Different Perspectives Ch. 05

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This is a series of exchanges written by an aunt and her eighteen year old nephew following them having sex. It looks at that incestuous relationship from both party’s perspectives, examining their doubts and concerns and their pleasure and thrills.

It is a complicated story and will be told in numerous parts. It is obviously advisable to start at Part 1 and read through each part savouring how their relationship develops and changes. However, for those unwilling to go back, each part does stand alone.

Your words rung through my head “Would you take my bra off please?” My fear and being worried had been replaced with excitemen; an excitement that had my hands trembling.

My sexual experience to date had been limited to girls my own age and girls are what they were. Experience was almost an exaggeration for the few occasions of fumbling in the dark. If I was amazingly lucky, I’d get my hands up a date’s jumper or into her blouse where I would desperately search for a touch of flesh anywhere. Getting a touch of a tit above a bra was marvellous, but rare, and once or twice getting my fingers inside a bra and touching a nipple was as unusual as it was cum inducing.

They had been girls, not a woman. Sexually uneducated girls, not an experienced woman. Now, I was about to learn, about to learn how to touch a woman, how to turn her on, how to caress and arouse her, how to use her breasts and her body, how to fuck her and how to make her cum. That’s what I wanted, I wanted to be taught, I wanted to learn how to please a woman.

I gazed upon the trails of blonde hair that weren’t held up by your clips as it flowed in small wisps across the skin, pale by comparison, of your shoulders, passing over the thin black straps of your bra that passed from the strap at the back to the cups at the front. I let my eyes wander down those thin pieces and then along to the hooks and eyes holding the material together. You bra was like a last defence between me and your tits. I stared at the thick black band, which was cutting lightly into your back, its dark elastic in stark contrast to your flesh, which was almost ivory in the pale light in which we stood.

Other than on mum, when she had walked round the house in her bra and skirt or, occasionally and incredibly excitingly, in her bra and panties, I had never actually seen a bra on a girl. Of course I had seen pictures and yes I had fondled mum’s bras, well yours as well when I was spying in your bedroom, but never an actual female in her bra. It was an amazing and hugely arousing sight and there and then I fell in love with ladies’ underwear.

Below that thick bra strap I gazed at your lower back narrowing to your waist and the tight trousers that accentuated the aggressive flair of your hips and the so enticing roundness of your bum in the trousers. There were no signs of panties or anything under them. ‘Fuck me she’s been commando all evening,” I quite incorrectly thought, not being that aware of just how snug some thongs can be.

I stood silently looking at you. Not just because of nerves, but also appreciating your beauty, the beauty that a man sees in the body of his lover. Fuck, how enormous a prospect is that? You were about to be my lover, you were about to give to me the most intimate thing you could… your cunt, and I was about to give to you the thing I could only give once… my virginity. That made my heart pound like a drum; you surely must have heard it.

I don’t know how long I was staring, not long I doubt but I finally closed the gap between us, aware that if I were too close I’d poke you in the back with my erection. I briefly wondered if you were ok with what we were doing before I dismissed the thought totally. My hands reached forward to the clasp a foot or so in front of me, I knew your nipples would be hard, I had read that and seen it with you earlier. I wondered if hard nipples were similar to my erection, I had no idea really, but assumed they were caused ny sexual arousal, well that’s how the books described it. With your back to me they were out of view but I had seen them, through the sheer black and pink mesh of the cups. I had read men’s magazines where different parts of women’s anatomy had been described and I pictured your aureole, as I had understood them to be called, puckered with your nipples like hard acorns cherries. I wanted desperately to touch them and it was with all the self control that I could muster that stopped me from reaching around and grabbing your tits, your big fleshy tits that I so badly wanted!

Instead of reaching around you I trailed my finger from your hairline on the back of your neck down your spine to the top of your bra strap, I smiled when I felt you shudder under my light touch, it felt goog that I could give you pleasure. I took that as your approval, but the soft gasp that escaped your lips also helped form my decision. So, my forefinger of my left hand followed the path of my right albeit making little circles on your neck first.

Seeing the hollow made by your spine under the join of the “eyes and hooks” my fingers slipped under Bahçeşehir Escort your bra strap, I was amazed at how rough the material felt and wondered if the cups were as rough, they didn’t look like they were.

