Driving Lessons

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Riding the bus home from school, Amanda looked out the rain-streaked window. “It’s not raining too hard,” she thought to herself, “maybe Mike won’t cancel out on me.”

Mike was Amanda’s older brother and the person who would be giving her driving lessons. He was volunteered for the position by their parents and although he was soon to be 19 and getting ready to graduate, he didn’t really protest much. Mike and Amanda had learned early to help each other out as their parents had high-pressure jobs, their mother was a lawyer with a well-known firm and their father was a pediatrician. They both worked long hours and rarely came home without briefcases full of files, cases or the latest information to review so they could keep current with their careers. Their busy careers was probably the reason why they had the children so close together – there was only 10 months separating Mike and Amanda’s birthdays.

Both kids had inherited their mother’s dark brown hair and warm brown eyes. Amanda took after the women on their father’s side of the family with rich luscious curves that had the boys drooling after her since the 6th grade, which is when her parents enrolled her in a private all girls’ school. Mike on the other hand was more like their mother’s side of the family. He had the long, lean graceful body of a runner with large hands perfect for catching a football. His talent on the football field had earned him the title as captain of the team and a scholarship to the State University. There were only a few months left before he moved out of the house and into a dorm room on campus.

“I’m gonna miss the big lug,” Amanda thought as she jumped off the bus and ran toward the house, her book bag bouncing against her lower back and bottom as she ran.

The wind pushed the door back as Amanda opened it, causing it to slam into the wall with a loud band. Wincing, Amanda pulled the door shut and inspected the wall for any damage from the doorknob. Sighing with relief that there was none, she wandered toward the living room expecting to find Mike in there. Tossing her book bag on the couch, Amanda headed into the kitchen calling his name.

“That’s strange,” she thought. “His car is parked out front, I wonder where he can be.” Amanda quickly searched the lower rooms before bounding up the stairs to the family’s bedrooms, her pleated short skirt flouncing around her upper thighs so that anyone walking behind her would have had a clear glimpse of her panties. The white cotton making a startling contrast to her lightly tanned, firm legs.

As she reached the landing, she called out “Hey, Mike? Are you up here?” Although she had just turned 18 herself, she had to admit that she was becoming frightened at not being able to find her brother. Her voice was almost timid as she continued to quietly call his name. Slowly she edged down the hall towards Mike’s bedroom door, careful to keep her back against the wall as if to protect herself from someone else in the house.

When Amanda reached the closed door to Mike’s bedroom, she raised her hand to knock and noticed her hand was trembling. “I’m such a sissy! What am I going to do when Mike’s at college and I’m coming home alone everyday?” she thought. Her little pep talk seemed to work, at least her hand didn’t appear to be shaking anymore as she curled it into a fist and knocked on the door. Trying to make her voice sound teasing, Amanda called out, “You so afraid to see me behind the wheel of your car that you are hiding from me, huh?” as she knocked.

“Shit!” Mike groaned when he finally heard his sister’s voice. He glanced down at his hard-on that was rapidly shrinking in his hand. Ever since Lisa dumped him last month because he wouldn’t give her a promise ring before going off to college, Mike had been doing without sexually. He wasn’t ready to settle down with just one girl, thinking they were both too young to be making that step. Still it wasn’t fair that she cut him off like this! Mike had thought that he would be making the most of his few remaining weeks with Lisa but instead she was hanging up whenever he called her. Today, he had finally had enough and settled in his room with the latest erotic magazine only to be interrupted by his kid sister. Damn, he couldn’t wait to get into a dorm where he would have more privacy!

“Just a second,” he called out, knowing it would do no good to try to return to the pictorial he had been looking at. Closing the magazine, Mike sat up on the bed and was reaching for a towel to wipe off the lotion he had smeared liberally on his cock and hand when his door flew open.

Amanda gasped when she caught a glimpse of Mike sitting naked on his bed. She hadn’t ever seen him without at least boxers on and that had been years ago. She stared at his lean body, lightly sprinkled with hair before her gaze traveled down his stomach to the glistening cock between his legs. Of course, having never seen one before, Amanda had no idea it looked that way because sivas escort of the lotion Mike had been using.

