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domination fantasyI pull out of your pussy and slap your clit with my cock, asking you who’s slut you Are.. Telling you that I won’t slide back in until you tell me 😉 through gasps you tell me it’s me and I grip your ass and slip straight back into your wet cunt causing your legs to shake and more cum to drip down my shaft.. I start drilling you again, making you bounce on my cock, feeling your pussy slide down every inch of me each time.. You start moaning my name and I push you so you’re leaning up whilst riding my dick, my hand slides up over your breasts and wraps softly around your neck squeezing as my other hand slides down your front and I rub your clit with my thumb.. I feel you pussy get hotter as you start moaning louder whilst you cum again and again digging your nails into my chest.?I release my grip from your throat and push you off of me, I stand up on the bed and grip you by the hair and pull your face to my cock and make you lick the cum from my shaft calling you a filthy fucking whore because you made such a mess, you tell me your sorry but i don’t listen to your excuses that you couldn’t help it, I push my dick in your mouth so it hits the back of your throat making you gag, I start sliding in and out faster and deeper whilst I wrap your hair around my hand, holding your nose so you can’t breathe whilst i look into your eyes telling you that you made me do this.?I slide my cock out of your mouth after what seems like forever and you gasp for air, breathing heavily I make you get on your knees, you eagerly do so and you arch your back whilst I grip your hips and slide deep into your dripping wet cunt with ease.. You feel my nails dig into your ass as my cock starts slamming you harder.. My hand grips the back of your neck and I push your head down against the mattress holding you there until I feel your pussy tighten around my rock hard dick as you cum calling my name?I tell you to sincan escort shut the fuck up and I slap your ass as hard as I can making it redder with each hit, which makes you cum even harder because you’re a fucking slut. I look down and see that your legs are shaking uncontrollably and you’re struggling to keep upright, I grip your thighs as I drill you, dragging my nails deep into the side of your legs drawing blood which starts to slowly drip down your legs, you’re moaning in sharp gasps as this happens which only makes fuck your cunt harder?I pull out of you just before you cum and grab my belt, I tell you not to move a fucking inch otherwise this will be alot worse, I slap it down across your ass, you call out with a confusion of pain and pleasure which I respond with hitting you again which makes your ass redraw, you cry out for me to stop and I walk over to the side of you and tell you fine.. Wrapping the belt around your neck I make you a leash and return to your ass sliding my shaft between your ass cheeks as I pull the belt slightly so it tightens around your neck.. You’re moaning as you feel me rub against your asshole?I tug at the belt as I slide my cock deep into your warm wet cunt, you gasp as I pump in and out of you , feeling you grip my cock brings me close to shooting cum deep inside of you .. So I stop, slowly pull out, pulling on the belt so that you face me, I tell you to slide my dick between your tits like the whore you are and you do.. Pushing my cock between your breasts you start to feel me slip up and down your chest, pushing your tits closer together as you pinch your nipples between your fingers, I push you down on the bed and fuck your chest harder, I slide a finger in your mouth and make you suck on them whilst my other hand reaches behind me and slides down your stomach and between your legs pushing two fingers deep inside of you, rubbing your g spotI mamak escort feel your pussy tighten as your moans vibrate against my fingers which you’re sucking harder, the feeling of your tongue drives me mad and i unbuckle the belt that’s around your neck and wrap it around your wrists, tieing you to the bedpost.. I tell you to open wide and i slide my cock into your mouth hitting the back of your throat feeling you gag.. I ease out then slide back in, feeling your tongue slide up and down my shaft, as I fuck your throat faster 😉 my hands grip the back of your head as I go deeper and I ask you if you’re enjoying my cock in your mouth you slut, you moan in reply and I slide out of your mouth letting you answer, you tell me yes and I slap your face with my cock and ask you “yes what?” and you tell me “yes master” After you call me master I slide back down your throat and fuck your mouth hard and deep I can feel my balls ache, tempting me to shoot my hot load down your throat but I control myself and pull out, placing my balls in your mouth making you suck each one, calming me down.. I stand up on the bed and look down at you with your hands tied together, chest heaving up and down making your breasts bounce whilst saliva drips down your chin and tell you that you look perfect.. I grab your legs and push them up in the air exposing you wet slit, embarrassing you.. I kiss slowly down your thigh until I reach you clit, sucking at it, feeling how swollen it is between my lips.. I start to kiss up your stomach pushing your legs over my shoulders whilst I position the tip of my cock against your cunt.. Pushing slightly, letting your lips slowly wrap around the head.. I slide deeper as my lips travel further up your stomach, kissing over your breasts until finally our lips meet and every inch of my cock is deep in your tight cunt.I slide my tongue in your mouth as my cock throbs deep in kızılay escort your cunt, I slide out slowly.. Slamming back in deep, you gasp into my mouth as I start pumping your cunt faster, hitting your g spot every time.. I feel your legs shaking over my shoulders which makes me drill you.. I break the kiss and lean back, gripping your thighs in my hands and pushing your knees to your breasts as I pound your cunt deep, I feel warm wet pressure engulf the tip of my cock and you squirt all over my dick and up my chest, this drives me mad and I fill your pussy with my rock hard cock as you scream with pleasure, your orgasm doesn’t fade as I slide back and forth slowly, building you up to cum againI increase my pace as I let one of your legs wrap around my waist pulling me closer and deeper into your cunt, you moan my name like a little slut and I slap your breasts making you gasp in pain, I’m drilling your wet cunt with ease whilst I grip your breast between my hand, you feel my left hand squeezing your thigh as my cock begins to pulsate, your pussy gushes again as your wet lips squeeze my shaft, you scream out in pleasure as I fuck you deeper, relentlessly. Not stopping as your whole body shakes causing you to lean up being stopped short by your wrist restraints.. I push you back down with my hand gripping your throat making you focus againYou’re moaning master as my hand squeezes you teasingly, I’m slamming into your cunt, you feel my balls slap against your asshole as I drill you, I release my grip and slap your face asking you if you want to cum again, telling you to squeeze your pussy against my cock like a good whore, making you feel every inch of my big hard throbbing cock slide between your lips, I feel you release your grip and I slap you again, telling you that I didn’t say you could stop, forcing you to tighten against me again, building up your orgasm as i slide deeper with each thrust, hearing you muttering oh god under your breath as my left hand grips your hip and slams you against me repeatedly, you start screaming fuck me over and over again as your pussy begins to shake and you climaxThats all i’ve wrote so far, shall i continue?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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