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He popped his gum as the principal circled him. “This is the third time this week your in here Cutter.” She said. “I’m deeply concerned about the behavior your showing here at Central. You are a new student here, after all.”

“Sorry, Ms. Moralez.” He said nervously. The principal of Central High School was very strict and old fashioned, even though she was only 35. Even the toughest thugs and bullies were scared of her-she was just too intimidating. It wasn’t her words that instilled fear in the young men at Central-it was her looks.

“You’re 18, Cutter, right?” She asked. The blond nodded. Ms. Moralez stood up and Cutter got a glimpse of those long, beautiful legs. “Where do you think you’ll go if you never keep out of trouble?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Moralez.” Cutter said again. “It’ll never happen again. I promise.”

“You’ve made this promise twice Cutter.” Ms. Moralez said as she sat on the edge of her desk and crossed her legs. Cutter swallowed as a hard-on began to brew in his pants. “Question is what’ll be your punishment this time, seeing as though detention doesn’t work.”

“I don’t need a punishment, man.” Cutter said with an edge.

Ms. Moralez head snapped around, her brown hair falling in front of her eyes. “Excuse me?” She asked.

Cutter growled. “Nothing.” He said.

Ms. Moralez got extremely close to his face. “You know what…I won’t punish you…under one circumstance.” She said. Cutter rolled his eyes.

“What?” He asked as his principal pulled the pencil from her hair and let her long hair fall free. She straddled his lap and crushed her lips against his. Cutter was taken by shock. Was his principal allowed to kiss him? Was this some weird punishment at his new school? Why was this 35 year old woman attracted to an 18 year old? It was confusing him.

“Cutter…how you ever pleased a woman?”

“WHAT!?” His mind screamed. He swallowed hard and it felt like his tongue was stuck to the back of his throat. “Yeah. Once or twice.” He said.

Ms. Moralez smiled. “You know…it’s so hard for me to get pleasure from some older guys. They just don’t have the stamina…but young men like you…they just do something to me.” She said as she pulled off his shirt. “And such a nice body. No hair. I love that.” She said as she ran her hands and manicured nails over his abs. She undid her blouse and showed Cutter her silky black bra. “Cutter…Central is a different type of high school. When punishment doesn’t get the job done…then we decide to use pleasure, and the lure of being pleasured again to keep our students in check. You’ll notice there is not a teacher here over the age of 38. We want to make sure that our teachers are the most attractive and virile they can be.”

“Isn’t this, like…illegal, or something?” Cutter asked.

Ms. Moralez smiled and giggled. “It might be…but as long as no one tells, we can’t get in trouble, now can we?”

“I guess not.” Cutter said, still unsure of if this was at all possible. Ms. Moralez removed her blouse completely and undid her bra, letting her C-Cup breast fall into Cutter’s face. Filled with lust he slowly began to nibble on them as his principal undid his pants. She lifted up just a little to remove them and found his huge cock sticking straight out of his boxers. ciplak izle Cutter reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties, already damn with just the though of sex. Ms. Moralez slowly lifted and then her sopping wet pussy fell over his dick. She slowly started to ride him with a moan and kissed him.

“Oh fuck…mmmm….” She whispered in his ear. He looked towards the door nervously-she did have a secretary, and he still wasn’t sure about what was going on.

“Damn…” He groaned as her breasts bounced in his face. She gasped as he took one into his mouth.

“Mmm, you fuck me so good…” She moaned as the door swung open. Cutter froze as her secretary stepped in. “Sorry to interrupt but there are some parents here to see you.”

“Dammit, I totally forgot.” She pouted. Cutter’s heart slowly slid out of his throat as Ms. Moralez stood up. She slid her panties back on and began to put her bra on as Cutter pulled his pants back up. Ms. Moralez grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. “Remember this. You’ll get more later.” She said.

Cutter smiled. “I think I’m gonna enjoy Central…” He said quietly.


Cutter couldn’t concentrate. It seemed like all his teachers-who were all female-where looking to get him. But that wasn’t the only thing. “What’s her name, man?” Cutter asked one of the new friends he’d made. He shrugged. “Come on, Walter.”

