Drew’s Mom

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When I first got to know Terry and Robyn from the sports club that my husband, Ken, and I have been members of for a number of years, they were just another nice suburban couple – attractive, lively and very friendly. Robyn was the club member but Terry used to join us on social occasions. We would often dine there and the four of us always made a really happy group.

Robyn and I often partnered at tennis and, to be absolutely honest, I was slightly in awe of her. A smart, confident and very competent woman, she ran her own successful business from their house and managed a great home at the same time. I guess that I’m very similar (even to working from home, though I work for Ken’s business) but I always saw Robyn as the superior wife and mother; she was just one of those women that inspire admiration. And when we showered together after a game, it drew comment how alike we were physically – curvaceous, extremely busty and physically toned. And it’s true that when we were playing, two women with naturally huge tits, swinging like milk bags, attracted a lot of male attention!

As the months went by, I realised how attractive I found Terry. As you will know from “Daddy Darren”, I had always’ been attracted to older men. Terry’s big frame (well over six feet and a little over 200 pounds) and his baldness (a great weakness of mine) really got my imagination racing and I would imagine him and Robyn in bed, conjuring up really wild scenarios of wonderful, abandoned sex. Terry was quite flirtatious and I just imagined that Robyn, beneath her conservative, very proper exterior, would be the perfect fawn to his highly tuned libido.

Then, on New Year’s Eve 2004, just over a year ago, we were all at the club dinner-dance, always a hugely popular event. It was past midnight and I was on the dance floor with Terry while Ken and Robyn were happily laughing and joking with the group of friends we had been celebrating with, a very normal occurrence as we both loved dancing whilst our spouses were never that keen. In fact they always joked that we were OK as long as we could dance the night away. It was a slow number and Terry was his usual flirtatious self, teasing me mercilessly. Suddenly, as he pulled me against him, I felt, for the first time ever, the pressure of his semi-erect cock against my stomach. At first I thought I must be mistaken, but then I looked into his amused eyes and realised it was what I thought. He grinned, a slight questioning in his eyes.

“My God, Terry!” I whispered in his ear. “Robyn’s obviously in for a great intro to 2005 when you get her home!” “Hmmmm,” he grunted, almost dismissively.

I leaned back so that I could focus on his whole face and saw her was serious.

“What do you mean by ‘hmmmmm’?” I grinned, slightly taken aback

“As long as by intro you’re not referring to my cock into her pussy, but a rather an intro into a deep sleep you’re right on track.”

He remained serious and guided us out onto the glass-enclosed veranda, which had been packed a short time before but was now deserted as people had been leaving and they had all moved back into the main room. The others could still see us if they looked but we were now, in effect, alone.

Terry explained softly. “There’s nothing wrong, hon, but Robyn likes her routine. It’s late – she’ll want to get back into her sleep routine after a late night like this. Don’t get me wrong, hon. we have good sex but nothing adventurous.”

Typical me! I immediately felt sorry for the gorgeous big hulk. I couldn’t imagine it … both my first husband and Ken never had this problem because I was always willing … always. In fact, my first hubby admitted at the end of our marriage, “We might have fallen out of love, Lou, but the sex was always wonderful!”

My heart went out to him, the drink has loosened the little reserve I have, and I ground my belly against that erection, my body wanting to comfort him. He groaned and I felt his cock lurch to a full hardon.

“Lou, maybe you better not do that.”

“Don’t you like it?” I teased him.

His breathing had become rapid and his face was reddening.

“I love it, hon, but if you don’t stop … I’m gonna…oh, shit … oh God…. oh fuck no!” I felt him quivering against me and his tenseness disappeared as he slumped a little against me.

“Fu-u-u-uck,” he half laughed and straightened up. He grinned sheepishly and whispered in my ear that he had to get to the men’s room. Guiding me back inside, he hurried off. I joined the others, my mind racing as I imagined what he was doing in some lonely cubicle, but when he returned about five to ten minutes later, he was his usual cheery self. Only a surreptitious little wink as we were all saying goodnight acknowledged our little secret. All I could think of as we drove home that night was the pressure of that lovely cock. As always, I told Ken all about it straight away and he spent the trip teasing me about what I’d like to do with Terry, grinning all over his face as he drove, and when I leaned over and grabbed his cock through aksaray escort his trousers, he was hard.

