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All the characters involved in sexual activities in this story are of 18 years or older.

I thank Todger65 for editing this story. He was a great help.


Steve slithered his cock out of Amelie’s mouth, causing a wet pop as the head slipped along her starving lips. She blew as she tried to catch her breath, her lips and chin still wet from the rigorous face fuck. Before she could get herself together, his hands were on her shoulders pushing her backward until she was lying against the tiled floor. It felt cold against her naked back, although everything inside her felt hot and energetic as she stared up at his strong naked body standing over her.

Her hand moved unconsciously to her slick wet pussy lips. She played with her aroused clit, breathing hard, and eager for more. “I want to taste you, I want to eat your cum.” She gulped.

“Is that all that you wanted…to become my dirty little cum slut? To break all the rules society has laid out for siblings?” He paused, while she licked and sucked her cum off of his fingers, her eyes never leaving his.

“Yes,” she confessed with an impish smirk. “Right now I only want to live by our own rules.”

“You’re living up to them perfectly. Was it rough enough for you? Did my cock in your throat feel good?”

“Mmm… Yes baby, I loved it. But now I need my brother’s big hard cock in my cunt.” She could feel her pussy slippery with juices, and she was still rosy from her orgasm.

“Good. Because I can’t wait to fuck your juicy cunt.”

He stood, pulling her up off the floor with him, his hands grasping the round cheeks of her ass as he pulled her to the bed, throwing her down onto it; she gasped, panting and still hungry for more. He clutched her legs and pulled them up and apart. As she was very supple from years of exercise, they fell back effortlessly against her breasts and spread wide apart. She glared him with wide eyes, smothering a moan as he leaned forward until his tongue touched the wet folds of her swollen cunt now slick and slippery with juices. He sucked her clit before his tongue reached deeply inside her, and then moved up again to tickle her clit back and forth while she wriggled and moaned, until she was bucking her hips up against his skillful mouth.

“Fuck yess….brother…” she cried as his tongue circled her now sensitive clit.

“Mmm, you like my tongue, don’t you my little slut,” he muttered, before plunging his tongue back into her wet tunnel.

He moved his tongue rapidly up and down her juicy slit, increasing the length of his strokes. His hands gripped her butt from below, lifting her a little off the bed so that his tongue could slide down to her ass crack; pressing against her little brown puckered hole, and making her groan with pleasure.

“Oh fuck; fuck my cunt with your tongue.”

Her hands clutched both her ankles as they were up high over her head, giving him complete access to everything he wanted. He totally controlled her lower half, lifting it up off the bed, folded in half as she was, and drawing her onto his mouth. He licked her anus and drove his tongue into it with effort, while her hands held the sheets for balance. She could feel her pussy quivering as he alternated between sucking her clit and slipping down to sample her pussy juices and her ass with an unpredicted rhythm that had her breathing hard.

“Mmm…oh yes…..” she moaned.

Each of the laps of his tongue drove her closer and closer to a robust orgasm that had her thrusting desperately against his mouth and thrashing against the mattress. His fingers plowed into her ass cheeks, holding her firmly as his tongue filled her pulsating cunt again, feeling every spasm as she came hard on his invading tongue.

“This is the second time you’ve brought me to such a powerful orgasm,” she giggled weakly.

The heat from her orgasm had not dissipated yet. Her pussy was still throbbing and tender, and her eyes were half-closed still rejoicing in the exhilarations. Before she could gather her senses, he slid up over her body, and she felt the abrupt hard thrust of his cock stretching her cunt up to her cervix. She screamed with pleasure at the sudden stabbing, as her greasy cunt wrapped his cock tightly as he pounded her burning cunt hole; making the bed creak beneath them.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered, melting beneath the wonderful sensations of his cock sliding between her trembling thighs.

He pulled her legs up high, over his shoulders, allowing deeper movement until she could feel his scrotum smacking against her butt. The room was filled with the noises of their sex slapping against each other, loud and wet; combined with their whimpers and puffing as he fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked before. Her hands skated down over his muscled back to hook at his ass, drawing him into her as she pushed up to meet his every thrust. The pace increased until they were both soaking with sweat, and the bedpost was thumping against the wall.