“Dude, she wouldn’t go for you.” Walter said. “Never. She’s a prude, man.”

“She’s way too hot to be a prude.” Cutter said.

Walter sighed and looked back at him. “Trust me, that girl only likes her vibrator and reading books. As far as I know, she hasn’t even had sex yet. I think it’s better if you just don’t waste your time.”

“Hey…you know Ms. Moralez…she…”

“Screws students in her office, yeah man.” Walter said. “I was wondering when she’d get around to you.”

“Her secretary interrupt.” Cutter said. “Unfortunately for me, I never got to finish the deal.” He said as the bell rung. The blond teacher looked up and winked at him. “Do they always do this with the new guy?” Cutter asked.

Walter shook his head. “Naw. Seems they think your hot or somethin’. I’m not into dudes so I couldn’t tell you if you are.”

“Mr. Phillips.” His teacher said. Cutter looked up. “Yes, Ms. Speiden?”

“Since you’ve come in midyear, I’ve suggested a tutor for you in this class.” She said. “Ms. Estrada.” The girl looked up. “You’ll be tutoring Mr. Phillips. Perhaps the best time is today after school?”

“Whatever.” She said quietly, going back to her work.

Cutter sighed and looked at Walter. “Man, something tells me this does not work in my favor.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Walter said.


Carmen waited until the class emptied out. “Show time…” She said quietly as she peeked in at Ms. Speiden. The short blond teacher sat down at her desk and undid her blouse. She cupped her own small breast in her hand. Carmen bunched up her skirt and slid a finger into her pussy. She watched as Ms. Speiden undid her pants and slid a finger into her own crotch.

“So, you always watch teachers masturbate?” Cutter asked as Carmen spun around.

“Oh my…what the fuck are you doing here?” She hissed commander fort izle quietly.

Cutter shrugged. “You’re supposed to be tutoring me? Remember?”

“Yeah, well can it wait?” She asked. “You really in a hurry to get good grades?”

“Yeah, I am, actually.” Justin said.

Carmen sighed as she looked back at Ms. Speiden. “Fine.” She said and she pulled down her skirts and straightened her fishnet stockings. “Just give me five minutes.” She said. “I’ll be in the library.”

“Cool, that’s all I wanted.” Cutter said. “I’ll see you then.” He said as he walked away.

Carmen growled. “Maybe it’s the hormones…” She thought to herself as he face began to change from a frown to a small smirk. “But he’s actually kinda cute…”


Cutter looked at Carmen across the table, who seemed to be staring off into space. “You okay?” Cutter asked. Carmen snapped out of her trance. “Um…yeah.” She said, somewhat distraught. “I was just thinking.”

“About Ms. Speiden?” Cutter asked.

Carmen rolled her eyes. “Do you know that every female teacher in her masturbates her free period away? All the teachers her are sex addicts with nothing better to do than fuck students.”

“I have no problem with that.” Cutter said with a smile.

Carmen smiled back. “I’m surprised how obsessed they are over you. They usually aren’t over the new students. But I also heard there a few students that want to get in your pants.”

“Oh really?” Cutter asked, instantly intrigued.

Carmen nodded and chewed her bottom lip as she looked at Cutter. “You know…it’s a lucky girl that gets to fuck you first.” She said a little loudly. Cutter looked around and no one seemed to be paying attention. As a matter of fact, there was a couple in the corner dry-humping each other, so there was really no one that needed to look up.

“A lucky girl huh?” Cutter asked, a hard-on starting to brew in his jeans. Carmen leaned over and allowed him to see down her shirt, and until she did Cutter hadn’t noticed how huge her breast were.

“How about I become that lucky girl right here?” She asked.

Cutter’s mind shutdown. “Right here? In a library?” Cutter asked. “There are people…”

“People fuck here all the time.” Carmen said. “Look at that couple. And the librarian doesn’t even care.” Cutter swallowed hard and Carmen sighed. “What’s it’s gonna take for me to relax you?” She asked. Cutter shrugged. Carmen smiled and slid under the table.

