Crissy And Me – Conclusion To The Conclusion

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I remember chuckling to myself that morning, hearing Crissy grumbling out an assortment of pathetic obscenities as she turned off her cell phone alarm. I was lying on my side with my back towards her, waiting for her to put her arm back around my waist and snuggle me some more.It had been a month since she told me she was a trans girl, and we’d been sleeping together every night since. As much as I resisted lingerie at first, I’d come to love wearing my nylons, panties, and bras around Crissy. I feel so light and airy in lingerie now, especially when Crissy tells me how naturally I’ve taken to the female side of sex.Her cock felt so right, nestled in my crack as I thought about what a wonderful month it had been. She made the sweetest moans as she pressed against me and smoothed her hand up my chest to pinch on my nipples.”Morning, baby,” Crissy softly whispered as she snuggled in close. “Feeling good this morning?””Mmmm… so good. You were fantastic last night.””That’s cuz I love fucking you, babe. You’ve turned into the sweetest little bitch.””I know,” I giggled, “before you got me to try it, I never would have thought I’d love my female side as much as I do.”Her warm lips kissed the back of my neck. Her hardening cock pressed against my ass. My own cock was already standing at attention, and my butt arched backwards as she started dry-humping me.”Shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?” I asked.”Yeah… I really should, but I’d much rather stay in bed a few more minutes with my awesome, feminine boyfriend.””Well… at least it’s Friday. We can sleep in tomorrow and fuck all day if we want.””I’m getting kinda horny for my girl side, babe,” she said with a giggle. “I might need you to fuck me this weekend. What do you think about that?”I rolled onto my back and said I’d really like that. I loved being her bottom, and told her that my ass would always be hers, any time she wanted it. Crissy propped herself up on her elbow, pressing her lips against mine and sliding her tongue into my mouth. I moaned, kissing her back and wrapping my arms around her. We were both in the same ‘messing around’ state of mind.I coaxed her into lying on her back and slid my hand under the blankets, curling my fingers around her semi-hard cock. Crissy moaned as I kissed her neck while my hand slowly glided up and down the length of her shaft.Moving down to those beautiful breasts of hers, I sucked on her fat, perky nipples while stroking her hardening cock at the same time. I then moved further down, kissing around her waist and tickling her belly button with my tongue.”God, Robbie…” she moaned, “quit teasing me like that.”I just giggled as I slid further down to come face-to-face with my girlfriend’s big fat cock. Holding it at the base, I began swirling my tongue around the head of her shaft. Crissy held my head under the covers, running her fingers through my hair.She shivered as I delicately teased my tongue down the length of her shaft, then slowly back up to the tip again. I did this several times before sliding all the way down to her nut sack. As my tongue lapped at her heavy balls, I pumped her cock with my left hand and used the other one to reach up and tease her nipples. I was getting good at this, Crissy had taught me well. She was panting now as I sucked her balls into my mouth, one at a time.”Damn it… Robbie!” she grew impatient, “just suck my fucking cock!”She was so ready, but I loved teasing her like this. As much as I love being a submissive little bitch, I also like being in control sometimes. I was learning how to make her submissive to me when I had her cock in my mouth. I guess that’s how two people grow together as lovers. Learning what your lover likes and figuring kocaeli escort out how much mischief you can get away with to make it all the more fun.I knew we didn’t have all morning, so I dropped the foreplay and took her cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around her and started sucking, rapidly bobbing my head up and down. She pushed my head further down until she slid right into my throat. I was getting used to having her in my throat by now, so I didn’t gag on it too much when her balls pressed against my chin.My eyes were tearing up as I drooled all over her dick. Every moaning sound she made turned me on even more. I had such a stiff, almost painful hard-on, I had to reach down and stroke myself.”Fuck…!” she cried out, “I’m g-gonna… c-cum.”I quickened my pace, focusing on deep-throating her and wrapping my tongue around her shaft as I bobbed my head. Writhing around underneath me, Crissy started breathing heavier, pulling on my hair as she panted and moaned.”I’m cumming!” she shrieked.I backed off until only her head was between my lips as her warm, sticky cum flooded my mouth. The sweet flavor washed over my tongue as I kept sucking on the head of her cock and gently squeezing her balls to milk her dry.With