“Jeeze, Mandy,” Mike yelled as he quickly grabbed the towel and dropped it in his lap. “Get out of here! I didn’t say you could come in!”

Stuttering an apology, Amanda reached into the room to grasp the doorknob and pulled it shut. Amanda stood staring at the door for a few seconds but that was not what she was actually seeing, she was picturing the way her brother looked when the door first opened. She started getting a strange feeling in her stomach and she leaned her forehead against Mike’s door for a minute. She felt hot and shaky, like her legs might not hold her up if she tried to walk away so she just continued to rest against the door.

In his room, Mike quickly wiped the lotion off his hand with the towel but when he tried to wipe it off his dick, he started remembering the way Amanda looked at him. Instead of remaining soft, Mike’s dick was getting harder as he thought about his little sister seeing him naked. “Oh God, not now,” Mike told himself as he pulled the zipper of his pants up over the bulge of his growing cock.

Pulling a shirt over his head, Mike walked rapidly toward his bedroom door, anxious to get this driving lesson over so he could return to his room. When Mike pulled open the door, Amanda stumbled and fell against him because she had still been leaning against his door. Lost in her own world, she had not heard him moving toward to the door and was taken by surprise when it opened so quickly. Instinctively, Mike wrapped his arms around his sister as she fell against his chest and he could feel her body trembling. His hands began rubbing a circular pattern on her back to soothe her and he whispered, “Are you, OK?” into her hair.

“Y-y-yes,” Amanda stuttered as she tried to will away the trembling in her body. Pushing her hands against his stomach, she gently broke free from his embrace and backed up. Trying to smile reassuringly at him, Amanda said, “What about our lesson?”

Mike stared at her for a moment longer, then turned back to his dresser. Picking up his wallet and keys, he smiled back at her. “Let’s go.”

Lightly holding onto the banister, Amanda bounced down the steps with Mike closely behind her. He was fascinated with the way the skirt danced around her legs and had to restrain himself from lifting the hem to be able to see what she was wearing underneath it. “Oh man,” he silently chastised himself, “this is so sick! She’s my sister for crying out loud!” His cock was past the point of listening to his mind however and continued to throb painfully against the zipper of his jeans.

When they reached the door, Mike opened it and saw that it was still raining. Planning on seizing that as an excuse to cancel the lesson, Mike turned to Mandy but the hopeful and excited look on her face caused the words to die in his throat. Resigning himself to his promise and at least another hour or two before he could escape to his room, Mike wrapped his hand around Mandy’s and they raced for his car. Amanda barely had time to pull the door shut behind her before Mike was dragging her down the steps and into the driveway.

Once they were both inside the car, Mike leaned over the ignition to put the key in and joked, “I’m sure you know how to do this much.” He glanced over at Amanda with a teasing smile on his face but felt it freeze when he looked into her face. Although it was not raining hard, her shirt was wet enough from both of her trips into the rain that her bra was visible and raindrops had collected on her eyelashes. She was grinning like a little kid on Christmas morning at the excitement she felt because she was finally going to be able to handle a car on her own. “My God,” Mike thought, “she’s beautiful!” Somehow he had never looked at Amanda as a woman or even as a girl. She had always been Mandy, his cute little sister when she was brought home from the hospital and then the annoying tagalong he was forced to take with him everywhere.

The windows were fogging over because of their wet, warm bodies and Mike reached over to turn on the defroster. As the warm air began circulating through the car, it carried the lightly musky and floral scent of Amanda’s perfume. Mike’s cock began twitching and he bit the inside of his cheek in hopes that the pain would override the pleasure.

“It’s too hot in here, Mike,” Amanda complained as she reached for the heat controls. She switched the heater off and rolled her window down some but the rain kept coming in on her so she was forced to close it again. Instead, Mandy turned on the air conditioner to combat the stuffiness of the car.

Mike had the steering wheel in a death grip rather than in the usual relaxed and easy manner he normally had. Amanda noticed his knuckles were actually white on the wheel and he was driving much faster than normal as he took them out into the country where there would be less traffic https://sivashabersitesi.com for her to have to deal with.

