Cinematic Glory Ch. 01

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Till now, all the gloryhole experiences have been at one place, about 10-15 minutes away. There are a few other sex businesses in the region, most of which I have visited at least once. A large one opened only a couple of years ago, off a highway exit on a major north/south route. After first noticing it, a visit was certain. It was an expansive, but still fairly typical sex shop – except the amount of porn was very large, as was the number of video booths. And a movie ‘complex,’ which wasn’t very inviting, with a turnstile opened by feeding money into a coin/bill slot.

It was easily a half hour away, on the other side of a stretch which often has heavier traffic, not as interesting as another first visit, a new porn store discovery in the opposite direction, in the late fall, several years ago. The shop advertised in a local paper, and noticing the ad, it was easy to find where they were on a map – pre-internet, obviously. It didn’t have any booths but was decently sized, and not run down. As I wandered through alone, with the counter at the front empty, a good sized monitor mounted on one wall caught and then held my attention – an attractive woman having her spread pussy eaten and clearly enjoying it, without much acting – and clearly, the acting was growing less important as time went on. After a few moments, they reversed positions.

She started sucking her partner’s already fairly stiff cock, until he was absolutely rock hard – and I was starting to get that way myself, in public, so to speak, though the place was empty, and it was at least semi-discrete. When the couple in the video started to fuck, it was impossible to not keep watching, no longer occasionally moving down an aisle to break the spell, my cock throbbing, pressed against my pants and thigh. They both clearly enjoyed a number of positions, her pussy now puffy and wet, his cock fucking harder, both enjoying their work, the camera not something concerning them in the least. I too was getting less concerned, even very occasionally stroking the front of my jeans, as secretly as possible. Though while doing it, whoever noticed was meaningless in the rush of intense horniness my touch caused.

After enjoying at least 20 minutes watching the couple on the screen (the VCR under the monitor had a timer), the scent of weed wafted from an office/private area at the back – I kept watching the screen, not exactly surprised to smell someone enjoying one of my tastes. There was still a certain thrill of doing something forbidden, but not without a certain ‘wrongness’ – it was a store, not a space for sex. Nonetheless, the porn was really hot, and it had been making me hot in turn the entire time.

A few minutes later, a woman around 23, with glasses and a cute face comes out, wearing warm and scruffy comfortable clothes. She sits at the counter, which isn’t really in line with where I was standing, but as the scene ended, it seemed like time to keep looking around. Finding a finger sized vibrator, which seemed worth adding to our collection, I went to the counter – where she nicely asked if I needed istanbul escort batteries or lube, to which I simply replied no, thanks. I haven’t been back since, and it is unlikely it is still in business.

However, for the sex shop on the highway, it appears that the management had changed. While driving this stretch a few months ago, it was my wife that noticed the giant sign over the formerly discrete building at the exit. Using the Net to read about the place later, it seems to be part of a chain, and there was some interesting information about how that movie space was laid out – a gay/hetero split, a number of different theaters, one with a stage, several private rooms, a couple of less private rooms, including one with mirrors. My wife also read what I found, with a mixture of incomprehension and a disinterested curiosity about strangers meeting for nothing more than sex – whether watching or participating.

Actually entering the movie space this time turned into a minor problem – apparently, the turnstile needs to be precisely positioned or it won’t open after money is put in. Going to the counter, a roughly 20 year old woman clerk let me in – somehow, not embarrassing, especially considering that the reason she knew my problem was having seen it on camera. The shop side of the store was well visited, many couples looking at what was offered – nothing extraordinary, just porn and toys.

Going in through a now unlocked side door, not the turnstile, the space was darkened and generally covered in black paint, except for the screens, the red of the seats in the theater spaces, and the brown grained vinyl of the benches in several separate rooms with large screens playing porn.

There seemed little reason to make any major pretense, and so I headed first to the gay side, walking towards the back. Where three men were standing, one jerking another off, in the middle of the group. His extended cock was profiled against the wall to ceiling screen, about 2 times life size, and he came as I watched, his ass pumping, his jeans barely hanging on his ass – my first taste of any open public sex – even kinkier, it was three men. My cock had grown, but not strikingly so, and at this point, decided to also see the hetero side. Nothing that different between sides, except for the two rooms with two wide flat benches forming an L against the far walls on the hetero side, facing 4 monitors – benches which seemed quite roomy, and not mussed. I kept getting lost somewhat, still fairly overwhelmed by the possibilities. There were maybe ten men in total, evenly split between gay and hetero sections. Though several, like me, moved between sections at whim.

Wandering over to the hetero section, there were a few men hanging out, one stroking himself alone in a smaller theater space – with no seeming interest in me at all, staring straight at the screen. The rooms were empty, and I ended up not actually figuring out the general floor plan that first time, my eyes constantly straying to see men and porn, though with a certain hesitation. A certain desire not to halkalı escort get caught looking. Absurd, but nonetheless real – in terms of politeness, not exactly wrong, either.

