Come Into the Dark Ch. 03

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Hey guys! I guess I didn’t really expect to continue with this story, but after several emails and comments here, I figured I should give you what you want. I hope you enjoy, and please, let me know what you think!


For days she felt like she was walking on air. At work, she was excelling. Even in her spare time she felt renewed. On Sunday she went to the coffee shop to get a bit of work done in a casual environment. She grabbed a table and got all set up before hearing her name.


She approached and took her caramel mocha, but not before she was distracted by the scent of a man. For a split second she thought it was him. After looking around and deciding she had imagined it, she grabbed her coffee and turned to sit back down. As she approached her table, she noticed a man sitting there.

He was tall with wavy black hair.. And she knew him to be her late night visitor. Upon reaching the table, she simply stood; trying to figure out what to say. He looked up at her with blue-green eyes and a smile formed on his lips. “Please. Sit down.”

She sat, completely surprised to see her lover in the light of day. She fumbled about, fixing her hair, wringing her hands… Finally she worked up the nerve to speak. Her words coming out in a tone that seemed almost angry. “What are you doing here? What.. What do you want?”

He smiled and asked, “You’re not happy to see me, Jen? That is very disappointing. I thought you’d be ecstatic. I am, after all, your lover.”

He used her nickname as if they were a couple. It was uncomfortable to say the least; she didn’t know whether to be angry, or swoon at the way her name fell from his lips. Looking around to be sure no one heard him, she looked back at him- her face bright red in embarrassment. “How. Dare. You.”

“Look at you, walking around so proud.. So full of confidence. Am I to believe that is not because of the pleasure I’ve given you? Of course I am your lover. There is no shame in that.”

Even now, as he looked at her with those eyes, she knew it was true. Of course she felt good about herself. Of course it was because of the release his passion had provided. Of course.. Of course he was her lover. “Yes. My lover. What are you doing here?”

He ran his hand through his inky hair, and gave her a look that made it clear he was not happy with the way this was going. “I wanted to see you. I know it’s hard for you, not seeing me often. I’m taking this to the next step.”

Immediately, she stood, closed her laptop, and grabbed her things. It was one thing for him to come to her bed at night and give her the best orgasm she’d ever had. But for him to show up in her life? Her real life? She thought she felt something more for him, but she had convinced herself it was just her desire getting the better of her. Sure, he was dangerously attractive, strong, and great in bed. But that didn’t mean he would be anything more than her bedroom companion. How could she explain their meeting to her parents? What would people say?

Before he could say anything to keep her, she stormed out, leaving him shocked and very, very displeased.


She couldn’t decide how she should feel about her night master showing up. Part of her was dripping wet to see him in the daylight. The way the sun shone on him was so.. Beautiful? Sure, she had seen him before, but she hadn’t seen how bright his eyes were, or how magnificent his hair was. She certainly hadn’t expected that smile…

And here she was at work for the third day in a row thinking about him. It was hard to get any work done when she wanted to toy with her herself under her desk. Perhaps if she gave in she could cum and get her mind off of him. She moved down in her seat, allowing her skirt to slide up a bit. Once she tugged it up to her waist, she slipped her hand into her panties and-


She sighed. “What is it Lucy.”

“Ms. Benson, you have a call on three. It’s your mother.”

“Mom, what’s up?” Her mother was constantly calling about having dinner, and although she had the time, Jen didn’t feel much like driving out to the burbs just to listen to her mother complain denizli escort about her lack of a love life.

“Hunny, listen. Your father and I were having lunch with the Morgans, you know, Diane and Henry? Anyway, their son Carl is single, and I thought maybe the two of you could go out? He’s a very nice man, and he would be just perfect for you. Now, I don’t want to hear no for an answer. Actually, I’ve given him your number and I set up dinner for the two of you tomorrow night over at Bella’s.”

“Jeez, mom, you know.. You know I’m swamped at work this week.” Lie. “Tomorrow? I don’t think that’s a good day for me.” More lies. “Besides, I.. I told Ronni I would have dinner with her tomorrow.” Biggest lie. Veronica, her little sister, had better be free tomorrow night.

“Oh, really? Because I just told her, and she was excited to hear about you two going out.” Shit.

“Look, mom.. I’m just not interested in dating right now. I need to focus on my career. I mean, I really don’t have the time anyways.”

“Jen, you’re 25, and have already accomplished so much! You’ve paid off your house, you’re the head of the marketing department at CPG, and you just finished your masters. You don’t have to get married, just let yourself have some fun!!”


She was right.. And so she quickly ended the conversation and promised to meet with the Morgan boy. It better be worth it.


