Debbie’s Legacy Pt. 02

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Never in my thoughts about our relationship – our marriage, did I think I would be dealing with a situation where my wife experienced another man. However, not only had it occurred, but it was three men in less than an hour. I had profound culpability in the event, giving me no platform to throw moral grenades, and knew that we needed to deal with it calmly. I thought our brief discussion that very evening had established a basis that would allow us to move forward. However, over the next few days, a noticeable tension developed in Kami. Our work schedules were not conducive to slow, in-depth discussions, so I was grateful when the weekend finally arrived.

“Sweetie, we need to talk. I’m worried,” I said as we waited in the nice Italian restaurant.

It wasn’t the best place to hold an intimate conversation, but I felt we needed to get out of the house.

“Worried? Why?” she asked.

“I… I just think you’re bottling some things and it would be better if they were in the open,” I replied.

“Oh, you want to talk about me getting it from three guys?” she answered a bit too loudly, and before I could respond, she continued with, “I’m sorry. I know what you’re asking.”

“I want you feeling good… happy,” I responded, nervously.

The exchange launched us into a discussion that lasted through dinner and continued once we returned home. Both of us admitted that we had confused thoughts that ran the gamut from excitement to extreme distress. At times, the conversation was difficult, but I was pleased it was open and when it finally ended, we made love. After that, we slowly settled into our normal ways with no apparent lingering effects. Occasionally, one of us would return to the subject, usually in bed, and tease the other, but it was always lighthearted and we never seriously considered a repeat event.

Several months later, I left the house after a snack to go to the gym, but on the way, a friend called and practically begged me to join him at a sports bar to watch a game. I felt guilty when he reminded me how long it had been since we got together, so I changed my plans and headed his way not realizing at that time how fateful the decision would prove.

The game had already started when I arrived and for the next couple of hours, we drank beer and caught up. It was almost ten when it ended and after a quick goodbye, I headed for my car. Checking my phone, I saw that in the noisy room, I had missed a text from Kami. It merely asked where I was, so at first, I didn’t pay it any mind, but as I drove towards our house, I began to get a strange vibe. Checking the message again, I saw that it had arrived at nine-thirty, and instantly I became concerned. My standard routine never got me back until after nine, which made me wonder if the text meant she had gone looking for me, and if so, for what purpose. Quickly, I dialed her number, but it went to voicemail and when I dialed the house, it did the same thing.

Fortunately, the gym wasn’t far and I made it there in just a few minutes. There was no sign of her car, but I was still quite worried and for a moment, I had horrible thoughts about her in some bad situation. I didn’t think Jalen or Tony would use force, but I had no idea if they had even been there tonight. Just as I was about to step out, the inside of my car filled with the shrill sound of an incoming call and glancing at the screen, I could see it was from my wife.

“Where are you?” I fired out nervously.

“Home,” she declared in an awkward voice.

“Uhhh… okay… I… uhhh… I’ll be there in a few minutes,” I said.

“Okay,” she replied and ended the call.

The drive home gave me time to regroup, and I had barely turned onto our street when it dawned on me that she hadn’t asked about my location. My intuition told me something was up, but I remained calm, curious to see how things would unfold. I found Kami in the living room watching TV in her robe, and her body language showed no nervousness, so I gave her a quick kiss and flopped onto the couch.

“You just been watching TV?” I asked, hoping to get a discussion going.

“Yes… how was basketball?” she asked.

“I didn’t go. Louis called and I watched a game with him at a sports bar,” I explained.

“Oh,” she replied, and for just an instant, I saw a strange look cross her face.

“Why did you send me that text?” I asked, deciding to move things along, and clarified, “Asking where I was.”

“I expected you home,” she replied, and the way she answered made me think it was a prepared response.

“You know I don’t get back until after nine,” I reminded her, and when she didn’t answer after several seconds, I asked, “Did you go to the gym?”

When she started fidgeting in her seat, I knew I was correct, and when she finally looked up, she admitted nervously, “I drove there but when I didn’t see your car, I sent the text. You didn’t answer so I came home.”

I let her message settle for a moment, and then said, “So, you wanted to play again.”

“Stop… don’t…” she responded, and purposefully avoiding my eyes, she turned back gaziantep escort to the screen.

