College Roommates

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Double Penetration

It was John’s first year in college and living away from home was certainly a big change for him. He was from Vermont and going to school down in Connecticut. His college dorm roommate, Steve, was from New York and the two of them had become close friends during the last several months. They both were studying criminal justice and had similar interests in music and sports. John and Steve talked about girls all the time, but neither one of them currently had a girlfriend.

John is a tall skinny guy at 6’2″ and approximately 175 pounds. He has dark hair and fair skin. Steve on the other hand was shorter, but has a much more athletic body. Steve worked out occasionally to maintain his 6′, 200 pound frame. He had played football in high school, but gave it up in college to concentrate on his school work.

The two boys shared a bunk bed with John on the bottom and Steve on the top. Luckily both boys slept relatively quietly which allowed them both to sleep soundly. However, one night John woke up around midnight and noticed that Steve’s bed above him was moving about ever so slightly. John lay silently as he tried to figure out what Steve was doing. It didn’t take him long to determine that he was jerking off. He recognized the familiar rhythm one he often performed himself, but never with anyone else in the room. John was feeling oddly aroused as he imagined what Steve was doing to his cock just a few feet above him. After a few minutes the bed stopped and John figured Steve must have shot his load, but where he wondered. A moment later, in the dim light, John saw a small hand towel drop to the floor from the end of the bed above him.

The following morning while Steve was in the bathroom taking a shower John looked behind the bed and found a small, blue hand towel. He picked it up and unfolded it. Inside he found what confirmed his suspicions. There were several dry, crusty areas on the towel where Steve had shot his cum. John figured Steve must have been pretty horny to jerk off like that. John usually did his thing in the shower alone.

John began thinking about Steve masturbating more and more and often stayed up late lying in bed in an attempt to see how often Steve was beating off, which turned out to just about every night. After one such night John watched for the familiar towel to drop to the floor and waited for Steve to fall asleep. When he was sure Steve was asleep, John slid to the other end of the bed and felt around for the towel on the floor. Finally he was able to grab it and pull it into bed. John unfolded the towel and felt the sticky wad of cum Steve had shot into it. John was very excited and is cock was hard as a rock. He wrapped the towel around his own cock, lubing up his shaft with his room mates sperm. John then removed the towel and began to stroke his 8 inch cock with his hand. His hand slid smoothly up and down the length of his shaft that had been greased with cum. It didn’t take long before John’s balls began to rumble as he approached his climax. He fumbled for the towel, but he was a little two late and his first shot of cum erupted from his cock and landed on his stomach. The rest he managed to shot into the towel, which now contained two loads of jism. When John was finished he tossed the towel back on the floor where he had found it.

The following weekend Steve traveled back home to New York for a wedding and John was alone in the dorm room. John spent a good deal of time studying for some tests he had coming up, but on Saturday night he decided to take a break and watch a movie in his room. He had gotten an offer to go out to a party, but declined wanting to be rested on Sunday to do some more work. John lay on the small couch they had in the room watching the movie when something in the film started getting him aroused. Taking advantage of his rare time alone in the room, John stripped naked and began to fondle his balls.

John enjoyed massaging his sack with one hand while he gently stroked his cock with the other. He was taking his time, slowly gliding his fingers up the long length of shaft and then rubbing the head of his cock with the palm of his hand. John repeatedly brought himself to edge of orgasm, but would then firmly grasp the base of his cock until the feeling passed. His cock was dripping precum and he realized that after nearly shooting his load seven times it was time to allow his cock to release its load. He began to stroke his man hood more aggressively and when he felt the first contractions in his groin he looked down at his wonderful istanbul escort cock at it spurted its first wad of cum.

John had never experienced such as powerful orgasm before as the wad of cum shot from his cock, nearly reaching his face, and landing on his neck. The second shot was nearly as strong splashing across his chest. The third and forth jets of semen filled his belly button full of hot cum. John continued milking his cock creating a stream of white, sticky sperm to run down his cock and pool up in the tiny brown curls of his pubic hair. John was still rubbing his balls with his left hand and began to massage in the small pool of cum at the base of his cock. His balls felt so warm and smooth as he bathed them in his own sperm. With his other hand he scooped out the cum from his naval and lubed up wilting penis.

John rubbed the sticky, hot jism into his nut sack and over the length of his prick. After about five minutes the warm slimy feeling of his cum began to revive his limp dick. He continued to stroke his hog as he watched it begin to stiffen and stand up again. After a couple of more minutes his cock was hard once again. He stroked his cock with a firm fast grip until he once again began to feel the churning is balls. John’s brain was in a fit of erotic passion as he neared his climax. With out any fore thought John lifted all his weight onto his lower back and shoulders and then in one motion he kicked up his feet and threw his legs back so that he was now up on the back of his neck and shoulders looking up at his cock pointing directly at his face. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth as he reached the point of no return. He felt his cock twitch and an instant later felt his hot cum land on his upper lip and across his right cheek. The next shot landed directly into his mouth hitting him in the back of the throat. He opened his eyes as he milked several more wads of cum from his cock which continued to land on his face and into his mouth. When his orgasm finally subsided, his face had streaks of cum across both cheeks and dripped from his chin. John moved his tongue around his mouth and tasted for the first time in his life the flavor of a man’s sperm. The musky, salty flavor was different than anything he had ever tasted and not exceptionally appealing. But it was the thought of actually shooting cum into his mouth that really turned him on.

