The Lingerie Party Guest of Honor

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It started out as a joke. Bob had heard about the lingerie parties that were happening in the neighborhood, sort of the lingerie version of a Tupperware party. His wife, Jean, a very good looking woman in her early 30’s had attended several with the other wives that were what the guys in the neighborhood called “Lookers Club”. From what she’d told him, the wine and sherry flowed pretty freely. The women had a good time modeling the lingerie, making their decisions on which outfit, not always made with the clearest minds. He wanted to go, he said, just to see the gowns and other silky stuff. He’d even jokingly volunteered to dress as a woman to go.

Jean enjoyed telling him just enough of what went on to peak his interest. She focused mostly on what was worn or shown, especially the silky stuff. He’d had a fetish for silky gowns and slips ever since she’d known him and she enjoyed teasing him about it. She also enjoyed occasionally “working him over” with a gown or slip, then not finishing him and letting him take matters into his own hands, until recently. One day, while in the basement, she saw him in his computer room with the door slightly ajar. As his back was to the door, and he had his headset on, he did not notice her.

On the screen was a beautiful blonde with large breasts (she guessed at least 38DD) giving a very slow, teasing, blowjob. The camera was apparently being held by the recipient of the tongue lashing, and as the woman looked up at him (the camera), Jean could see blue eyes smiling in delight as she slid the large circumcised cock out of her mouth saying, “Cum for me. Cum on my face.” As she stroked, long white liquid ropes began to shoot from the tip, first hitting her in the nose, then forehead and trailing down over one eye then the other. Some even wound up in her beautiful blonde hair. Clearly this woman loved what she was doing. Jean noticed that Bob was rocking as he watched, oblivious of his wife’s presence. She also noticed that his arm was moving and his hand seemed to be in his lap. She shifted position and got the view she wanted. He was stroking his own cock and had something in his hand. She knew immediately what it was, a full slip. She knew he sometimes masturbated with one of her slips and sometimes would help him when she caught him. But this was different. She did not know about his porn fantasies. She would check all this out later.

Looking back to the screen, she saw the woman bringing all the cum to her mouth, licking the last drop from the head of the spent cock before her. Then, collecting the pool of cum in her mouth, she pushed it up with her tongue for her lover, and the viewing audience to see. With delight in her eyes, she closed her mouth and swallowed, head bowing to accommodate the process. Jean heard her husband moan and knew he was pouring his own cum into the slip in his hand. Quietly she backed away and went upstairs.

The next day, while he was at work, she went exploring. His computer room had been his little hide-away and she’d respected that, until now. She would find out what was going on. It didn’t take long. She turned on the computer and while it was booting, started checking drawers. She hadn’t recognized the slip when she saw it in his hands and knew where all of hers were. She found it easily enough. As she pulled it out of the drawer, she recognized it. It was her mother’s. He must have stolen it when she was over doing laundry about a month ago. Her mother had missed it and called a couple of days later to see if she’d left it.

The computer was fully up by now and the desktop had several icons. She recognized most of them as routine but one had a generic logo and the word Wifey. She double clicked on the icon and in an instant she was transported to Wifey’s World, the home website of the beautiful blonde she’d seen the day before. After perusing the site for a few minutes, she’d seen enough. She was jealous. Jealous of the beauty, and jealous that she wasn’t enough for him. She was also furious about him using her mother’s slip. Watching a couple of the movies, she had her husband’s number. She’d have to teach him a lesson. She knew just what that lesson would be.

A few phone calls and it was all set. She would bring him to the next lingerie party. Each of the girls at first were reluctant until she promised that HE would be part of the show. And not just modeling lingerie either. Each of the women in the group had experienced Bob’s roaming hands and thought that he needed a good lesson.

When he came home from work, she brought him his beer and finished preparing dinner. Over dinner she told him, “I have a surprise for you.”

“What would that be, dear?” he asked.

“Remember how you have wanted to go to the lingerie parties the girls have once a month?”


“I asked the girls and they took you up on your offer.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you dress as a woman; dress, heels, hose, pearls, wig, the whole thing; you can come. But gaziantep escort you have to be willing to model some of the lingerie.”

