Doctor visit part 2

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Doctor visit part 2I had avoided going to the doctor for months after what happened at my place. I fell sick again and could not afford staying home so got my courage together and went to her cabinet. The thought that something might happen again, led to wild daydreaming on my way to the doctor. I walked in with a slight boner. There were three people in the waiting room and I quickly sat down and picked up a magazine. 10min later she popped into the waiting room, our eyes crossed but she quickly looked away. For the next patients, she stayed in her office and asked the last patient to call in the next one. Somebody else had come in and I went out pretending that I needed a cigarette, must to ensure i would be the last of the day. Finally, it was my turn. I walked into her office. She wore a doctors jacket, with her usual tight white shirt underneath. Her buttons were done up however and there was no cleavage inside. I could see the lines of the same push up bra still holding up two perky boobies. She pretended not to know me. I could see she was nervous as she kept fidgeting in her seat. She wore glasses and this time I noticed that she had a gorgeous small mouth. She ordered me to the bed and asked to take of my shirt and lie down. I couldn’t help but think back of those wild moments in my place. I could feel my cock harden again and my cotton pants could not conceal what was happening. She pretended not to see it and started testing my lungs. As she leaned forward I tried to peek down her blouse. I thought I saw one of her nipples that had escaped belugabahis giriş her cup. When she stood up, her left nipple was indeed pushing through her shirt. She adjusted her jacket and quickly turned around, pretending to look for other equipment. I could not see what she was doing but it seem to last for ages. She was not wearing jeans and I saw nice firm legs ending in a beautifully shaped but, covered by her doctor’s jacket. I heard her sigh and take a deep breath. When she finally turned around, my heart skipped a beat. She had unbuttoned her shirt enough so her boobies were pushing their way out, held back by the cups. She still avoided eye contact. She leaned forward further than necessary and I could see that both nipples now had escaped and were pointing forward. I could feel my cock throbbing against my zipper. I decided to close my eyes and wait. She was tapping my chest with her fingers slowly working her way down. I could hear that her breathing was getting heavier. Suddenly, with a hush voice, she said sorry but I will need to check. Her fingers quickly unzipped my pants, pushed back my boxers, letting my dick jump out. I could feel him sway back and forth as the blood was pumping. I could hear her hold her breath while she pinched my dick head with her two fingertips and used her other hand to gently slide up and down the shaft. OMG, I had to try real hard not to cum there and then. It still felt as if she tried to stay in her doctor’s role. She let go with one hand. Suddenly I felt soft skin enveloping my dick. She belugabahis güvenilirmi had opened her blouse and was squeezing her amazing boobies around my cock while playing gently with her nipples. She still avoided eye contact but she was clearly super horny. I could hold it any more. This time, I wanted to go all the way. I let my arm slide from the bed and quickly found my way up her legs. Fuck, all I could find was a string disappearing between her butt cheeks. I gently pulled it and I could feel her back arch and a slight grunt escaped her mouth. She opened her legs, and pushed back. my fingers were sliding downward and I could feel no resistance. Her pussy lips had already parted and I got sucked in deep into her cunt. I could feel her juices drip down my arm. This was beyond my wildest dreams. She had started rubbing my cock again between her boobies but now, each time she pushed down, her mouth was gently kissing my dick head. Next time around I could feel her tongue reaching out and trying to circle around. I could feel some pre-cum oozing out and I felt her lips tightening around my head. She started sucking and licking gently as if on a lolly, firmly squeezing my shaft. Her pussy was now so wide open that one more finger slipped in easily. With my thumb I found her clit, which was nice and hard. I started rubbing it rhythmically matching her work on my cock. She was twisting her hips and pushing down harder and harder. I squealed that I was going to cum and she abruptly stopped, putting two fingers on my mouth, shutting belugabahis yeni giriş me up from saying anything else. My cock was leaping back and forth. She pulled up her jacket, leaped onto the bed, guided my dick quickly into her wet pussy and leaned back. I reached for her boobies, tilted them out of the cups and gently started massaging them. By now, we were both out of our mind horny. I felt no barriers anymore and pulled her nipples hard. Her pussy muscles responded and squeezed my dick while riding up and down, faster and faster. I never had been milked like this before. Each time I pulled, she moaned louder and louder. I slapped them and they were flying back and forth. It was an amazing sight. I never thought this would turn me on, and even less that my shy doctor would get off on it. Her left hand found my balls and took a tight grip. Gone was anything gentle. She was riding so hard I was afraid I would slip out. I grasped her hips and pushed her down. She took over and started pulling her nipples, adding a slap from time to time. Things were getting so wild that I could feel the bed move. I could feel my cum working its way up and took control of her tits again, arching my back to thrust as deep as possible. She got it, and increased the rhythm even further. Her pussy muscles tightened again and we both came at the same time, the loads kept cumming. She moved her hips forward towards my face, held my hands down and told me to drink my cum dripping out. I did and licked what ever I could reach. I burried my face in her swollen lips and let the juices run over my face. She pulled back, got of the bed, gently pushed her boobs back in and straightened her jacket. She slipped back into doctor’s mode and told me what medecine to take. I was out of the door in no time. Still trying to understand what had just happened …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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