I knew there would be nothing to gain by rubbing her nose in it, so I slid next to her and turned her head for a kiss. However, in doing so, I got the distinct odor of cigarette smoke which made me think there was more to the story. I hid my suspicions, but a thought struck me and I excused myself and raced to the bedroom. I found a pair of panties at the top of the hamper, and a quick inspection revealed no smeared semen like I had discovered last time. I guessed she had come into close contact with Leon, but beyond that, things were unclear.

Returning to the living room, I pulled her close again, but this time challenged her story, “There’s cigarette smoke in your hair.”

“Oh… uhhh…” she started.

“Leon smokes cigarettes,” I interrupted, and when I felt her body stiffen, I continued with, “Did you go in the gym? Did you see him?”

“Yes…” she said in a guilty voice, and then added, “But nothing happened.”

“What happened?” I pushed.

“I went inside and you weren’t there and I was leaving when he showed up at the door,” she explained.

“Were Jalen or Tony there?” I asked, wanting the full picture.

“No, no one I recognized,” she answered.

“How did the smell get in your hair? It doesn’t happen through a casual conversation,” I probed.

“We didn’t do anything,” she replied nervously.

By her voice and body language, I could tell she was uncomfortable. Intrigued rather than angered by the idea of her showing up again unannounced, I pulled her into a kiss while slipping my hand inside her robe. Her body shuddered when my fingers found a nipple and sensing that I wasn’t angry, she relaxed and returned the kiss.

“Tell me what happened. Start with what you were wearing,” I demanded when it ended.

Kami’s look let me know she felt awkward, but I remained stern, and finally, with a deep sigh, she said, “I was in my workout shorts and red hoodie. I thought I would… it would be a surprise but your car wasn’t there. I thought… you know… you didn’t reply… maybe you parked somewhere else so I went inside to check. You weren’t there, so I was leaving when Leon just… was kind of there.”

I knew that in the outfit her long, smooth legs would be on display. She knew it too, so it could only mean that she had come to fuck.

“Go on,” I replied.

“We were at the door and he kind of… made me move I guess until we were down the girl’s ramp some,” she started.

“He forced you down it?” I asked.

“No… not really… he’s just moved in a way… and I kept stepping back,” she described.

“Sounds like he herded you,” I offered, which I could tell annoyed her, so I added, “Keep going.”

“Then, he… grabbed me and tried to kiss me… started saying some things,” she said.

“Did he kiss you?” I asked.

“Once…” she replied meekly.

“What did he say?” I probed.

“He said he wanted to do it… with me…” she answered.

“How exactly did he say it?” I asked, expecting it had been quite crude.

She remained silent for a time before saying, “He told me to follow him down the ramp because he wanted to fuck me some more.”

“Shit… did he touch you?” I asked.

“He touched my butt and my… breasts a little…” she admitted.

“On top or underneath?” I asked.

“Under…” she whispered.

“You weren’t wearing a bra,” I stated rather than asked, and she nodded her head while averting my eyes.

Suddenly, a wave of pure lust swept through me as I thought about my wife’s actions, and I slipped from her embrace, stood, and began to pull off my clothes. When I finished, I fell back onto the couch and as I pulled on Kami, I slipped the robe off her shoulders. She was in her half t-shirt and panties, but rather than fumble with them, I merely pulled the crotch aside and directed her onto my hard dick.

“Mmmm… ohhh…” she sighed as she descended.

“You went there for sex,” I challenged her as my hands moved to her ass.

For some reason, I found this visit more compelling than the last. She could claim things went too far during that event as it was unexplored territory with unclear boundaries, but that excuse no longer applied. There was no question it had been a visit seeking sex with other men, and only my absence had kept her from fulfillment.

“You weren’t there,” she groaned.

“Did you fuck Leon?” I asked even though I felt certain she hadn’t.

“No,” she said as she shook her head, and then suddenly she threw it back at me by asking, “Should I have?”

Although I didn’t answer, I knew my eyes gave me away, and I watched as a tiny smile appeared on her face. At that moment, I knew that we had communicated something that would have taken hours if we tried to do it verbally.

What started on the couch continued in the bedroom and we didn’t get to sleep until well past two. Each time one of us started to drift off, the other started everything over. We struggled konya escort to get ready for work the next morning, and when our eyes met, we would smile.

