Dr. Pepper

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Dr. PepperWhen I was f******n years old, my neighbor hired me to cut her lawn. Mrs. Breckenridge was a slightly plump 55 year old, divorced now ten years but still employed at his construction company. Her home sat on an acre lot at the end of Oak Tree Lane in a farm and ranch subdivision on the outskirts of town. For years she had selected a teenage boy from the neighborhood to cut her lawn. For five dollars pay, the poor bastard slaved like a dog in midsummer heat, but there were other intangible rewards. The lawn boy was invited to swim in the backyard pool, which was most appealing to me.Every summer a new lawn boy was selected and no one ever served two summer duties. That always puzzled me, but soon I was to learn why. Charlie was the oldest youngster to be selected lawn boy by Mrs. B. Then Douglas, Paul, Peter and Joe occupied that post. When I was selected I started asking questions of these previous employees, but no one gave me a clue as to what to expect. It was as if there was a code of silence or a code of honor that had to be upheld. Each guy just smiled and reassured me that all would be well.The house was mysterious because it was surrounded by a seven foot cinderblock wall, although city ordinance maximum was six feet, according to my dad. It was beautifully manicured with stepping stone walkways leading from the house to the pool and bathhouse. Mrs. B. demanded perfection and raised all kinds of hell my first day on the job when I left early to baseball practice and left the trimming with hand clippers for the next day. She forgot to tell me she was having company over to swim and her yard looked balıkesir escort terrible with grass overgrowing her stepping stones. I got an earfull that time, and she made me feel like an incompetent numbskull.Two weeks later I was finishing up the backyard mowing when Mrs. B. walked out in a flimsy houserobe, unbuttoned in front and blowing open in the summer breeze. All she wore underneath was a red bra and red panties. She handed me an ice cold Dr. Pepper bottle dripping condensation. She smiled, then turned and walked away. Her ass swayed back and forth until she re-entered the house. My eyes oggled her every step as my cock jumped to attention. I placed the cold bottle against my Levi cutoffs and imagined a hiss from the sizzling steam it produced. “Dang” was all I could muster. Unbeknownst to me she was inside the house giggling as she looked out at her dumbfounded lawn boy looking skyward with his eyes closed and a huge grin on his face, all the while holding the Dr. Pepper bottle to his groin.Mowing the entire lawn and trimming the many edges by hand took about seven hours. By the time I finished, after a full inspection and my personal approval, I sauntered over to the back door and knocked sheepishly. Out of the darkness stepped Mrs. B. with the same houserobe but this time buttoned in front. She handed me another ice cold bottle of Dr. Pepper and asked me to follow her around for her inspection. She walked without speaking, nodded her head at times and finally said, “Much better this time. I apologize for being upset last time but my yard was not looking its best when I had company. I hope balıkesir escort bayan you forgive me and let me make it up to you. Go inside and turn right into the guest bathroom. Take off your clothes, take a quick shower and put on the swim trunks hanging behind the door.”Wanting to cool off and jump in the pool, I eagerly obliged. I took my time in the shower, not wanting to go back outside with my stiff cock still at attention. I kept picturing her red bra and panties. Maybe if I turned the water to cold that would help. After I toweled off, I slipped on the swim trunks, red of course, and walked back outside.There by the pool was Mrs. B. completely naked, legs wide apart and arms stretching for the clouds. Slowly she bent over in a Jack LaLayne pose and held that posture for about ten full seconds. When she lifted herself up from the waist, she slowly twisted to her left and was standing there twisted but facing me. I would guess she had 44 D cup breasts, a bit of a belly roll, ample hips and the roundest butt this side of heaven. Mrs. B. looked like a Rubenesque model stepped off the actual canvas.Her left hand came up to her breast and a long manicured finger gave me the “come here” sign and then proceeded to pinch her erect nipple. My bulging cock strained to escape the red swim trunks and she found my cock to be a “sight for sore eyes”, as she lustily mouthed those exact words. Mrs. B. sat down in a chaise lounge chair with her legs spread apart, beckoning me with her lips, eyes and hands. I approached her face with my bulging cock and she easily pulled it out of the bottom of the swim escort balıkesir trunks. She gave my cock a firm squeeze and giggled in delight. She inspected its length and girth before greedliy taking half of my eight inches into her drooling mouth.Mrs. B’s mouth was like a warm oven baking my fat Italian bread stick. She reached around my thighs and squeezed my bubble butt, one cheek in each hand. All I heard was soft moans as she tongued my head and swallowed every inch of my engorged sex tool. She moved slowly, deliberately, provoking my shaft to jump reflexively and grow in size. When she started deep throating me, I held on to her shoulders, she squeezed by butt cheeks, and I grew weak in the knees. It felt so good that I wanted it to last all summer and then some.She started gagging and released my ass, withdrew my cock and just drooled on it. When she was finnaly able to speak, she said in a low sexy, raspy voice,”Lay down on top of me and let’s 69. I want to keep sucking your manhood while you eat me.””Sure, Mrs. B., your wish is my command.”We sixty-nined each other for what seemed like hours. Before I realized, it was twilight and quickly darkening. Mrs. B. kept tonguing me and sucking so expertly, until I blew my load into her hot mouth. By that time Mrs. B. had cum four times in my greedy mouth. She exploded, quivered and jerked around each time, but I refused to surrender and kept sucking and rolling her clit from side to side, up and down and every other point on the compass. When the backyard lights went on automatically, I was starteled and looked up. The lights shown just bright enough to illuminate four male faces peering over the backyard fence, all smiling mischievously and giving me the thumbs up. Mrs. B. stopped shivering as I started her on round number five. Sucking on her fat clit, all I could think of was that I was officially an Oak Tree Lane lawn boy.

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