By now, returning to the gay section became worthwhile, as that is where the action seemed to be – merely a minor challenge in finding my way back to that theater section in the dimness. I crossed over, turned right, then left, and again saw the space where the group standing beforehand jacking off was now leaving, having enjoyed a couple of orgasms – the man in the middle who came so hard just a couple of yards from me seemed content, an expression of simple satisfaction on his face, his black hair dishevelled and his legs still slightly wobbling as he zipped himelf.

After they were past, I stood along the wall, alone on that side now, a wall between the entrance area and the viewing area proper, watching the porn, after a quick glance towards the dim space, maybe 15 or so seats, several occupied. Seeing two men rubbing and jacking on the screen was getting me hard, especially when they started to rub their cocks together, and play with each other’s nipples.

This was something I had first seen in a hardcore gay porn magazine decades ago. Back then, it looked so hot with the three men featured in a number of detailed black and white photos, sucking each other’s cocks, playing with nipples while kissing, getting fucked and sucked – a number of variations. Much like my wife can’t resist her toy on her horny clit, I can’t resist stroking my hard cock while she plays with my nipples, sometimes stroking, sometimes pinching, sometimes rubbing, sometimes scratching – always paired with a wonderful orgasm, where the sensation of my nipples is as good as that of my pumping cockhead.

At this point, the video on the screen was getting me hotter, and knew that taking out my cock here would be just a matter of time. Watching the pair rub cock to cock, my hand unzipped my pants, deliciously rubbing along my hardening length, and unbuttoned the lower buttons of my shirt. There wasn’t much sense of anything unusual – men were getting hard and jacking off, and that was certainly something I have always enjoyed. I glanced somewhat quickly toward the rear, and at least three men were sitting in the chairs, one stroking himself, and a pair doing something which was not possible to resolve in the darkness.

As the gay porn kept playing, it seemed natural to stroke myself, in the semi-dark, semi-private theater, now intently watching two men on the screen. I heard a man cum behind me, breathing hard with his semen splashing, as my cock grew more rigid in my hand, being stroked so good, for anyone to see. My back was now against the wall, legs splayed, cock jutting forward as I played with it, head turned towards the screen to my side. Being near the front, my shaft was profiled against the screen, easily seen for anyone further back, like the man’s I had seen before.

Following a hard to measure interval of horny desire and throbbing cock, I sat down near mecidiyeköy escort another man, whose pants were open, cock in hand, half hard, arising out of a curly pubic bush and what seemed to be fairly low hanging and hairy balls, his legs spread. Something which had been catching my attention for the last couple of minutes, though not exactly concentrating on it – too much had been happening on the screen and with my own stroking to concentrate on any single point for long.

Sitting in the open aisle seat, only an empty space separated us, and I quickly began stroking my rigid length again, looking somewhat determinedly at the men rubbing their hard cocks on the screen, though glancing a few times at another horny man so close, our cocks free and feeling so good. He suddenly moved closer, and went down almost instantly on my erect cock. It was actually quite surprising – nothing had been said, and apart from the obvious fact I was horny and his moving closer, no communication had been exchanged at all.

His mouth simply covered my held cock, making my hand slide down its length, his wet lips against the ring of my thumb and finger. The deeper my hand went along the shaft, the more irresistible the pleasure of his mouth taking my cock between wet and soft lips. I was getting a blow job in public, one that was offered in the simplest way imaginable, and it was fantastic. I am a complete slut for getting sucked by a man, it seems, at least when it is a total surprise. Well, surprise in a technical sense – a glory hole or sitting stroking while watching gay porn at a porn theater certainly provide the opportunity for such things to happen.

After a time between a few seconds and a short minute, I had to stop him, now on the exquisite knife edge of orgasm, so close, right hand now clenching just underneath my gloriously swelled cockhead, unmoving, left hand on my balls. A fact which was now just becoming clear – having the other hand slide down to my balls in that time was just a completely natural reaction to a man’s mouth on my cock, it seems. And one guaranteed to make what was happening even more difficult to consider, crowding out everything but the experience, lost in intense pleasure, uncaring of anything but his mouth owning my cock completely. At this point, I stayed right at the crest of pumping ecstacy for a blissfully tortured time – always wanting to experience the hot flood of cum, but restrained by the intense pleasure needing to do doing nothing but hold my wet, just sucked cockhead, slippery from a stranger’s mouth.

It was so good to be sucked, but too intense – and after stopping, other thoughts flooded in, as I reached for his crotch. He was still half hard, but slippery – it occurred to me he likely was the man who had cum before. After another short interval, my cock less than half hard, as was his, I zippered my pants, then stood up, and wandered around, getting some composure back. The reality of just sitting down with a hard cock and getting sucked was intensely kinky and hot – but like stroking myself, having the pleasure last as long as possible is part of the fun. And just getting sucked by a stranger has certain risks, though not large for a number of hot games, and easy to drown in pure male lust. Men really know how to suck cock, and who knew what would be the next chance to find that out….

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