“We’ve got to quit doing this on school nights,” I said as we entered the garage.

“Do your friends play on weekends?” Kami said boldly, and it was so out of character for her, that I stopped in my tracks. My expression made her start to giggle, and she added, “I win.”

“Hardly,” I said in defense as my mind raced.

The following evening, exhausted from the lack of sleep, we stayed in and were in bed early. Although I didn’t think we had resolved things regarding Kami’s action, I knew it wasn’t the right time to engage in a deep conversation and decided to put it off until we had rested. Both of us slept well, and after a productive day of chores around the house, we met friends for dinner. Arriving home, a little before eleven, feeling good after multiple drinks, I poured each of us a glass of wine, and we moved to the couch. I sat in the middle and Kami put her back against some pillows extended her legs across my lap. I had a great view of her lovely legs and knew her panties were in reach if I wanted to snake my hand beneath her skirt. However, it seemed like a good time to talk, so I decided to probe some more on her visit to the gym.

“Why did you go, sweetie?” I tossed out with no warning.

She gave me a fake look of annoyance, and then replied, “I told you. I went looking for you.”

“Why? You knew the rules of coming unannounced,” I reminded her.

“That’s your rule,” she countered.

I rolled my eyes at her and turned my attention to the TV but it wasn’t long before my hand landed on her leg and started to gently knead her thigh. We remained silent as the minutes ticked by and during this time my hand wandered further until I was quite close to her thong covered mound. Kami, enjoying the touch, had let her legs separate while occasionally emitting a soft whimper.

“Why did you go, Kami?” I asked in a seductive voice.

“Mmmm… shhh… ” she responded as her legs widened.

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“Touch me first,” she begged in a soft voice.

Internally, I chuckled at how needy she had become but I closed the small distance until my fingers contacted her thong. There, I let my fingertips trace along her lace-covered lips which brought forth a fresh wave of mews. I maintained the teasing contact for a while and then I found the edge, worked my fingers beneath it, and arrived at her wet slit. Now, nothing was guarding her opening and my direct touch caused her to roll her hips.

“Why did you go to the gym, baby?” I whispered.

“To find you… and… to do it in the… the shower… ” she gasped.

“With? With who, baby?” I pushed.

For several seconds, the only sound from her was her soft sighs of pleasure, but just as I was about to push again, she replied, “Mmmm… Tony… Tony and Jalen…”

“And Leon?” I asked.

“Ohhh… nooo. Do you want me to?” she responded.

“You let him… let him fondle you,” I answered, wanting her to admit her desire.

“Will you stop him?” she asked, still being coy.

“If you want me to. Do you want me to?” I probed.

Kami’s eyes had been half-closed as she enjoyed my touch but my question made her open them wide.

She looked at me for several seconds as if to gauge my state and then closed them again and let her head move back and forth as she replied, “No… I don’t know.”

“You want me to let him have you?” I pushed, and when she nodded, I added, “Then tell me, Kami.”

“Let him… let him do it…” she whispered.

The moment had become so sexually charged that my cock begged for release and I felt with just a little more attention she might explode on my fingers. We had just experienced an incredibly intense interaction although nothing she said surprised me. The decision for me was whether to continue the verbal play or beat a path to the bedroom and enjoy some wild sex.

“To bad the gym isn’t open,” I said in a low voice.

“Let’s go… we can break-in… “Kami fired back suddenly coming out of her sensual reverie.

Her movement broke the contact with my fingers and she raised on her elbows and looked at me with excitement in her eyes. It wasn’t the reaction I expected, leaving me startled for a moment, but then the humor of it hit me and I started to laugh.

“Damn, sweetie. You’re determined to see us in jail. What is it with you and breaking into a locker room?” I asked.

“Don’t laugh at me,” she replied with a faux pout, and then continued, “C’mon… it’ll be fun.”

I’m not certain whether it was the burning desire I saw in her eyes, the consistency of her message, the play we had already experienced in the facility or the alcohol I had consumed, but I found myself considering her idea. Kami sensed the wheels turning in my head and started to get more excited which meant I would be dealing with a very disappointed wife if I didn’t have a good excuse.

“No one would be there kayseri escort but us,” I reminded her.

“I know… I don’t care,” she replied.

