Company Coming Ch. 2

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I heard the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it Jon. It’s probably Betty.” I finished grabbing a beer from the fridge and as I walked into the living room could hear the two of them talking. “Let’s get your things up to your room, and we can talk more.”

“Hi Jon,” Betty gave me a quick hug, “thank you for letting me stay.”

“No problem, you know you are welcome here for as long as you need.” I answered as the two of them headed upstairs. I couldn’t help think to myself ‘Besides with you here Bev and my fantasies will only get better.’ Betty wasn’t a centerfold or anything like that, but for being in the 50-year old age bracket as Bev and I she was still an attractive woman. I watched them go up the stairs and I mentally undressed Betty using the description that Bev had told me earlier. My cock stirred with the thought.

I watched TV for a few hours, but my mind kept wandering to what they were doing up there. I could hear them talking and knew that was all, but my mind had other thoughts. My fingers rubbed my cock through my jeans. Finally I turned off the TV and lights and headed upstairs. Sticking my head in I waved and said goodnight.

“I’ll be in soon, hon.” Bev smiled.

“Take your time. You both have a lot of catching up to do.” I responded as I stepped into our bedroom and closed the door. It had been a long day and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

“I’ve got a long day today.” I had just finished some breakfast and was headed out the door.

“Ok Hon,” Bev sat sipping coffee still trying to wake up. “We sat and talked for hours last night and Betty wants to do some shopping today.” Standing she moved towards me for a goodbye kiss. Her hand slipped down between my legs. “I figured you would be in bed jacking off wondering if we were only talking last night.” She felt my cock stir and gave it a small squeeze and a teasing glint came to her eye.

“Ahh damn Bev,” I moaned, “I was asleep when my head hit the pillow. But now that you ask, did you just talk.”

Bev giggled, “Guess you will just have to wonder all day won’t you. Then tonight when we go to bed you can tell me while I play with this nice cock of yours.” One last squeeze and she pushed me out the door.

It was impossible to concentrate at work. Bev called midmorning and said they were going shopping to try on new dresses. It wouldn’t have meant anything to me, except she said it with that ‘naughty little girl tone of voice’. My mind kept returning to what she had told me the afternoon before and then my imagination would go into overdrive about what they talked about and did last night after I had gone to bed. Then I would hear her voice and wonder if they were using the same dressing room to try on dresses. By noon my cock ached from being hard and constrained to my pants. I finished up my work and decided to go home early, get Bev away from Betty and take her in the bedroom and unload my balls inside her tight pussy!

Parking my truck in its usual place alongside the garage I noticed the car was back. I hurried inside; all was quiet so I was going up the stairs when I heard their voices. It was coming from our bedroom. The door was partially open and standing close to the wall I could see into the bedroom by the full-length closet mirror that was at the one end of the room. What greeted my eyes Kuşadası Escort made my cock rock hard and I fumbled to free it from my pants…

Apparently they had been home for quite awhile. They were sitting on the bed. The straps of Bev’s bra were pushed down and her breasts rested above the cups, the aeroles were drawn tight forcing her nipples into hard buttons. She had her panties pulled to the side exposing her shaved pussy and her fingers played up and down along the moist lips. She was looking down between Betty’s thighs. Betty sat facing her with one leg over Bev’s. Her sheer cream colored bra held her breasts but you could see the deep brown of her aeroles and the erect nipples pressing against the material. She had no panties on and I could see the soft down of hair outlining her pink lips. Protruding lewdly was the end of a double-headed dildo. The realistic latex cock end lying along the bed pointed directly at Bev’s cunt. I could see Betty’s middle finger making circles around her clit.

I stood frozen. Pre-cum dripped from the tip of my cock and coated my hand. It was the conversation between them though that started my hand stroking…

“…that jerk of a husband always felt belittled when I wanted to jack-off. He felt threatened that he couldn’t bring me off. So I always had to do it when he wasn’t around.”

