Down on the Farm 17: Branding

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Tori was roused while it was still dark. She struggled to her feet as Isiah came into her stall, opening her mouth to accept her handler’s cock.

“Not tonight, my wonderful girl.” Isiah explained. “Although I could use your excellent skills right now. There is a surprise, come. I’ll show you. I’m so proud of you, my precious heifer.”

Confused Tori followed her handler out of her stall and toward the examination room. Looking confused she turned to Isiah for information. He didn’t give her any, just widened his smile as she came around the corner and peered into the room.

There was Mika’s handler, Mika and two medical personnel. Her face lit up seeing the bull in the room, but it was tempered with concern at the change in her specific schedule. She found comfort in the strict schedule imposed on her, finding herself out-of-sorts when it was changed.

“Are these the two?” one of the people in lab coats asked, her eyes glued to Mika’s cock. “I mean he obviously is, but her?”

“Yes, the two Alpha’s.” Isiah insisted. “Tori has performed well here, I’ll not have you talk down to her just because she is not a bull.”

“No offense meant.” the male in the coat quickly covered for his companion. “Can they get on the tables?”

Isiah and Elise led their respective livestock to a table set into the floor. Having been in the room before they knew the surfaces would rise. The bull and heifer were facing each other, moving to the end to nuzzle their noses.

“Ok, these needles will completely numb the area.” The woman handed Isiah and Elise a syringe filled nearly to the brim. “Start on the edges and move toward the middle. The brand is about an inch and a half across.”

Tori mooed in surprise, panic starting to overcome her. Isiah started to look angry at the way his female reacting and started to comment before Mika nuzzled her. Feeling the comfort of her bull, she was still uneasy, but contained her panic.

“You know these don’t come off. Are you sure these are the livestock you wish to use?” the male questioned as he slid a thin needle into both on the tables.

“Mika is the Alpha bull. If you doubt that, come to the field at night and watch him with the females, or he can show you right here…on her of course.” Elise snapped back leaving the end of her comment open for longer than needed telling the medical staff the bull would fuck him if needed.

“Ok, secure them down. The smell may spook them.” the female suggested. The two livestock paid her no attention, so absorbed in each other. “Three, two, one…now.”

Both Tori and Mika felt pressure on their rumps and looked at each other. As Tori recognized the smell of burning flesh she was distracted by Mika nipping her right nipple. That took her focus from anything else to the bull before her.

“Alright.” The male placed a gauze coated with medicine over the burn on Tori’s ass, seeing the female do the yalova seks hikayeleri same with Mika. “They need cream every two hours for the first day. Every four the next, etc until you can go twelve hours between doses. About a week. The bull can still breed, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the heifer. With the coupling there is a chance she could get hurt, or infected.”

“Understood. I think I’ll keep Mika from the fields tonight then. Let him use his Toy if he needs.”

“Give them the medicine shots every time you change the gauze. Both shots, pain and antibiotic to prevent excess moving and infection off.” the female suggested as she dished out medicine bottles to both handlers. They took the drugs with a nod.

By the time the tables came to the floor both Tori and Mika were feeling the effects of the painkillers they had been given to counteract the pain of the brand. They both feel asleep immediately when left in their own stalls.

* * * * * * *

It had been four days since Tori had been branded. She still accepted the shots every eight hours, knowing she only had two more days until she could be back out in the field with the rest of the herd.

Isiah had come to see her every evening between doses to see how she was doing. Now he stood at her stall door with a lead. Mooing her confusion she got to her feet, her left ass cheek still tender, as he hooked the leather and led her from the stall.

Tori repeated the moo as she noticed she was being led to the field where she saw the bull standing there. Taking her to the edge of the field, Isiah unhooked Tori and motioned her into the field.

Confused, the heifer did as she was requested, happy to see the bull. He sniffed at her as she got closer and mooed a greeting. She returned the sound and waited. She could not be bred, although her cunt was soaked being in the bull’s presence. He nipped at her, motioning she should lay down like was his routine after she had bore a calf.

Taking longer than normal Tori rested on her back, her front and back legs spread open for the dominate male. He sniffed her again, his hot breath on her cunt. Sounds came out of her mouth, begging the bull to nip her. Instead he leaned closer, his mouth opening further and his tongue lapped at her.

Tori moaned loudly feeling the unusual sensation. He continued the treatment until the heifer was sobbing with desire and then nipped roughly on her cunt. Tori writhed on her back as the scream ripped from her throat as her release crashed onto her.

Once finished Mika turned from the heifer on her back and to another new to the pack. Seeing the first female, the new one practically threw herself on her back getting a stomp and lash from the bull’s horns. Mewling her confusion she watched as the bull moved on.

