Cheryl’s the Center of Attention

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Cheryl’s the Center of AttentionCheryl is the center of attention at a partyMy wife, Cheryl, knelt on the floor of our living room, you might think she was praying, but that was only partially true. She was praying in a way, to the big, ten inch black cock aimed at her mouth. She licked the head of the black dick as she slowly stroked him, then took the head of the cock in her mouth, slowly letting him deeper into her throat, as he gently held her head. She pulled her head back, the cockhead popped from her mouth. She then lewdly rubbed the head of his cock all over her pretty face, smearing the pre-cum obscenely over her rosy cheeks, lips and nose.“Hmmm, what a beautiful black cock. You wanna cum on my face or have me swallow your fuck juice?” She looked up at him and smiled, as she held his cock and swirled the purple head over her mouth and cheeks, her hand looking very small as it was wrapped around his cock.“Ahh, fuck, you are a great cocksucker, bitch!” He announced as he shoved his cock back between her lips and down her throat. “Suck my cock, you white cunt! Lick that black meat!”I sat leisurely stroking my short cock compared to his, looking around the room , noticing my friends as they too stroked their cocks as they watched my slut wife as she sucked the black male.“Lick his balls!” One of the guys yelled out. My wife again allowed the large cock to pop from her mouth as she pushed his cock to his stomach, and began noisily licking and sucking on his balls.“Damn, you love balls too, don’t ya, slut?” he asked as he pulled her head further into his crotch as she licked and sucked on his huge ball sac. “Now suck my cock again, slut!”Cheryl took his cock back in her mouth once again and moved her head back and forth as he fucked her mouth with his huge prick. For two more minutes he stroked his cock in and out of my petite wife’s mouth, his cock glistening with her saliva. “FUCK! Here it comes, you fuckin’ bitch!” And he held her head steady as he deposited his huge load in her mouth. He suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth tuzla escort and began smearing the last shots of his cum obscenely on her face, a few drops dripping from her chin to her tits.“Oh, fuck, that is so good. Your cum tastes so fucking good, I love it!” Cheryl said in a sexy, and husky voice, having obviously swallowed the cum he had shot in her mouth. She now scooped the cum off her face and slid her fingers in her mouth in a very obscene display of eating the cum from her digits.“Mmm, that was good. Did you guys like watching me suck his big black cock, then cum in my mouth and on my face?” Cheryl asked in a lewd manner, receiving cheers from her audience of males, as she knelt in the middle of the living room floor, dressed in a very shear blouse, her little half cup bra holding up her tits in a lewd presentation, her black hose not coming up to the hem of her micro skirt, and her spike red heels as the finishing touch of her slutty outfit.“Well, gentlemen, I presume you enjoyed the start of the evenings entertainment.” I received applause at that point. “and that you very much approve of my slut wife, and her vulgar performance, so far.”More applause. Cheryl was now standing, and began strutting her way around the room, making her cute ass shake and jiggle, and her tits to jiggle provocatively as they bounced in her little bra. She would bend forward at the waist, and grab a cock and stroke it as she moved around the room of males.“The evening has just begun, my friends, and we will have lots of pleasure and entertainment from this hot slut wife of mine.” She now stood next to me as I sat in my chair, my hand up between her spread legs, two fingers slowly moving in and out of her cunt.“Cheryl has a very wet cunt, gentlemen, I leave it to you as to what you want to see the slut do next.” I commented rudely.“Maybe have her cowgirl one of us, and suck off another?” Someone questioned.“Ooo, I love to ride a hard cock. And sucking a second at the same time sounds just delicious!” Cheryl answered quickly, shaking herself in an overt tuzla escort bayan display of her tits and ass shaking lewdly.“On all fours, cunt!” Was the next directive Cheryl received, and from the black guy she had sucked off at the beginning of her gangbang. Cheryl immediately moved to her knees after the male slid from underneath her, then placed her hands on the floor. A second male immediately sat on a footstool he had slid in front of her, and shoved his cock in her open mouth. The black male was shoving his ten inch cock in and out of her easily as she was still filled with a load of come.There was now a second load of cum in her cunt as a third male now knelt behind her after the black male finished dumping his load deep in her. The cock in her mouth had changed also, as a fourth male now face fucked my wife of twenty-five years. What made the show even more obscene is that she still wore her clothes, though her blouse was now wide open, and her skirt was around her waist.“Okay, what is next for this hot cunt?” I asked as Cheryl straightened up, moved to the footstool and took a short break.“I want to see the cunt come over here, bend over at the waist and suck my cock till I blow my load in her fuckin’ mouth.” One of the other black males directed. “Oh, a man who likes to relax while a slut sucks his big fuck pole.” Cheryl commented as she obscenely sauntered over to the black male. He was slowly stroking his ten incher as she bent over and took his cock deeply down her throat.As she was bent over, her white ass in the air, legs spread, and cunt drooling, the fourth, and last of the black males walked up behind my wife, and slowly shoved his monster twelve inch cock into her very gooey cunt. Nice Oreo sandwich. The two black males quickly got a rhythm going and were pumping their cocks unmercifully in and out of her holes for about five minutes before they both growled and began depositing their loads in her.“Now, turn around, cunt, sit on the cock that was in your fuckin’ mouth, and suck off the black cock that just came out escort tuzla of that fuck hole of yours!” I ordered her, and she quickly and eagerly complied. She grasp the ten inch cock as she sat down, guiding it into her well fucked cunt, and then took the slimy, cum covered cock and began sucking on it like it was a lollypop.After two hours of fucking and sucking my wife stood up and slowly made her way upstairs to shower and change.“Well, my horny slut wife, the guys sure loved your hot little body.” I said as I patted her ass as she stood next to me in a shear little robe that fell mid-thigh, and did little to conceal her figure.The guys all applauded her as she took a little bow.“I must thank all of you, I really, and I mean it, really enjoyed all of the fucking and sucking. I’ve never fucked and sucked so much cock in one evening, or had such big cocks stuffed in my cunt or down my throat.” Cheryl said appreciatively, as the guys applauded and gave her a few wolf whistles. “I just never knew I wanted cock so much, to be such a slut, and to really enjoy sex.”“Now, I want you guys to know, the little slut is available for fucking and sucking most anytime, especially gangbangs.” I said as I groped her ass. “anytime we are at a party, or if we happen to run into any of you in the mall, feel free to fondle and grope her, she loves being m*****ed.”“Will you do company parties, slut?” One of the guys asked rudely.“Ahh, yes, I guess, as long as hubby approves.” Cheryl replied, taken aback because I had not really warned her that I was now going to pimp her ass out, whenever I decided.“Yep, she’s a party cunt, around for any and all cocks to use.” I added, patting her ass very knowingly.We stood at the door as the guys left, Cheryl kissing her fuckers and being openly fondled and groped as they left.“So my ass, pussy, and mouth are open for public use?” She questioned, as the door closed behind the last male.“I presumed that is what you wanted, cunt.” I began. “Now, on your knees, slut, I wanna cum on your fucking face!” I stroked my cock as she knelt in front of me, quickly complying with my direction.“Oh, fuck yes, jerk that fucking cock! I want you to come on my face!” she replied, she might be upset, but she has become a total slut in reality..

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