Co-workers Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Beginning

The first time Will and Lynn met, he had been sent to her worksite to help launch an increase in business. He was one of a number of people sent from his office. There was a get together to introduce the visitors to their local colleagues and they spent an evening in a restaurant over dinner and drinks. It was a pleasant evening and she had looked forward to meeting all of her colleagues, but particularly the man that one of her co-workers had raved about so much. He was such a nice guy and had been her rock when she was so far away from home keeping her company in a strange place.

Lynn had brought her husband with her to the dinner. Hubby had a hangover so he wasn’t his usual charming self, but she was there to meet people anyway. Will, however, didn’t look anything like she expected. She, of course, didn’t really know what she expected. He was a charmer though and she was initially taken with his deep, resonant voice. He had a deliberate way of speaking that indicated a thoughtful mind. She was impressed enough to agree with her colleague’s assessment of him.

In the two weeks he was at her site, he endeared himself further showing a quick wit and a flirtatious style. When he smiled or laughed his eyes twinkled mischievously. She began to notice the sleepy bedroom eyes that accompanied the voice, the immaculate way he dressed and the tapered fingers that held his cigarette. She had always been a sucker for nice hands. He had dark hair and a close cropped beard salted with enough maturity to make her consider him worth talking to. She was happily married and never really looked at other men. Sure, she drooled over the Colin Firth’s and Viggo Mortenson’s that played across movie screens, but they were mere fantasy and that didn’t count.

Shortly before he was scheduled to go home, Lynn and her husband invited Will out to a night of karaoke. He was game, sang a few songs and drank a few beers. Will told them, something it turned out was common knowledge, that he hadn’t been laid in a long time and he was scoping the room for would-be partners. When nothing that caught his eye panned out, they took him back to his hotel room alone. All the while, he complained about not getting laid. It struck Lynn, a little painfully, that under different circumstances, she would have been glad to ease his plight. She, obviously, kept that information to herself and life went on.

Months later, Lynn was asked to travel to yet another of her company’s offices for the same reasons Will had been sent to hers. She was more than happy to accept the chance to travel. It wasn’t long before she found out that Will was already there. He IM’d her at work every day from the time he found out she was heading towards him until the day she arrived, jokingly asking her if she was “there yet”. She played the game, teasing him that she was “knocking on his hotel door” and “where was he anyway”. Another colleague of hers, reading over her shoulder made a crack implying that there was something going on between Lynn and Will. Lynn laughed it off, but blushed at the thought and kept playing the game.

He asked when her plane was landing and offered to pick her up at the airport. She arrived on time and there he was. Waiting for her luggage, she babbled incessantly. Slightly nervous from the flight, she was never a good flier, and completely unnerved that the attraction to him was not only just as strong, but possibly stronger, she couldn’t keep herself from going on and on. Will seemed unphased while Lynn tried to sound intelligent and professional. He had already told her his plan was to get a “real” coffee maker so that they could have morning coffee. She had been sent with a care package from home of his favourite brand and the plan was to meet Kocaeli Escort before work and start the day civilized.

Their first stop was to get the coffee maker and whatever other necessities Will thought she should prepare herself with. She was staying a month after all. They fell into a camaraderie that made her feel comfortable in a strange city. Their mutual friend from her office was right, Will had a way of making her feel welcome. He helped her check in to the hotel switching her from the non-smoking room they had booked her in to a smoking room which the hotel, accommodating as they were, found right beside his. Will would make sure she was looked after although he never seemed aware of his chivalry.

As promised, they spent there mornings having coffee, waking up slowly before heading out to the office together. They timed their breaks and meals together and Will showed Lynn the city that he had spent more time in than she had. They spent hours finding common ground, talking about everything and anything that struck them, always injecting conversations about the work that consumed so much of their time. Her attraction to him grew stronger and the flirting increased. Now she found herself flushing, embarrassed by the heat that he managed to create in her. Lynn kept reminding herself she was a married woman, but it didn’t seem enough. Somehow, at sometime the implication of a real possibility got strong enough for her to actually consider.