“Does this mean you wouldn’t mind, darling?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

“You know I never do, babe,” he grinned. “Just give me all the graphic details afterwards!”

Just two days later, I was working at home early one afternoon when Terry’s car swept up the driveway and he casually sauntered through the French windows, a smile creasing his craggy face. His look was enough; we knew the score immediately, and there followed the most wonderful couple of hours of abandoned sex. I have to admit, I took charge and tried to make it as exciting and kinky as I could, remembering what he’d said about his sex life with Robyn, and I’ll never forget the look he gave me as I rode him to climax in the last minute or two – one of gratitude and relief that he had found a way to satisfy the darker side of his sexuality. He growled, arching his hips as he came and it was one of the biggest loads my cunt had ever received.

Since then we have met on average about three times a month and I’ve been able to satisfy Terry’s kinkier side – or I thought I had until about a month ago.

We were at the club again on a Saturday evening and Terry and I were dancing again when, out of the blue he asked me, “You ever fucked a young boy, Lou … I mean since you married.”

“What brought that on?” I laughed softly, looking into his eyes and seeing a lively, questioning spark in his eyes. “I just wondered if you ever liked the idea of screwing a young guy?”

I smiled back. “Of course.” I was just a little embarrassed by admitting this but knew Terry well enough by now to know he wouldn’t be phased by the answer.

“Really?” he grinned. He moved his mouth closer to my ear. “You really would like to be screwed by a teenage cock … have a hard virgin tool ploughing that gorgeous pussy of yours?”

“Terry!” I protested. “You make me sound like a predatory old whore!” I giggled, rather thrilled by his questioning. As the mother of two boys, I had inevitable wondered what it would be like, especially as my eldest, at 16, was now growing into a really stud-like youngster and was very obviously obsessive about sex at the moment.

Terry ground his hips against me and I could feel that now familiar erection pressing into me. “Yeah!” he husked. “Bet you’d love it.” We danced on for about two minutes before he said: “What about that kid over there, the one helping out at the bar?”

I looked over and a young guy of about six foot and 170 lbs, muscled and lean with light brown hair and fresh good looks. I recognised him as a boy who I’d seen around from time to time, doing various jobs round the club.

I played up to Terry, loving what this conversation was doing to his cock. “Ohhhh yessssss, perfect,” I breathed. “Just my type … bet he’d screw me senseless.”

“Really?” I felt Terry’s cock jolt in his trousers and he gazed at me, mouth slightly open and obviously delighted. I grinned. “Ohhhh yeah!”

He laughed, shaking his head and now I was curious.


Lou, that’s our boy! That’s our son, Andrew!”

“Your son!” I was genuinely taken aback. Robyn had mentioned a long time back that her son worked part-time at the club, but she’d never introduced us and I realised that I had never seen them both at the same time, so it was understandable. I don’t often blush but I felt myself reddening. “Oh God, Terry! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” “No …no … no … don’t be,” he quickly reassured me. I looked at him, a little puzzled.

“I actually find that kinda hot,” he grinned, pressing back at me with his erection. See what it’s done to me?”

What? The thought of me screwing your son?” I laughed, quietly enjoying the gist of this conversation.

“Yeah. Do you find that odd? Fuck, Lou … I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall in that situation!”

I was lost in thought, quietly enjoying the image, and it was about a minute later when Terry spoke again.

“I could arrange it, you know?”

“Terry…” I gasped, genuinely shocked. But his face was serious.

“Were you serious when you said you’d happily fuck him?”

“Well yes, but that was before….”

I looked across at Drew who was laughing with a couple by the bar. Of course, knowing he was Terry and Robyn’s son made it even MORE exciting for me. And Terry could probably see that on my face. He pulled me even harder against him. “That’s what I love about you, Lou … you’re such a gorgeous slut”

We laughed and that was the last we spoke about it … until “Lou? It’s Terry, hon. Remember what we spoke about last night? About Drew? Well, I’ve had an idea…


That afternoon I answered the front door bell in my tennis outfit. I was flushed with excitement but also from a long shower after which I’d dabbed Chanel on all my pressure points and freshly shaved my pussy. I was a woman on a mission!

“Mrs Taylor? Hi, I’m Drew 68aksarayspor.com Keathley. Dad arranged for me to come over and coach your racquet hold?”

