Don’t Tease

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“Look at him, Felicia.” Lillian was staring at her older brother through a crack in the bathroom door as he stood in the shower soaping up his 19 year old body.

“Oh my god Lil, what’s wrong with you? How can you look at that? He’s YOUR brother!” Lillian Kaplan’s friend looked back her in utter disgust at the way Lillian was drooling over her very sexy older brother, Tyler. Lillian, 18, the same age resembled her brother slightly…slack drooling jaw and all!

“Oh, Felicia, then go home! I don’t see you turning your head..” Lillian protested.

“Well, I don’t have to, I can look all I want. He isn’t my brother.” Felicia shot back.

“Whatever, just go home.”

“God damn Lillian, whatever.” Felicia stood up from her spying position and gave Lillian the finger…a typical teenager reaction. She stomped off, and ran down the steps to the front door of the house. She was gone in under a minute, and Lillian could only think Good riddance!

She was crouched down, a bit more comfortably now. Her long legs were crossed, smooth up against the carpet. Lillian was truly a pretty girl, she was smaller for her age, always looking younger than she really was. With long auburn red hair, and bright brown eyes she had a stunning face. The rest of her body wasn’t that bad either! She had 32b sized breasts, and was completely shaven below. Slightly muscular arms and a sexy stomach, she was every guy’s wet dream. But right now, she was watching her own kind of wet dream.

Tyler was standing in the fog of the bathroom now, out of the shower. Naked. His lean, muscular body was dripping with water, and as he toweled off a sheen began to appear on his skin. Her eyes traveled from the top of his short blonde-ish hair, down further to his sculpted pecs. Then, his stomach, hard as a board, with a light blonde “happy trail” trailing along to his dick. And mmm, his dick. It was soft, limp, hanging there in between his muscular legs. A thick, coarse patch of pubic hair surrounding it. She licked her lips, then bit her bottom lip when she looked at it. Tyler was a god, she thought. She wanted to have him all to herself and make him want her back. Maybe she could pull it off…

Lillian got up from her position, and quietly ran into her bedroom. Tyler would be coming out any second and she knew that to initiate this nasty little plan of her, she’d have to act fast. She closed the bedroom door, just to leave a crack so it would look as if no one might be in her room. Lillian knew that occasionally, after a shower Tyler would walk into her bedroom to borrow some of her lotion. For what, she never knew though. Yet as long as he graced her with his presence, it was all good. Lil stood in the middle balıkesir escort of her bedroom, and ripped off her blue sweater. She snapped off the black lacy bra that covered her small breasts. She then unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans and wiggled out of them. Her socks came off too, then all there was left was her black thong. Off with that too. She wiggled out of the thong, then jumped onto her bed, and turned so her bare ass, slim and taught, was facing the door where Tyler would see if he walked in. She heard his footsteps, and her heart skipped a beat. He was growing closer and closer by the moment. Then, the door swung open as Tyler called out “Lillian…?”

She turned ever so slightly so her left breast poked out into the open and her legs and ass showed nothing but curves.

“LILLIAN! OH GOD SORRY!” He was embarrassed and ran out of the room. Tyler’s heart was pounding and he stepped in his room. His towel was barely hanging onto his hips and he put his hand over his face. “Shit” he mumbled. All he could he see in his head were her round little breasts, pink nipple pointing right up to the ceiling. Her ass was smooth, clean, and curved like a crescent moon. She was goregeous, he knew it. Everyone knew it. What he would do to her! He would bend her over first, slide his cock into that young little….

“Damn it Tyler, thats your sister man.” He told himself, and shook the fantasy off.

A few hours later, standing in the kitchen now fully clothed, he was chompin down on a foot long sandwhich he made himself listening to the radio. Lillian came bouncing down the steps in her jeans and a half open white workshirt. It was unbuttoned so much you could see down it completely. She entered the kitchen, smiled at her brother to which he automatically blushed.

“Hey Ty…” she said sexily.

“Hey Lil…” he said nervously. He began to walk out of the kitchen and into the den to watch tv.

Lillian felt beaten, and shook her head in frustration. That’s okay, den or kitchen she would get what she wanted. She walked into the den, and sat down extremely close to her brother. Putting her head on his shoulder, he looked down into her shirt. He could see clear down it. Her breasts…were not covered by anything. They were standing straight up, so young and taught. Her nipples were stiff, pointing through the thin white shirt. Tyler couldn’t draw his eyes away from it. He stared steadily, and Lillian was looking up at him with a brilliant smile.

“Touch them…” she whispered.

Tyler was awoken from his dreamy state and shook his head.

“No Lillian, whats your problem?” He stood up so quick, she slipped and fell face forward onto the sofa. He was already up the stairs and running, she groaned and sat there. Pointless, she thought.