A third colleague showed up and, once again, Will helped him move to the smoking floor. The proverbial third man was now in the room on the other side of Will. There was another member in their intimate coffee klatch and the dynamics had changed. Lynn would have breathed a sigh of relief at the necessary distraction, but she wasn’t sure it was going to stop her anyway. Not if Will gave her an open door. The fates conspired yet again, by changing Will’s shift at work. Her only response to their change in circumstance was to give him a key to her room so that he could move the coffee maker there so that she and the third man could still have coffee in the morning. Lynn and Will were now ships that passed in the day. He had also told her that he was casually dating one of the women in that office. Lynn decided that her foolish fantasies needed to take a back seat and tried to encourage his potential romance, though she and Will continued to flirt. Will was, apparently, still having trouble getting laid. She wasn’t all that surprised now that she had spent some time with him and realized that he wouldn’t sleep with someone strictly out of convenience. That would have been too easy and he seemed to prefer a bit of a challenge.

One night he teased Lynn that if he didn’t get lucky with his date, he would show up at her room and it would be nice if she wore something sexy. She went to bed in a satin thigh length camisole, certain that he would never show up. He did. She was surprised to see him, but let him in. He was cool about it stretching out on the second bed in her room and finishing off the burger and fries that he bought on the way back to the hotel. They talked about the movie he took his date to and kept the conversation on a friendly level. He finished his dinner and left for his own room. They didn’t talk about what could have happened until he IM’d her at work. There was a cat and mouse game afoot. Will didn’t want to make a move because of her “situation” and frankly neither did she. They continued to remain professional at work except for the IM’s which only took place when she was there and he was at the hotel.

Lynn was not going to cross that line without more encouragement from him. She could have thrown himself at him. She certainly wanted to, but if she was going Kocaeli Escort Bayan to make a compromise to her own ideals, she needed someone else to help share that burden. At one point they decided to cuddle, in his room, on his bed. Will had a single with a king size. He was warm and it was comfortable lying next to him. She was still afraid to touch. He had to tell her that he wanted to hold her. She feigned some reluctance, but she wanted it as much as he did. They spooned and he held her while they dozed. She didn’t sleep, but he must have. At some point his chivalry kicked in instinctively. Will’s arm was around her, her shirt had slid up and his hand touched the bare skin on her side. If he had slipped his hand up slightly, he would have been touching her breast. Instead, he tugged her shirt down, slung his arm across her chastely and kept sleeping. Lynn smiled despite herself, but the near miss only made the heat in her body increase. She was actually getting wet at the prospect. Again, they did not take it any farther.

The next time they flirted on IM it became more intense. Hinting at what they both wanted, she finally shared a fantasy with him.

“You are asleep and I slip into your room”, she typed.

“Oh yeah?” he responded, “and then what.”

“I slide into your bed, but you don’t feel it move.”


“I ease in behind you, you’re back is to the door….. I reach my arm around and feel for you kissing you on the neck.”


Lynn kept up the tease until he told her that he was masturbating to her fantasy. She was hot and very, very bothered, but she was at work and, therefore, a little ashamed of herself. Will offered her a key to his room asking if she would use it. He offered to wear his boxers to bed even though he slept in the nude, if it would make her more comfortable. Now it was real, all too real. She told him to leave her a key. She would worry about what to do with it after she got it. When she got back to the hotel, the key was on her dresser. She wouldn’t use it that night.

She did use it though. One night, after she got back from work, she poured herself a drink trying to work up the courage. She unlocked his door and found the bed in the dark. Sitting on the furthest edge from him, listening to his deep breathing, she sat in the dark for a few minutes and then left. Getting back to her own room, she wrestled with herself. She knew she wanted him. She was afraid that he just wanted to get laid and she was convenient enough. She had a man she loved at home. What was she thinking? Had she lost her mind? She wrote him a note: “I chickened out”. She went back to his room again. This time she managed to lie down on the bed. She still stayed at the opposite end, near the bottom, as far away from him as she could get and still be on the bed. Again, she lost her nerve. Placing the note on his laptop computer where he would be sure to see it, she left again. Her heart was beating madly. She was angry at herself for chickening out, angry at herself for playing this crazy game and angry at herself for still wanting him.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang. Who could be calling in the middle of the night? That sleepy, resonating bedroom come hither voice on the other end of the line wanted to know what she was doing, wanted to know if she was coming to his room. Her last barrier fell as she told him, “I’ll be right there.”