John got up to clean himself off and when he saw himself in the mirror he smiled as he looked at himself covered in loads of white cum. He wiped a large drip from his chin and sucked it off his fingers wanting one more taste of sperm. The slimy texture of his cum coated the inside of his mouth and he began to realize how much he enjoyed what he just did. As he wiped himself off he imagined what it might be like to actually suck on a cock and have another man shoot his cum into his mouth. Instantly his thoughts turned to his room mate Steve and wondered what his cock would feel like in his mouth.

The next day John was studying when Steve arrived back around five O’clock. “How was the wedding?” John asked. “It was alright, I saw some people I haven’t seen in a while” Steve replied as he threw his things on his bed. “Check out what I got this weekend” Steve said as he pulled something out of his bag. It was DVD titled ‘Naughty swap party’. “Take a break and lets watch some of it” Steve pleaded. “Sure, I’m done studying anyway”. John said as he opened the case. From the looks of the pictures on the back of the case it was sure to be a good flick. John hadn’t seen a porno in months and was looking forward to it.

John popped the movie in as Steve locked the door to their room and then they both sat down on the couch. The first seen had three women and three men. The women were all beautiful, but John found himself focusing on the massive cocks of the men. The two boys watched as the women on the screen got their pussies and asses fucked by three well hung men. John was fascinated when the men would shoot their big loads of cum onto the women’s faces and into their open mouths. John’s cock was rock hard and when he looked down at Steve’s lap he knew he was fully erect as well.

By the end of the second scene John and Steve were both squirming about as their erections tried to fight there way free. Finally Steve got up and said “I’m going to go take a shower and beat my meat”. John was shocked at how forward his friend was but managed to reply “I’m about ready to cum in my pants myself”. Steve looked at John’s crotch and said “I şirinevler escort can see that, why don’t we just beat off in here so we can continue to watch the movie. It’s not like we don’t know every guy jerks off anyway. “Alright” John replied.

The two boys looked at one another waiting to see who was going to take their pants off first. Finally John, who was still sitting on the couch, unzipped his jeans and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. Steve looked at his friend’s big eight inch cock standing at attention and said “Holy shit you got bid dick”. Steve proceeded to kick off his sneakers and strip out of his pants and boxers. He sat on the couch next to John wearing only socks and a tee shirt. John leaned over and pulled off his own shoes and pulled his pants and briefs off. The two boys sat next to each other on the couch watching the movie stroking their own cocks. John tried to look obvious as he peered over at Steve stroking his cock. Steve’s penis was maybe six or six and half inches long, but it was thicker than John’s.

It was during the forth scene when Steve blurted out “I’m gonna cum” and John turned his head to watch. Steve tugged on his cock a few more times and then his cock began to shoot out thick waves of milky white cum. Steve grunted as the flow of warm cum ran down the sides of his cock and over his fingers that were wrapped tightly around it. Watching Steve have his orgasm was enough to send John over the edge and he grunted “Here I come”. Steve turned to watch as John fired his sticky hot sperm out of his cock. Steve’s jaw dropped at he witnessed John’s cum shoot through the air and splash across his chest. His second and third cum shots landed on his stomach. “Wow Steve said, do you always shoot you load that far?” John panted “Yes” as the last of his cum flowed from the head of his prick. The two of them cleaned themselves up and shut off the movie. They didn’t speak of what had happened for the rest of that night.

The following night John got back to the room late. He had been doing some research at the library and got back to the room after ten O’clock. When he unlocked the door and stepped in Steve was on the couch watching the porno again, he had a blanket covering himself. “Close the fucking door” Steve said. John shut the door and locked it. Steve looked back at the TV and slid the blanket off revealing his naked body. His cock was hard and was stroking it gently. “Mind if I join you?” John asked. “Feel free” Steve replied. John put his books down and stripped naked as he watched his friend play with his cock. John’s was already hard by the time he sat next to Steve. Steve took a quick look at john’s throbbing cock and then back at the movie. On the screen there was a woman giving a man a blow job. “How many blow jobs have you received in you life?” asked Steve. “Two” replied John. “That’s two more than me” said Steve.

The two boys were slowly stroking their cocks as they watched the man on the screen began to cum. He jerked off into the woman’s open mouth. She seemed to love it as he filled her mouth with his seed. When he finished, she swallowed all his sperm, even wiping what was on her chin into her mouth.

