The Golden Navel

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Shannon took off her reading glasses and popped an Advil. She was paying the bills in her dimly lit bedroom when the headache hit. The numbers weren’t adding up, and it didn’t help that Caroline, the sketchy tenant who lived in the room upstairs, wasn’t paying her rent on time.

She sat back in her reclining chair and thought about her ex, who was looking after their daughter for the week. Sometimes she wished that she hadn’t left him, but she knew deep inside that it was for the best. And anyway, she had something else occupying her thoughts, and it was far more troubling and curious…

In the middle of the afternoon two days prior she walked up the stairs on the side of the house to her tenant’s apartment, but before she could knock she got distracted. She heard the noise of giggling and general signs of lovers’ foreplay, so she peered into the window. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Caroline was with a man, in the nude! And he was kissing and sucking at her tits! And, believe it or not, what happened next was infinitely stranger!!! Caroline reached into a small fridge by her bed and pulled out a round glass flask filled with a crystal clear liquid. She drank from the flask and, within minutes, had transformed into a bean-bag-chair-sized boob with a giant nipple! Her gentleman caller poked and kneaded her firm and taut flesh and continued to suckle on her teat. Shannon was speechless and honestly had no idea what to do.

For the first day after the incident she considered calling the police, but the more she thought about it, the more intrigued she became. While on break from paying the bills, she was turned on by the concept of being objectified in such a way, existing solely for the pleasure of a bursa escort stranger. She knew Caroline was a witch, and that living so close to one was dangerous, but she felt deep down inside that she had to try out that potion.

Obtaining the potion was rather easy. Caroline left the apartment at 11 AM every morning, and since Shannon had the master key she could just let herself in. She brought a water bottle with her and filled it with most of the potion, then diluted what potion remained for the witch with water. She brought the potion back down to her apartment and put it in her fridge. She took a nervous breath and prepared for that evening.

Shannon had a tough beauty, having come originally from the streets of the city. After her shower, she only had to make minor adjustments. She wore her tight, low-rise black pants that showed off all her curves and a purple blouse with a floral pattern. This combination showed off just a little but of her slightly tubby tummy, and accentuated her enormous breasts. She put in her contacts, allowing her rounded facial features to show. And her hair was still damp from the shower, smelling of scented shampoo. Needless to say, it wasn’t difficult to snare a guy when she hit the bar that night, and once she met him, she figured Fred, a muscled off duty truck driver, would do just fine.

She fumbled for her house keys as the two made out wildly. When they finally got inside they made for the bedroom like magnets. She straddled him on the bed and giggled while she teasingly lifted her shirt up to her boobs, but before showing them, she wanted to drink some of the witch’s brew.

-I’ll be right back, I’m just a little malatya escort thirsty, she said, departing with a kiss.

He was excited for her return, but not for the reasons that she thought.

After downing the entire bottle of the slightly medicinal tasting liquid, Shannon returned to her piece of man meat.

-Now, where was I? she teased as she pulled off her top, revealing her sweet melons. She anticipated his caress and the transformation, but to her surprise, the guy went right for her deep, round innie navel, wiggling his tongue in and out, and breathing heavily.

When she realized what he was doing, she first rolled her eyes. But then, she felt her tummy hole start to tingle the way that her clit usually did.

-Wow that feels good, why have I never tried it before?

-Fred responded, I’m glad you like it, most girls don’t.

He laid her down gently on the bed. She was trembling from the pleasure, particularly when he added pokes and prods to the licks.

-Ever since I was little, Fred said between licks, I’ve had a thing for the belly button. They’re so supple and pliable and sweet…

As he continued to go down on her navel, her midriff began to expand outward as if it were filling with air.

-In fact, Fred added, I’ve always wanted to live in a woman’s navel…

Caroline knew her potion was diluted the minute she returned home that evening, and the only logical conclusion she could draw was that her annoying landlord took it. Sure enough, upon entering the main house she came upon a large, quivering sphere of flesh, with only a wide and seemingly infinitely deep navel to mark it as human.

-Well çanakkale escort well well, look what curiosity did to the cat, or in this case, the Shannon.

-What is wrong with me? What did you do to me you witch?

Shannon could communicate with the witch telepathically via her echoing thoughts, since she had no mouth to speak with.

-Me? I did nothing to you. You did this to yourself darling.

-Ohhhh, I feel so weird… Shannon thought, followed by a loud grumble.

-Where’s the guy? Caroline inquired.

-What, what do you mean?

-Oh come off it honey, the potion only works when a man is involved. It turns you into the feature that he likes most, and in your case, well…

-Oh man, Shannon whined. I brought home a real weirdo.

-Don’t be so hard on yourself. One time I brought home a guy who was into feet.

Shannon thought for a second about what that would look like; probably no worse than becoming a smelly belly button. But, oddly enough, she wasn’t too upset in her current state.

-So where’s the guy? Caroline asked again.

-I can feel him deep inside of my navel, pressing against the walls. Oh God, it’s making me so wet…

Caroline could certainly see that Shannon’s navel was glistening with pre-cum.

-How do you return to normal? Please help me… Shannon asked.

-Well, it usually wears off by morning, but I think I’m gonna keep you like this.

-Ohhh nooo, why?

Now Caroline rolled her eyes at the obviousness.

-Well, first of all, you stole from me…

-I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again!

-Let me finish, Caroline interjected. Secondly, I’m sick of you hounding me for your precious rent, when you never make repairs when I ask you. The toilet never works!

-But you’re a witch! Can’t you fix the toilet yourself?

-Honey, I make potions. I’m not the kind of witch that casts spells.

Caroline pressed her hand into the puffy flesh of her new slave, who cooed in reaction, probably due to yet another orgasm.

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