Daddy’s Babygirl Ch. 03

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Note: All Characters in this story are over the age of 18. This is a continuation of the first 2 chapters. Although I would encourage you to read the other 2 first, this story should stand well without it.


It’s been about 2 weeks since daddy made me his personal play thing. We moved all of my things into the Master bedroom and daddy has been busy these past weeks turning my old room into a BDSM dungeon if you will. It was about 2 am when daddy finally crawled into bed and pulled me up against him. “Your rooms complete Babygirl. Tomorrow we will test it out to see what needs to be changed.” I had no idea what he could have meant by that. I thought he was turning it into a guest room for friends or work study, so when he said that my mind immediately started running in different directions.

“Ok daddy, I love you so much goodnight.” Kissing him gently on the lips and snuggling into his chest. Before I had time to get comfortable Daddy was already snoring louder than I could have imagined. He was so tired from working at the airport and coming home to work on the bedroom. We slept for about 5 hours when suddenly the phone rang. “Hello?” I answered in a groggy voice.

“Caryn? Is your dad awake?” It was Mr. Wilson, my dad’s boss calling so early.

“Yello?” Daddy answered in that oh so funny voice that always made me giggle.

“John, I know its your day off but we have a plane that landed here with the windows cracked and the wheels busted and your partners on paternity leave, can you come in we will pay you double for your shift.” Daddy looked over at me as if to ask if it was ok to go but before I had a chance to say no, he remembered he was in charge now.

“Yea, I’ll be right in. Let me just hop in the shower and get Caryn a list of chores for the day.” And with that daddy said his goodbye and hung up the phone. “Wake up babygirl, Come take a shower with me, we should talk.” With that Daddy got out of bed and walked into the adjoining bathroom and I heard the water falling.

Daddy’s new rule of the house was that we slept naked and I was to be naked unless he instructed me otherwise so when I crawled out of bed the cool air had its normal effect on me. My triple D breasts stood proud with my small pointy nipples growing erect from the cool air swiveling around them. I yawned and stretched making a grunting voice and I heard daddy chuckle from the bathroom. “What?!” I say with a giggle.

“Just you babygirl. It amuses me how you can go from a peaceful naked angel Beylikdüzü escort to this loud little thing getting out of bed so quickly.” And then he held out his arms and I ran over to them. My nipples smashing up against his chest as I cuddle to his chest.

“Am I in trouble daddy? What do we have to talk about? Haven’t I been good?” I ask cautiously and daddies laughed again, running his fingers through my hair and then grabbing my hand and pulling me into the shower with him. He didn’t say anything for a really long time, he tapped my shoulder and in the past weeks I had learned what that meant. Dropping to my knees, arms folded behind my back, my bright eyes looking up at him as I open my mouth expectantly.

“No babygirl, not yet.” Daddy says softly running his finger under my chin. “How do you feel about the term Master, Princess?” He asks as he grabs my shampoo and puts a dime size puddle in his hands.

“I…I don’t know. I guess its not bad, A little weird maybe? Why Daddy?” I ask softly looking up at him as he closes his eyes to tell me to do the same. Daddy starts to rub the soap into my hair, washing it gently and soothingly. He scrubs the dirt out of my hair and kneels down, rubbing the soap over my body and lathering me gently.

“Do you trust me babygirl?” He asks and I nod like a frantic lunatic. “Well if that’s the case I want you to think about calling me master, When I get home from work I want you to think about what Being a master entails and if you think what I do for you and to you is what a Master should do. And if you feel I am a master to you, I want you to tell me that when I ask you later. I will still be daddy in public, but behind close doors it will be only master, think about it today because once you agree there is no going back.”

As daddy was talking I felt his hands running over my body, so gently it was almost a tease. It had been a good 5 minutes before I realized he stopped talking when I felt his finger glide across the lips of my pussy and I squirmed. “No babygirl. Stay still; show daddy how much you trust him.”

I blush and nod, getting back into my proper position and spreading my legs slightly. His finger immediately grazed my clit making me gasp in for air. The water flowing over out bodies made it that much harder to concentrate as I ask “Daddy, if I did call you master, how would that work when I go to college next month?” But daddy shook his head and didn’t say a word. He continued to glide his finger across my clit until he Beylikdüzü escort felt the familiar sticky warmth and he pushed his finger into my tight waiting cunt.

