Cyber Becomes Reality Ch. 01

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Jonathan got off of the plane anxious to meet the woman who’d turned his world out in chat that night so long ago. They had been chatting for a while and he knew that their meeting would be explosive. The way she typed and expressed herself while cybering with him blew his mind away. He was wearing a pair of comfortable tan slacks and a short sleeve black button down shirt. He stood at 6′, weighing about 180lbs. He had dark hair and brown eyes framed by long sexy eyelashes. His moustache was gray giving him an air of distinction. He was a good looking man and the fact that he was so modest about his appearance made him that much more attractive to the woman that was watching him as he removed his luggage from the luggage rack.

She knew it was him from the description he gave her over her cell phone which she had gone out and bought just so that she could call him and put a voice to the man that made her feel like the sexiest woman alive. She stood up and checked her outfit to make sure she looked just right. She stood at a mere 5’0″. She was not a little woman though. She was what she liked to call thick in all the right places. Yes, she had meat on her bones weighing in at about 175lbs herself. Funny, when she looked down at herself, she couldn’t see where all that weight was but that’s what the scale said. Her girlfriend once told her that all her weight was in her tits and ass as she had plenty of both. She was yalova escort wearing a blue jean skirt and a purple t-shirt. Purple was her favorite color and she wore it whenever she got a chance.

She walked up to Jonathan and asked him if she could help him with his bags. Jonathan turned and looked down at the cutest woman. His eyes lit up at the sight of her and he smiled as he set his bags down and pulled her into his arms for a long awaited hug. She wrapped her arms around his waist and expelled a sigh of relief at the warm reception he had given her. They stood back and looked at each other taking in each other’s appearance both very happy and satisfied with what they saw. Jonathan gathered his bags and followed her out of the airport to her car.

He placed his bags in the backseat and climbed into the passenger seat as she climbed into the driver’s seat. She looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back and reached over to play with one of her braids. He’d been dying to touch her hair since first laying eyes on her. He wondered what her nipples looked like. If they would be a dark brown or almost black. She was of African descent and her smooth brown skin looked as if it would taste as good as chocolate. His mouth began to water in anticipation of the evening to come. She cranked up the car and they drove off to the hotel where she had made reservations. They made edirne escort small talk as she drove, the atmosphere in the car getting ripe with sexual tension.

Finally, they arrived at the hotel and no sooner did they get into the room than they were both naked tumbling onto the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. They kissed each other wherever their mouths would touch, running their hands over each others bodies as if they didn’t have time and needed to come to completion or the world would end. Jonathan had the foresight to remember to put on a condom, although it took an extreme amount of will power not to just take her raw. He entered her body in a hasty manner and she responded by spreading her legs wide and grabbing his ass to pull him deep inside of her. They bucked against each other feeling their first initial orgasms building up. Their bodies exploded with pent up passion and they screamed out their release in unison feeling as if they were both having an out of body experience. They collapsed on the mattress, sated for the moment having gotten that first release out of the way knowing the next round would be slow and sensual.

They lay there naked looking into each other’s eyes not needing to talk. They allowed their eyes and hands to do their talking for them. He took a good look at her body. Her DD breasts were heaving with their recent exertion. Her erzurum escort nipples were dark but closer to brown than black. He liked that. Her chocolate skin gleamed with a light sheen of perspiration. His eyes traveled down her stomach covered in stretch marks from having been pregnant. He put his hand on her stomach and rubbed it up and down enjoying the feel of her stretch marks and knowing that she was a mother excited him even more. His eyes moved down to her pussy mound and he smiled at the way the hair was shaved in a heart shape and trimmed neatly. He moved his hand down not being able to resist the temptation to see if the hair was soft or coarse to the touch. Her hair was damp but he could still feel the coarseness of it. Something about that made him want to put his face between her legs. He moved down the bed and positioned himself between her legs pushing them up over his shoulders. He gripped her ass and placed his tongue to her love jewel. She jumped at the sensation still sensitive from her orgasm. Slowly he circled his tongue around her clit still a bit swollen from their very recent coupling, enjoying the way it twitched with each circular move of his tongue. She began to moan and reached down to grab his head as she felt yet another orgasm began to overtake her body. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably and she screamed out his name as she let the warm feeling course through her body. Suddenly she felt a cool shiver inside her body and then she was floating.

Several minutes later, she came back down with a contented sigh as she drifted off to sleep. He pulled her into his arms knowing he’d done his job. He played in her braids as she slept and drifted off into a world of sexual fantasy with a smile on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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