her warm load squirting into my mouth, my own cock started twitching and jerking as I felt my cum running down my fingers. It still amazes me that giving her a blowjob sometimes turns me on so much that I can cum just from that.I rode her orgasm until I’d drained her balls and swallowed it all. My cheeks were flushed, and my hair was damp with sweat when came I up from under the covers. Crissy was still breathing heavily as she brushed the hair out of my face.”You sexy little slut,” she snickered, “you’re such a great little cocksucker.””I love doing it for you,” I beamed and kissed her on the lips. “You should probably start getting ready for work.”She glanced at her cell phone and groaned. She had less than forty-five minutes to take a shower, do her makeup, and get dressed. We decided we couldn’t risk getting carried away in the shower, so she went into the bathroom alone while I went into the kitchen to make coffee.Wearing only my nylons, I savored the taste of her cum in my mouth as I put the coffee on and toasted a couple slices of bread. I was pretty sure I was in love with her at that point. I’d been feeling it for a while, but I hadn’t yet told her about it. Mostly because I didn’t know how, and partly because I wasn’t sure if she had the same feelings for me. We hadn’t really talked about it much, so I was content to keep it to myself for now.”I really have to hurry,” Crissy said as I handed her a cup of coffee while she gobbled down some toast. “It’s all your fault, you slut, for sucking me off like that.””Not sorry… bitch!” I laughed, and she bent over laughing about it, too.”What are we doing when we get home tonight?” I asked when we finally stopped laughing and embraced for goodbye kisses.”It’s Friday, baby,” she giggled, “I have something very special planned for you tonight.””What?” I excitedly asked.”If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?””No, I guess not,” I shrugged.”I’ll give you a hint,” she teased, “It’s very, very girly, and you’ll really, really love it.””That doesn’t tell me much.””That’s all I’ll tell you for now, babe. Just be ready to feel a hundred times more female than you’ve ever felt before,” she said as she kissed me goodbye and ran out the door.~~~~~I was full of anticipation when I got to work that day, wondering what Crissy’s big surprise might be. Every couple of days since I’d started discovering my female side, she’d surprise me with a new set of lingerie. I’d always run into kocaeli escort bayan the bedroom with my new treasure to try it on and prance around in front of the mirror before coming out to show her how I looked.She would always tell me how sexy I was, and I’d usually end up giving her a blow job before dinner. Often times we’d get stoned and watch porn just before going to bed. I came to find out that Crissy had quite a collection of raunchy CDs. It didn’t matter what kind of porn we were in the mood for, Crissy had it all. She’d take me to bed afterwards, and we’d act out the scenes, matching the positions with her always on top, of course.This made porn doubly exciting for me. Seeing girls taking cock in all the positions made me incredibly horny for it. I was thinking this might be the surprise she was planning. Crissy probably bought a new CD for us to watch, along with a new set of sexy lingerie for me to wear. She knew a new set of lingerie always got me sexed up.I was thinking about this when my boss came in to tell me he wanted me to work with another team on a big project they had to get out that day. It was a welcome interruption from my normal routine, and it got my mind off Crissy for the time being. I was eating lunch when my phone buzzed with an incoming text from Crissy.’Hey sexy,’ her text read, ‘can you meet me after work at that steak house we like to go to on Maple Street? I forgot the name.”I know the one,’ I texted back.’Be there at five-thirty?”You got it, babe.”Gotta run. See you there, sex pot. Don’t be late.”I’ll be there.”Hmmm…’ I thought as I put my phone back in my pocket. ‘A dinner date. Maybe she wants to switch sexes tonight. Maybe she wants me to fuck her tonight. Yeah, that’s gotta be it. That’s her surprise!’The thought of getting a piece of her ass tonight kept me in a state of arousal all afternoon. Time seemed to stand still as I anticipated banging her again. I practically ran to my car after work, anxious to be with my Crissy again.