Christmas Wish

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This Christmas was going to suck. Everything that could go wrong did for me. I knew my mother was going on a cruise for the holiday, so I was prepared for that. I knew I wouldn’t be taking her to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. I wouldn’t be making calientitos for us just the way she showed me. We wouldn’t be opening our presents together with me watching her face light up as she told me I spent too much money on her.

I had expected to do all those things with my boyfriend of six months. That was until I decided to surprise him on Thanksgiving by bringing him a plate from my house. He didn’t feel comfortable meeting my family so soon, and he supposedly was going to a friend’s house to eat with them, but I wanted to spend some time with him and make sure he tasted my cooking.

So I let myself into his apartment, like I always did. There were clothes scattered everywhere, unusual for him. I heard some sounds from his bedroom, and figured he had come home early and was stroking off to some porn. I chubbed up as I made my way back to his room, thinking I’d walk in on him sliding his hand along the length of his cock, ready for me to replace it with my mouth.

I didn’t find what I had expected. What I did find was my boyfriend, my loving, caring, loyal boyfriend, getting stuffed by some guy like he was the Thanksgiving turkey. I stood there frozen in the doorway as the man slammed into my boyfriend. My soon to be ex was in the doggy position facing away and the man using him had his back to me, so neither noticed me as I watched, horrified.

“Come one man, give me that load.” I heard my soon to be ex-boyfriend say. “Give me my third load of the day.” I was horrified. “How does that sloppy hole feel?” Things started to click into place. Those nights he had to work late, or was late to something, why some nights he told me to just stay home or didn’t want to come over. My strict top boyfriend was getting fucked by total strangers.

“You bastard.” I said so softly I couldn’t be heard. My hands holding the plate began to tremble. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. This was some sort of nightmare, it had to be. The man who treated me like a prince couldn’t be there, in front of me, getting pummeled for a third time today. “You fucking bastard.” I finally screamed.

They turned their heads and finally saw me. They didn’t stop. My ex just gave me a grin and said, “Hey, babe, want to join? He’s got a great cock.” I couldn’t believe he said that. I couldn’t believe he had no guilt or remorse for what he was doing. “If you hear a knock on the door, could you get that, I’m expecting another couple of guys.”

“Really?” I said astonished, anger boiling up in me. I couldn’t even cry tears I was so enraged. “You do realize it’s completely over between us now?” I couldn’t believe I was even having this conversation with him while he was in the middle of cheating. “You know what, just understand it’s over. Don’t call. Don’t text. Have a wonderful cheating life.”

I left them. They didn’t even break stride the whole time. The last thing I heard as I put my hand on the door was the guy screaming his climax. I had never been so glad never to bring a guy home to my mother before in my life. When I got home, I pretended it was all okay, and a few days later, I told my mother that I we had broken up due to unforeseen circumstances. She didn’t need to know the whole sordid story.

She tried to get me to go on the cruise, but I didn’t have the time to take off work for it. Then she offered to stay home, but I couldn’t do that to her or my sister. She was looking forward to getting a winter tan, and a little time with my sister would make her appreciate me just a little bit more.

So I as here, laying on the couch, watching Midnight Mass instead of going to it, in my pajamas, with a cup of warm cocoa on the coffee table cooling. The lights from the mantel flashed above the fireplace I was letting dye out. I wasn’t really feeling all the holiday cheer, but I couldn’t let my mother feel bad, so I had decorated everything just like we normally do. It just sucked not being able to share it with someone tonight.

I’m not sure when I fell asleep. The fire must have been just warm enough and the couch was just soft enough that I dozed off into a lonely fitful slumber. There were no visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I woke up at one time and turned the television off, but I was too tired to actually get up and go to bed, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” I heard a soft voice calling me back from sleep. “Come on, Kevin, wake up.” I felt the soft touch of a hand along my cheek. I had to be dreaming. I was home alone and all the doors were locked. “Kevin, it’s time to wake up and open your special present.” I slowly opened my eyes, a veil of sleep still shrouding my mind. “That’s it, my special boy.”

My eyes began to focus, seeing the stunningly handsome man dressed like a Christmas elf sitting on the edge of the couch beside me, his bright şişli bayan escort beaming face looking down at me. “Great, I’m having a sex dream.” I said still half asleep. “You are cute through.” I reached out and touched his soft baby smooth face. That’s when I realized it wasn’t a dream.

