Dr. Louis Cypher’s Clinic of Pleasure

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Judy Scott’s cunt tingled and she could feel her nipples harden in the backseat of the taxi as she got closer and closer to Dr. Cypher’s clinic. This is what she had waited for, she thought as she brushed a hand across a hard nipple under her top. Word of mouth had told her this was where every fantasy could be realized. Her’s was not a politically correct one, she realized that but it was her fantasy no less. She fantasized about being a mistress in the cotton fields in the deep south of America and being able to take advantage of any hard black cock of the slaves they kept. She knew it was wrong but she just wanted to feel that hard black cock inside her for so long. It seemed it was never going to happen in the middle school where she worked. Now, here she was and her panties were already wet by the time the cab pulled up outside the huge old Victorian manor house. An immaculately dressed man in a suit walked out the front door to meet her. Collecting her suitcase, he led her up the steps and inside to a large entrance hall with a huge staircase at the other end. Putting down her suitcase, he led her into a lavish lounge room to the right.

“Dinner will be served soon. In the meantime could I get madam a pre-dinner drink?” he asked.

“Gin and Tonic would be lovely.” she told him, overwhelmed. A few minutes later, the man who had received her returned within her drink on a silver tray. Just sat sipping it in the plush living room wondering what was next. She didn’t have to wait long. The man soon returned and showed her into a wood lined dining room. The man at the end of the dining table stood up as she entered.

“Welcome my dear. I am Dr. Cypher.” he said. ‘Come. sit and dine with us.” He seemed younger than Judy expected but there was something about him, something in his eyes that could look into your soul and know just what you were thinking. She wondered for a second if he could be the Devil himself and what her little fantasy might really cost. Seated next to him was a woman of immeasurable beauty that just seemed to exude sexuality.. Even though she was straight, Judy could quite easily have let the woman take her to bed. Dinner was a three course affair mixed in with a lot of small talk. Finally, unable to help herself, Judy turned to Dr. Geisler.

“When will my fantasy start?” she asked, eager to begin.

“I think you’ll find it already has.” he said smiling back at her. “As soon as Phillip has shown you to your room.” Within that, the man in the immaculate suit who had met her at the door appeared at her side as if out of nowhere. Offering his hand, he helped her out of her seat and led her from the dining room. Together, they climbed the stairs and at the top, Phillip opened a door and waved her inside. The door was closed behind her, even before she could thank him. She surveyed the room. Her suitcase was nowhere to be found. Instead, laid out on the bed was an old fashioned dress, bloomers and bodice, just like a plantation owner’s wife would have worn. Eager to get on with it, Judy quickly stripped off her modern clothes and started to don the clothes provided. She had barely had time to put on the bloomers and bodice when a knock came at her door.

“Come in.” she said, sitting on the bed, one hand covering her crotch and an arm across her breasts for modesty. The door opened and in walked a tall overseer, dressed in riding pants, boots, a cotton shirt and slouch hat. In one hand he held a shotgun, in the other, the chains of the equally tall dark slave at his side. Ignoring the overseer, she looked at the tall black man covetously. Dressed in little more than rags, most of his dark glistening body was exposed. He looked very strong and muscular, obviously from working in the fields and she wondered if his cock matched his physique under the ragged pants tied with a piece of rope around his waist. Tingling between the legs, she couldn’t wait to find out.

“Here’s the one you asked for.” the overseer said, pulling him forward into the room by his chains.

“I don’t think we need those.” she said. Begrudgingly, the overseer unshackled the man. “Don’t you try anything.” he said as he slipped off the ankle chains. “I’ll be right outside.”

“He won’t,” Judy said smiling as the overseer left the room, shutting the door behind him.

“How do you know I won’t Missus?” the slave asked when they were alone.

“Because you are in my fantasy.” she replied, grinning.

“What’s your name?” she asked him.

“Tom.” he told her.

“Take off those rags Tom.” she ordered him, her aroused cunt eager to see him naked. Doing as he was ordered, Tom pulled his shirt off over his head, undid the rope around his waist and slid his pants down. Judy gulped and her cunt contracted between her legs. He was just as she had dreamed, muscular and trim with a long thick cock dangling in front of him. It was the cock that really caught her attention. Even soft, it rivalled any of the huge black dildos she had rammed inside her dreaming of this moment. With her bodice already bahis siteleri removed and her nipples hard and erect, she looked at him lustfully.