At least her mother knew how to pick a great restaurant. Bella’s was one of her favorite places in town. Fantastic Italian food, a nice wine list, and service that was always impeccable. Unfortunately, Carl was not so great. He was only 30, but was balding quite terribly. This would not have been so bad, if not for his choice of hairstyle. Anna hadn’t seen a combover this bad since her high school teacher, Mr. Fordes.

She laughed at his bad jokes, drank far too much wine, and by the end of the night, had grown so bored that she nearly fell asleep during dessert. Carl believed her excuse, that she had been up all night working on the new ad campaign, and swiftly paid the bill and took her home.

“Jenifer, I had such a great time tonight. I’d love to see you again.” He was leaning in closely, and she could tell he would soon descend upon her seeking that end-of-date kiss.

Her hand on his chest held him still. “Listen, Carl.. Tonight was fun. But I’m really busy with work, and I just don’t have time for anything more.” He was almost adorable when he was disappointed. “I only came out tonight, because my mother set it up and I didn’t want to be rude. I’m really very sorry.”

He nodded his head, with that disappointed look on his face. Then, he took her hand from his chest, kissed it, and turned to leave. “Goodnight then, Anna. I hope you change your mind.”

Anna went inside the apartment, and leaned against the door. She decided to take a shower, and started removing her clothes on her way to the bathroom. On her way upstairs, she noticed something; had she left the kitchen light on? She walked toward the kitchen, and could almost swear she something baking. Turning the corner, she screamed as she saw her nightly visitor sitting at the island icing some cupcakes.

“What the FUCK is wrong with you? Get out of my house. Get out, or I’m calling the cops.”

He frowned. “I must say I was very unhappy to see you with another man tonight. Inferior as he was, I still felt a twinge of jealousy. I was proud of you, though. You let him down gently.”

She stood in shock, her mouth was practically scraping the floor.

“Why, though… didn’t you tell him you were taken?”

Her anger was getting the best of her now, and she knew she was turning red as her face was growing warm. “Who do you think you are? Seriously, you think it’s OK to just show up in people’s houses, claim near strangers as your girlfriends, STALK people? You are one twisted fuck.”

He walked over slowly, his hands in his back pockets. When his face was just a few inches from hers, he said “You weren’t complaining when all I did was come in and fuck you. Why the sudden change? I’d diyarbakır escort think seeing me under different circumstances would make you happy. What happened to what you said the last night we were together?”

“If I remember correctly, I didn’t actually say anything.”

He smiled and moved his hand to her chin. Suddenly, she remembered she was standing in a bra and panties. He kissed her gently, then she felt his hand gripping her around the waist. Words would be useless, and because he had more than a foot in height and at least fifty pounds on her, she did not fight him. She regretted that when he took her over to sit on his lap.

“You are such a little brat, with that sharp tongue. Be careful, or I may put it to other uses.”

“Look, just leave ok?” Her voice was soft now, and he could tell she was trying to convince him in a different way. But the sound of her sweet little voice made his cock surge in his pants, and so her fate was sealed.

“On your knees.” She looked him in the eye, in complete disbelief. “Now. Don’t make me wait.”

She slid to her knees, but she wasn’t sure why. Something about him made her want to obey. Something in his tone made her fear the consequences.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing hardon. All this chatting had really gotten him worked up. “Be a good little girl, and suck.”

Her mouth found its way, slowly breathing her warm breath onto him. She saw that he shuddered, and took it as a sign to continue. She licked up the side of him, tracing the veins with her tongue as if it were a roadmap to sexual success. When she finally closed her mouth over his tip, he had grown impatient. He held the back of her head as he thrust upwards. His thrusts were strong and deliberate. He did not want to hurt her, only to fuck her pretty little mouth. Hell, maybe he did want to hurt her a little. But he knew that any pain he gave her would be pain she would enjoy.

When he had sufficiently fucked her mouth, he said, “Open your throat to me. Take my cock.”

She did, and it was bliss. The way her throat tightened around him, the cute little gagging noises, it was too much. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. He stood and came all over her breasts and mouth, making sure to land a bit in her mouth.

He watched as she cleaned him off, then swallowed the cum in her mouth. She then proceeded to eat the cum that had landed on her lips and cheek, and she smiled softly when she had finished.

“Why do you fight me when you enjoy this so much?”

She suddenly seemed ashamed, and he watched as her walls, which just moments ago had vanished, rebuilt themselves. “You got what you wanted. You should go.”

He fixed his clothes, and stood in front of her. It was quite a picture. Him, standing above her, arms crossed, looking down on her. She, sitting on the floor, sticky with cum, looking up at him.