“What the Hell?” I shouted, my eyes growing wide with terror. I backed up against the couch, trying to get away from whomever had just broke into my house. “Who are you? What do you want?” I said in a panic. “If you leave now, I promise I won’t call the police. I don’t have anything you’d want anyways.”

He just cocked his head in puzzlement, as if trying to understand what I had just said. “Oh!” He exclaimed as reality hit him. “Let me explain, please, I’m not here to hurt you.” His voice was soft and melodic, and somehow soothed my fears. “I’m Randy.” He put a hand on his broad chest. “I’m one of Santa’s elves.” I tried not to roll my eyes at that and failed. “Don’t do that.” He narrowed his eyes at me.

“Like, I was saying.” He picked back up as happy and smiling as before. “I am Randy, one of Santa’s elves.” I didn’t roll my eyes, figuring I had better do whatever this crackpot in my house said, for now. “Santa got your Christmas wish, and his heart just broke when he looked at your year and saw how hard it was.”

“My Christmas wish?” I relaxed a little, thinking if I had made a Christmas wish, then banished it from mind. “What are you talking about? And why are you here in my home?” I tensed back up, chiding myself for feeding into his delusion, even just for a moment. “And how did you get in? I have a security system.”

“Ugh.” Randy closed his eyes annoyed. “I’ll explain. Come sit beside me.” He patted the spot beside him. I reasoned if he had wanted to hurt me he could have done it while I was sleeping so I moved back beside him. “Good, that’s better.” He flashed a smile so bright I was almost blinded. “Okay, first off, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here for you.”

“You see, Santa gets lots of letters from children all around the world, but adults don’t send him letters.” I wanted to explain to him that Santa wasn’t real, but I didn’t want to set him off. “They have these deep desires in their hearts for the holidays, we call them Christmas wishes.” He continued. “Some are selfish. Those don’t reach us. Some, like yours, are so strong with selflessness, we can’t help but hear them.”

“I heard yours and I told Santa we had to do something. He agreed.” He puffed up with pride. “All you wanted was to not spend Christmas alone, to enjoy all those traditions that you have with your mother.” Randy’s thin red lips pouted for a moment. “When we watched your last few weeks, I begged to be the one to spend Christmas with you.”

“Okay, who put you up to this?” I finally asked, annoyed by the horrible prank being played on me. “Did my sister pay you? She’s thinks money solves everything, it had to be her. My mother wouldn’t do this to me.” I had enough. “Look, I don’t know who you really are, but you need to leave. This isn’t funny.”

“I’m Randy, one of Santa’s elves.” He reiterated. “I’m here to spend Christmas with you, so you’re not alone.” He scrunched his handsome face up in thought. He was good looking, and he had thrown himself into the role with pointed prostatic ears, candy cane stripped leggings and green tunic. He even wore the tiny green hat. “I know!”

Randy jumped up with excitement. “I’ll prove I’m an elf! I’ll use my magic to transform this room into a Christmas wonderland for you!” He wasn’t deterred by my skeptical look. “Just you watch.” He laced his fingers together and stretched his arms out, as if preparing for some athletic event. Whoever he was, he was going in for it all.

He brought his hands together, close to his chest. I saw a glowing light begin to seep from between his fingers, obviously some home sleight of hand magic trick. Then he pushed his hands out letting the light go into the room. I was in awe as the ball of light found the center of the room and exploded into a golden shower.

I watched as the room filled beautiful poinsettias and sparkling candles. My pathetic lighted mantel now was filled with garland decorated with ribbons and candy canes with old Christmas photos of me and my family displayed. My cocoa was now in a festive mug and was piping hot again, and sat along a small plate of sugar cookies in the shapes of snow men. Even my pajamas had transformed from basic plaid to soft silken red counterparts.

“Believe me now, Keven?” I just stared in amazement while Randy stood there proud of his handiwork. “It’s not my best work, but I didn’t want to overdue it.” He pursed his lips, looking at me with a quizzical look. “What is that over your head?” I looked up to see mistletoe just hovering over my head. “You know the rules.”

Before I could protest, Randy’s thin red lips were on mine. I was shocked at first, but then finally accepted that even if I was dreaming or hallucinating, I might as well enjoy it. Randy sat şişli escort back down on the couch, his mouth never leaving mine. As kisses went it was pretty tame, but it was nice.