“I don’t……”

“Oh, come on. It will be fun. You get what you want and even more. You’ll have to wear a slip under the dress.” She knew she had him. “Maybe a full and a half slip,” she added for good measure.

She continued. “Let’s surprise them. I’ll completely feminize you so they won’t recognize you, and we won’t tell them till later. I’ll say you’re my friend and I invited you,” she smiled, watching him think it over. “You know you want to.”

“But…..” he started.

She cut him off. “Think of your naked body encased in a silky full slip and even a half slip. We’ll use a full A-line skirt with a couple of crinolines to keep your pecker from standing out,” she giggled.

“Maybe you will model a long silky gown too. Wouldn’t that be fun?” She was taunting him but knew he was hooked. He’d do it.

“OK, sounds like fun,” he finally confessed, looking a bit embarrassed.

She hugged him and kissed his ear. “This will be a night to remember, I promise. The party is next week at Gloria’s house. We have a lot to do to get ready. That’s not much time to teach you to walk like a woman in heels.”

The next evening, she took him shopping. Together they picked his shoes, a pair of four inch pumps (she didn’t think a open toe sandal would work), a pretty light blue dress with long sleeves and a collar that would stand up when starched. The skirt portion of the dress was full and A-line, as promised. Two starched crinoline petty coats would bring out the flair. Pearls and a blonde wig in a short hair style rounded out the outer ensemble. Bob, about to become Bobbie, would look like June Cleaver. Then, she took Bob into the “intimates” section. She had him pick out the slips and even made him try them on, much to the glee of the sales girls, who were ever so helpful. He was clearly embarrassed but enjoying it all the same.

The full slip was a beautiful piece of work. Antique lace decorated the upper portion of the slip and accented the breasts nicely. The skirt portion flared and was obviously meant for an A-line dress. There were three inches of exquisite antique lace on the hem. The ivory-colored nylon was extremely good quality and very silky. He got hard touching it.

The half-slip was also flared and was even fuller skirted than the full slip. The lace on the hem was a full four inches of roses and flowers. Its texture was subtle and silky. She knew she’d have to keep them hidden if she wanted them to remain “pure” until the party.

The next few nights, when he got home from work, she did not let him have his beer.

“I need you fully balanced to learn to walk in heels,” she’d told him.

After dinner they spent two hours a night until two days from the big event, she felt he’d mastered heels.

Two nights before the party, after dinner, she told him to go upstairs and get ready for a shower. A few minutes later she joined him upstairs and stripped.

“Go turn on the shower and I will be with you in a moment.” She had to admit she was having fun doing this with him, but the best fun was yet to come.

Speaking of coming, she had not let him come since the night she’d told him about the party.

“I want you ready to give them a show if the situation arises. If it doesn’t, believe me I will collect big time when we get home.”

He reveled at the idea, not exactly sure what “give them a show” meant.

When she joined him in the shower, she carried two bottles that at first glance he thought to be shampoo. It was hair remover.

“Dear, you can’t pull this off with hairy legs. In fact we’ll need to use this on you from the neck down or it will show. Come to think of it, your beard will show so that gets it too. Don’t worry, we’ll only do your face just before you get dressed for the party and it will all grow back in a week or so.”

It smelled awful but other than that was not too bad. He got a little nervous as she did his groin area but she was gentle and aside from a little stinging when she did his sacks, all went well. After the shower, she let him dry her and she dried him. Then off to bed.

He discovered how much more sensitive he was with no hair on his body and Jean had to get slightly forceful to keep him from laying her or from “taking matters into his own hands”.

The next night, the night before the party, she had him do a full dress rehearsal. After dinner, she sent him to the shower. While he was in the shower, she laid out his clothes. She’d gotten a pair of nylon hose for him and a set of falsies that would look very real under a dress. She also put out a pair of panties in his size. Best to make sure there isn’t an accident.

When he came out of the shower, she had him put on a robe (one of her nylon robes, of course) then had him sit down at her make-up konya escort table. She worked expertly, applying the eyeliner, mascara and foundation. Finally the wig. When he looked in the mirror, someone named Bobbie was looking back at him. Something inside him liked what he saw.