“Fuck me,” she ataşehir escort cried in an astonished trance. “Fucking use me up like there is no tomorrow. Make me scream your name.”

“Oh yeah. You want rougher?” He groaned, as he violently tormented her slick cunt harder.

“Yesss, give me some more.” She spoke as she pulled him further into her.

Swiftly, he pulled his cock out and rolled her over roughly.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded.

Breathless, she struggled to rise up on her knees, bracing herself on wobbly legs. Her hands grasped the sheets, as she offered her ass to her brother, twisting her back and looking over her shoulder mischievously.

“Fuck me in the ass, if that’s what it takes.”

He grinned, and rubbed his hands roughly over her ass cheeks before giving it a good hard slap, leaving a blood red print in its wake. The heat from the tingle was delicious as she felt him spread her ass cheeks apart and using the slippery juices from her freshly hammered cunt to smear over her asshole.

“How long has it been since someone invaded this tight little ass?” he asked.

“Too long,” she muttered. “It’s all yours now. Take it any way you want to.”

She felt the smooth crown of his cock slither up and down along her ass crack, teasing it while she shamelessly pushed back against it, her hands grasping the sheets, readying herself with anticipation for his pleasant assault. He pushed forward, and she felt herself open up to accept the large head of his cock. He pushed a little harder and his cock burst passed her tight entrance.

“Oh, fuck Steveee, easy…,” she screamed and arched downward until her face was touching the pillow. After a while, her hand moved between her legs to play with her aroused clit as she pushed back onto him; relaxing the muscular ring of her tight asshole to take more of him into her tightest hole. Slowly but firmly he worked his entire length deep inside her ass until she could feel his sack pressing against her cunt.

The enormity of his penetration filled her up so completely and turned the initial pain of his entry into a spicy pleasure that filled her with warmness and a desire for more. He pulled back, before siding forward again, each thrust causing her to moan louder as she pressed back against him. She urged him on, pleading him to fuck her ass harder; feeling depraved and raw with her immoral needs to be owned by her brother completely.

His hands held her ass cheeks tight, spreading them apart as he continued to fuck her fast and hard.

“Does that feel good?”

“Oh god, fuck yes, I love it. Fuck my ass harder; fuck me like you own me.” She moaned aloud, as she clawed at the bed, her gorgeous breasts jiggling with every delicious thrust.

“You enjoy being your brother’s little ass slut don’t you?”

“Yes!” she screamed, lost in the moment. She spat out a series of dirty profanities begging him to fuck her bum hole as hard and deep as he could, prompting a groan from him as he got hold of the long length of her hair and pulled it, yanking her head back as he upped the force of his assault. He continued thrashing her ass as the bed shook beneath them, the headboard hitting viciously against the wall. They went on and on until she was flushed and wet with sweat; feeling torn apart by each thrust of his thick cock, ever hard and desperate to fuck her ass with a vigor that seemed ruthless.

Her cunt throbbed in response; her hair being pulled back in ecstasy was guiding her movement along with his each stab. He moved his hands onto both her shoulders; on the back of her throat, pulling her back onto him with every forceful thrust. The wet noises of their pounding filled the room, as she was coming hard.

She lamented as she felt the fast powerful throbs emit from her cunt, causing her tight little greedy asshole to contract around his rock hard cock as though milking it. He thrust forward, reaching into her as deeply as he could before she felt his cock throbbing inside her, filling her ass up with strong streams of hot thick cum. His hands ran up and down her sides that were slick with sweat as he slowed his blows until he finally slipped out of her slick ass.

Still winded she rolled over; sliding down the mattress she looked up at him with half opened lusty eyes, and wrapped her lips around his messy cock, still slippery and wet with cum, and licked him slowly. She took his softening but thick shaft deep into her mouth, tasting the remains of their wanton sex play. He smiled at her, running his fingers through the messy tangles of her blonde hair, watching her clean very last droplet of cum from his cock. Finally, once she was contented, she collapsed back against the bed, her whole body drained, feeling dirty but beautifully fucked. He lay down by her, and for a few minutes there was silence. They gathered their breath, listening to the soft pounding of their heartbeats. The cloud of their vigorous afternoon slowly began to fade as each breath brought her slowly back to the reality of her significance.

