Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 13

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*Daddy and babygirl are both willing, adult participants in a D/s relationship. If you find this offensive, please do not read any further.*

Part 1

Babygirl was packing up her suitcase, getting ready to hit the road for a little trip to see Daddy. This trip was going to be extra special though and she could hardly contain her excitement. Daddy was going to be so happy, and that, would make her so happy! Yes, this was definitely going to be a trip to remember.

She finished packing up the last of her stuff, reading through her list to make sure she got it all. Condoms, baby oil, dildo, strap-on, some form of restraints, laptop (with some new porn installed), and of course the boring things like clothes and shower accessories – yep, all here. She zipped up her suitcase, headed to her car, and left to have some fun.

The six hour car ride was almost unbearable. She was certain she was going to need to change when she arrived at the hotel. Her panties were so wet, it had probably gone through to her jeans by now. Babygirl was so excited about the little surprise she had lined up for Daddy.

She arrived at the hotel and went to the room Daddy said he would be at. She knocked lightly on the door. Even after all this time, she still got butterflies every time she saw him. She could feel her heart racing, her breaths coming a little quicker, and suddenly it felt very warm in there. The door opened and she looked up at him, and for just a moment, she stopped breathing. Every time she thought, every time. That first look, those first moments, always left her breathless and on top of the world.

He stepped to the side as she walked through the door. She took her suitcase over by the bed and leaned it against the wall. Then she turned back around and waited as Daddy closed the door and then turned to face her. She smiled, looked down at the floor, then dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to where he stood. She lifted her head and placed a kiss against his cock, then crawled behind him and lifted her head once more to place a kiss on his ass. She continued making a circle around him and lifted her head again to place a final kiss on his cock. Then she leaned back so she was kneeling, and blushed. Feeling like a little girl in front of him, she whispers “hello Daddy.”

He brushes his hand over so softly along the side of her face and she closes her eyes for a moment, enjoy the touch of him. Before she realizes what is happening she feels the familiar sting spread across her cheek as his hand connects with her skin once more, only not so gently this time. She winces slightly and moves her head forward, resting her forehead against his leg. He lets his fingers slide through her hair, then twirling his Kurtköy escort bayan fingers around in it, he lifts her head back and forces her to look up at him. He leans over and kisses her forehead, the cheek that is still hot from his slap, and lastly her lips. Claiming her mouth with his tongue. Once Babygirl starts to close her eyes and moan, he stops and pulls away. Her eyes open and meet his gaze once more, he can see the desire, he has accomplished his goal.

He raises his eyebrows and smirks at her. “Hello Babygirl”. She tries hard to maintain control of herself, but she can’t. It is over for her, she is his to do with as he pleases. They both know it. “Please Daddy,” she whimpers. She knows the words she wants to say to him, but all she can manage is “Daddy, please” once more.

“Please, what?”

“…” nothing comes out. This is always the hard part. In her mind she is screaming the words, but by the time they reach her mouth – it is silent. She begins to squirm in front of him, he is watching her … waiting.

“Please, what?” a little more forceful this time. She knows she needs to say something. She knows what she needs to say. She doesn’t want to anger him, she doesn’t want to start this fun weekend off with being naughty. Just say it.

“3” he looks down at her. “2” he raises an eyebrow. “1” he wraps his fingers in her hair. She tries to bury her face into his leg, she knows what is coming next. She should have just said it! Daddy pulls her head back away from his leg, he rubs his hand against the side of her face, she closes her eyes tightly as her body tenses up. His hand leaves the side of her face … “Daddy please use me for your pleasure” *SMACK*

“Not quick enough girl. Don’t push me, you won’t like it. Now, should we try that once more?” He asks.

“Yes Daddy”.

“Good. Now, please what?” He waits.

She swallows hard and opens her eyes, his cock is right in front of her. She so badly wants him to use her, to take her. “Please use me Daddy. Use me for your pleasure, take me Daddy, please” she begs him.

He rubs the reddening spot on her cheek and she leans in to his touch. He pulls her head backwards and looks her in the eyes. “Next time, you will answer me faster. I should not have to ask you twice. Is that understood?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand” she answers.

“Good girl.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

“So, you want Daddy to use you? Why?”

“I want to please you Daddy. I want to be your Babygirl. Please Daddy, use my body to pleasure yourself. Daddy, please.” she begs him.

He pulls her head back hard and she opens her mouth to gasp, just as it opens Daddy leans forward and spits. She sticks out her tongue, with her Escort Kurtköy mouth still open, and Daddy slides his finger across it. Pushing two fingers further to the back of her throat, she manages to control her gag as they hit the end of her tongue. Daddy spits in her mouth once more and removes his fingers.