Pleased with the result, she took off the robe and handed him the panties. He sat down on the bed and put them on, Taking care to arrange his cock so it could harden as they both knew it would. She then handed him the stockings. They felt wonderful as he slid them up his legs. His eyes closed in pleasure as he pulled them up. She smiled “good” she thought. Then came the falsies. He needed help with these as they hooked in back. Then the full slip. She thought she’d loose him for a minute as the silky nylon slid down his body but he recovered. The half slip went over the full slip and together they were hell-bent on having him, even through the tight panties. She intervened with a finger placed just in the right place and the desire subsided.

He looked in the mirror. He’d have made a pass at what he was looking at if it weren’t himself. She smiled with pleasure at the result. Only the crinolines, dress and heels remained. She held the crinolines as he stepped into them, then pulled them up to his waist. Then she picked up the dress and opened it for him like a coat. She made him stand still as she buttoned it up from the bottom to keep from wrinkling it. The collar turned up in back, just as June Cleaver wore hers. She had decided not to go with the pearls as originally planned and produced a white neck scarf of pure silk. Again the scarf was “period correct”, tied with a knot and pulled to the left side.

The silk felt good against his neck and he thanked her for it.

This time, when he looked in the full-length mirror, what he saw would have given him an erection if he didn’t already have one. Looking back at him was a totally believable woman. Even the legs, he decided, didn’t look half bad.

“Walk around for me, Bobbie sweetie,” she taunted. “Let me get a good look at you.”

He/she did and even swirled in a girl fashion, the skirt of the dress flaring out to reveal lots of white beneath.

“You like your new look, don’t you, Bobbie?”

“Yes, but remember I am Bob under this outfit and I have eight rock hard inches to prove it.”

“Oh, sweetie, I know it has been hard (giggle) but I promise you all that stored up cum will be delivered tomorrow night. Now let’s get you out of that before you have an accident.”

She helped him out of each layer, till he pulled the slip over his head and handed it to her. She placed it on the bed then looked at the panties. There was a dark wet spot at the tip of the bulge. She decided the stocking would be next.

“Sit down and take your stockings off carefully,” she told him.

When he had them off and handed to her, he stood up and reached for the waistband of the panties.

“Let me”, she said. Her hands quickly brushed his aside as she reached for the elastic waistband. Carefully she pulled the panties out in front to clear the “eight inches” he’d referred to. The red inflamed-looking head waved as it came free of its nylon prison. The tip was wet and more was beginning to ooze from the lips of his manhood.

As she helped him while he stepped out of the panties, his stiff rod was only a few inches from her face. With a wry smile she leaned forward and engulfed the head like a tootsie pop, then just as quickly released it, then running her finger up the underside to milk out his precum and collecting it on her fingers. Then again, the well-placed finger and the once hard appendage softened.

“Patience” as her fingers brought the honey like liquid to his lips then into his mouth. He eagerly licked them clean.

That night she slept with him to ensure he did not take matters into his own hands. She had to stop him a couple of times even though he was sound asleep.

The next evening, he almost burst through the door with excitement. She hadn’t expected him to be so into this but all the better.

She had prepared his favorite meal. She had to admit, she made a killer meat loaf. This one was special in many ways. First, instead of hamburger, she used ground sirloin. Twice baked potatoes and fresh asparagus rounded out the dinner. But there were some extra ingredients too. The meat loaf had been laced with a special “seasoning” for stamina and output volume. It also had a “spice” that would ensure he was compliant.

“You are looking forward to this, aren’t you?” She asked.

“Aren’t you? I think we are really going to fool them.”

“Yes, there will definitely be some surprises tonight,” she smiled as she ate more of the regular dinner on her plate. She thought, “You have no idea.”

She waited till he had finished dinner, and then began to collect the plates.

“Go up and get your shower. Don’t kayseri escort forget the hair remover on your face. I will be up in a moment to help you with your make-up.”

He smiled at the thought of wearing those silky slips again, and of the things he imagined in store for him this night. He fully expected that this group of girls would want to see him cum. “They would probably take turns doing me,” he thought. Oh how wrong he was.