With the cool air from the vents blowing around the car, Amanda’s nipples became hard and pressed against the fabric of her bra and shirt. Out of the corner of his eye, Mike watched, as they grew clearly visible even through the layers. He had bitten his cheek hard enough to actually draw blood but even that wasn’t enough to deter his raging hard-on. The cool air combined with the damp clothes raised goose bumps on his flesh but Amanda seemed indifferent to the cold.

Finally, Mike reached a spot where he could pull the car off the side of the road to let Amanda drive. He pulled over but realized how uncomfortable it would be to walk around the car. He silently cursed himself for not having slipped on a pair of boxers under his blue jeans as he turned off the car. Mike unbuckled and raised the armrest that divided the front seat before sliding in the middle spot. “Your turn to drive, sis,” he told her.

The rain was falling lighter now but still coming down. “My clothes just started drying,” Amanda pouted. “I don’t want them to get all wet again.” With that, Amanda lifted herself up and slid across Mike’s lap. The feeling of her firm, round ass pressing against his cock made him groan out loud before she grabbed hold of the steering wheel and plopped into the driver’s seat.

Turning, she pulled the seatbelt over her and reached down to fasten it in place. She was surprised to find Mike still sitting in the middle, his head leaned back and his eyes closed. “Are you OK, Mike? You look like you might be getting sick.”

“Um, no. I’m OK,” Mike managed to say. “I’m just going to stay here so I can take the wheel if you need me to.”

“OK, but you have to buckle up,” Amanda said as she turned over the engine with a grin.

The car was quiet for a few minutes as Amanda adjusted the seat and mirrors to fit her. Turning on her blinker, she glanced over her shoulder before pulling the car back onto the road. Unfortunately, she was a little too eager and the car jerked when she stomped on the gas pedal.

“Careful,” Mike yelled as his head was snapped forward.

“Sorry,” Mandy sheepishly told him with a small smile.

‘She’s not a bad driver,’ Mike thought to himself as she easily brought the car up to speed and held it in her lane. He was pretty impressed at how easily she handled the car for her first time after that first SNAFU.

The road they were traveling was in the country, paved but with little traffic and fairly straight so Mike decided to teach his sister about the cruise control. It might not be something she used often because most of her driving would most likely be back and forth to school but he wanted to make sure she understood it for when she was doing freeway driving. Of course, with the cruise set, she wouldn’t need her legs for driving either.

“Do you see a little switch on your turn signal lever?” Mike asked her.

Amanda glanced down quickly down at the lever before returning her eyes to the road. “Yes.”

“Good. Hold the car at 55 and reach down to switch the button to the ‘on’ position.”

“How can I do that when I’m driving?” Amanda asked him. She might look relaxed and in control but she was terrified to take her hands off the wheel. She was holding them in the proper 10 and 2 positions.

“Slide your right hand over to the noon spot. Then let your left hand slip down the wheel and flip the switch,” Mike instructed her.

Cautiously, Amanda moved her right hand up to the top of the steering wheel. Once she had it in place, she loosened the grip of her left hand and let it slide down the wheel until she reached the lever. Quickly, she glanced at the lever again before pushing the switch over to turn on the cruise control.

“OK,” she said, “Now what?”

Mike’s attention had wandered as he watched Amanda’s trembling fingers slip down the steering wheel to the turn signal lever, almost as if she were caressing it. He wanted to feel her fingers trail over his body just like that.

Clearing his throat, Mike replied, “At the end of the lever is a button you need to push in. Then the cruise is all set and you won’t need to press on the gas pedal anymore. The only time you will need your feet is to work the brakes but you can also slow down the car by flipping the cruise switch back to off.”

Amanda set the cruise and pulled her right leg up away from the pedals. It was strange to think the car could operate without her.

“This is weird. I don’t know what to do with my legs now.”

“The cruise is mostly used during long trips on the expressway. You keep up with traffic but it gives you the chance to stretch out your legs, move them around a little to keep you from getting tired. As long as you are careful, you can even move around in your seat a little to try to get more comfortable,” Mike explained. “Just don’t jerk on the steering wheel when you are moving around.”

Amanda laughed. “Well, I would stretch out my legs but someone’s big feet are in my way!”

“I’m not moving over. Just put your leg over mine to stretch it,” Mike answered her.

