Dr.Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde

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All fictional characters in the story who are involved in sexual situations and incidents are over the age of eighteen.


My name is Dr. Danielle, K White and up until three and a half weeks ago I used to work long hours in a corporate R&D Lab. On a nondescript piece of land outside a major city, sorry I can’t tell you where.. There are a few government contracts involved.

Surrounded by 13ft tall chain fences and razor wire with only one guard post for entry and exit. There stands three identical white windowless brick buildings. The only difference between them is the heavy metal front doors painted Red, White, Green.

The white and green buildings are low level clearance, and the Red building has a six man heavily armed guard 24/7.

Thankfully I’ve only ever been assigned to work in the green building for about the last four years. Of course I never brought my work home or talked about it with my son or the few friends I manage to hang on to. Did I mention I work to much? Then there’s my best friend Lacey. She loves to joke to everyone she knows that I’m either the twin sister to the porn star Dylan Ryder or I’m a mad scientist.

Of course I keep reminding her that I would actually have to be having some kind of sex to qualify as a porn star and the only things my research division has managed to patent in the last five years are like plastics and perfumes, and creams to reverse early hair loss etc etc..

But whatever we manage to concoct did pay us really well, as me and my son have lived with both are wants and needs covered and three payed vacations a year as long as I don’t travel outside the United States that is.

Now when thing’s are going so wonderfully why would I just up an quit, you may ask?

I Know I certainly did the day I awoke at sunrise on the roof top of a large grocery store in the middle of town with my close no where in sight. I’ve been doing very bad things and I’d simply had enough. I can feel it on every part of my body I got fucked last night, good and hard and I don’t even remember by who. Of course I’ll remember everything in about an hour. That’s just the way things have been going since it began.


But you need to hear the beginning to understand why I’m both happy and terrified at the same time.

From the day my life changed. I came home not more then three hours after I had gone off to work that morning like always. I entered the kitchen and poured myself istanbulescortbayanlar.com some fresh coffee and sat down at are kitchen counter and as calmly as possible started going over the possible reasons that had caused it to occur. There had been an accident in one of the labs.

A new employee had left a heating element on in the room and caused several beaker’s to explode painting a wall not more the four feet away from me in a light blue mist. It scared the crap out of me but I wasn’t hurt. The lab had gone into lock down for forty minutes until we had determined what the beakers held wasn’t harmful.

I go about cleaning up the house to kill time and try and think about how to explain my being home so early when my son gets home from school at 4 PM.


At about 4:40 I hear him enter through the front door and head to his room to drop off his book bag. He turns on his stereo way to loud until I call out to him to turn it off and come join me in the kitchen. As he enters the room surprised to see me home before him I’m placing a late lunch of turkey sandwich’s and chocolate milk on the counter. I ask him to take a seat.

I explained to him first and foremost about the accident and not to worry as none of the beakers had held anything dangerous, no cancer or radiation to worry about or anything like that. That I had only suffered a shortness of breath for about fifteen minutes and then was fine. I further explained I had been quickly and completely cleared by the on site medical staff and given the day off. Being Friday this gives me the entire weekend to sit back and relax and to just be cautiously aware for any kind of prolonged affects just in case…

My son hugs me and kiss’s my cheek telling me he loves me and is really glad I’m OK, then he heads back to his room to play his online computer games.



That Sunday afternoon, I asked my son not to bother me while I was filling out some paper work in my home office. But the back log of things to deal with was a bit much and after six hours I took off my glasses and stretched out on the couch promptly falling asleep in my small messy but cozy sanctum when the first nightmare started. Visions tormented my sleep of chaos, need, and lust. Visions that didn’t feel like they where mine, like they were from someone else’s point of view.

I awoke screaming, my fingers sore and aching of my pussy and asshole rubbed raw, I noticed what was left of my shirt and bra ripped open and shredded.