“Have you ever seen a white cunt?” she asked him playfully. Tom shook his head.

“Would you like to see mine?” she asked.

“Yes Missus.” he replied, his eyes glued to her taut white breasts with their hard nipples. Smiling, Judy raised her ass off the bed and slid her bloomers down over her thighs. Letting them slip down her calves, she stepped out of them, leaned back on the bed and opened her legs wide.

“Do you like it?” she asked seductively. Fuck, did he like it. It was shaved bare, not like the thick black bushes on the women back at the quarters and he could see everything. Every fold of her pink lips and the wet opening between them. He didn’t have to speak to tell her if he liked it, she could tell by the swelling cock in front of him.

“Come closer.” she said, gliding a hand over herself between her legs. He took a step forward, his cock even thicker and harder.

“Closer.” she beckoned, her cunt getting wetter and more aroused with every step towards her. Finally, when he was virtually between her legs, she sat up.

“Now let’s see that cock of yours.” she said, reaching forward and gliding her fingers over the ever hardening shaft. Tom groaned as her fingers stroked his thick long shaft gently, coaxing it hard.

“Do you want my cunt?” she asked in a husky voice, stroking his huge cock with both hands. All Tom could do was groan his desire for the wet pink slit between her legs.

“Taste it.” she panted. Dropping to one knee beside the bed he buried his face between her legs and began to lick her, his eager tongue parting her lips and vibrating her hard aroused clit. She smelt cleaner than the slave girls but still had that same musky aroused smell that drove men wild. Judy groaned and bucked against his tongue as he lapped at her hungrily.

“Take me. Stick that big cock in me.” she pleaded, unable to wait another second to feel that huge thing inside. Rising to his feet and pulling his cock, Tom leant forward and started rubbing the huge swollen head between her wet parted lips. Quivering with anticipation and desire to feel the huge head penetrate her tight aroused cunt, Judy forced her legs open even wider. Slippery and wet with her cunt juices, Tom pressed the head to her eager opening and slowly pushed forward.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out as it forced her open, stretching her cunt like nothing ever before. Suddenly he was inside her, filling her with it and the hard thick shaft of his cock.

“Oh God, fuck me.” she yelled as he filled every inch of her with rhythmic thrusts deep inside her. Her pleas egged him on and he began to ram every inch of his cock deep into her body. She wailed and bucked against him, her cunt never so full of cock. It was so thick it was rubbing every aroused part inside her.

“Fuck! Fuck!.” she screamed, thrusting her hips up off the bed, forcing him even deeper as she started to cum. Tom moaned and thrust into her even faster, her excitement rocketing him towards orgasm.

“Dont cum inside me. I want to see you cum.” she begged, as she thrust her cunt against him, cumming hard on the thick hard buried deep inside her. Frantic, Tom pulled his cock from her contracting pussy, pulling it hard. Wide eyed and excited beyond belief, Judy watched as he cried out, his hand jerked back on his cock and he came, thick hard strands of cum squirting all over her belly and tits. Tom stood gasping and jerking between her legs, his hand milking every drop from his still hard aroused cock. Fuck he had cum hard and she lay basking in the feel of his thick warm cum all over her body.

It was the end for now, but before they put their clothes back on and she called for the overseer to return Tom to his quarters, she sat up, took hold of his still sizable cock and slid her mouth over the end of it. She relished the feel of the size of it in her mouth and the taste of his cum still oozing from its tip would give her something to remember until she sent for him again tomorrow.

In an upstairs room, Jack Greenfield waited for his fantasy to begin. No sooner had he thought about it, his doorbell chimed. Walking to the door, he opened it. A French maid with a trolley stood outside the door.

“Mon nom est Danielle. Je suis ta servante. Puis-je faire le service de votre chambre?” she asked, introducing herself and wanting to clean his room. Not understanding a word she said but gathering she was there to service his room, he ushered her in with a wave of his hand.

“Merci.” she said, walking into the room with fresh folded towels. Jack took a seat and watched as she began to dust all the surfaces and tidy his room. Fuck, she was so good looking in that short black skirt and low cut top with her full breasts nearly spilling out of it. When she bent over to straighten the bed, his cock jerked in his pants as he got a glimpse of her white panties covering her round ass and the strip canlı bahis siteleri of material stretched tight between her legs.