The next day, Saturday, her parents were both gone at work. Tyler was up in his room again, blasting music and singing along. She was laying in her own bed and decided to take a shower. She stripped her clothes, and walked naked into the hallway to retrieve a few towels. As she got to the linen closet, Tyler walked out of his room and stood there silently. He watched Lillian as she reached up on her tip toes to get a towel. Her ass was perfect and the silohuette of her breasts looked amazing too. She shook her long red hair past her shoulder, and the tips of it brushed her silky skin on her ass. Tyler closed his bedroom door, and she turned around startled.

“Ty..ler.” she spoke slowly, and took in a gulp of air.

“Lillian…you…um.” He was speaking dreamily and staring dead on at her shaved pussy.

She began to saunter over gently to him, “Do you want me Tyler?” Was her dream slowly coming true??

“You’re my sister.”

“I’m a woman.”


Her bubble was burst, ‘barely’?? What was that?

“Oh you know what Tyler, fuck off.” she retorted. She pushed him, shaking her tits a little and marched into the bathroom.

“Lill..I..!” Tyler called after her. Fuck he thought, now look what I did. He heard the water turn on, and he walked into his bedroom. About 20 minutes later, Lillian exited the shower smelling like an expensive shampoo, towels wrapped around her thin little body. She walked into her bedroom, and gasped.

“Was this what you had in mind?” Tyler was laying on her bed, naked. Dick hard and pointing to the cieling.

“Ohh…oooh.” That was all Lillian could get out.

“Come here sis…” Tyler licked his lips in front of her. Lillian walked over, in a trance almost and climbed atop her naked brother. He pulled her towel apart, and exposed her to him. He smiled, winked and took her small breast into his mouth. He suckled her tit, she moaned, and arched her back. Her legs were spread over his cock, but not yet over top it. She was grinding ever so gently against the steel rod of meat, and felt her lips spread open to allow her clit to rub up against it. The friction felt good, and she couldn’t take it anymore. She was moaning louder and louder as he nibbled on her breast, biting her nipple gently. Hands on her ass.

“Fuck me Tyler.” she pleaded.

“Are you sure?” saying quite unsurely himself.

“Oh yes I’ve been sure since i was 13.”

He moved his butt a little, and allowed her to poise her cunt over his awaiting prick. It was red, thick and dripping pre-cum. She was panting in anticpation, and giggled in excitement.

“Take me, take my hot little pussy Tyler.”

He pushed his hips up in the air, and slowly felt his baby sister open up for him. The lips were sticky, wet and greasy from her own cum. He continued to push and felt himself enter her completely. He groaned and then his entire cock up to his balls was buried inside of Lillian.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah what a tight pussy ohh yeah baby…” Tyler cried in ecstasy.

“Fuck me! Fuck my cunt, oh god yeah do it Tyler. TYLER! TYLER! FUCK MY PUSSY! MY DRIPPING WET PUSSY! SHOVE IT INSIDE OF ME TYLER!!!” Lillian was writhing in their sex.

He started to fuck her harder, so much harder. His dick in and out in and out of his sister, fucking her deeply and roughly. Her tits were bouncing incredibly hard on her thin frame, and she was grinding and making circular motions with her hips as she rode her brother’s cock. With all the moaning and groaning, the sound of their wet flesh slapping against each other could just barely be heard. His cock was growing sopping wet, and it sloshed in and out of her slit. The headboard of the bed was shaking as they mercilessly fucked each other. She wanted to feel him cum in her though, so she screamed out at her brother: “CUM IN ME TYLER, CUM IN MY LITTLE SNATCH.”



Tyler let out a roar and unloaded into his sister. Dumping massive amounts of his long sticky white strands of cum into her depths. She could feel it all splashing around inside of her, hitting her pussy walls hotly. She milked his dick by squeezing and releasing her vagina over and over.

It was amazing, so fucking good for the both of them. Lillian was still riding him hardly after he came, trying to continue the full effect of his cock buried inside of her. He laughed and told her to calm down, that he’d fuck her later too.

“Will you?? Really?” she asked so innocently.

“Well, you said you wanted me to fuck you in the ass, didn’t you?”

She could do nothing but giggle and smile as he rolled her over onto her chest.

Hey you guys. I’ve gotten lots of e-mails from all of you, keep them coming! I love hearing from you. Have you ever wanted to read a story where YOU were the man of the hour? Where YOU were doing all the nasty fucking and sucking? E-mail me with your name and your reason on why I should write you your own personal story. Whoever has the BEST explanation will be chosen and I’ll write the longest, dirtiest, most taboo fantasy you could NEVER imagine! Love you All,

Bad Lil Sis

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