Dominated and Humiliated

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It all began when he was browsing the magazines in the local newsagents. The one he wanted had sold out and he was searching for an alternative. Suddenly one caught his eye. It was entitled ‘Slave’ and bore a picture of a man, entirely nude except for a tight thong and a dog collar. Attached to the collar was a leash, tightly held by a tall blonde in latex.

He felt his cock stirring within his pants and looked around to see if anyone would notice his steadily growing erection. A tall, voluptuous girl was standing close by. As he glanced towards her, she turned her head and caught his gaze. Captured by her smoky eyes, he was unable to look away.

“You into this kind of thing?” she whispered huskily, jerking her head towards the magazine that had so aroused him and still not breaking eye contact.

“Um … yeah … well … I guess so,” he mumbled, overawed by the intensity of her stare and her dominating presence.

“Submissive I take it?” she asked, more sharply.

Once again he answered with a muffled affirmative.

Suddenly his world exploded into pain as she grabbed his balls and squeezed tightly, her vice like grip forcing him downwards until she towered over him.

“I didn’t quite catch that.” She spoke in a mock charming voice and smiled slightly as he continued to grimace from the pain.

“Yes!” he squealed, wishing only that she would release him.

“Yes mistress!” she practically yelled.

“Yes mistress,” he intoned pathetically.

She held him there for a few seconds, staring dominantly at the crumpled, whimpering man in front of her, before spitting into his upturned face; throwing him to the cold, hard floor; and turning and striding jubilantly out of the shop without a backward glance


Two weeks later he was still trying to forget the whole humiliating escapade. This wasn’t helped by strange looks and ‘witty’ remarks: the curvaceous girl who worked in the newsagent never missed an opportunity to croon laughingly “Yes mistress”.

After a long day at work he was slumped near the back of the almost empty bus, gazing wearily out of the window on his long commute home. He was looking forward to getting eskişehir seks hikayeleri home to enjoy a meal then slump in front of the TV.

The bus heaved to a halt and he glanced towards the front as a few new passengers got on. He froze. One of them was none other than the voluptuous dominatrix he had encountered in the newsagent. He shrank back in fear, returned his gaze to the window and hoped that she wouldn’t notice him; his heartbeat raced.

The clicking of her high heels echoed inside his head as he prayed that it would pass by. Now the clicking was next to him. Now it was passing. She had not noticed him! He exhaled in relief and his heart rate began to calm.

Then her familiar perfume filled his nostrils, the leather of her jacket caressed his arm and her warm breath on her ear preceded her voice: “Hello again bitch”.

Her tongue began to explore his ear before she forced his head around and ravished his mouth as though she wanted to taste every part of it. Immediately his cock sprang up eagerly. Once again he was transfixed by her stare and paralysed by fear and he unexpected greeting: he was still worrying about the word ‘bitch’.

Suddenly she pulled away and the ecstasy was ended.

“If you want more of that then you will to exactly as I say,” she purred.

He was so intoxicated that he croaked “Yes” at once, earning himself a stinging slap. Eager to pacify the rage he saw in her eyes, he corrected himself quickly, “Yes mistress”.

The rage had not yet left her eyes and she repeated, “Exactly as I say”.

“Exactly as you say mistress,” he echoed, his fear and arousal driving him on.

“Piss yourself.”

He froze. Unable to comprehend, he struggled for words to express his refusal.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Do it now!” she growled angrily. With one hand she threatened to strike him again; with the other she pinned him back against the side of the bus and began to tease his nipples.

Enraptured by a mixture of pain, fear and arousal he submitted unthinkingly and soon the front of his trousers darkened as his erection released the piss that his mistress had demanded.

“Good boy,” she giggled, sliding her hand inside his shirt to deal more closely with his nipples; he was enthralled by the fresh waves of intoxicating pleasure.

Her other hand had not been idle: from her bag she withdrew a collar and leash, just like the set that had appeared on the magazine two weeks before, and fastened it around his throat.

“On your knees,” she commanded and, still spellbound, he obeyed automatically.

Soon the bus lurched to a halt. She stood up confidently and practically dragged him along the bus and onto the pavement by his lead, carelessly purring, “our stop,” to the man struggling to breathe and keep his footing – too aroused to disobey.

Although it was late the shopping street they steeped out onto was far from empty and he turned scarlet as his predicament drew confused and entertained stares as well as phones and cameras to record this humiliation.

She appeared oblivious to the attention and strode uncaringly straight into a nearby, high end shoe shop. The attendant broke off in the middle of welcoming this beautiful, new customer, completely bemused by the man trailing behind her on all fours.

He followed her round the shop until she finally found a pair she liked. They were black, high heeled, thigh length boots with two silver chains running up the entire length in a double spiral. She imperiously called the attendant over and ordered him to bring her a pair to try on.

When asked for her shoe size she raised her heel a few inches and disdainfully commanded her bitch to read the size off the sole. Despite his utter humiliation he still had no thought of disobedience and instantly placed his head beneath her shoe and dutifully read off the size. As the attendant disappeared to find a pair, she lowered her shoe, trapping her slave’s head beneath the sharp heel.

Once the attendant had returned with the boots she released her bitch from under her shoe and stared into his eyes dominantly. He needed no other bidding and at once replaced her shoes with the new boots then stood back respectfully.

She rose from her seat and admired the intricate chains on her perfect skin for a moment. Then without warning she swung her leg forwards. Her foot crashed into his balls and he collapsed, writhing in pain; even the attendant winced his obvious agony but she just smiled sadistically and informed the attendant that she would take the boots.

As she removed them the attendant carefully packaged them and placed the box on the counter. She turned to the suffering submissive at her feet and sneered.

“Well get on and pay him, you worthless piece of shit,” she spat, giving him a sharp jab in the ribs with her heel.

His spirit crushed, he handed over his credit card and entered his pin. With the transaction over he reached up to receive his card but his mistress laughingly slapped his hand away and collected it instead before thrusting it deep into the back of her skirt.

“Oh slaves like you don’t deserve things like this. It’s staying right here,” she cackled, slapping her arse playfully and thrusting it into his face before striding out of the shop. He followed swiftly to prevent the tight collar from choking him.

Ouside, though the street was clearing, his situation entertained a few passers by. After parading him like a dog at a show for a few minutes, she heaved him almost upright with his back against a nearby lamppost. She leaned in close so that her breasts were tantalisingly close to his face. Once more her scent and his lust deceived him so that he was distracted from the clicks and the cold metal closing on his wrist as she handcuffed him to the sturdy iron post.

“Go on. Do it again. Piss yourself,” she moaned into his ear as her breasts heaved.

He was on the brink of refusing when he felt his crotch grow warm as he unconsciously obeyed her command.

“Let me go, you bastard,” he bust out, finally realised the severity of his position.

“I’ve got just the thing for bad mouthed sluts like you,” she replied. Without breaking eye contact she thrust her hand deep into her bag and drew out a ball gag. She licked her lips seductively as she forced it into his reluctant mouth and fastened it at the back.

Laughing, she turned, flaunted her perfect arse in its tight skirt (causing his cock to become erect at once), and slowly walked away. He could do no more in response than mumble furiously through the gag. Her hips swayed hypnotically and she did not look back.

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