The second heifer chosen shivered in fear, trying to see what the male wanted. This one had also not been fucked by the bull but seen the reaction of every heifer who had. Mika neared her, seeing her move away and smiled as he gave chase. The heifer wasn’t trying hard, she had no experience, but after seeing Tori, it was enough for the bull.

He mooed at her, stomping his hoof, demanding she come to him to be bred. Seeing the change in the bull the heifer slunk toward him, body down, eyes down. Mika leaned down and nipped her ear, a squeak erupting from the female. Coming back up to her hands and knees he nipped her breast, catching her nipple and earning him another squeak.

With his horns he circled her watching her pant in anticipation until stopping behind her. Two painful nips to her ass got it up to mounting height and Mika moved his cock to her cunt, waiting.

Unable to make other sounds, the heifer spilled out what she could in begging him to fuck her. Waiting until the heifer’s words were desperate, Mika thrust.

When he finished fucking her he moved toward his barn, ignoring the other heifers vying for his attention.

* * * * * * * *

Ka watched the spectacle between Tori and the first male livestock she had seen since her capture. She hadn’t been one begging to be bred, but as she watched him walk away, and caught sight of his massive cock…she told herself next time she would be. The thought of that member anywhere near her almost sent her to the floor with a climax.

So enamoured with the bull was she that when Isiah came to see the pair that evening she begged him to suck his cock. Seeing the change in his female, the handler gave the heifer what she desired. Thinking of the bull, Ka worked her handler’s cock over until he shot his release down her throat.

When she looked up at the heifer across the hallway she saw Tori watching her with a nod. The older female gave the newcomer a encouraging moo.

* * * * * * * *

The following day Ka was out in the field with the rest of the heifers when she saw the other handlers come and collect their females. She saw Isiah and started toward him, stopped when he raised a hand.

Telling Tori to wait for him at the edge of the field the male came to speak to her. “It is your turn to be bred, Ka.” he explained as his hand came and massaged the heifer’s breasts. She leaned into the touch enjoying the first gentle touch since she arrived. “The bull will come out looking for a heifer. He likes a fight, not too much, but if you don’t, he won’t breed you.” Isiah rubbed then pinched her nipples causing her to cry out. “Enjoy yourself, Ka…the bull will.”

Ka, now knowing her fate moved back into the field. Her cunt was spilling out fluid at the thought of the bull breeding her. The thought of his massive cock impaling her. She mooed to herself in desire she cast about the open space wishing the male would appear.

When he finally did Ka convinced herself to not run over and throw herself on his cock. She sauntered over, her shoulders and hips swaying seductively toward the bull. As she passed him a nip landed on her hip. She squealed and turned around to face him. The bored expression on his face panicked her that he was not interested.

She nipped back at him, getting a hoof close to her body and a shove to the ground. A angry moo told her that she was never to challenge her bull like that. She mooed out an apology and got a dismissive response. He shoved her with his horns, moving her toward the fence.

Once there the bull pinned Ka against the fence, helpless but raging with desire. She begged the bull to fuck her, to fill her. Sobbing she spilled out whatever sounds she could make. Her ass exploded with pain as she felt her cunt filled and she screamed in pain, writhing to get away from it. However, the bull’s horns prevented her going anywhere. The only thing she could do was take the fucking she had tried to beg for.

Tears streaming down her eyes she clenched them shut hoping for a reprieve, but none came. The male continued his pommeling of her cunt, not caring about her tears. When the pain finally started to subside, she felt there was something else there, a jolt, a tingle…something. Trying to explore the new sensation she focused her mind away from the pain and onto the feeling she could just touch.

Whenever the bull thrust into her, there was a long shiver down her spine as his cock caressed something inside her. The less pain she felt, the more sensation overwhelmed her, and the more she wanted it. Once she acknowledged the feeling, it grew to encompassing levels rather quickly. Ka tried to breathe but her release shoved it from her lungs as she cried out, shuddering around the bull’s cock.

But the bull wasn’t done, not even close. As Ka started to get her breath back from her explosive release, she could feel the building again. It was coming, and soon. Trying to relax into the new development sounds started coming from her mouth again, between the moans and cries.

Ka was lifted four times before she felt the bull shove her roughly against the wall, shoving the breath from her lungs and then…he was gone. Her cunt gaped, leaving her wanting to cry at the loss. The bull paid her no attention as he walked away, not a single glance back.

Isiah collected her soon after, telling her that her first breeding was over. He was not pleased that she tried to hurt the bull, she would be lashed for that before going to her stall, but happy that the bull had still bred her. Looking her over he applied creme to her cunt, saying that if she continued to anger the bull, he was likely to tear her and have her out of this round of breeding.

Once back in her stall Ka could still feel the different things that had happened that night. The bull’s cock, the horns on her neck and the lashes on her back. In her mind she chastised herself that she would behave and not anger the bull again. The release she’d had was mind-blowing, but the pain getting there she could do without.

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