When she stood back up and turned, she saw him smiling. “Étais-tu en train de regarder ma jupe, vilain homme?” she said. Asking if he was looking up her skirt. Not understanding her, all Jack could do was smile.

“Je pensais que vous étiez. Tu voulais voir le contour de mon con à travers ma culotte, n’est-ce pas.” She said, smiling and waving a finger, admonishing him for wanting to see her cunt through her panties.

“Bien. si tu veux tellement le voir.” she said, raising a leg and putting a foot on the arm of his chair. Sliding up her dress, she hooked a finger into the leg of her panties and slowly pulled them aside. Jack sucked in his breath, gasping at the sight of her perfect cunt, blood surging into his cock at the sight of her moist inviting slit.

“Vous pouvez le toucher.” she said, taking his hand and letting him know he could touch her cunt. Jack groaned with pleasure as his finger slid between her slippery wet lips, his fingertip exploring the wet pool of her opening before sliding up to rub her excited rigid clit. She moaned as he pushed two fingers i9nto her wet cunt and started fucking her with them. All he could think of was finger fucking and licking that perfect cunt. Before he could get too aroused, she pulled off his fingers and dropped her leg off the chair. Smiling, she leaned over and slowly unzipped his pants. Reaching inside, she pulled out his hard thick straining cock. Bending over, she slipped her mouth over the tip of it as she undid his belt and opened his pants. Gripping each side of them, he raised his hips and she pulled them down. With his pants pulled down and around his ankles, his cock was hers. Hungrily, she sucked him, her hand stroking his hard shaft as she sucked his swollen head. Laying back in his chair, Jack groaned and gasped as her mouth and hand rocketed him towards orgasm. Just when he thought he was going to get to cum hard in her mouth, she withdrew leaving his cock jerking in the air.

Standing up, Danielle started to strip in front of him, unzipping her dress from behind and slowly sliding it down. Next off came her bra, releasing her full round breasts with their hard aroused nipples. All that was left were her panties. Gyrating her hips in front of him, she rubbed her wet slit through the thin material. Jack sat mesmerised as she fingered her pussy, her wetness soaking through her panties. Just when he thought he couldn’t get any more excited, she pulled down her panties, opened her legs and reached between them, parting her pussy lips for him. Fuck! The sight of her pink wet parted cunt nearly made him cum right there and then.

“J’ai besoin que tu baises ma chatte.” she said, stroking his cock with both hands before moving to the bed, laying on it, spreading and raising her legs. Jack didn’t need to understand French to know what that meant. Thrusting himself out of the chair, he was between her legs in a second, pressing the hard swollen head of his cock between her parted lips.

“Baise-moi!” she cried out as he speared into her aching cunt, his thick hard cock burying itself deep in her body. Dragging her to the edge of the bed, he started to fuck her hard, ramming his cock as hard and deep in her as he could. Desperate to cum, she cried out, pushing her cunt up to meet his every thrust.

“je vais jouir.” she cried out, telling him she was going to cum as he rammed his cock hard and deep inside her. Suddenly, her cunt squirted and she was bucking hard against him. Jack gasped and he started cumming hard inside the contracting cunt squeezing his cock. Spent. He slipped his cock from her full cunt and watched with pride as his cum leaked out of her convulsing pussy. Fuck, it looked so good, he just wanted to press his face between her legs and sniff her.

“Nous n’avons pas encore fini.” she said as she laid on the bed with her legs open and her stomach jerking occasional in spasms. Jack shrugged as he knelt between her legs. He didn’t understand a word of what she said.

“We aren’t finished yet.” she said, smiling at him.

“You speak English!” Jack said, astounded and laughing.

“You wanted a French maid so me voici, une femme de chambre française.” she said smiling.

“So what does my little French maid still want?” he asked eagerly.

“Lay here.” she said, patting the bed beside her. “Let’s get you nice and hard again. Then you can turn me over and fuck me from behind.” she said smiling. Jack was on the bed next to her in a second. He could think of nothing nicer than her making his cock hard and then ramming himself against her lovely ass with his cock buried deep inside her wet cunt.

“First we get you an aperitif.” she told him, stroking his spent cock before climbing off the bed. He watched as her naked ass walked over to the trolley and she retrieved two plastic bottles of spirit. Climbing back onto the bed, she screwed the top off one and handed it to canlı bahis him. As he sipped down the strong liquor, she poured some from her bottle onto her hand, rubbed it on his cock and slid her mouth over him.