I struggled to regain clarity and fell off the couch,slamming into the floor. Surprised to find I couldn’t catch myself before impact because my left hand was still stuffed down into my rumpled dress slacks completely tangled in my soaked panties.

Totally confused for a moment my body and mind screamed all kinds of questions back at me. The over whelming sense and feel like I’ve been raped. But looking up and around the office doors and windows where still locked and nothing else disturbed pointed out the obvious fact that, that wasn’t the case.

What ever had happened during my sleep sudden realization and supporting facts dictate I had done it to myself while in REM sleep, When I managed to untangle and pull myself up off the floor, unlocked the door and limped down the hallway to the bathroom my legs still shaking. I didn’t even have the strength to finish undressing. On flicked the lever spraying down the cold water and into my master bathroom’s shower I went for the next hour to wash away the soreness and confusion. That night while laying in bed the memory’s came back. My entire body shuddered from the Evil thoughts and dreams I didn’t know I was capable of ever having.

Monday and Tuesday home and work life returned to normal for my son and I. I try being very close with my son and gave him only the censored version about the nightmare on Sunday. But if that was the one and only side effect of the accident then everything was indeed fine and would be returning to life as normal.



Wednesday morning, was anything but normal. My eyes opened finally awakening that morning in a rather blissfully contented state. Ridiculously happy and up beat at a level I couldn’t ever remember reaching before.. I took a quick shower, gave myself a what I think is an objective review of my physical appearance in the long mirror. Other then the heavy framed out of date lady geek glasses, I look damn fine. I chose to get through my life on brains instead of looks. But I know if I had gone the other route with looks instead. life would still be good. I dressed and sauntered down the hallway on my way to the kitchen for my coffee and to make breakfast.

I can’t figure out why but for some reason I couldn’t wipe the stupid smile off my face even when trying. Calling out to get my son’s lazy butt out of bed and ready for school as I passed by his door way.

Glancing to the right like normal, I took three step’s and stopped cold in my tracks horrified at the image that just flashed in her brain. “What the Fuck?” I say loudly and backed up and ran into my son’s room stopping in my tracks again at the edge of his bed to look down upon him.

There he lay some what naked night shirt shredded and boxers down around one ankle. Both hands straight above his head bound by grey thick duct tape to a bar of his beds head board. Legs spread and bound to the lower corners of the bed. His cock red and abused laying on his stomach covered in a half dried and half slimy puddle of mixed fluids, the sheets soaked in more fluids. Bite and scratch marks all over his arms, chest and legs. Almost everywhere on his body.

And the two things that scared me the most. Well one was obviously recognizing the white lace and little pink hearts of my very own panties that I put on before going to bed last night where taped crudely into his mouth as a gag. And the second was my silver six inch toy still taped into his asshole, the batteries had run completely dead.

My legs failed me at that moment and I crumpled to my knee’s crying as a complete recall memory of everything I had done to him came crashing back into my mind, four long hours of my explicitly graphic and incestuous lustful lunatic rampage that I had wrought on my poor baby boy. “Dear God what have I done.” I screamed out through my tears. Not me my mind reasoned. I could feel the other presence in the back ground of my mind smiling back at me. Whispering to me how much I needed it and loved every moment of it.



After about twenty minutes of continuous crying and apologizing I finally crawled off the floor and slowly unbound him. I could barely look him in the eyes while still sobbing out my apologies.

That’s when He sat up ripped and coughed out the panty gag and grabbed me, Kissing me so hard are lips hurt. “Thank you mother.” He whispered in my ear. The look of shock on my face matched the level of lust on his face and was all the time He needed.

He slammed me backwards on the bed ripped open my work shirt and engulfed my right breast and nipple into his mouth to suckle on. He was bigger then me and stronger and I couldn’t stop him. But then why was I not even trying. And more importantly why did it feel so fucking right?

That dark evil voice in the back of my mind, couldn’t stop laughing at this new development in mine and my sons relationship. More soft whispers telling me the fun hasn’t even started yet….

And this is only what happened on the fifth day.

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