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I don’t know what came over me. I must have been crazy.

It was the way you stirred your coffee that first caught my eye. The meticulous way you held that spoon, gently but firmly stirring the sugar into your espresso. As if at that moment it was all that mattered.

I was admiring your strong hands delicately holding the spoon, your soul-searching eyes half hidden by a wisp of greying hair. Lost in my thoughts, I was startled when you looked up and caught my eye. You smiled. Had you known all along I was watching you?

Hurriedly I looked down at the newspaper next to my coffee, hoping you hadn’t noticed. When I dared look back the little table at the other end of the café was empty. You were gone.

A feeling of emptiness and lost opportunities swept over me stronger than I had thought possible. I looked around the café, hastily trying to catch a glimpse of you leaving and there you are walking up to me. As our eyes meet I feel myself starting to blush. I want so bad to feel you. I want to touch your darkened skin with my lips and I am sure you know what I am thinking. Your eyes locked with mine they look right through me, they touch my soul with a glance.

As you sit down you tell me a story about a simple seed producing a soft green coffee bean, roasted, ground and made into a perfect cup of espresso. I listen to your deep low voice and the words wash over me. I don’t hear what you are saying; your voice and your eyes fill my mind completely. Deep inside me something snaps, a wave of passionate hunger flows over me. All I can think of is how much I want you.

You lay your hand on mine and I say yes. My voice trembling and barely a whisper. I don’t even recall the question or if there was one, but yes. All my desires awakened, yes. Kocaeli Escort Such a simple word, such a simple thought… yes.

I know this city very well. I have lived here all my life, but as I follow you down roads and alleys I see the buildings for the first time. People are watching us as we run by, but I don’t care. For the first time in my life I am giddy with anticipation. I giggle and hold your hand like a schoolgirl as you lead me up some stairs. Where are we? Do you live here?

I hadn’t noticed the strong smell of coffee beans roasting until now. My mind is racing with lust and desire, I can’t think straight. Halfway up the stairs you stop, I nearly bump into you. You turn and slowly smile at me, holding me in your arms. My body is so tense, my lips aching for yours. I close my eyes and feel your warm breath coming closer. My own breath is getting shorter. I gasp as I feel your lips touch mine your tongue tracing my lips. I wanted that moment to last forever.

Your hands moving up my thighs as you press me against the wall. The hard cold bricks against my back, your warm body pressing against mine and all the time your hands moving over my body. I throw back my head and let your lips caress my neck, my hands holding your head. Softly moaning I feel your kisses trail down my neck, your hands fumbling with the buttons of my dress. I unbutton your shirt and let my hands glide over your chest as you slide open my dress and kiss my breasts. Soft, warm tender kisses. Your tongue flicking at my nipples, it’s driving me crazy. Your hands moving down my body feeling the curves of my hips. I hear the men working downstairs and the smell of the roasting beans but all I can think of is your tongue flowing down my body as you pull my Kocaeli Escort Bayan panties down. You slowly kiss my inner thighs. I bite my lip as I feel your tongue and lips moving upwards. Pressing my legs gently apart and nibbling on my thighs biting me, you watch me flinch. I eagerly shift my hips and move my legs apart inviting you. Your tongue sliding in between my wet lips, licking and sucking, grabbing my hips pulling me onto your tongue. I throw back my head with pleasure and moan as I feel your tongue moving inside me.

I push you back and let you sit on the steps, you lean back and I smile at you, looking into your dark eyes. I push your knees together, pull up my skirt and straddle your lap. I take your hands and place them on my hips as I run my fingers through your hair. Kissing your chin softly and then your cheek, gently brushing against your skin with my lips, laying the gentlest kiss on your eyelids and moving down to trace your lips with my tongue. I can taste my wetness on your lips as you kiss me back. My hands wonder over your bare chest feeling your muscles tense underneath me. I lean towards you to kiss your neck and lick my way to your hard nipples, my tongue making slow circles on your dark skin.

My hands moving between our bodies as my nipples rub against your chest. I fumble with the edge of your pants and you pull me closer. I giggle with excitement as I feel you move under me.

I get off your lap and slowly pull your pants down. I want to feel you in me so bad, but my mouth aches to feel you too. You lay back and close your eyes as I let my tongue playfully dart over your abdomen. I gently stroke your leg and kiss your thigh then lick my way up, kissing you everywhere and letting my tongue play. Escort Kocaeli Holding you with one hand and licking along the shaft, licking my way up and finally licking my lips. Hovering right over you so you feel my hot breath and then parting my wet lips and placing them on you, letting my tongue slide out and lick you, tasting the juices.

Slipping you in my mouth letting my tongue slip over and around your head tracing around the edge of your head licking it, fondling it. I need to feel you in me deeper so I slide you in further feeling you rub against the inside of my cheek. I want to feel you so deep inside of me, deeper and deeper inside my mouth. As I go down I suck you in deeper and I let my tongue slip around you as I move up again, looking at your face as you enjoy it. You start to push against me wanting to go deeper in me but I stop, hold you still in my mouth and hum so you feel the vibrations moving down your shaft. That small gasp and the smile on your face tell me I am giving you as much pleasure as you are giving me.

I quickly resume the movement of my head. You grab my hair and make me move up and down faster while you thrust harder.

As I hear you moaning and feel your lust growing. I take you out of my mouth, push back onto the stairs and straddle you once again. You whisper in my ear how bad you want me and I lose myself in you. You hold my hips as I lower myself onto you, feeling you go inside of me inch by inch I gasp and moan a low deep moan of pure pleasure. The smell of coffee combined with that of our bodies, our lust and our sweat makes me lose all sense of time and space. All I can think of is the pleasure you give me and I give you as we move together fast, riding you hard.

We never made it up the stairs.

I never asked you your name.

I never went back to the stairs behind the roasting company.

But now when I drink espresso I stir gently but firmly. As if at that moment it is all that matters.

And then I smile a warm content smile as I remember our passionate encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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