“Am I doing ok Cat?” I asked. I had never undone a bra and was a little confused how they came apart. Lorraine and Becky, the two girls I’d snogged and got a little steamy with hadn’t let me undo their bras so with no previous experience I wasn’t totally sure what I should be doing. I hadn’t thought to check the bra clasp when messing around with mum’s underwear, I was far more interested in the cups which held her, even bigger than your, tits.

“Yes Matt,” you sounded almost a little out of breath, “They’re like little hooks, just push each end against each other”

“Oh, Ok” I replied wondering how the hell women managed to get them done up. One by one the three little hooks came free of their holders, as the last came loose I gently let each end of the garment go exposing your bare back. I wondered if the red marks left by the strap hurt or irritated you.

You stood very still facing away from me for what seemed an eternity, but was probably no more than a few seconds. I so wanted to see your front that I almost moved round you. At last, though, you turned slowly round to face me, crossing your arms across your tits as you did so.

And there we were before each other, my towel straining at the front over my young, hard cock that twitched of its own accord. You, my aunt, wearing nothing but a pair of trousers and keeping my eyes from your tits by your hands and a bra that was about to come free.

For the umpteenth time that day my mouth became dry, I was aware of taking in great lung fulls of air, finding it extremely hot and stuffy in the room. My face flushed as I stared at you, my eyes going from your face to your arms.

“You want to see these Matt?” You said nodding downwards and asking another of those fucking ridiculous questions, rhetorical aren’t they? Your eyes had a slightly far away look but there was a definite teasing tone in your voice, the tone of someone who was controlling the moment totally.

I just nodded.

“Tell me; tell me what you want to see.” It was a command.

“Can I see your…. I want to see your… Oh God your tits Cat.” It came out as a whisper. “I so badly want to see your tits.”

Magically, wonderfully, amazingly, incredibly and so excitingly you let your arms fall slowly away letting go of the almost inadequate bra you had been wearing. As that fell away you muttered very hoarsely I thought.

“You mean these Matt?”


As I felt the pressure on my back lighten when you undid the clasp, I smiled.

“Well done, Matt, that was good.” I said holding the cups of my bra against me

You looked a little embarrassed and a little confused.

“How, what?”

“The way you undid my bra.”

“All those hooks and eyes.”

“Yes lots of men find it very difficult.” I said looking over my shoulder.

“Really?” You asked looking proud of yourself.

“Yes, but then remember,” I went on starting to turn towards you. “You will normally be doing it blind.”


I moved very close to you, the bra still covering my boobs. I whispered. “Normally the girl will be in your arms.” I paused, looked right into your eyes and then covered the space between us as I murmured. “Her boobs will be pressed against you.” I gently pressed my bra covered tits against your slim, firm chest as I added. “Like this.”

“Oh God, oh yes, oh Cat.”

“Does that feel good Matt?”

“It feels wonderful; it’s marvellous, oh my God.”

“Put your arms round me,” I whispered lifting my arms and putting them round your neck. I stroked the hairs on the back of your neck as you slid your arms under mine and round my back.

“Now take hold of my bra strap and try and do it up.”

We laughed when you couldn’t, quite naturally, do that.

“Hold on,” I said reaching behind me and quickly doing it up. “Your turn now Matt.”

I put my arms back round your neck, I pressed my breasts back against your chest and I pushed myself against the firmness of the gorgeous-looking and wonderful feeling outline of your erection.

You fumbled around, trying to undo it.

“See what I mean Matt, its hard isn’t it only having feel to go on and being,” I paused and pointedly wiggled myself against your bulge. “Very aroused.”

“Oh yes, yes it’s so hard.”

I smiled and repeated the wiggle. “Yes Matt, it is hard, very hard, and that, baby, is lovely.”

We both giggled. I moved away from you, undoing the clasp again.

We were now both hugely aroused. The mood between us was awesome, we were crossing boundary after boundary and we had gone beyond the point of no return.

I was holding the bra so it covered my right breast and I put my hand over the other. I looked at you. We exchanged some phrases, I don’t recall exactly what they were, but I heard you saying some magical words.

“I want to see your tits Cat.”

‘God,’ Beylikdüzü Escort I thought, my nephew saying that to his aunt. “What decadence, but how exciting.”

