day trip gone wrong

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day trip gone wrongOk this is a true story, a couple years have passed and feel I can write about it, now I dont know why these things happen to me, I done invite them, I dont dress or act overly provocative, ill do my best to relay this story as accurately as I rememberI was layed off work and given a nice package, so I, decided to spend some of it on something I had always wanted to do and that was go on a cruise( I was still married at the time) My Husband wasnt interested at all and told me to go alone, I told him we were not taking seperate vacations and kept badgering him about it until he finally agreed but only under the circumstance he would be doing some work while on the cruise so I agreed.The first couple days were no fun, he spent most of the time in the room set up with internet doing work, leaving me to hang around the boat by myself, I met a few people but no one I was interested in hanging out with, On the third day i decided to go ashore on a day trip, we were on an island called Dominica, and there were supposed to be some nice falls, by the time I was ready I had missed the bus, so as I approached the taxi stand I saw a young couple we had met waiting in line in Miami to board the ship.They were really a very plain couple, she was 19 he was 21 and they were on there honeymoon, they were the type you would never notice, wallflowers I guess,but very sweet all the same. “hi ,so where are you 2 off to?’ I asked, “were taking a taxi up to the falls” ” awwe cool, so am I , wanna share a cab,split the fare” they agreedWe were warned always ask the fare up front, so we did, he told us 40 dollars. So they jumped in the back and I sat in the front, Now I was just dressed in shorts, my bikini top, with a tank top over that, maybe showing a little cleavage, but on several occasions noticed the driver looking at my legs or down my top, whatever I thought, as we all made small talk along the way,At the falls he told us he would wait,,so we hiked the short walk , along the way most of the tour groups were heading back, so when we arrived at the falls we had it almost all to ourselves, a few people were swimming so we decided to do the same, I stripped to my bikini . Trent removed his shirt, he was in good shape, not overly muscular but toned, ,but the shock was whn Emma removed aliağa escort her loose over sized shirt, she was wearing a modest one piece but had an amazing body, nice legs, cute little ass, slim waste and what nust have been a double d cup size, I was so jelous, lol.After the dip we headed back, the taxi was still waiting so we were happy about that, as we approached he got out of the car and told us, “if you want a ride back the cost is double” “What?” my jaw dropped. “your k**ding right, you said 40” “well that was just to get here””so your telling us you want another 80 to get back?” “yes that is right” then Trent spoke up, “forget it we will walk” the driver replied” you are welcome to do so, but you wont be out of the forest before dark, then you will be in much trouble” I looked in my bag, “well I have 40 how much do you guys have?” ” we only have 30″ ” OK will you take 70 please and take us back?” he looked me and Emma over a little smirk cam to his face “OK I will but only if both ladies ride topless on the way back”, “forget it ” chimed Trent, I had to think, “look ,ill go topless ,they are on ther honeymoon, dont ruin this for them” “ok , then you go topless, do it now” we were pretty much the last in the parking lot so I went ahead and removed ,my top, undid my bikini and removed it as well, all 3 were staring at me, The driver reached out towards me, ” that wasnt part of the deal ” I told him, ” no the deal was 2 of you topless , and now just one, or I can leave you here”, “fine” he grabbed my breasts , squeezed and played with them, pinched my nipples, all the time he and Trent were getting an eyeful, while Emma had her face in Trents chest, He stopped and lookesd at Emma “ok now you” I had to say something, “look Im cooperating, can we just get going” “no. ive changed my mind you must both be topless I think” Emma looked up at Trent, whispering “no” to him, “Emma just do it or we are going to miss the boat”, she backed away from him, and lifted her top over her head, grabbed the straps of her one piece and pulled them down, pulled out her arms and lowered the top down, exposing herself, OMG, she has the most amazing boobs I had seen, big, round, firm, standing high on her chest, 2 very dark, quareter size nipples, she bowed her head and dropped her hands to her escort aliağa side, asking” can we go now?””yes get in the car” we all got in, the driver adjusted his