“Da…daddy” I whimper out and he pushes his finger in more. Slowly but deeply. He makes a come here motion with his finger and glides it deep against my gspot making me squirm again.

As quick as the pleasure came in, it was gone. “Now, now babygirl. I told you no squirming.” Daddy says and grabs the toy that’s about the size of his cock and softly pushes it into me, turning it on high and standing up tall. “You know the rules, no cumming.” That when I noticed his rock hard, 9 inch cock, pointing straight at my face. I open my mouth slowly. Showing him I wanted it. My lips pursed lightly as I looked up at him and he nodded, running his fingers through my hair again but this time finding a gentle but firm grip. “Ready?” he asked and when I nodded he pushed his cock forward to my lips.

I stuck my tongue out enough to tease the tip and when I heard daddy sigh softly I took the smallest bit of control, getting up off my heals and sucking his tip into my mouth. I blush as I realized how silly I looked and then took more of him into my mouth, going all for it. I suck him into my mouth as deep into my throat as he would go and then pull off; grazing my teeth just enough to send tingles without causing pain. Daddy groaned loudly and I giggled. The vibrations hitting his shaft and carrying through his entire body. “Mm yes babygirl, keep it up, your doing it just like I showed you and it feels amazing. Yes babygirl mmm.”

Daddy kept ranting on, giving me encouraging words that made me feel like I could do anything. I slowly started to bob my head up and down over his cock. This was the first time I had given daddy head without him intervening from me doing something wrong, and it made me feel powerful. I sucked him in long and hard and brought my left hand up to his shaft. That lasted for only a minute before daddy smacked my hand away roughly. “Now, Now my slut. We talked about that, a good whore doesn’t need her hands. Are you a good whore?”

I nodded, although it didn’t quite look that way with daddy’s monster in my mouth. I went back to sucking like a proper “whore” and daddy shook his head. “You don’t think you’re going to get away with that, right slut?” I looked up at him and shook my head and daddy smiled. “You’re going to make me late for work, you know that?” I giggled and bit my lip but the look in daddy’s eyes told Escort Beylikdüzü me he wasn’t playing around.

Daddy pulled his dick out of my mouth and with one finger pointed up I knew to rise. “Bend over babygirl, and I want you to count everyone. Failure to count will make an additional 5, got it?” I nodded and then got another “look” and said. “yes daddy, I understand.” With that, smack one landed square across my ass. “One” I managed to squeak out after my scream. Smack 2, 3, 4, all ended the same way but smack 5 startled me the most. Daddy bent me over further with my ass and pussy on full display and underhand smacked my pussy making me jump and scream. “f..f.five” I whimpered and daddy smiled at me.

“Were done babygirl, but stay there, I rather like this position.” Daddy said gently and scooted closer, pulling out the toy and giving me what I thought was a hug from behind. Wrong again. The second I felt daddy’s chest against my back, I also felt his cock tapping my inner wall and I thought I was going to pass out. I grabbed the wall for a little support and daddy held me close to his back. “Surprise babygirl” he says with a little nibble to my ear. I felt his cock start to glide in and out of my soaked pussy with ease, slowly at first but growing faster by the minute. The friction our bodies created had me moaning and squealing from the pleasure.

“Daddy, why were you so rough and mean the last couple times, but now your being so sweet and caring?” I ask while raising my hips higher for his entrance.

“Because before I needed to see what you can handle. Now I know. I love you babygirl and I would never intentionally hurt you, just torture you a little” he says and nibbles on my ear again. “But I’m serious, think about calling me master, I would really truly love it.” And in that moment I felt like he really could be my master.

“Ok master, you can be my daddy and my master” I pause to think. “But only on one condition. Can I please cum before you go to work?” I ask cutely and he nods in approval. He starts to pound away at my [pussy, gliding in and out and making an echoing thump with our bodies. “Yes daddy, yes, oh yea…mmm master, I have to please?” I bite my lip and he reaches between us and rubs my tender little clit with so much force I thought id pass out and he whispers in my ear. “Cum my little fucktoy, and maybe Ill give you my seed.” And with that, I let go, my pussy spasmed hard over my daddy’s cock and I heard him grunt with me.

After about 10 minutes of actually cleaning up, daddy tucked me back into bed and said “sleep until I get home, then we can try out your new room. Conserve your energy Babygirl, your going to need it.” Then he kissed me goodbye and left on his way to work.

Chapter 4 Coming Soon.

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