“Jon has never been like that. He bought me my first vibrator and taught me how to use it. We have toys and dildos but haven’t had much need for one like this.” Bev lifted the end and moved closer towards Betty.

“You’re so lucky…I used to fantasize about how we would masturbate together when we were younger…”

“…yeh remember how we used to spy on your brother and his buddies having circle jerks so we would have our pussy jerks…” Bev laughed. “But we never had a toy like this.”

Betty chuckled. “I didn’t learn about this,” she held the cock tip up towards Bev’s open lips, “until just before the end of our Senior year, for some reason you and I never did get back together. But I thought of you often all through college…uhgggg …” Betty had pulled the hood back from her clit and holding it between her thumb and index finger had begun stroking. Her clit erect protruded at least an inch.

“Just before the end of our Se…,” Bev began and caught my reflection in the mirror. She stopped for just a split second, winked and slightly shook her head at me. “…our Senior year? Don’t cum yet, you have to explain.” Again she glanced at me with a small smile. I had reached into my boxers and pulled my balls out and had begun pumping my cock while cupping my balls. Again there was a small nod from Bev and I slowed my motion. “Let’s get this bra off you first though.” She reached forward and undoing the front clasp of Betty’s bra I saw her full breasts exposed and Bev’s fingers lightly caress each nipple.

“You remember…ohhh that feels good!…you remember Gina?”

“That shy girl that lived next door to you? She was so plain looking…I remember her…”

“Yes that’s her.” Betty moved towards Bev, holding the end of the dildo she pressed it between the lips. I watched as Bev’s eyes glazed over and the fake cock disappeared. Betty moved closer as she buried it into the wet open cunt. Their fingers continued to rub their clits Kuşadası Escort Bayan until Betty had pushed so deep into Bev that their knuckles touched as they moved together. “She had found it in her sister’s drawer and one day she invited me over. It took us some time to figure out what to do with it…ohhh that feels good…I’m going to cum soon…”

“No not yet Betty. Please! I want to hear about it…I’m so close too…” She had forgotten about me. Her eyes were glued to the dildo joining them and the movement of their fingers.

“I WILLLLL…ohhhhhh FUCKKKKKKKK…” Betty’s fingers were a blur of motion jacking off her clit. She pushed tight into Bev the dildo disappeared and the lips of their pussies slammed together. Bev’s fingers and Betty’s a blur. “ahhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHGAWDDDD… yessssSSSSSSSSSS…”

“mmmmmMMMMMMCUMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG…” Bev’s orgasm flooded her. Both women collapsed back on the bed. Joined together at the juncture of their thighs. Their fingers rubbing; pulling; pressing tight against their clits. “ohhh damn Betty…you have to tell me…” Bev’s climax subsided and as she glanced into the mirror she saw my first load of cum explode and land on the carpet in front of me. My knees weak I leaned against the wall and continued to unload my cum onto the floor.

After she caught her breath Bev moved up next to Betty. The end of the latex cock slipped easily from her, the other end still held between the wet lips of Betty’s pussy. Propping herself up on one arm she looked down at her. “Please continue with your story.”

“Ok, but what time is it? Won’t Jon be home soon?” Betty gently reached over and her fingers circled Bev’s nipple. “You know for all the times we masturbated together we never did touch each other. I like the feel of your breast.”

“Umm, I like it too. We’ve got some time yet, he won’t be home until at least 5 and it’s only about 3:30 now.” Bev glanced into the mirror and smiled then softly cupped Betty’s breast in the palm of her hand and lowered her mouth to allow her tongue to trace a circle around the still erect nipple. “I’ve never done this either, but between our past and Jon’s fantasies I had become curious.”

“Oh good, I really don’t want this to end yet. I’ll tell you about Gina later…but do tell me about Jon’s fantasy!” She put both hands into motion. One went between her legs and she began to pull gently on the lips, the other moved softly along Bev’s thigh and a finger entered the wet folds.

