Coming Home Earlier Ch. 02

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Big Dick

“Well mother are you going to come in?”

That is what my daughter said as she lay naked on her floor. She was still rubbing her cum stain pussy. I just witness my daughter fuck two young man. I not only witness this I rubbed my clit to it. I could not believe she saw me.

I was still in shocked and could not think of anything to say.

“Do I need to come to get you?” she said.

I slowly walk in to her room. While Gwen lay on her floor the Chauncy and Jeremy were still stroking their dicks.

“Gwen I cannot believe this. Is this what you do while I am at work?” I said.

“Oh please. Do not try to sound like a mother now. I know you were spying on me. I also know you were doing more than spying.” was her answer.

She stood up and walked over to Chauncy. She kissed the side of his neck and grabbed his black dick. Chauncy was not fully erect but his dick was still big. She started to stroke him faster.

“Mama, remember when you told me that Aunt Janet and you used to sneak boys in to your room in college? The two of you would be fucking your boyfriends at the same time. How about we do that now?” she asked me.

I do remember telling her that. My daughter and I had a very open relationship. I told her about what I did in my past. I was a freshman at college and my older sister was still living at home. We were still sharing a room because that was all my parents could afford at the time. Some nights we would sneak our boyfriends in our room. We would fuck them at the same time in our room and sneak them out.

Standing here right now I can see how the situation was similar to this.

“Come on mama, look at his dick. Doesn’t it look delicious?” she asked. Gwen kneels down to give Chauncy’s prick a lick. She smacked her lips as she was savoring the flavor of his dick.

“It’s delicious too. Mama, I know it has been so long. Do not think just do It.”, she pleaded.

I knew Gwen was a smooth operator but I swear that girl could sell sun screen to an Eskimo. I took off my scrubs and was standing in my bra and panties. Jeremy and Chauncy eyes were now glued on me.

“Wow, Gwen your mother is hot.” Jeremy said. He was stroking his big white dick.

I kneel down in front of Chauncy and proceeded to suck his cock. I started off slowly. I took his black meat in my mouth inch by inch. Gwen walks over to Jeremy and got on her knees. She wraps her brown lips around his cock.

Gwen was right next to me. I was sucking Chauncy’s dick but my eyes were on my daughter. She was going at. She used a lot of spit and made a lot of slurping and smacking noises.

My baby girl gave sloppy blow jobs. This is very sexy. Women these days are afraid to get messy when giving head. I could tell casino şirketleri Gwen was not one of those women.

“Damn, maybe I should just wait for you daughter to finish. You are not giving my dick any love.” Chauncy said. I could tell from his voice he was annoyed.

I guess I was not really doing anything spectacular.

Gwen stop sucking on Jeremy’s dick and turn to me.

“Come on mama, show him you know how to take a big dick.” she told me.

That must have been the encouragement I needed. I took my bra off and exposed my 32 Double D’s. I place his huge dick between my breasts. I squeeze his dick with my tits and sucked his mushroom head at the same time. I made sure my saliva covered his dick to get it nice and slick. I use my breast to jerk him off.

I felt a hand on my thigh and it was Gwen. She was rubbing my thighs. I looked at her out the corner of my eye. Once she saw me she removed her hand, as if she was doing something wrong. Jeremy then grabs her head and begins to fuck her mouth rapidly.

Chauncy pulled his dick out of my mouth and position me aggressively in doggy style. He took off my panties to expose my wet pussy.

“Damn, look Jeremy. Gwen’s old lady has a fat ass pussy.” Chauncy said. He positions himself behind me.

I always was told that I had fat pussy lips. In my college years I remember making men cum in minutes.

“You ready for me to fuck you the way I fucked your daughter?” Chauncy asked me.

No, baby I want you to fuck me harder than that. I told him that in a seductive way. I even made my booty bounce to tease him. I felt his hands on my hip and he eased his dick inside me.

“Damn, Gwen your mother pussy feels like she is a virgin.” he groans. He was fucking me at a medium pace.

I know it’s been a while since I had sex. My pussy is probably so tight it could smoke a cigarette.

Gwen stops sucking Jeremy and stood up. She grabbed him by his dick and made him follow her. She positions Jeremy two feet in front of me. She told him to lie on his back. Jeremy follows her instructions. While laying down his dick was hard and pointing up. Gwen sat on his prick in a reverse cow girl position.

I was getting fuck doggy style but my eyes were glue to her. The way she moved her hips as she rode his dick. How she rub her own body. She squeezed her breast and pinches her nipples. She went up and down on Jeremy’s dick. We made eye contact a couple times. I wink at her and she blew me a kiss. I wonder could Chauncy feel my pussy get wetter.

“You love this big dick don’t you? Tell me you love It.”, Chauncy said. He started to fuck me harder and his hands tighten on my hips. He was fucking me well but I wanted it harder.

I started to fuck casino firmaları him back. I was pushing my ass against his dick hard and fast.