He was lying in bed the way she found him when she snuck in. She climbed onto the bed and told him that she had already chickened out twice. He implied he hadn’t heard her come in and asked her why she wasn’t getting under the covers. She did. He reached for her, tugging at her nightshirt and asking her, “What’s this?”

“You didn’t Escort Kocaeli expect me to come over in the nude, did you?” She laughed.

“Take it off”, he purred.

She did.

Those hands, the ones she watched hold a cigarette, the ones that demurely tugged her shirt into place, were caressing her skin with such a soft, delicate touch she felt as though she was made of fine porcelain. He didn’t grope like so many men did. His hands glided smoothly with just enough pressure to fire her skin. He fondled her breasts making her nipples hard and creating a tingle that shuddered through her entire body. Lynn reached for him, trying to reciprocate, barely able to be sure she was making him feel as good since her own sensations were dulling her thought processes. She was swimming in an ocean of ecstasy making it impossible for her to control her own limbs. She squirmed and writhed under his touch. She breathed heavily, moaned gratefully and felt herself wanting to crawl under his skin. He felt towards her thighs and once again, demanded she take it off, when he found her panties. She eagerly removed them and his hands reached for her pubic hair, sliding towards her soaking clitoris he expressed his appreciation with a simple, “nice pussy”. She bucked her hips and came in his hands.

Kneading her firm ass, he pulled her closer. They had their hands all over each other her fingers in his soft hair she felt his breathing on her cheek before he pulled his face away from her. But, as he moved to climb on top, she was struck with fear and breathed a loud, “no”. He fell back groaning in complaint. She tried to apologize. He told her he was “fixed”. That wasn’t the problem. That hadn’t even occurred to her until he said it and then she suddenly feared worse than pregnancy. She tried to make amends. Reaching for his softening penis she stroked him, feeling it harden a little pre cum moistening the tip, she used her own wetness to help it along.

“That doesn’t work for me”, he complained, “I can do that myself”.

There were some moments of frustration for both of them before she reached for him again and pulled him closer knowing now that he wanted her as much as she had wanted him. They had had the conversation about fucking versus sex versus making love. Even though he claimed, like most men, that there was no difference between fucking and having sex, she knew he there was even for him. Fucking would have meant pushing on when she resisted. She didn’t fuck… not ever, not anyone. Not since the day she woke up to find her then boyfriend already inside her. This was not that kind of man. He might not have loved her, but he wasn’t going to fuck her.

“Come here”, she tried to purr, “please”.

“It’s just that it feels like rape or something”, he moaned bitterly.

“Its not… Its okay…”, she stammered, not wanting to stop what was happening and horrified that she had made him feel that way. “Please, come here.”

She tried to make him understand that it was okay. She swallowed her fears, her concerns, all her baggage and focused on the incredible way he made her feel. It wasn’t a difficult thing to focus on and she finally convinced him. He pulled himself over her. She was so wet he slid into her with no effort.

He made what felt like one or two thrusts and with his face next to hers spat out, “OH FUCK”, with a force as he came.

From the moment he touched her she had been one big orgasm, so it struck her funny when he told her that he came before he could even say, “I’m coming”. They laughed that breathy laughter that only occurs after incredible sex. He was still absorbing it when she kissed him on the neck. She asked him to kiss her on the neck, got dressed and left.

Lynn went back to her room still heated, wishing she could have stayed in his arms, knowing that the afterglow would have been as good as the foreplay, as the sex itself. She needed to keep some detachment. It was hard enough and now that she knew what she had been avoiding, what she would be missing, it was even harder.

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