rearview mirror Im sure so he could see Emma’s boobs in it, I looked back and Trent had his arm around her, both there heads were down .A few minutes down the road the driver yelled “what are you doing” I turned and saw Emma had pulled her top back up, ” you saw them isnt that enough” asked TrentWith that the driver sped up, made a sharp turn down a dirt road and stopped about 100 yards later, “OK everyone get out” Oh great I thought, Im going to die in some jungle cuz these 2 are not cooperatingWe all got out and then the driver came out holding a pistol. ” I make the rules ” pointing at me and Trent he said” you go stand over there,” He walked over to Emma and told her to remove her top again, reluctantly she did, he reached out with one hand and groped her, . He looked to Trent and told him ” you do the same to the lady” Trent just looked at me, “its Ok, just do it, its Ok” he reached up and started feeling me up, “its Ok Trent, he wants to watch you do that so do it, He then asked ” boy , do you like those, are they making you horny, ” I looked down and there was definatly a tent in his shorts “get on your knees and make him pleasure”. I was shocked to hear that, this is going to far, “do it” he yelled, I slowly lowered myself and pulled down his shorts, reached up and took him in my hand, he was already hard as I began to stroke him, at the same time the driver was having his way with Emmas boobs, I leaned forward and started sucking, he wasnt very big and I was able to take him all into my mouth, working my tongue on his, cock, I wanted him to cum fast, I had my eyes closed until I heard Emma cry ” no” I saw Emmas shorts on the ground and the drivers hand in her suit, rubbing her, she was squirming but had no where to go, and a second later Trent began to cum, after he was done I looked over and the driver had moved Emma over to his car, leaned her over, and started pulling her suit, down, I could see he had his cock out. Emma was crying nd shaking her headI stood and ran over and grabbed the driver, I grabbed his cock, ” i want you to fuck me instead of her, please” i leaned over and took him in my nouth, his hand aliağa escort bayan immediatly went to my tits, feeling, meEmma ran over to Trents arms and they stood and watched, I stood and removed my shorts, leaned back on the car and grabbed his ccok again, I spread my legs and guided him inside me, he pushed deep and looked at me, “tight like a virgin, ” and he started fucking me hard and came very quickly, as he started moaning I pushed him back, fell to my knees and let him cum in my mouth, We drove back to the dock without a word from anyone, ,but we were to late, our ship had just left, I made arrangements for a flight to the next port the next morning, we rented a small room for the night, it was the only room within close distance to the port and we all just wanted to forget the days events, we showered and all 3 of us crawled into the bed, Emmea between myself and TrentIn the middle of the night i awoke with a strange feeling, there was enough moonlight in the room thet I could see Trent staring at me, a tear in his, eye, he mouthed the words, “thank you for saving Emma, ” I was so touched, it was a strong moment for me, for some reason I grabbed his hand and placed it on my breast, pressed it against me, I bit my bottom lip and looked into his eyes, he began to caress me, touching me with his new bride between us, I reached down and touched myself, I was getting wet, I looked back at him, his eyes tranfixed on me, something came over me”Trent, ” I whispered, “please come over here and fuck me”He got out of the bed and came around to my side, moving so slowly as not to wake Emma, slid in my side of the bed, I kept my back to him but arched my back, I had already pulled down my panties, he pressed behind me and I could feel him enter, he moved so slowly, in and out , it felt so tender to me,he fucked me very slow for several minutes so he wouldnt rock the bed, I was looking at Emma, she looked so peaceful, I reached out and slowly pulled on her low neckline antio I could see down her top and her nipples. When Trent noticed he reached around and gripped my boob hard. Then he held still, he tensed and filled me with his cum,I put my arm back around onto his ass, holding him inside me as long as I could, then he slid out and moved back to his side of the bed, the next day nothing was spoke of any of this, my husband didnt care I missed the ship, and Trent and Emma just wanted to forget about it, ive never been in contact with them since but wonder how there doing, now Im single maybe i will look them up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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