“I want to get sucked off like that” Steve said looking at John. John wondered for a moment if Steve was trying to hint at something. They were jerking off together so what would be the big deal if they helped each out a little, John thought to him self. “I’ll give you one if you give one to me” John managed to say.

“Alright, You first” Steve replied.

John got on the floor and kneeled between his friend’s legs and stared at the fat cock in front of his face. After a moment he got the courage to grab the base of Steve’s cock and lean forward and take it into his mouth. He felt awkward at first to have another man’s penis in is mouth, but at the same time it felt good to have such a warm fat cock in his hand. At first he sucked gently on the head of Steve’s penis trying to get used to the feeling. After a few minutes he began to relax and took more and more of it into his mouth. He let go of the base and moved his hand onto Steve’s balls, gently massaging them as he sucked on his shaft. He was really starting to enjoy the power he had over his friend when he heard him say “I’m going to cum”. John kept his mouth on Steve’s cock wanting to taste his sperm. He went down deep on Steve’s cock one more time before he felt the hot, thick sperm splash into the back of his throat nearly choking him. taksim escort John managed to swallow most of it before Steve shot a second blast into his mouth. John bobbed his head up and down as he milked the cum out of Steve’s dick with his mouth. John had sperm dripping from both corners of his mouth when he finally let his friend’s cock fall from his mouth. “That was awesome” Steve said grinning. “It was fun” John replied as he wiped the cum from his lips and said “Now it’s my turn”.

John sat back on the couch and watched as Steve climbed onto the floor and knelt in front of his erect cock. Steve didn’t waste any time and quickly took half of John’s eight inches into his mouth and began to fuck it with his mouth. After a few minutes of that he took it out of his mouth and wrapped his lips around the side of John’s member and sucked it from the base to the tip several times before taking the entire thing back into his mouth. Steve teased the head of John’s dick with his tongue as he caressed his balls. John felt the cum begin to churn in his sack as he watched his friend suck his cock. When he couldn’t take any more John warned his fried “I’m ready to cum”. Steve sucked harder and waited for his first taste of sperm. A moment later John tensed up and blasted a huge shot of seed deep into Steve’s mouth causing Steve to fall back slight as John’s cock slipped from his mouth. The second shot of Sperm sprayed Steve across his face, temporarily blinding him and one eye. Steve regained his balance and tried to get his mouth back onto John’s cock before he shot again, but he was a moment too late and the third shot of cum hit him on the chin. Finally John was able to get his cock back into Steve’s mouth where Steve sucked the remaining jism out of it. Steve sucked John’s cock until it began to soften in his mouth before releasing it. When Steve stood up a big wad of sperm dripped from his chin and onto the floor before he sank back onto the couch next to his room mate.

“How do you feel” Steve asked. “Great, how about you” John answered. “That was cool, we should do that again some time” said Steve. “Sounds good to me” replied John. The two friends sat naked on the couch for a while watching the movie before getting dressed to go get dinner. When they returned to the dormitory they both grabbed a shower and sat down to relax. Steve started to read a book for his English class while John watched a little TV.

After a while John dozed off on the couch while watching a movie. He awoke a while later to find Steve tugging at his pants in an effort to get them off. By the time he realized what was going on Steve had pulled his pants off. He noticed that Steve himself was already nude and that his cock was rock hard. John was still lying on the couch and Steve positioned his cock in front of his mouth. John took it in and began to circle the tip of it with his tongue. As he sucked Steve’s member he felt his own cock begin to stiffen. Steve began to thrust his hips, shoving his cock deeper and deeper into John’s mouth. John felt Steve begin to tense up and he knew he was ready to explode so he readied himself to swallow. But, Steve had a different plan and just before he started to cum he pulled his cock from John’s mouth and turned slightly and aimed his cock at John’s. Steve stroked his cock a couple of times before he let out a long moan and began to shoot his warm semen all over John’s cock and balls. John watched in awe as Steve covered his cock with sperm. John loved the feeling of the hot jism running down his hard cock and covering his balls.

When Steve had gotten every drop from his own cock he fell to his knees and took John’s sperm covered cock into his mouth. He sucked all his own cum into his mouth and swallowed it. He then proceeded to lick and suck John’s balls until he had ingested the rest of his sperm. Once again Steve took John’s organ back between his lips and made love to it with his mouth. John was in heaven as his cock slid in and out of Steve’s hot mouth. Finally he began to breathe heavy as his climax approached. Steve grabbed John’s hips and pulled his mouth down on John’s cock as it began to twitch and release its load of cum. This time Steve was prepared as he felt the first jet of creamy cum hit his throat. He swallowed quickly as he felt the second blast zip across his tongue. Again he swallowed as the third and forth shots fired into his mouth. Steve swallowed every drop of cum he could get from John’s cock.

After that day Steve and John regularly sucked each others cocks as well as masturbate together. They would often lie in bed together as shoot there loads of cum onto one another to see who had a bigger load. They never told anyone about what they did and decided when they each had girl friends they would no longer have to help each other out.

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