“Drew! Come in!” I stepped back to allow him to pass. He was in his tennis clothes too and looked even sexier than the night before, especially the tight white shorts that emphasised his amazingly firm ass and a rather promising package. His naked thighs and arms glowed with the health of youth. I noticed how he looked appreciatively at the front of my tennis tee shirt as he passed … and then look again when he realised he could see my nipples showing underneath.

As I led him through to the living room, he awkwardly averted his gaze, obviously not wanting to embarrass me. “I don’t know how much I can teach you, Mrs Taylor. My sports are really basketball and baseball, but I know a little about tennis. Hey, it’s quite a coincidence,” he laughed, a trifle nervously. “I saw you dancing with Dad last night … at the club”

I nodded, smiling and motioned him to the sofa. “Yes, did he tell you that my husband, Ken, and I are good friends of him and your Mom? And that your Mom and I often partner at tennis?” I could see what was going through his mind as he glanced at my tits again, imagining us two playing together.

“Ummmm, he told me about you being friends but not about you and Mom. Wow, how about that…!” I could see his mind working as he imagined us playing together.

“It’s a little too hot outside at the moment, Drew. Would you like a drink before we start? Lemonade?” “That would be great,” he said softly, distracted slightly by the pictures n his mind as he sprawled on the sofa and I crossed to the dining bar where I’d placed the iced jug. I poured two, crossed to hand him his and then sat in the chair facing him.

We chatted for about ten minutes and he relaxed a lot. I experienced this enormous rush, knowing I was in control and when I’d make the next subtle move. So while he was talking, I changed position on the chair, allowing him a quick flash up the little tennis skirt. I had deliberately put on a pair of panties that I would normally never wear with such a short skirt. They are almost diaphanous white and clearly show the dark cleft of my pussy beneath. Although I deliberately wasn’t looking, the change in his voice altered noticeably and I knew he’d seen something.

Good, I thought and got up. “Right, coach,” I smiled at him, “Let’s get going!” I went to the counter where I’d placed my racquet and returned. Drew had stood up and it was my turn to catch my breath. His discreet package was a little less so now and he was nervously trying to be nonchalant in covering it with one hand and then the other as he spoke.

We went out onto the deck and he positioned me, asking me to show him my serving hold, which I did. Then he was behind me, gingerly trying to reach round me to re-arrange my grip, carefully trying not to rub his arms against my breasts. I could feel his breath on my neck, which made my nipples swell even further, and I knew he couldn’t fail but to notice.

I was deliberately slow, causing him to show me again and again. Gradually he became less tentative and he was brushing my tits a lot while I made sure that it appeared that I hadn’t noticed. We got more and more involved and I managed to gradually press back against him and thrilled to feel the increasing hardness trapped in his shorts. I enjoyed that for a while and then, after another five minutes, decided to ‘up’ my game. “I think we need a break, honey,” I said suddenly, broke away from him and turning. He didn’t have time to cover up and my eyes dropped to the tented shorts. “My!” I whispered gently.

Drew looked wretched. He flushed immediately and covered it with both hands. “Oh shit, Mrs Taylor, I’m so sorry!” He looked as if he was about to cry he was so embarrassed.

“Darling,” I cooed. “It’s perfectly natural! And I’m flattered, I really am,” I smiled warmly and beckoned him inside where I poured more lemonade. As I turned to hand his to him, I added:

“I’m not offended in any way, hon. Really I’m not. You have to believe me.” And I was pleased to see it hadn’t diminished at all, despite the shock of discovery.

He quickly sat down, still looking really miserable, so I got up after a minute and perched myself on the sofa beside him, placing my hand on his thigh. I thought he would die at that point!!

“Drew, please sweetie, don’t feel so bad! ” He looked at me and I could have kissed him there and then he looked so sweet.

“Mrs Taylor … I really am sorry. It was just….”

“I know, darling. It’s these isn’t it?” I cupped one of my tits in my hand and jiggled it.

He nodded.

“Mind you, you should be used to it. Your Mom’s are about the same size.”

He smiled at that, and nodded. “I just never touched them before,” he said softly, his voice trembling and husky. “But I gather you saw her in just her bikini pants the other day?” I smiled.

The poor boy flushed again. “Oh God, did she tell you? Oh God!!!”

“No, baby, your Dad told me.”