The excitement she showed about it being a simple husband and wife adventure became the final determinant, as for some crazy reason, it suddenly felt pure and even a bit romantic.

“I can’t believe I’m thinking about this,” I said.

“C’mon, let’s get ready,” she announced and jumped from the couch.

Still not completely comfortable, but caught in the wake of her excitement, I followed her to our bedroom and started to change. In just a few minutes, we headed for the car with my wife stopping at the refrigerator to grab the open bottle of wine. On the drive, we discussed the best plan of attack and decided to park on a nearby street, investigate the long axis of the building away from the street, and see if we could find an open or broken window. We had dressed alike, wearing jeans and dark long-sleeved tops with sneakers, hoping to be as inconspicuous as possible.

“Ready? I asked with a deep breath when we had parked.

“Yeah…” she giggled and I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying the adventure.

“How is this part of your thing?” I asked, unclear about what drove her interest.

“Debbie and the guy broke in… I mean, that’s the story,” she explained.

“Damn, Kami… Your fantasies are awfully specific,” I laughed.

“Yeah… C’mon,” she answered.

We jumped from the car, moved to the sidewalk, strode about fifty yards until there was a break in the hedge, and then entered the property. From there, we had to cross the parking lot, and staying on the edge to avoid the light, we tried to move swiftly while acting nonchalant. It was another twenty yards to the wall of the building and thankfully there was a row of bushes to help break our silhouette.

“We made it,” my wife giggled.

“I wouldn’t say that just yet,” I countered and inspected a nearby window to try and determine how it operated.

If I was correct, each one had a spindle and a hand crank made them open and close. It wasn’t good news as it meant we needed to find one that had lost the mechanism or at least where the window opened enough to reach in. Slowly, we began walking and when I spotted one with potential, we would stop and investigate. On several, we could get an inch or so of play, but not near enough for success. We had gone about two-thirds of the way when we came across one that had enough slop that I could reach my hand inside. I located the spindle, but unfortunately, the crank was missing and I couldn’t turn the mechanism with my fingers.

“Let’s keep going. Maybe we’ll get lucky,” I said when I had given up.

Kami nodded and I could see the disappointment building in her eyes as she realized we were running out of windows. None of the rest was any better, so we returned to the one that we had abandoned and looked it over again.

“I don’t know Kami, we might have struck out,” I said.

“Try some… we’ve come this far,” she pleaded.

With a nod, I pushed my hand through the tight opening and attempted to turn the device but it wouldn’t budge.

“Wiggle the window a little while I try,” I instructed her.

Sure enough, as she gently worked it, the spindle freed and I was able to turn it some. We repeated the process for several minutes and slowly the window began to open allowing me to get better leverage. Soon, we were making solid progress.

“It looks okay,” she said excitedly when it had opened about a foot.

“That’s a tight squeeze… let’s open it a bit more,” I suggested.

When we had achieved about eighteen inches, I declared victory and gave her a boost through the opening. Fortunately, she landed softly and her face appeared before me with a huge smile.

“Made it,” she said excitedly.

“Okay, look… check the other windows for a crank. It should be about six inches long and should just pull off. Use the flashlight, but make sure to point it down,” I told her.

“This thing?” she asked just seconds later and, in her hand, I saw she had found the device.

“Okay… good,” I said and taking it from her, I attached to our window, opened it a few more inches, and said, “Look out I’m coming through.”

“Where are we?” she asked when I was standing beside her.

“Looks like a storage room. Let me close this window… hold on,” I replied and swiftly cranked it shut.

Taking the flashlight from her hand, I found an unlocked door, and seconds later we were in another similar room. Again, we moved to the door and this time we stepped into what appeared to be the girl’s locker room. It certainly smelled better and had an altogether fresher appearance.

“I think we made it,” Kami giggled.

“You want to do it here?” I asked.

“No… boy’s side,” she fired back.

The locker room had some light, so we killed the flashlight, found the ramp leading to the gym, and made our way to the boy’s side. The spring in Kami’s step as we walked made it clear she was thrilled and I knew that soon I would be the beneficiary of her excitement. As soon as we arrived at our normal spot, her hands went to her top and pulled it over her head. Likewise, I started on my things, and soon we stood before each other completely naked. I took her in my arms, backed her against the metal lockers, and started a kiss that lasted for well over a minute.

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