“Ugggggghhhh, that feels good…,” Bev moaned softly. “I do want to hear all about you and Gina, but let me tell you about Jon’s fantasy…”

I only half listened to Bev as she related to Betty my/our fantasies. I knew them well. What was interesting was to watch Betty’s reactions to both the story and her moving fingers. I still held my cum soaked cock in my hand and let my own fingers move slowly along the semi-rigid shaft. Betty’s finger found the opening to Bev’s slit and buried it deep inside her, the tip of her thumb found the clit and began to gently circle. Bev’s own voice quivered as she continued to speak softly. Betty spread her thighs, giving me an unobstructed view, and using her first and third finger opened the lips of her swollen pussy. The middle finger of her hand began to circle the hood Escort Kuşadası covering her clit. As she caressed her clit it became erect and emerged from the protective hood. It resembled the foreskin slipping back from a cock head of one that was uncircumsized. I was amazed at the length of her clit! When it was fully erect it protruded at least a half inch beyond the folds of her slit! Bev to was captivated by seeing Betty jack off. She tried to continue but Betty’s hands didn’t allow it…

“ohhhgawddd…Betty!…uggg…uhhhhhh…ffffuckkkKKKKKKK!!!!! I’m cumminggggGGGGG!!!…” Bev thrashed against the finger and thumb that was pressed tight against her. Her juices coated Betty’s finger and you could hear the sounds of her juices as the finger fucked her convulsing cunt. “ohhhh…damn…DAMN!!!…” Betty’s finger and thumb slowed as Bev returned from her orgasm.

I began to really stroke my semi-flaccid prick when Betty spoke. “Bev use both hands! Spread my cunt lips with one and finger me with the other.” Bev moved onto her knees over Betty, her nipples brushed against Betty’s thighs as she positioned herself. Betty’s hand never left Bev’s hot wet pussy. Although I could see everything clearly I wanted to be in Bev’s position of only inches from Betty’s pussy…clit…and fingers! With Bev holding the lips open Betty took her turgid clit in her finger and thumb and began masturbating the shaft. My cock was growing in my hand, watching I stroked along the length.

“God Betty! Your clit is like a cock, you’re jacking it off!!”

“yes…yesssss…oh I’m going to cum! I can’t believe you’ve told Jon about my tits and pussy! Ohhhh…he wants to see us together! …ohhhhh…Bev I’m so close!!!!!” Her finger and thumb were pumping the shaft of her clit.

“yes…YES he does!!!…” Bev had two fingers into Betty’s cunt and was pumping feverishly as Betty masturbated.

Then it happened! Never before had I experienced it! I had another orgasm, my cock began throbbing and I had the feeling I was spewing cum, but there was none. My cock stayed rock hard as I jerked my fist up and down the shaft. Before me Bev had pushed Betty’s fingers away from her clit and she was sucking it as she so often sucked my cock! She was going down on Betty and bringing her off!

“ahh…ahh…ahhh…aahhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Betty shrieked as Bev’s lips sucked on her clit. Bev flicked her tongue over the tip. Betty’s hips lifted off the bed up towards Bev’s bobbing head; her hands grasped Bev’s hair and pulled her tight to her cunt lips. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Her entire body shuddered and fell limp on the bed. Bev licked the length of Betty’s pussy tasting the juices that were flowing from it.

Looking up at me I could see the juice that coated her lips and face. Moving up Betty’s body she stared at me with a small smile. Then looking down at Betty I watched as her cum coated lips touched Betty’s and they entered into a deep kiss. Betty licking her own cum from Bev’s face. I was spent; my cock still hard throbbed in my now silent hand.

Bev slipped to the edge of the bed. “We should be getting ourselves cleaned up, Jon will be home soon. Besides I hope you plan on staying a few days.”

Betty moved slowly and looked up at Bev. “Yes I hope I can stay for more than a few days…let’s take a shower…”

That was my cue and I moved quietly down the stairs. Putting my still hard cock back in my pants I went out into the garage and busied myself to give them time to shower and dress…thinking and smiling to myself that sometimes fantasies do come true…

To Be Continued…

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