“Oh avcılar escort my fucking god,” she groaned finally. “I’m such a slut! I can’t believe I let my brother fuck my ass and I fucking still can’t believe I loved every inch of him digging deep inside my butt.”

He let out a short laugh. “That was what you wanted and you got it.”

“I feel like I’ve been dirtiest sister on the planet.” She mumbled under her breath, suddenly thinking of her brother and the fact that she had lost her last inhibition. But then what did that mean? Was she really about to admit to what she had just done and then be away from her lovely brother and his marvelous cock? She shook off her confusing thoughts and grinned at her brother.

She finally turned towards the sliding glass doors leading to the backyard and noticed that dusk had fallen already. How long had she been fucking her brother? She looked at the clock on the bedside table and realized it was dinner time. She let out a little gasp.

“I have to get up! I didn’t realize it was so late. I need to prepare dinner!”

“That was one hell of a long spell,” he smirked.

She smirked back as she quickly got to her feet and started to put her robe back on and tried to brush through the jumble of her hair. She needed a shower, but she didn’t have any more time before pulling dinner together. Hastily she cleaned her sore ass and pussy with tissues and tossed them in a waste box.

“I had a great time.” She admitted. “It was… the best fuck.” She turned to her brother and eyed his flaccid cock as she walked to the door.

“And now you think you have already dealt with the best?” He questioned with a wide grin.

She smiled. “So far, yes, I do. And after all, I was on the verge of passing out. It never happened with me before.”

He laughed, his blue eyes sparking mischievously, as he raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?” She didn’t say anything but just grinned still looking at his soft cock.

As she turned and stepped out of the room, she heard her brother, “We have plenty of time to try and raise the level. Night is still young.” Shaking her head she just smiled. She wasn’t sure if she could go through the vigorous activities yet again especially so soon.

That was the third time he has fucked his sister during the course of a little more than a week. He lazily lay in the bed thinking about the impossible happening. It was like a dream come true.

It was when he saw his half-drunk sister Amelie standing at the bar when he walked into his regular local hangout last Friday evening to gulp down a couple of beers and to see if any of his friends were around. He made his way through the unusual crowd and tapped her on the shoulder. “Hi Ame.”

When Amelie turned her head and saw it was her brother, she grinned. “Steve!” She spun round and encircled him with her slender arms and gave him a big hug. “You’re a nice surprise. It has been a couple of weeks. How have you been?”

He kissed her on the cheek. “I’ve been good. You?” He held his sister for a few seconds, enjoying her closeness and her delicate fragrance mixed with alcohol touching his nostrils.

She let go of him and stepped back. “Do you like my new dress?” She pushed her hip out a little and rested her hand on it like a model. “I bought it this afternoon.”

She looked gorgeous. A dark navy blue dress that highlighted her lightly tanned skin and was made of an expensive material, wrapped her twenty four years old body as if it was custom-stitched only for her. A full length zipper made its way down the front between her large breasts, over her almost flat stomach and ended a few inches above where the hem stopped a little high on her thick, sexy thighs. The zipper was considerably pulled down at the front to show off her attractive cleavage.

“You look wonderful,” he said, fighting the temptation to look at the inviting cleavage she was revealing and the way her nipples pushed into the thin fabric.

She scanned her brother from his messy short brown hair down to his black shoes. “You don’t seem too bad yourself. You should keep your hair short more often.”

Not used to his sister giving compliments about his looks, he smiled shyly and said, “I’m not a big fan of short hair and only cut it short when I’m less lazy; which only happens every so often.”

“So,” he said, “what brought you here?”

“Not much. Just having a few drinks with those guys that I bumped into at the shopping mall.” She pointed at two men in their mid-thirties who were playing pool on the other side of the crowded room. “The tall guy’s Tom and the other one’s called Frank, I think. Come with me and say hi.”

He shook his head. “Maybe later, right now I need to unwind.”

“Whenever you’re set,” she slurred, turning toward the bar. “I’d love to see if you can beat me for once.”