~~~~~She was at the door, waiting for me when I arrived at the steak house. It’s fancier than the places we usually go to eat, which made me think this was going to be a special night.”Hi, babe,” she greeted me with a passionate kiss. “Ready for a sexy weekend?””It’s all I thought about all day,” I said with excitement, “I couldn’t stop thinking about what my surprise might be.””I like to keep my little slut thinking about being my little slut,” she giggled.Now she had me guessing again, after I thought I had her figured out. I’d mistakenly assumed that she was going to be my slut tonight, but when she kept calling me her little slut, I knew my assumptions were wrong. Not that I minded being her slut tonight, I loved the thought of it. It was just that I had to wonder all over again about what she had in store for me.The dinner crowd was just starting to come in, so we were able to pick a secluded booth near the back. The waitress handed us our menus, asking us what we’d like to drink. Crissy ordered us a bottle of wine and without even asking me, ordered an appetizer of raw oysters.”Oysters….?” I asked, a little surprised “Raw oysters?””Have you ever had them?””No, but raw doesn’t sound very appetizing.””Like everything else I’ve been teaching you, Robbie dear, it’s all a matter of how you think about it. Oysters are an aphrodisiac, in case you didn’t know.””I didn’t know that.””Well, now you do,” she said. “I want you horny as fuck when we get home.””That’s won’t be hard,” I laughed, “I’m horny all the time just thinking about you. All I want to do is be with you, all the time.””I want to be with you all the time too, baby.”She gave me a sweet kiss and then got a serious look izmit escort on her face. “You know, Robbie, I’ve thinking lately,” she said, sounding a little fearful, which was strange, for her, “we seem to be getting crazier about each other all the time, and I was just wondering… umm… thinking about… what you would think about maybe… moving in with me? I mean, you’re practically at my apartment all the time as it is.””Yeah,” I replied, “I’ve been kinda thinking the same thing. This morning, when you were in the shower after I gave you that blow job, I was thinking I that I love you.””That was the best blow job, Robbie,” she sighed, “I woulda let you fuck me if you wanted to. I woulda done anything for you. When I was in the shower afterwards, I was thinking that maybe I love you, too.””I’ve been feeling it for a while now,” I confided, “but I was afraid to tell you, because I wasn’t sure if you felt the same about me.””I think the feeling is mutual, babe.””You mean like we’ve fallen in love?””Maybe, but I’m not sure,” she said. “You see, Robbie, I know a lot about having sex and all that, but I’ve never been this emotionally involved with anyone before. All my other boyfriends, well… they fuckin’ freaked out when I even mentioned love.”I think they just wanted me for sex, so they could brag to their friends that they fucked a dick-girl. The thought of getting too involved with a trans girl scared them, and they always ran away. I always felt hurt every time I lost another boyfriend, so I’ve been afraid to even think about calling in love with you. I didn’t want to risk having you run away like everyone else did.””I won’t run away from you,” I told her. “I think I’m already in love with you.””I’ve never been in love before, Robbie, but I’d like to go down that path with you, and see where it goes.””I know one thing for sure, I’m definitely in love with your cock.””Mmmm… yeah babe. Sex with you is the best. I’m gonna give you plenty of cock tonight.””When I was at work today,” I chuckled, “I was trying to figure out what my surprise was gonna be, and I was guessing you wanted to switch sexes and be the woman tonight. Looks like I was wrong about that.””You getting horny for my ass, babe?””A little bit,” I admitted, “this morning, you did say that you were getting horny for it.””I am getting horny for it, babe, but not tonight. Tonight I’m gonna show you the final step to becoming the woman I know you want to be for me.”Tomorrow, I’ll be your woman. You’ve learned to take cock as good as I can, so from now on, you can fuck me anytime you want. I think we’re becoming perfectly matched lovers.”I think she was fighting back tears when she said that, and I know I was. Luckily, just then the waitress brought our wine and raw oysters. It was good timing on her part, because we were both getting really emotional. We just stared at each other as she poured us each a glass. We touched our glasses before taking the first sip.”To us,” Crissy said. “Yes, to us” I heartily agreed as our glasses clinked together, which got us in a lighter, more comfortable frame of mind.”Eat an oyster for me?” she asked.”I’ll try one,” I accepted, although I wasn’t really sure.”The oysters are to remind you of drinking my cum, which you will do later. The steaks will give us energy for our fucking, and the way I’m feeling right now, we might fuck all night.”She fed me the oysters, one by one, kissing me in between and calling me a sexy cocksucker. The texture of the juices was strikingly similar to semen. I wouldn’t chew the oysters themselves, but they did feel a lot like her cock as I rolled them around in my mouth and felt them sliding down my throat. By the time she fed me the last one, we were on our third glass of wine. I had discovered that I like oysters, and I was feeling very horny.Our arousal was strong, and we ate our steaks as fast as we could with our hands between each other’s legs the entire time.

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