“I have to admit.” Randy said, breaking the kiss. “I asked for this job.” His porcelain white cheek blushed. “After I saw your year in review, I kind of got a crush on you.” I was still reeling from it all when he looked up above my head and grinned. “The mistletoe wasn’t satisfied with that kiss.” It still hovered over my head. “How about a real kiss?”

“Why not?” I smiled back. Who was I to argue with mistletoe? Besides I was going to be kissing a gorgeous man… err elf. Randy leaned in. Our lips met, but this time our lips parted. Our tongues met, then explored each other’s mouths. Randy reached up and held my head close to his as we kissed, my hands, tentative at first, reached for Randy, moving around his broad muscled body. I felt sparks of passion fill me. I had never felt this with anyone else before. Randy pressed forward, and I fell back against the couch, his body lying on top of mine. I went from butter soft to brick hard in moments. My legs tangled with Randy’s as I felt every corded muscle in his back. His mouth left mine, finding my neck where he greedily sucked and nibbled. I arched up in pleasure, my crotch pressed into his. My eyes widened as I felt the not quite so little Randy pressing back at me. “Don’t worry.” Randy growled in my ear. “He’s magic too. He does a disappearing trick into you.”

I know I shouldn’t have been turned on by such a cheesy line, but the idea of him sliding into me, filling me with his Christmas cheer, excited me so. Randy continued licking and sucking on my neck, sending waves of pleasure through me. His hands found their way to the buttons on my shirt. His mouth moved lower and lower as each button revealed my chest.

My hands ran through his short blond hair, as he revealed more and more of my body for him to adorn with kisses. I was lost in the lust of having him feel and touch me. He moved back up torso, his tongue slowly tracing circles on my skin till he found the small perky nipple. I moaned as his teeth gently scraped over the raised nub.

“I love your body.” Randy said softly between flicks and licks. My body wasn’t the best. It was average, but I could move it up to athletic if I spent just a little more time in the gym. Randy’s hands moved under me, and with a great feat of strength, he lift me up as he sat up, having me straddle his firm hard hips.

My hands went to his head as he continued his sensual torment of my body. “Randy.” I moaned as he went from one nipple to the other. “Oh, Randy!” I gasped as his hands moved down into my pants cupping my firm buttocks. “I want to feel you, feel you naked against my skin.” I begged.

He paused for just a moment, looking up at me with those crystal blue eyes. There was a hint of mischief in them as he stood up, hefting me up with him with ease. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, not wanting to lose any contact with him. Our mouths met again, kissing with fiery passion. I could not get enough of him.

He moved from the couch, toward the fireplace. He kneeled down, laying me down on a soft furry white carpet that had not been there before. I reluctantly let go of him as he took the top of my pajama pants and shucked them down my legs and tossed them behind him, revealing my hard eager seven inches.

He stood, admiring me for a moment. I would have felt self-conscious with anyone else, but before him, I felt sexy, wanted. He crossed his arms, gripping the bottom of either side of his tunic and slowly raised it up over his head, revealing the smooth toned hard body. I licked my lips as I admired it all, my eyes moving down to the very obvious excitement that his leggings could not hide.

He hooked his fingers into the top of them, and inched them down slowly, revealing just the top of his blond bush at first, the only hair beside what was on his head that he had. His leggings slowly descended, exposing his long thick hard cock and hefty balls. I should have been a bit worried or even scared as his cock never seemed to end. He was mid-thigh before I was presented with the bulbous mushroom head.

I felt so turned on as his cock swung free, my hands sliding down my body, between my legs to toy with my twitching hole. I knew there was no way I could take something so big, and the pain it would cause if he tried should have had me screaming from the room, but instead I said to myself, “I want to taste it. I want him to put that balls deep in me.”

“Don’t worry.” He grinned, undulating his hips from side to side, causing the massive meat to swing from side to side. “Like I said, it’s magic. It won’t hurt you.” He laid beside me. He turned my head to his to plant gentle loving kisses on my lips. He pulled my hand from between my legs, only to replace it with his own.

He strummed the entrance lightly with his thick finger. I gasped at the warm pleasure that radiated from his touch. mecidiyeköy escort My hand found his rigid cock. I was barely able to fit my hand around it, it was so think. I moved my hand up and down the long length as he strummed me. The want and desire in me to taste him built in me till I could not take it anymore.