“Good girl. Unzip Daddy.”

“Thank you Daddy. Yes Daddy.” She reaches her hands up and unbuttons his jeans. She reaches for his zipper and he grabs her hand. He places one hand on each side of his legs. She looks up at him, confused for just a second.

“Unzip me.” She goes to move her hands to his zipper but he quickly places his hands over hers, holding them there. He thrusts his hips forward until his pants are against her lips. She grins as she realizes just what he wants her to do. She opens her mouth and grabs hold of the zipper with her teeth. Turning her head slightly as she pulls down. Daddy kicks his feet a little and his jeans drop to the floor. Babygirl stares at his cock, covered by his boxers. She licks her lips, anticipating the moment it makes it to her mouth.

“Pull them down.” He lifts her head up by her chin and looks at her sternly. “You better watch those teeth” he warns.

“Yes Daddy.” She lowers her mouth to the bottom of the leg on his boxers, and slips her tongue between them and his leg. Once she gets hold of the material she pulls her tongue back and grasps on to it with her teeth, pulling them down his legs.

“Very good girl” Daddy praises her.

“Thank you Daddy” she smiles up at him.

He pushes on the back of her head slightly, his cock poking her face. She opens her mouth and takes Daddy’s cock. Swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, trying to make it wet so she can take him further into her mouth. She slips her tongue underneath his dick and lets her tongue ring glide up and down the underside of his cock. She feels him twitch in her mouth as he lets out a soft sigh.

His hands come to the back of her head as his hips thrust his cock further into her mouth. She slides her hands up his legs and gently cups his balls, massaging them softly. Daddy’s hip pick up a rhythm and his dick begins sliding in and out of her mouth faster.

Babygirl tries to position her tongue flat under him and suck on him at the same time. Daddy starts going faster and soon the tip of his cock is hitting the back of her throat. The harder he hits, the more she feels the urge to gag. Daddy holds tightly to the back of her head and takes a step closer to her. He slides his cock back until he can feel it hit her throat, and then he pushes harder. Babygirl tries to relax her throat but starts gagging when the head of his cock slips into her throat. She Kurtköy Rus Escort instinctively brings her hands up and tries to push him away.

“No” he says sternly. He takes her hands and places them behind her head. Then he holds them there, placing his hands over the top of hers. “Open” he commands. Babygirl opens her mouth once more as Daddy slides his cock to the back of her mouth once more. Daddy thrusts his hips forward and short, quick movements at first. Once she relaxes, he forces his dick further in to her throat. She gags as it slips in to her throat and tries to bring her hands down. Daddy holds them tightly against her head. “No” he says. Once again Daddy starts thrusting his hips forward, short and quick thrusts. When he feels her mouth relax he starts thrusting faster, harder. His dick slipping further in to her throat each time. Daddy pushes himself hard in to her mouth and pulls her head forward at the same time, making her nose touch his stomach. She gags hard around his cock and he holds her still for a moment, before releasing her. She looks up at him as her eyes start to water.

Daddy pulls himself from her and takes his cock in his hand, stroking it. He pulls her head forward until his balls are against her lips. “Suck.”

Babygirl opens her mouth and starts licking Daddy’s balls. Sucking them each into her mouth, rubbing her tongue against him. She lets her tongue trail down the underside of his balls and licks his ass with the very tip of her tongue. Daddy’s balls smacking against her face as he strokes himself faster and harder. She flattens her tongue and lets her tongue ring rub against him. He grabs her head and forces his cock back into her mouth. Slamming into the back of her mouth, feeling her throat gag around his dick. He holds her head tightly as he continues using her mouth. Ignoring her gags and whimpers, slamming faster into her mouth.

“Swallow!” Daddy says as he wraps his arm around the back of her head and pulls her tightly against him, his cock sliding completely into her throat. She tries hard to swallow as she feels Daddy’s cum slipping down her throat. He lets go of her head and she slowly pulls her mouth up Daddy’s cock. Swirling her tongue gently around the head of his dick, cleaning up all the cum. She pulls her mouth from and swallows the last of his cum, wiping the corners of her mouth. Daddy sits back on to the couch and motions for her to follow to him. She crawls up next to him and lays her head on his leg. Daddy grabs the remote, props up his feet, and leans back comfortably as he flips through the channels. Babygirl continues to lick her lips, still tasting Daddy’s cum in her mouth.

Daddy rests his arm on her and strokes her hair. She turns her head and looks back at him. “Thank you for using my mouth Daddy” she smiles.

“Good girl” Daddy says, stroking her hair, “good girl”.

Babygirl gets comfy, and starts thinking about the plans for tomorrow. Daddy will be so happy, this is going to be great, she thinks to herself.

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