Confirming that I am a cuckold!!!

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Confirming that I am a cuckold!!!My wife Clare was with one of her old boyfriends, Wayne, for many years. He’s a close friend of mine and I’ve always felt a little insecure about the fact that she was so devastated when they split up. And the fact that he’s a tall, muscular, handsome and very popular chap.We’ve been married over 10 years now and we still socialise with Wayne and his wife and attend the same parties and weddings as we still have the same group of friends. We’ve all got k**s now but still enjoy a good drink and knees up!It was at one of these parties that I discovered that I truly am a cuckold!We were all at the wedding of a mutual friend. Clare and I had a babysitter for the evening, Wayne and Sarah had done the same and we were all having a great time. The wine was flowing and the evening guests had started to arrive. It was at this point that my mobile phone rang, it was the babysitter! Apparently one of the k**s had a slight temperature and she felt she should let us know. Our house was only 10 minutes away in a taxi so I volunteered to head back to make sure all was well. I left Clare, Sarah and Wayne at the table guzzling wine and enjoying themselves. When I got home all was well and our little one was fine. I spent 20 minutes there just to make sure then told the babysitter I’d head back to the party. When I turned up the whole scene was different. The tables had been tidied away and the place was packed with new faces. There was no sign of Clare or the other two. I had a walk round and asked a few people I knew if they’d seen my little group. It wasn’t long before I found someone who told me something that I didn’t want to hear. Sarah had left just after me as she wasn’t feeling well. Where the hell had Clare and Wayne disappeared to!?The venue was huge and really dark. The disco was in full swing with lights flashing and people everywhere.I decided to head to the back end of the party room which had bar stools all the way around the edge. It was much quieter with only a few young k**s playing around under the tables. It was really dark away from the disco lights and I was about to continue my search elsewhere when I spotted them. Clare sat on a bar tuzla escort stool and Wayne stood in front of her with his back to me. They were hidden away in a dark corner behind a pillar which I thought was odd. I started to walk over to them when I had the urge to observe for a while. Whether I thought I wanted to catch her out, or something else I don’t know.I subtly settled down at a table about 10m away from them. There were still k**s and their parents milling about so I was quite well hidden.They seemed just to be chatting. I could see Clare laughing and them both swigging their drinks. What did look odd was the fact that Clare was sat with her knees apart. Very unlike her as she is always such a lady when seated.I decided to try and move round a little so I could see what was going on. I then got the shock of my life. Clare’s dress had been lifted up at the front and Wayne had his hand in her knickers! He was obviously fingering her. She was smiling up at him as if this was completely normal, sipping from her wine and nodding her head gently to the beat of the music. I could see his hand rocking back and forth in some fairly big movements so she was obviously well juiced up.As I watched, I realised that my cock was rock hard. I should be mad, but I was actually turned on. I made sure I was well hidden as I was keen to see what happened next and didn’t want to spoil it all by getting spotted. After a few minutes they had stopped talking and drinking. Clare was gripping Wayne’s arm and had a the frown of sexual enjoyment on her face. I could see that she was eagerly undoing Wayne’s suit trousers with her other hand. As she took his large cock out she looked up with a knowing familiarity on her face. Then they kissed passionately as she started to slowly wank him off, his hand still buried in her pussy. I couldn’t believe they were being so brazen in such a public place, and amongst hundreds of people, many of whom we knew!I continued to watch and enjoyed the sight of Wayne’s tongue filling Clare’s mouth. She pulled him closer to her and I saw her pull her knickers to the side as she shuffled forward slightly on the stool. She was going to fuck sancaktepe escort him at the back of the disco! My cock was sopping wet and was ready to explode. It took all my will power not to start wanking myself!As she opened her legs wider I saw a look of ecstasy on her face as he slide into her. Her hands clasped his buttocks as she pulled him in. His hands strayed up to grope her tits through her dress. I could tell she was getting worked up and suddenly they stopped. She whispered something in his ear and they both tidied themselves up and headed for the crowds. I knew exactly what was going to happen next and followed….As they moved though the crowds I saw them both nodding to people we knew. They actually looked like a great couple together as they headed for the entrance to the building with a spring in their steps. When they got outside they turned right and headed for the outdoor bar area which was dark and deserted. I followed and could hear Clare giggling and whispering as they stopped at a picnic bench.She turned around and they started to kiss again. Her hands aside his face and as he plunged his big tongue into her mouth once again. I crept to a dark spot just a few meters away and managed to hide under another picnic bench so there was no way of me being spotted. Clare’s dress was lifted at the front again and Will had his hand in her knickers, roughly rubbing and fingering her. His cock was out again and she wanked him as they kissed passionately. She then sank to her knees and greedily started sucking him cupping his huge balls. She sucks great dick and she was going to town on Wayne, moaning and slurping. I could see that she had her hand inside her own knickers as she lapped at his balls. He then pulled her to her feet. She lifted her dress and let her knickers drop to her feet. He pushed her back onto the picnic bench where she sat, legs apart and pulled up, with her lacy knickers dangling off one ankle. Wayne knelt down and then started to tongue her, her hand gripping his hair. I could hear her moaning softly and had a pang off jealousy when I heard her say “You really are the best at doing that!”. He was down there for üsküdar escort ages greedily slurping at her wet pussy and sucking her clit. It was finally all too much and I heard her say “Come on and fuck me before you make me cum”. He stood up and allowed his trousers and briefs to drop to the floor. He tucked his arms under her spread legs and slid into her once again. “Mmmmmme” was Clare’s reaction as he started to deliver long stokes into her sopping wet pussy. Her tits were out now and he groped them roughly as he ploughed into her, her hands gripping his buttocks once again. He started to increase the pace and as Clare held on to him I heard her pant ‘God I’ve missed this big cock!’. She was right, he was much bigger than me and her pussy looked stretched around him. At this point he stopped and slowly withdrew from her. He sunk to his knees again and gave her another good licking, I could see his fingers plunging into her as he sucked hard on her clit. She was moaning loudly again and squeezing her own nipple as he went to work. He then pulled her off the table and turned her round, her dress pulled up over her arse. He roughly entered her from behind and she gasped again, her pussy making a loud farting noise as he rammed into her. He then pounded her like a rag doll in a way that I’d had never considered, she was grunting and groaning and telling him to ‘fuck her hard’. As the pace quicken, he said ‘I’m going to cum in a minute…’, she’s said ‘fill me up, I want your cum inside me!’. I couldn’t believe it!! We always use the withdrawal as she’s not on the pill!! With a few more long hard strokes he started to cum inside her, it seemed to go on for ever and they were both making a racket as he continued to thrust himself deep into her.She lay on her front with her head turned and they kissed passionately for a long time. His large cock had fallen out of her and I could hear drops of his cum dripping out of her onto the floor.Shortly after, they headed into disco separately and five minutes later I followed meeting them both at the bar. She kissed me when I arrived and she smelt of sex and she had a glow about her. Wayne handed me a beer as if nothing was wrong and the evening continued as usual.That night I was very keen to fuck her when we got home. Although she was tired, she seemed very keen too. The feeling of sliding into her stretched, cum filled pussy is something I’ll never forget. It had started something for us both!!!

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