I rolled him over onto his back, straddling his body. I looked down at his sexy body, my eyes meeting his. My hands roamed over his hard defined chest, feeling every glorious muscle he had. I leaned down and took his strawberry red nipple between my lips. His skin tasted sweet on my tongue as I ran my tongue over it.

I moved from one nipple to the other, my tongue trailing across the sweet skin. “Keven, that feels so good.” I heard him groan as I latched onto the other. I rutted against him, our cocks sliding along each other. I don’t know why, but I had to taste him. Had to have him my mouth. I knew he wouldn’t fit, but damn if I wouldn’t try.

I kissed down his ribbed stomach. I met his cock before I even got to his groin. It looked much bigger up close. Before I could second guess myself, I ran my tongue over the mushroom head, amazed that the sweet candy taste of his precum. I licked my way down his lengthy candy cane, then back up.

I felt every hard vein pulse under the touch of my tongue. I finally made it back I finally made it back to the ginormous tip, and before I could second guess myself, I stretched my lips over it, swallowing it was surprising ease. My tongue tickled the underside of his tip, eliciting moans and groans of appreciation from my elfin lover.

I moved down his shaft, finding that moved across my tongue and into my throat with ease. I was more than just a little amazed when my face laid buried in the lush soft forest of his pubic hair and all of Randy rested in my gullet with no strain or discomfort. “I told you, it’s magic.” He said stroking my head. “It’ll always fit in you, and never hurt you.”

I didn’t question it. Instead, I moved up and down his glorious shaft, his sweet candy liquid filling my mouth. I worked his glorious cock, causing tiny gasps and moans of pleasure as my tongue traced along him. Knowing I was satisfying him as much as he had me, just drove me to work him harder, faster, each pass over his slit rewarding me with that sweet taste on my lips.

Finally, when Randy could take no more of my oral skills, he pulled me off him, and onto the plush carpet beside him on my stomach. He covered my body with his, his broad chest pressed against my back, his excitement resting between my cheeks. “May I?” He whispered sweetly in my ear. “Taste you?”

My pulse quickened as he gently bit my ear and grinded slowly against me. “Yes.” I huffed out, lost in a sexual haze. “Please.” He glided down my body. I could feel his face hovering over my smooth manly bubble. His breath on my cheeks sent goosebumps across my skin. “Just let me relax you.”

I felt his strong hands spread my cheeks, baring my pucker. Randy’s tongue slowly dragged his tongue from the base of my balls to the crest of my ass. “Randy.” I shuddered, my body tensing from the pleasure. Then he went in full force, his tongue dashing, swirling, massaging me from behind, slowly pushing into me, tasting me.

My mind was overcome with sensation as I pushed back toward, arching my hips to allow him further entry into me. I clawed at the fur carpet, unable to do much more than plead and beg for more as I tried to catch my breath. I felt Randy’s hand in the middle of my back, slowly move down, his fingers light feathers that calmed and drove me crazy.

Randy devoured me, his mouth working me as no man ever could. When he reached the bottom, I felt his tongue wrap around my bobbing cock, when he moved up to the top, his tongue thumped and prodded at my opening. I could have stayed like this forever, but there was more I wanted, more that I needed. “Fuck me, Randy.” I mewled. “Fuck me now, please.”

Randy gave me one long last luxurious lick of his tongue. “Nothing would make me happier.” His voice was so sultry I almost creamed right there. Randy flipped me onto my back with delicate ease, raised my legs to his shoulders and took aim. “Once you go elf, you’ll never put him back on the shelf, I promise you that.”

Before I could laugh at the cheesy line, he pressed against me. I expected pain, but as he slowly pushed forward, I felt the warmth and joy of having him in me spread about me. “Oh, Randy.” I panted feeling the wondrously large penis filling me with impossible ease. I felt him bottom out, his balls resting against me. “My God, Randy, you’re all the way in me.”

He quirked a smile, leaned down, folding me in half, bringing his lips close to my ear. “I told you,” he whispered sweetly into my ear, “it’s magic, and it’ll never hurt you.” He kissed my cheek. “Now let me show you how we do it in the North Pole.” He pecked me on the cheek before rising back up.

I watched as his body rolled slowly, sliding him an out of me. I groaned and writhed as the slow pace gave me but a hint of the gratification that Randy was offering. I felt his eyes on me, watching me, ensure every single thrust in me, every pull from me gave me just that hint of pleasure that he wanted.

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