touching himself he cums.  His pants are stained as he had not even released himself from what he was wearing when he walked Emma to her car.He takes off his clothes now, cleans himself and goes into Emma’s room and takes a nap on her bed.  Even with the clean sheets, her scent is still fragrant on the pillows.  He falls into a deep slumber for over an hour.oOoEmma has tears running down her face as she drives home.  She wipes them away with the back of her hand, smearing her eye makeup terribly.  When she arrives home, she looks in the mirror and tries to wipe the traces away enough with a tissue before getting out of the car.  She takes the suitcase from the back seat and hurries into her house.She really is going to have to start parking in her attached garage if she is going to be coming and going with a suitcase now.  Pendik escort Her neighbors are always looking out.In the house, she goes straight to her room, puts her phone on the stand by her bed and the suitcase on the dresser.  Before even opening it, she takes off her lovely black dress, shoes and undies and lays them on her bed.  As she looks at her bed she realizes that the last two nights were the first time she had not slept in her virginal bed all her life.  And tonight, it will not be a virginal bed anymore.Undressed, and feeling wonderful this way again, Emma goes to her large closet and starts throwing all of her dresses and outfits out on the bedroom floor.  The pile grows as the closet is emptied.  After all the clothes, her sensible, boring shoes are tossed into another pile.  The closet is empty.Throughout the half hour it takes her to do this, she keeps looking towards her phone to see if Donald is calling or texting her.  But there is nothing, which does bring new tears to her eyes.  She shakes her head at tells herself to be sensible, it is only a little over an hour since she left him.Next are her dresser drawers.  Out go all of her panties and bras into a new pile, along with tops and pantyhose.  And what is this?  Even a girdle.Everything is in piles on the floor.  In a bit, she will get bags and sort things all out and take them to the garage, for now, to be given to a needy clothes shop.Her old clothes are all somewhat expensive and good quality, but they are not her anymore.  She realizes these old, drab things would burn her skin if she ever had to wear them again now.Only then does she allow herself to open the suitcase to see what is inside.  She hangs the dress for tomorrow on a hanger.  It is a soft gray, and while not as low as the dress she wore last night, does appear to be offering an excellent view of her cleavage.  Especially with the uplifting gray bra and panties of gray which are with it, and black sheer stockings and garters. She puts the undergarments into her top drawer, stroking their softness some as she does.Then she lifts out the dress for Tuesday when she will see the Professor again.  It is rosy pink.  She smiles as she realizes it is almost the Beykoz escort bayan shade her bottom gets after Donald spanks her good.  His ability to choose colors which complement her coloring reminds her of things that have happened together. This makes her start to drip.The dress is placed on a hanger next to the other, and the lingerie in the drawer. She takes out shoes which match each outfit.  The gray shoes are not so high of heels.  She goes to the bed and brings back her black dress and shoes and places them in the closet also.  She will hand wash and dry the black bra and panties before putting them away.The phone has still not rung and it is now two hours since she left.She goes back to the suitcase and takes the book and DVD out and put them on her bed stand.  The two makeup bags go into her bathroom.  She smiles that the bag of the milder makeup is virginal white and her more erotic shades are in a shiny black bag.   She comes back to the suitcase and sees there is something more to unpack, with a note taped on it.She lifts it out and goes and sits on the side of her bed as she reads the note.She recognizes what the object is from when Donald was opening the dresser drawers in her new room, showing what all was stored there.  It is a small vibrator, and just running her fingers over its silver rounded head she realizes that this is the one he used on her the first night she was with him.  She is sure of it.The note, handwritten, and she is thrilled to see Donald’s firm, straight up and so readable writing on the page, reads, “Emma, put this in your nightstand drawer by your bed.  Have it charging all the time so it is ready when needed.  You are not to use it unless I give you permission and under my supervision.  I know I can trust you about this as we do not want to be apart for a whole week again.  D.”She reads it over several times, taking in a different part each time.  One, he will let her get some relief when she is not with him.  Two, he does not want to be apart from her for a whole week.  Three, he plans to see her more than once a week, heaven.  Four, when she does get to use it, she will be allowing him to enjoy her doing so, hopefully arousing him too.  Five, Escort Cevizli he trusts her.All is heady thoughts running through her head.  She sniffs at the paper to see if she can smell his scent, but alas.   If only she could smell the aroma of him it would be like an elixir to her.And as she goes back to close the suitcase now, it is like he knows her so well already, and all that she needs.   Tucked in the top of the suitcase are the boxer shorts he wore to dinner last night.  Unwashed, with a little bit of cum on them.  She holds them to her nose and breathes in deeply.  Then not wanting to ‘use up the scent’ yet she takes them and places them under her pillow to enjoy when she goes to sleep tonight.She goes downstairs and, in the kitchen, pours herself a glass of sherry.  She never has much liquor in the house, just a bottle of sherry, which she will have a sip of from time to time.  But the wine from this weekend was so good, she decides to make sure to get several bottles of it, and perhaps some other drinks to have on hand in the future.  She grabs some garbage bags to take back upstairs for the clothes which she will deal with tomorrow.With all they have eaten today already, Emma is not hungry now.  She decides to get into bed and read more of her book.When she returns to her room she sees that her phone is flashing a message.  ‘Oh, why hadn’t she remembered to take it with her downstairs.  Don’t let this result in a punishment of time apart.’She looks at her phone and sees that it is a text message just received less than a minute ago.  She quickly opens it.“Emma, I will facetime you in about an hour.  Is your vibrator charged?”Emma is so glad she had plugged it in as soon as she had placed it in her nightstand.  That was probably two and a half hours ago.  She quickly replies, “Yes it has been charging for more than two hours.  Would that be enough?”He does not reply and Emma worries a little that he might have decided she took too long responding.Why does she worry so over everything that happens between them, and imagine the worse?She climbs into bed but leaves the comforter and sheets turned down.  She picks up her book and is soon engrossed.  She sips at her sherry as she reads.  The time quickly passes and so do three more chapters.Suddenly, making her jump a little as she is so involved in the book, her phone rings.  She recovers herself and picks up the phone, holding it away from her face so she can see her Donald.  It has only been about four hours, but she longs to see his handsome face again.

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