I had lost all my inhibitions now. I still had my fears, concerns and considerations about both the incestuous nature of what we were doing and me going with such a young guy. But my body was totally up for it as was my intellect; it was my conditioning that gave me some nagging feelings. I managed to assuage those, though, by convincing myself that I was doing my duty. Surely, it was preferable for you to ‘get your teeth’ into sex and lose your virginity this way, with tenderness and comfortable surroundings, than with an inexperienced little schoolgirl slag or, even worse a whore?

I dropped my hands away from my breasts. I showed them to you, I exposed them to you,I flaunted them at you, I offered them to you.

“Hold my breasts Matt, touch them. Let me teach you how to caress a woman’s breasts. Would you like that?”


It made me laugh trying to do your bra up, it seemed to me a bit like a grown up version of the games we used to play when I was kid and you were aunty Cat; that seemed so long ago now as to be almost beyond memory.

What was almost strange to me was the way you pressed against my cock. Earlier, it would have been an embarrassment to me, not now though. Had I learnt my first lesson? Was this part of learning with aunty? How to be comfortable with your lover? And yes I was comfortable, my anxieties were falling away like loose rocks on a mountainside, leaving only what is important behind. I felt comfortable yet so horny! Horny, a word I haven’t really used before, a word that fits my age; I was horny, fucking horny. I wondered if experienced men get horny or do they just get aroused

It was marvellous to have you pressed against me, against my cock. Like some game I suppose. I guess I had got too hung up on sex, on losing my virginity. But then again, that is what’s great about you. From being y Cat who played with, entertained and listened to a child to the woman who was before me and in my arms. In my arms for fuck’s sake, you were in my arms, fucking hell what a result? Here I was with your tits pressed against my chest, my cock pressed against your belly and an air of sexual arousal all round us due to the knowledge that soon we would fuck and it would not just be good, it’d be great!

I struggled with the clasp and didn’t care, it was fun and lightened the moment but I wanted to move on. Here I was with a beautiful woman and as fun as the banter is between us, I had other things on my mind. It was more an automatic statement than anything else.

“I want to see your tits Cat.” And I did, I wanted to, I so so wanted to. I couldn’t look at your face now; I just had a desire to stare at your gorgeous wonderful tits, your breasts, your nipples, and the whole bloody mass of female flesh on your chest.

And then, and then fucking hell, fucking marvellously, fucking wonderfully you dropped your bra. I could only stare in wonder. True, I had seen them earlier, but that was different, I wasn’t supposed to, I had stolen a look at them and you didn’t know I was looking, but now you displayed them for me, you were showing them to me, for my eyes only. You were flaunting them at me at your own volition; yes you were showing your eighteen year old nephew your gorgeous, fucking tits. I devoured them, I wanted them, and I wanted to covet them. They looked so big, heavy, soft and creamy with your full hard nipples flushed with blood and desire. They seemed to be begging for attention and shit how I wanted to give them that.

Magical words simply oozed from your mouth.

“Hold my breasts Matt, touch them. Let me teach you how to caress a woman’s breasts. Would you like that?” Why oh fucking why did you keep asking these rhetorically arousing questions? What man in their right mind could possibly say no to such a question?

“Yes Cat, oh yes I want to. Can I? Please can I?” I was the pupil, you were my teacher.

“Ok Matt, come and feel them, feel their weight, how soft they are… I’d like that”

As I stepped forward and closed the small gap between us I’m not sure what the first contact was, my towel covered cock against you or my fingers against the delicate skin of your breast. It was with a trembling touch I first felt the wonderment of your tits.

As I touched you I couldn’t help but gasp and my hands jerked. Would I ever be able to get used to the sensation of stroking a woman’s breasts? I doubted it.

“You like that Matt? I think you do” I looked up and you smiled before continuing, “Feel their weight. Hold them; squeeze them gently, not hard. I like that. Do you like that Matt?”

“Oh yes Cat I do,” I whispered as I did what the teacher instructed.


Turning away from you I said huskily as the feel of your hands on my breasts and the so appealing look in your eyes really got to me.

“Follow me.”