“What! DAD told you! When? I mean … how could he mention that?”

I smiled and touched his cheek with the back of my hand. “Drew, I think there’s something you ought to know. It’s OK; he said I could tell you about this. He and I are a little more than just friends. It’s nothing serious, we don’t love each other … it’s purely sex. Lust, if you want. He loves your Mom a lot and she loves him. It’s just that I’m a lot more adventurous and Terry sometimes wants that. That’s all it is, but it explains why he tells me things like that.”

I could see it all happening on his face … firstly shock, then anger that his Dad should cheat on his Mom like this, then a softening as he realised that this probably didn’t threaten his happy home life at all. Finally, there was a sudden flash of realization.

“Hey, did Dad set this up, Mrs Taylor! I mean I know he set up the tennis thing … but … you know…” I nodded, grinning. “How did you guess?”

“That time I saw Mom’s tits and he saw me so knocked out by them, he nudged me and said, “We’ll have to do something about this, buddy!” I thought he meant something like having talks with me … not anything like this!” “That sounds like your Dad,” I grinned. “He loves you, darling, and wants to do something for you. He told me it’s your birthday soon and so…” I winked at him.

At that, a deep voice interrupted. “So, happy birthday, son!”

Terry, who’d been in the house since before Drew arrived, emerged down the stairs, dressed only in a pair of faded grey running shorts.

Drew jumped up in surprise and looked half inclined to make a break for the door for a couple of seconds. “Dad! God…! You were here all that time?”

Terry was great – casual and smiling he came over, hugged his son and then kissed him on the cheek and then motioned him to sit down and sat beside him. His hand on his shoulder, he quietly and softly spoke to him. “Buddy, I could see how seeing Mom like that ate you up and I suspect you’re pretty much still a virgin. Remember how confused you were about how to react to those women at the club who came on to you? ” Drew nodded, smiling coyly.

“Son, things are pretty cool between us. I love the way you can confide in me and I reckon I can just do something to make life more enjoyable for you. Well, that is, I think Lou can.” Drew looked at me and I just smiled in confirmation. “She explained to you how it is with me and her. She’s a great woman, son. God knows I love your Mom but Louise is a good friend … a very good friend, warm and loving and incredibly sexy. She can teach you more in a day than months of fumbling with those girls in your class could ever do. I just want her to give you the best birthday you could wish for.”

Drew was dazed. It was almost too much for him to take in. But he was still excited and I noticed that he was looking back and forward between us both, his teenage mind already probably picturing us two together, and his cock was still straining at his tight shorts. A few years older and he might have had a few reservations about the situation but, like so many teenage boys, the chance to experience a woman, and with both her his father’s permission – and not only permission but also connivance…!

Terry hugged and kissed him again and then got up as I got up and took his place beside his son. Both Drew and I could see Terry’s erection distorting his shorts and it seemed to relax the boy seeing his father in the same state he was in. He looked at me a little nervously, though, so I hugged him to me, my fingers massaging his hair at his neck. “So baby,” I whispered in his ear, “do you want this?” He paused and then nodded.

“Yes, Mrs Taylor…. I mean, if it’s really OK with you….”

So sweet!

“Of course it’s alright with me,” I assured him. And then very softly: “I find you incredibly sexy. I did as soon as I saw you last night. Ask your Dad.”

I felt him relax again. I got up, pulling him up with me and led him upstairs to my bedroom. As I climbed the stairs, I was aware that from behind, Drew was getting a superb look at my panties under my tennis skirt and that he could see my pussy outline now much clearer than before, and I knew I was damp there now, making the sight even sexier for him.

“Shi-it!” I heard him breathe.

I left the door open and sat on the edge of the bed, motioning Drew to come over and stand between my legs. His erection was now obscenely obvious under his shorts. Terry sauntered in as Drew moved close to me, relaxed but with a look of extreme satisfaction on his face. He had described his months-long obsession about seeing his son with an older woman and his own cock made an impressive bulge down the leg of his shorts. Drew glanced at him and smiled, turning back to me. I was amazed how readily he was accepting that his dad should be in the same room and then recalled what Terry had told me about their conversations about women and sex, a I realised that these two had a great relationship, not just father and son but buddies too. I reached up and placed my hand on Drew’s erection, softly feeling it under his shorts. “I think you should call me Louise, darling,” I whispered.

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