“I’m not leaving until we get you cleaned up and in bed.”

He then reached down and picked her up. He cradled her in his arms, and carried her up the stairs. He put her on the bed, and went into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, then came back to her. He reached for her panties, and she looked up at him, warily.

“You can’t shower in these.” He slid them down her body and off her legs. Right, left. Then he stood her up and removed her bra. He then walked with her into the bathroom, and helped her into the shower. He went back into the bedroom, and sat, waiting.

She came out, minutes later, a towel wrapped around her. She slowly made her way to the other side of the bed. “Are you staying?” She realized that her behavior now had become so docile, she was now a quiet, meek little thing.

“Not if you’d rather I go.”

She began to dry off, the cold air did nothing to cool his gaze on her. He came to the other side of the bed, and grabbed the lotion from the nightstand. He gently massaged the lotion on every inch of her, until she was moaning softly at his caresses. He pulled back the comforter and the sheet, and helped her into bed.

He got in too, with her back antalya escort pressed against him, and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her shoulder, and then the base of her neck. By the time his lips reached behind her ear, his hand had traveled down to find her wet spot.

He touched her nub, just barely, and enjoyed the jump she made. Her back pressed harder against him, as his fingers continued their assault. He flicked his finger gently back and forth, giving her enough pleasure to keep her aroused, but not enough to cum.


“Please.. What? Say what you want, pet.”

“Please make me cum sir.”

That was all she needed to say. He increased the pressure on her swollen bud, and soon she was cumming. She moaned, screamed, spoke words that were not of any human language; and at the end, she lie there, gripping his arm that had remained around her.

She finally caught her breath and spoke her mind. “I guess I’m just a bit nervous about giving up control to a complete stranger.”

“My name is William. Now we are acquainted.” He planted another kiss on her neck, then shifted to get up, but she held on to his arm.

“Will you stay? Until.. Until I fall asleep?”

He smiled inwardly, and pulled her further into him. “Yes. Goodnight little girl.”


He was gone. She shouldn’t have been upset, but she was. This man, this stranger, this… William. He had come into her life and taken hold of her.

“Fuckin bastard,” she cursed to herself out loud. “He does what ever he wants, takes what he wants. He doesn’t care that I need stability. Doesn’t give two shits about the fact that I don’t just screw around. No, he just comes in and gives me the most amazing, dirty, kinky…,” her face started to grow warm as she thought about the sex they had shared. The slapping, the choking, the spanking.. Hell, even last night he had held her so possessively while she came. She came to his touch while he held her firmly in his arms. “…fucker.” She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling.

“You sound like a crazy person when you talk to yourself like that.” And there he was again, standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. “You know, I’m a little hurt. I care about the things you need. How could I not? Giving you pleasure…,” he made his way back to the bed, sauntering over, stalking her like prey. “ me the ultimate pleasure. The way your eyes light up when you cum.. The way you shake and shiver, like tremors after an earthquake.. It is so, unbelievably, and undeniably sexy.”

He had reached her now, and was hovering above her, looking down at her while she lie on her back staring up at him. “Oh.”

He knelt down on the bed, and climbed above her. She instinctively spread her thighs and he found his place between them. “You need stability,” he took her hand and placed it on his chest. “I am stable. I’m as sturdy as a man gets. And I love that you don’t screw around. It keeps that little pussy tight for me.”

She turned her head in disgust, a bit of embarrassment setting in. “Is that all I am? Is that all you want? To fuck me? Because you’ve had me. You don’t have to string me along anymore.”

His hand brought her face back to him, his eyes explored hers. “Do you think I would have stayed last night? If that was all I wanted?” He settled his mouth on hers, gently kissing, then biting her supple bottom lip. “No. I will have your body, your mind, and one day.. Your heart.”

It was one thing to toy with her body the way he did, but her emotions? She pushed at his chest to find that he was impossible to move. “Get off me. I have to go to work.” She looked at the wall, terrified to make eye contact.

He sat up, and moved to his side, allowing her space to get out of bed.

“You know, you don’t have to be so afraid of me. I won’t cause you any permanent pain.”

She looked back at him, the window casting a glow on her naked body. She looked like an angel, and indeed, he knew she was. “Thats what they all say.”

She walked into the bathroom to shower, and he waited until she got in to leave. He stepped outside and felt the breeze on his face. He breathed in the fresh air; it smelled of roses and lilac. As he made his way over to his car, he smiled.

She would fight him on this, but he knew they were a perfect match. She could withstand his power, and he was weak to her charm. She would give him her heart in due time. Until then, he had to finish winning over her mind.

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