In the shower, he inspected himself for body hair. He touched up a few places then did his face. The smell was awful. He was glad when it was over. He got out and dried himself, then walked into the bedroom. She was waiting for him. She’d laid out his clothes on the bed, like the night before.

Quickly and expertly she applied his makeup. It was even better than last night. She’d changed the lipstick to a glossy one that made his lips appear fuller.

“I’ve got cock-sucking lips,” he said when she’d finished

She laughed out loud, “Yes I believe you do,” as she thought, “There’s an idea”.

She then helped him with his bra and asked if he could manage the rest. She needed to get dressed.

He relished putting on the outfit. He thought, “Panties first, being sure to arrange things for maximum comfort. It was already beginning to harden. Full slip next. Oh that feels so good sliding down my body. Now for the stockings. MMMMM that feels so nice. Now the half slip. Got to resist the temptation to bury my face in it. Would smear my makeup. Now the crinolines. Next the dress. Be careful not to get makeup on it. Where is that silk scarf? There it is. That silk feels so good against my neck, too bad its so small. I’d like to feel it against certain other parts of my body.”

He was just about to step into his white pumps when Jean came back into the room. He was floored by what he saw. She was dressed in the identical outfit down to the neck scarf.

“Very nice,” they both said at the same time. She added, “They will not suspect a thing.”

She fussed and rearranged his outfit a little. Then satisfied said, “Are you ready, Bobbie? Shall we go?”

He’d agreed that since they couldn’t do anything about his voice, he would let her do all the talking. He smiled sweetly (especially considering he was a guy), and they walked downstairs hand in hand. She would drive tonight.

As they were getting into the car, she reminded Bobbie, “Remember to sit down facing out with your legs together, then swing them into the car and gather your skirt at the same time. Do just the opposite getting out. And let me do all the talking.”

The drugs were beginning to take effect and he found himself only wanting to do what she told him. It was as if he’d lost all will of his own. He was also aware he was so hard it hurt. Every time he moved, nylon caressed him.

It was a short drive to Gloria’s house, the site of tonight’s party. As they pulled up to the curb, panic gripped Bobbie. They had not practiced her walking up an inclined driveway. Could he do it? Gloria took care of that by coming out of the house and motioning them to pull in the garage. Jean pulled in and put the car in park, turning off the ignition.

“Like a lady,” Jean admonished Bobbie.

With deliberate movements but fairly feminine, he opened the door, swung his legs out and got out with grace and dignity.

Then came the moment of truth. Gloria came over to introduce herself. Jean was right on queue.

“Gloria, Bob will be with us shortly. In the meantime this is my friend Bobbie. She showed up and didn’t have anything planned for this evening, so I thought she might find this fun. By the way, she has laryngitis, so can’t talk above a whisper.”

“Fine with me. Have you explained what tonight is all about?”

“Yes she is fine with it.”

Bobbie nodded her head in agreement, smiling.

“Great, the others are already here so come on in and we’ll get acquainted while we wait for Bob.”

Gloria was still none the wiser until, once in the house, she passed close to Bobbie and they made eye contact.

“Holy Cow,” she thought. “That’s Bob. She did it. She totally feminized him.”

She decided to play along to see where the evening went. None of the others had a clue.

There was a few minutes of small talk, Bobbie listening and nodding, eyes sparkling, enjoying it all. Then Gloria looked at her watch and decided to get things moving.

“Looks like Bob chickened out, Jean.”

“That guy promised me. I will get even with him for this. This is the last of the parties I invite him to.” She turned and winked to Bobbie. No one else saw.

“Well, let’s get started then. Last time Connie and Karen each bought beautiful slips. Ok girls you know the rules.”

With that, both Connie and Karen stood up and took off their dresses. Bobbie could not believe his/her eyes. He thought for years both these women were hot. He’d have jumped at the chance to see either of them like this. Now both of them were in front of him in slips.

“Ok girls, what about those French lacey bras you got with the slips?”

Giggling, each of the women slid the straps of the slips down to reveal uplift bra’s filled with C cup breasts. It was almost too much for Bobbie. He was going to break character in a minute.

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