“Back that ass up on him.” said Gwen.

Chauncy took his hands off my hip and allow me to fuck him for the moment. He could only look down and admire the sight of my ass moving up and down on his dick. He began to groan louder and louder. I notice that Gwen who was still riding Jeremy was watching us.

“How are you enjoying the show?” I teased. She smiled and took her left breast in her mouth. She licked around her nipple and even bit it a little. Seeing my daughter fondle and lick her chocolate breast made me even wetter.

I told Chauncy to stick his fingers in my ass. I felt his index finger enter my ass but I was not satisfied.

“I said FINGERS!” I shouted to him. He stuck two fingers in my ass. I must admit there is something about having a big, hard dick inside your pussy and having your ass fingered. I love the way it feels. I was lost in lust.

“Slow down baby. You going to make me cum to fast.” warned Chauncy.

I did not care though. I went faster. Every time he places his hands on my hips I took them off. I wanted to control the speed. I did not want to slow down. My pussy needed to be pounded. I felt like I was 19 all over again. Chauncy pulled his dick out and let out huge moan. He sprayed his jizz all over my back. I was surprised how much he shot out. Chauncy fell on the floor. He seemed exhausted.

My pussy felt great but she was still hungry and wet. I need more and the only other cock in the room was inside my baby girl’s pussy. I crawled over to Jeremy and Gwen.

“Can mama have some too?” I asked.

Gwen still riding Jeremy’s dick nod her head yes. I took Jeremy’s dick out of her pussy and begin to suck it. I did not care that his dick was coated with her juices. I actually think that turn me on even more.

“Suck it mama, suck his dick.” she encourage.

Gwen rubbed her clit as she look down at me blowing Jeremy. I did not want to be selfish with his dick. I put his dick back inside my daughter’s pussy. She bounced faster on his dick. I was licking his balls as she rode him hard. Part of me wanted to lick Gwen’s pussy. I mean I already tasted her juices on Jeremy’s dick. She tasted great too. I could even pretend that I was licking Jeremy’s shaft and my tongue accidentally went to her pussy.

Gwen was rubbing her clit faster and riding faster too. She looked as if she was near climax. I was about to act out on my plan and Gwen let out a huge scream. As I was licking Jeremy’s balls a gush of liquid squirted all over my face. Gwen, my baby girl was a squirter. Jeremy starts to thrust his cock in her harder and faster.

“I’m güvenilir casino cumming. I’m cumming!” she yelled. She squirted again and this time it landed on my breast.

“I’m sorry mama. I couldn’t help it. His dick felt too good.” said Gwen.

I told her it was fine and it was time for Jeremy to blow his load. Gwen and Jeremy both stood up.

“Now get on your knees and suck his dick young lady.” I said in a stern tone.

“Yes mama.” was her answer. She fell to her knees and started to suck his dick.

“No you can do better than that. I want you to deep throat his white dick. Your mother wants to see you deep throat his dick.” I order her.

Gwen tried her best but fell a couple inches short. I wanted to see her deep throat. I gave her smack across her chocolate ass and told her to go deeper.

She tried and came up short again. I grab her by the neck and told her to relax her throat. I guided her mouth on his white cock. She had half of it in her mouth. I told her to breathe through her nose and I force her all the way on his cock. In a couple seconds she gags and coughs. I pulled her by her hair off his dick.

“Baby, just watch mama.” I told her. I gave Jeremy a couple strokes and I took his dick in my mouth. In no time I deep throated his cock. My tongue was under his balls. I release his prick from my mouth. I told her to keep trying. I walk around behind Jeremy and went on my knees. I was feeling really naughty. I started to kiss his ass. I know most men are very protective about this area. I wanted to see if Jeremy had a problem with me doing this. He looked down at me and smile. That was a green light for me to continue.

I spread Jeremy ass cheeks and licked his ass while my daughter sucked his cock. Our breast pressed against his legs. We continue this for two minutes.

“Fuck I am going to cum!” Jeremy moan.

I stop licking his ass and stood behind him. I gave him a reach around. I whisper in his ear that I wanted him to shoot his cum all over my daughter’s face. I whisper that over and over as I jerked his penis. Jeremy’s leg began to shake and I could feel his heartbeat through his penis. I knew he was near exploding. I took my free hand and stuck my middle finger in his ass. I jerked him off and stimulate his prostate at the same time.

In seconds he was cumming. I aimed his cock at my daughter’s face. She was on her knees and had her mouth open. She was ready to receive her meal. The first couple shots landed across her face. I continue to pump his dick and the final shots landed in her mouth.

“Good boy.” I told him. I release his cock and took my finger out his ass. Jeremy fell to the ground. My daughter pretty face was cover with spunk. I walk over to her and scoop cum off with my finger. I place my finger in my mouth and lick it clean. Gwen then scoop all the cum off her face and rubbed it on her pussy. She spread her legs and started to rub her clit.

“Come on mama have a taste.” she said

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