Soon Amanda’s leg was up onto of Mike’s and his hands were resting on her thigh. Her skirt had lifted to the point he could almost see her panties and the thought was driving him wild. Without even realizing it, his hands had begun to knead the muscles in his sister’s thigh. Starting at the knee his fingers lightly probed and massaged her before sliding higher up her leg.

Amanda was very much aware of his hands on her leg though. She could feel her body getting hot just like when she found him naked in his bedroom. The heat seemed to radiate from her stomach out, then pool in her breasts and between her legs. Her breasts felt like they were swelling, getting heavier and she could feel her nipples tightening. She could feel her panties getting wet as her pussy started getting hotter too, just like when she would lay in bed and touch herself until she had to turn over to bite her pillow to keep from crying out.

“Uh, Mike” Amanda stammered. “It’s kinda hard to concentrate on the road when you are doing that.”

“Oh, sorry, Sis,” Mike apologized. “I wasn’t even paying attention to what I was doing.”

Mike’s hands stopped moving up Amanda’s leg and just rested on it. He had to curl his fingers to keep from touching her warm, soft skin. Slowly Amanda pulled her leg out of underneath his hands and returned it under the dashboard where it belonged. Her leg felt cold now though without the heat from his large hands warming it.

“At the bottom of this hill is a stop sign,” Mike warned her. “You should turn the cruise off now so you can stop the car.”

More confident now on how to use the cruise control, Amanda’s hand released the wheel and reached down to turn off the cruise. As they crested the hill, Amanda’s foot slid over to press on the brakes, slowing the car. After coming to a perfect stop, she turned to Mike and said, “Now where? Mom and Dad aren’t going to be home yet and I want to keep driving”

Not too far from where they were was the place Mike would take Lisa to park when they couldn’t use either of their houses. Looking at his sister’s beautiful face, her eyes bright and shiny with excitement, Mike wanted nothing more than to take her there.

“You want to see where Lisa and I used to hang out?” he asked her. “It’s just a turn off into the woods but it’s pretty and quiet.”

“Sure,” Amanda said with a grin. “I always wondered where you two disappeared to. You can show me what’s so interesting back there.”

She had no idea how badly he wanted to show her exactly what he and Lisa found so interesting! “Turn left,” Mike instructed her while his mind raced to come with ideas on how to show her without scaring her.

“Right after this bridge, turn left again,” Mike told her. “It’s nothing but a dirt path but it widens out in a little bit. Just be sure to hold the wheel steady so you don’t scratch up my car.”

Soon, they were in a small clearing with a small creek running in front of the car. Amanda put the car in Park and turned off the engine as she looked around. The trees surrounding the clearing gave a feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world and the sounds of the creek gently playing over the stones made a soothing noise.

“So, what do you do back here anyway?” Amanda asked as she turned to face Mike again.

“Well, sometimes we would walk in the woods. Or skip stones in the creek. Other times we would just sit in the car and talk or make out,” Mike answered her.

“It’s raining today so I don’t want to get out. I guess we are stuck talking then,” Amanda told him as she took off her seatbelt so she could turn in her seat to face him. “What did you two talk about?”

“School, parents, us. Just typical teenage stuff, I guess,” Mike said.

“Why aren’t you two together anymore?” Amanda questioned him.

“It’s stupid, really. Lisa won’t graduate for another year and is afraid that I will find a college girl. She wanted a promise ring from me, to show that we would get married after I finish college. That’s 4 years away! I can’t see myself staying with her or any girl for that long,” Mike explained.

“Oh, that is pretty dumb,” Amanda agreed. She tried to pull her legs up and turn so that her back was against her door but with her short skirt on that was impossible unless she was flashing her panties at her brother. Instead she leaned her back against the door and put her legs across Mike’s lap. Mike dropped his hands down on Amanda’s legs and began massaging the muscles in her calves.

“What else did you guys do?” Amanda questioned him.

“Sometimes we would go sit by the creek and dangle our feet in it so the cool water washed over them,” Mike said. “Then I would massage Lisa’s feet to warm them back up.”

Amanda laughed. “Massage her feet?” she giggled incredulously. “I can’t believe she liked that.”

“She always said it helped her relax, that it felt good,” Mike said defensively.

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