“Mmm, you taste so nice.” she moaned, sucking him hard. Jack lay back watching her mouth slide up and down his fast growing shaft. Spreading his legs wide, he groaned with pleasure as his little French maid slid her mouth down the whole length of him, taking his cock deep into her throat.

Sliding her mouth off him, she looked up at him smiling. “Je veux ta bite dans ma chatte.” she said, turning around on the bed and letting him know she wanted his cock in her cunt. Jack was on his knees, hard cock in hand, stroking himself as he moved in behind her. She spread her legs wide and pressed her face to the bed, forcing her wet parted cunt up for him. Jack rubbed the hard swollen head of his cock between her silky soft wet parted lips, lubricating himself and plunged his cock inside her. She cried out at the sudden invasion of her cunt, half in pleasure and half in pain. Before she even had time to recover, he was thrusting hard into her cunt, the front of him slapping against her ass cheeks as he mercilessly began to fuck her.

“Oh putain! Oui, c’est ça, baise ma chatte,” she cried out as he rammed his cock deep into her cunt. He didn’t know what it meant but he could tell she wanted more of the hard cock he was filling her with. Turned on by her pleas, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back hard onto him as he thrust himself into her eager wet cunt.

“je jouis!” she cried out, thrusting herself back hard onto him, her legs and ass quivering as she came, on his hard cock. Watching and feeling her cum was all too much and Jack felt the cum rush from his balls. Pushing hard inside her, he froze, his cock jerking uncontrollably with squirt after squirt as he filled her warm cunt with his own thick warm cum.

“Tnak vous monsieur Jack.” shen panted as she lay on the bed, her legs open and her stomach twitching as his cum seeped out of her glistening cunt.

“That’s enough French.” he said to her, laying over her naked body between her legs, his mouth latching onto one of her hard nipples, his soft cock rubbing against her slippery parted lips..

Ater the next morning spent being pampered in the clinic’s beauty spa, Judy decided to take a walk in the grounds around the clinic. Dressed in her period costume, right down to a wig of the hairstyle back then, she strolled over the immaculate lawns carrying a parasol to keep the sun off. As beautiful as the grounds were, there was just one thing on her mind and that was Tom and his big thick long hard cock and how it felt deep inside her. Just the thought of his thick cock penetrating her and stretching her open had her cunt tingling and wet. Unable to resist any longer, she found a bench and sat on it. Looking around and sure no one was watching, she slid a hand up under her voluminous dress and began rubbing between her legs. It was lucky her old fashioned underwear was loose and not like the tight fitting panties of today or they would have already been wet through and slippery inside with all the excitement seeping out of her. The only wetness on these would be where she pressed the material between her parted aroused lips with her fingers

As tempting as it was to cum, she stopped short each time, edging her cunt to the point of climax and pulling her fingers away leaving her quivering and shaking in denied orgasm. Several times she did this on various benches around the grounds until she could take it no more. Walking back to the manor, she asked for Tom to be brought to her room.

When the knock came at the door, she was sitting on the bed in just her bloomers. She didn’t care if the overseer saw her bare breasts with their hard aroused nipples, he had seen them before. It was a long time ago when she had let him take her in one of the outbuildings while her husband was in town conducting business. At least that’s what happened i9n her fantasy. Tom was led in and as soon as the door was closed and they were alone, she climbed off the bed, walked over and pressed herself to him, her hand stroking his already hardening cock through his thin pants. As her hand massaged his growing cock, he reached up and began squeezing and rolling her hard nipples with his big fingers. Judy groaned, frantically undoing the rope holding his pants up and pulling down the front of them, reached inside, excited to feel his thick shaft rigid as her eager fingers curled around it.

As she stroked him, she felt a hand slip down inside the front of her bloomers and then two thick fingers push up inside her. They slipped easily into her wet excited cunt and she groaned with pleasure, pulling his cock even harder.

“Take me again.” she panted, releasing his cock and urgently pulling down her underwear. Tom wrenched of his shirt and pushed down his pants, his hard cock waiving in the air in front of him ready to fuck her. Breathing hard and with lust in his eyes, he grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. She rolled over and raised up onto all fours as he climbed on behind her. Judy buried her head on the pillow forcing her cunt upwards and spread her legs wide for him.

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