Cuffed , Muffed!

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You lie cuffed to my bed, only your briefs to cover you. Your eyes are masked by a satin blindfold. I can see that your fingers grip the iron bars of the bed frame and your body is tense as you wait.

At first it is so easy to stand there admiring you, watching you strain to catch every sound. But the more I look, the more I want to touch. To stroke my hands across your chest and stomach, feel your nipples against my palms, your stomach muscles tense against my caress. I know that if I run my fingers across the front of your briefs I’ll feel your cock respond, twitching and hardening, your hips thrusting up to prolong the contact.

I step closer to the bed and your head turns towards the sound, your lips parted. I bend and press my lips to yours, my hair brushing your face. Just one kiss, a quick taste. I flick your nipples with my nails and scratch softly down your body, your stomach muscles tensing in response. Slipping my fingers under the waistband of your briefs I pull them down so that they are cupping your balls, leaving that gorgeous cock exposed. I pause to admire and am so tempted to touch, maybe just a little stroke with the tips of my fingers.

You feel the mattress give a little as I kneel next to you. Then another pause, as I feast on you with my eyes. There’s no hurry, I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere!

I straddle you and sit on your stomach, pressing my pussy against your skin. You can Kurtköy Anal Escort feel the heat and wetness leaving its sticky mark. Leaning forwards I trace your lips with a fingertip — your lips part and I slip my finger between them. Will you suck and lick or bite I wonder? A small nip followed by a caressing tongue — perfect. You hear my indrawn breath in response and know that I’ll be biting my lip — trying not to give too much away. I withdraw my finger and lift my pussy away from your body. Two fingers are proffered and you can smell the musky scent of sex. Your mouth opens, sucking them in and tasting me for the first time. I can feel your tongue lapping my skin and I shiver.

Withdrawing the fingers I lean forwards and press against your lips, you feel my nipple hard and demanding attention. Sucking my nipple into your mouth you bite and I gasp, but do not withdraw. My nipples love attention and the way you are sucking and nipping is making me wetter. I straighten slightly and your mouth follows, trying to re-capture. I rub the other nipple across your cheek and you turn your head trying to seize it. I rub it against your lips and withdraw before you have chance to latch on. You hear me laugh, just a small laugh of enjoyment.

You feel me move, changing position and then that musky smell assails your nostrils again.

“Taste me,” I whisper.

Your head strains upwards, tongue Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort thrust forwards and on the very tip you can feel me. I sit back allow you access to more of my pussy. The feel of your tongue is heavenly, licking up and down the folds of my pussy, flicking against my clit, thrusting just the tip inside me. I thrust my hips back and you start to fuck me with your tongue. I accompany your performance with moans and sighs of pleasure. Then suddenly I withdraw, you are left with a face sticky and covered in juice.

I rise and stand to look at you, your cock is very hard and I am so tempted. Kneeling between your thighs I bend and lick your balls, up to the base of your cock. My fingers stroke, lightly scratching and a small moan escapes my lips. Fingertips trail up the shaft of your cock and softly rub the tip. My tongue follows, licking slowly from base to tip. Once at the tip it circles, with my lips hovering above, parted and ready. I press my closed mouth to the tip of your cock and then part my lips and let the tip slip into the warmth of my mouth, where I suck. You taste very good. I slide my lips down your shaft taking as much of your cock as I can, before sliding them back up, pressing my tongue against your shaft as I go. My fingers are wrapped around the base of your cock squeezing and rubbing as I suck more of you into my mouth. I could do this until you came in my mouth, but that’s Kurtköy Zenci Escort not what I want right now. You moan as I withdraw, begging me not to stop.

“Suck my cock,” you demand. As if I take orders!

I touch your thighs as I change position and you feel my hand grasping your cock. The tip of your cock I rub against my pussy, parting the lips and grinding it against my clit. That feels wonderful and I let out a long, low moan. Can you feel how hot and wet I am? I push the tip of your cock inside me, just the tip and with a slow rocking motion begin to fuck you. From the position of my legs you know I’m facing towards your feet and you so want to see your cock fucking my pussy, my cheeks spread so you can see my arse. I wonder if you’ll ask me to remove the blindfold so you can see? If you ask nicely I might do so.

The head of your cock feels fabulous stretching my pussy open, but I need more. I slam back and down and take your whole cock inside me. Rocking backwards and forwards, up and down I fuck you hard and so deep. My fingers graze your cock as they rub against my clit and I’m desperate to be filled again and again. Your cock is so hard and I feel so full and stretched and I can’t get enough. Your hips thrust up trying to meet me, trying to fuck even deeper. You feel my pussy tighten around your cock, the fingers on my clit speed up, my thighs pushing your legs together as my body starts to tense. You feel a shudder go through my body as I slam down hard onto your cock, moaning. My pussy contracting hard as a scream escapes my lips. The contractions of my pussy, like a tight fist around your cock, start you cumming and you buck and shudder beneath me, filling my pussy with spunk…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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