I shuffled across the combined living/dining room and study with the floor to ceiling windows down two sides, dropping my bra onto a chair I passed on the way. I led you to a short hallway that linked that room with the entrance hall. It was probably about three metres long and two wide. The two ends of the short corridor were open, one side had a doorway leading to the kitchen and the third was covered with a mirror. That was floor to ceiling and the full length of the corridor, a huge nine feet long, and seven feet high reflection!

I had had it put there to ‘widen’ the area, which it did very well. However, further use of the mirror had emerged over the three years or so I had lived there. It had become my masturbation chamber. Many times I have stood or slid to the floor in front of that mirror my mind and body roaring towards sexual ecstasy. Without real company to help me, my reflection has so often been my lover. Now though, for the first time I was going to have both my reflection and a lover in my masturbation chamber.

I put my arms back round your neck, squashing my bare breasts against your chest; that’s always such a lovely sensation. I pushed myself against the firmness of the gorgeous-looking outline of your erection under the towel I could hardly stop myself pulling the towel from you, but I did. I was like a young kid saving the best part of a meal to the end.

Then I turned holding my hands over my boobs. I turned my back on you and leaned against you feeling your hardness now on my bum.

“Do they look good in the mirror Matt?” I asked as our glances caught in that mirror.

I dropped my hands to my sides.

“Yes Cat, yes, yes, yes, they do, they are marvellous, but all of you is wonderful.”

The sincerity and youthful exuberance was so touching.

“Then pinch my nipple Matt, take one of my nipples in your fingers.”

“Oh God you groaned sliding your hands round me.

You did, but too gently, which was preferable to too fiercely, as many lovers do.

“A little harder Matt, Mmmmm perfect.”

Without any advice or instruction from me you took my other nipple with your other hand and pinched that as well.

“Pull them, pinch them squeeze them and roll them around Matt,” I said as lucidly as I could muster, for I was becoming enormously aroused. I squirmed against your erection, I rubbed my bare back over your chest and I slid my hand behind me and between us. I found the swell in the towel; I ran my fingers up and down it. Even though I knew what it looked like and how it felt, I had to see it again.

I turned and faced you. I moved a little further, so that you were three-quarters on to the mirror and I was half-turned away from it. I moved away from you and placed my hands on your hips.

“Was that good Matt?”

“Yes, it was fantastic.”

“Do you like my breasts?”

“Oh God yes.”

“And did you like feeling them?”

“Of course, was I ok?”

I stood on tip toe, lifted my face and kissed you on the lips. Not a deeply passionate kiss, more a tender and affectionate one, but certainly not a typical aunty to nephew one either. I put my tongue out and ran it all the way round your mouth, gently licking every millimetre of your lips.

“You were marvellous baby,” I whispered, my hand once more finding your bulge.

“Look in the mirror, not at me,” I said quietly as once more I moved behind you so we were both facing the mirror in my masturbation chamber.

I put my hands on the fold of the towel round your waist. I slid my fingers inside a little as, looking in the mirror, I watched you, watching me. I found where you had tucked one edge of the towel inside the other. I took hold of it there and pulled, gently. I held your gaze, you looked frightened.

“Shush, don’t be worried, it’s ok,” I whispered, hopefully encouragingly as I pulled one edge out from the other.

“Is this ok Matt?”

You grunted. “Yes Cat, yes it is,” as we both watched in the mirror, the towel firstly opening up and then sliding down your legs as I let go of it. The dark blue towelling fell away exposing your beautiful manhood and revealing your total nakedness. You really were, as they say, well hung, but it was by no means hanging right then. It was impressively long, almost reaching your navel and deliciously sturdy; it made me shudder with the anticipation of feeling that filling me as I now knew it would.

I moved round you so I was facing you my rear reflecting in the mirror.

Putting my arms round your neck, I pressed myself against your body. I moulded myself to you as I lifted my lips towards you, whispering just before they met.

“You have a beautiful body Matt, I want it so much,”

I could hardly believe I had said that. I don’t think I had ever felt that way, let alone said it about a lover before. Why were you so special? Why did I so want your young body?


So many thoughts rushed through my head, the way your breasts felt in my hands, their texture and smoothness, the firm rubbery feeling of your nipples between my exploring fingers. The way you moved against me as I caressed your tits and played with those nipples, the almost constant rubbing of your arse against my cock. I was so hard it was uncomfortable. I never knew my erection could be like this and all I wanted was for this to never end.

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