He watched her pick up her drink filled tray and head back towards her new found friends. The eyes of half the men in the room appeared to be on her as she ducked her way through the crowd, ataşehir escort bayan her taut round ass cheeks jiggling seductively with every step. He knew what they were thinking, since he was thinking same thing himself. She has the kind of body that encourages some pretty wild unrestrained fantasies, based around what they guessed she looked like naked and what they would like to do with her.

He sat down on the only available stool at the bar and asked for a beer. When it arrived, he took a long sip and enjoyed the way the chilled yellowish-brown liquid hit his throat when he swallowed. His thirst now somewhat satisfied, he looked over at the game area where Amelie and her two unknown friends were playing pool. She was bent over the table while Tom stood right behind her, setting her cue into position with one hand while laying his other on her lower back.

He was confused, as ever since she was big enough to play without stepping up on her tiptoe she had been practicing on their parent’s pool table. As years passed by, she became a good player who could beat him easily even though he used to haunt pool rooms in his younger and more careless days. If she wanted, she could steal a small fortune out of any man who was stupid enough to believe that being blonde equals being dumb. So what was she getting down to?

“Look at that tramp playing pool over there.” said a man who was sitting beside him.

He turned to see who was talking. An elderly man with fading gray hair, dressed in worn-out off-white dirty shorts, a blue shirt with top buttons missing, and heavy work boots.

“Where?” Steve eyed the guy.

The man looked back towards Amelie’s group. “There, at the pool table, the one in the slutty dress. Look at the sexy ass on her.”

“Not too shabby,” he said, trying not to seem too interested in her.

They looked at her in silence as Tom leaned in closer and glided his hand from where it was resting on the small of her back, down onto one of her ass cheeks. He expected his sister to remove his hand tactfully but firmly, in the way most women do when a man strays too far, but she didn’t. Rather, she let him stroke her while she positioned her cue on the ball and steered it rolling along to one of the others. When his hand reached below the edge of her dress and seemed about to make contact with the top of her exposed thigh, she grasped his wrist and gently drew it away.

The man sitting beside him groaned and pulled his beer glass across the bar top. “Is she begging for it or what? Good lord, I’d give her whatever she is after.”

Steve fiddled with the curve of a soaked rubber mat on the bar. The way the man was talking about his sister was starting to get to him, so he got up. “I need to go to bathroom,” he said, picking up his glass, “be back in a few.”

He hopped down from the stool and walked off into the gents, where he put his glass down on one of the two washbasins and went to a vacant urinal. While draining his bladder, he wondered what Amelie was up to. Why was she playing dumb at pool when she could beat every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the bar?

He pondered over the question as he finished off. In the end he guessed that she was just having a bit of fun, and that he was taking the whole thing too seriously. Her two friends were simply a couple of horny middle aged men looking for easy prey, and Amelie, being young and good-looking and wearing a very skimpy dress, was a usual target for what was basically a bit of harmless fun.

After he cleaned his hands and went back inside, he looked over at her and took a sharp breath. She was exhibiting a lot more of her attractive cleavage than she was a while before. He thought that in his absence she must have dragged her zipper down a few teeth, perhaps to offer her friends a little more for their eyes to feast on.

He sat down at a small table a few feet away from the pool table and watched her rub a little bar of chalk over the end of her cue, then blew off the excess. She lay the chalk down on the bar of the table and leaned over to take her shot. As he watched her line her cue up with the white ball to pot the last black ball and win the draw, he couldn’t help staring at the way her breasts moved around underneath her dress. His cock twitched with that pleasurable, trembling sensation that told him that, if he didn’t stop gawking at her, it would lead him to his incestuous desire.

Her breasts gave a powerful jiggle as she forcefully knocked the white ball and sent it seamlessly over the table. When, as he knew as it would, it bumped the black at the exact angle and it vanished into a corner pocket, she sprang up and raised her arms over her head, almost hitting the end of her cue against the boards on the ceiling.

“Yes, I win!” she screamed out loud enough for him to hear beyond the ruckus of music and crowd noise.

His cock started to grow as he watched the way her happy dance caused her breasts to bounce wildly and her dress slid up to bare the rest of her thick thighs and almost exposing her pussy. He wasn’t the only guy getting high on her romp either; both of her new friends and a few of the other men close-by were giving her a lot of attention as well. However, he was not sure if she was aware of how much attention she was drawing to herself.

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