“What are you…” Cutter started to whisper and Carmen undid his pants. His 9 inch, now standing fully at attention sprung out at her. “Carmen…” He whispered. Carmen ignored him and kissed the top of his dick. Then her mouth enclosed around it and Cutter went crazy. He looked around and the only people look at him were a couple of highly intrigued female teachers. Cutter looked down to see Carmen come up for air, then in one swallow had his entire dick in her mouth, from base to head. Cutter almost screamed, but instead responded with a throaty growl. Carmen’s tongue flew quickly around his shaft as she came up for air again, slowly jacking him off. “Carmen…” Cutter whispered in a final attempt to try and stop her, but it was in vain. Carmen’s mouth descended copenhagen cowboy izle on his cock again as Cutter slowly began to fuck her mouth. He placed his hands on her head as Carmen continued to take his dick into her mouth, her throat muscles clenching against it. “Oh shit…” He moaned out loud. Cutter felt himself tense up as his cum surged into her mouth and down her throat. Carmen giggled as she swallowed almost every drop, licking what was left off his cock.

“Oh man…” Cutter said as he tried to recover. Carmen slid from under the table and this time sat on top of the table.

“You know what I love about this school?” Carmen asked as she spread her legs. “No panties is an unspoken rule here. And Ms. Moralez makes sure all the girls shave.” She said. Cutter’s eyes lit up as he saw her completely bald pussy, not a hair anywhere. Carmen slid her skirt completely off and Cutter looked around again, but again no one seemed to mind. Cutter smiled and kissed the inside of thigh, then inserts a finger into her wet slit.

“How’d she get so wet, I didn’t even do anything…” He asked himself. “Damn, you’re tight.” He said. Even one finger seemed like it was taking a lot of work to get in. Cutter slowly slid his tongue into her pussy and Carmen let out a loud groan.

“Oh shit…” Carmen cussed. “Eat my pussy…” She moaned. Cutter’s tongue delved into her pussy, exploring ever crevice. Cutter’s tongue slid over her clit and Carmen half-screamed. “Oh yeah, eat my fucking pussy…” She commanded. Cutter happily obliged as he continued to eat her out. He entered a finger into her ass and felt Carmen shiver. “Oh…shit, I’m gonna…Oohhhhhhhh…..” Carmen said as bucked her hips against Cutter’s tongue and finger. “ohhh, ohh yeahhh, fuck…” She yelled. Carmen’s body shook and she screamed as her orgasm hit, her juices flooding into Cutter’s mouth.

“Fuck me.” Carmen growled as she pulled off her shirt, her D-cup breasts bouncing free without a bra. She lay down on the table and Cutter once again looked around before finally giving in. He climbed on top of the table and slowly began to enter her. Her own juices didn’t act of enough lubricant as Carmen winced in a pain as she slowly took him in, inch by inch. He pumped in and out of her, inserting an inch more each time. Finally he had put as much of himself as he could into her and began to pump in and out a little more hard. “Oh shit, that feels soooo gooooddddd….” Carmen yelled as Cutter began to quicken his pace. The sounds of his thighs hitting hers filled the library, and their moans reached outside, but no one seemed to mind, and if they did, they didn’t say anything. “Fuck me, Cutter, ohhhhh, fuuuccckkk meeee….” She screamed. Cutter felt her walls and she shook as her orgasm surged throughout her body. Cutter came not to soon after, but his cock stayed rock hard. He slowly exited the confines of her wet pussy as Carmen climbed down off the table. “Hmm, that was sooo good.” Carmen said as she began to get redressed.

Cutter scratched his head. “We’re not gonna finish?”

“I came, didn’t I?” Carmen asked. “And so did you, right?” Cutter sighed and climbed off the table. He began putting on his clothes and Carmen smiled. As he stood back up straight Carmen kissed him softly on the lips. “Unspoken rule

, one orgasm per fuck.” Carmen said. “It sucks, I know, but we gotta save something for another time.” She said. “And, you have to study.” She said.

Cutter smiled as he pulled his shirt back on and pulled Carmen in for another kiss. “I think I’m gonna like Central High School.”

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