Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 14

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Thanks to my fabulous editor Cheer_Smartie526 for fixing all my errors and some hot suggestions.

As always I welcome comments and suggestions.


Rick waved as the last of his friends drove away, and then turned to face Nancy. “I think that went well.”

“It did indeed,” Nancy replied.

“At first I thought your friends were going to put a damper on the party. I was wrong. Patricia, the DEA agent, had some awesome stories. I had no idea that narcs were so funny.”

“I’ll be sure to tell her that if the whole “busting drug dealers” gig doesn’t work out she can try stand-up,” Nancy joked.

“And the other guy – he was pretty cool, too. I guess having a state liquor commission agent at the party is one way to keep everyone from drinking. He had some good stories too. Do you have any boring friends?” Rick asked.

Nancy punched him in the shoulder, “Just you.”

“You don’t find me exciting?” Rick asked.

“In some ways yes, in some ways not yet.”

“How am I not exciting?” he inquired.

“Have you been in any shoot outs?”

“Okay, point taken. I’m a lover not a fighter, at least for now.” Rick replied.

Nancy put her arm around his waist, “We should focus on that for now. Now that I know all the cheerleaders who is next on your list?”

“I don’t know. Who do you think I have the best chance with?” Rick asked.

“Eileen was checking you out, but I’m not sure her girlfriend would approve. And I’m not sure you are ready to be between two lesbians.” Nancy cautioned.

“But that would be so awesome,” Rick replied, feeling is penis start to swell at the thought of being sandwiched between Eileen and Helga.

“The redheaded cheerleader seemed to like you, what is her story?”

“Olivia? She isn’t actually a cheerleader. She filled in as our trainer and manager when Ms. Wilson was busy with something else at school. She’s nice. Now that I think of it, she did seem pretty eager to tape up my ankle when I twisted it a few months ago.”

“She might want to tie you up…” Nancy speculated.

“Really,” Rick said thoughtfully, “I will have to see what I can do to encourage her. What did you think of Lynn?”

“She was fucking hot. As soon as I saw her, I started thinking about the story you told me. I can totally see her doing all those things to you. I’m getting wet just talking about it.”

Rick turned to face Nancy. He put his arms around her and ran his hand down her back. His fingers slipped inside her shorts. As he pulled her tight against his body, he felt her erect nipples press against his skin. He stroked her hair. His erection pressed into Nancy’s firm belly.

“There was one more, the really tall girl. You spent a lot of time talking to her. Who was that?” Nancy asked.

“Traci? I’ve know her since like third grade. She is an even bigger geek than I am. She is big into cosplay, you know, dressing up as sci-fi characters. She looks great as a Na’vi from Avatar. She likes to dress up as Lilu Dallas from Fifth Element, even though she is a bit tall for it.”

“So she is in the friend zone?”

“Oh yeah, totally.” Rick replied.

Nancy grinned, “the friends with benefits zone? ‘

Rick grimaced, “No, well, I don’t think so. I mean she does rock the nerd girl look, but I don’t think she is interested in me.”

“Who is she interested in?”

“Some other guys. I think she could do better, but she likes what she likes, you know?”

“No, I don’t. And I don’t think you know either. She wants to hook up.”

“How do you know?” Rick asked.

“Trust me, I know.”

“Well, not tonight, she is gone,” Rick lamented.

“What ever will you do?” Nancy asked with a generous amount of sarcasm in her voice.

“I just don’t know,” Rick replied in a similar tone.

“Oh, I talked to Courtenay. You did not tell me she wanted a threesome, “Nancy said.

“She mentioned it, but didn’t tell think she was serious.”

Nancy punched Rick on the shoulder, “You have much to learn, young grasshopper.”

“Such as?” Rick asked.

“To read between the lines, understand that sometimes it is not the words you should listen to. Right now, you need to be more attentive to my wants, needs and desires. Seeing you with your slutty friends has me really turned on, and you have not laid a finger on me yet. I think I need to show you how frustrating this is,” Nancy said as she grabbed Rick’s wrist and began to pull him into the house. She did not let go until they were standing in the doorway of her bathroom.

“Stay right there with your hands behind your back,” she instructed.

Rick heard Nancy open a drawer. He was pretty confident it was the drawer she kept her toys in. The soft sound of her footsteps filled his ears as she approached. She shoved him into the bathroom. Nancy remained behind him and began to remove his clothes. Rick watched in the mirror as her disembodied arms wrapped around him, unbuttoning his shirt. She slipped his shirt off and let it fall to the floor, erzincan escort then began to remove his swim trunks. With a few firm jerks they were around his ankles, covering his bare feet. Rick looked in the mirror again, watching her hands stroke his erection. He reached back to touch her, but she backed away.

“Hands up, wrists above your shoulders,” Nancy instructed. Rick quickly complied. In the mirror he could see she was holding a leather collar with large steel rings on it. Rick felt it around his neck.

She grabbed his arms and placed them against the collar, just beside his throat. Rick felt her putting leather cuffs around his wrists. She held up an oval shaped metal object. “Do you know what this is?” she asked.

“It’s a carabineer,” Rick answered.

Nancy opened and closed the gate, it made a metallic snapping sound. “Very good, this one will hold three thousand pounds. I just want to keep your hands from wandering, so I think it will suffice. These don’t lock, so I trust you not to take them off until I tell you to. If you can’t behave I will get some padlocks.”

Rick felt her connect the rings on the cuffs to the rings on the collar. Rick relaxed his arms. The cuffs and the collar were wide enough that the weight of his arms was not uncomfortable. His forearms rested on his chest.

“Now let’s see what I can do to frustrate you,” Nancy whispered.

Rick watched as she stepped in front of him, twirling around a few times. Her thumbs slipped under the strap of her top and she pulled it away from her body. Briefly she exposed the bottom of her breasts, and then let her top snap back into place. She turned away from him and bent over, putting her palms on the floor. Nancy wiggled her ass an inch in front of his throbbing cock. Slowly she stood up, and then hooked her thumbs inside her waistband. At a glacial pace she slid her shorts over her round ass and down her toned legs, revealing a white thong.

Rick tried to get closer, but the collar held him back. When her shorts were on the floor she kicked one leg back and sent them flying into Rick’s face. He felt the soft fabric bounce off his chin, then drape over his erection before finally falling to the floor.

Nancy was stretching her top again, first pulling it down to show her cleavage, then up to show the bottom of her tits. Her hands slid down her body and she pulled her thong up. Her swollen labia were clearly visible through the sheer material. She turned away from Rick before pulling her top off. Rick wondered if she had forgotten about the mirror. He watched in the reflection as her breasts tumbled free of her top. Nancy looked back at him, first over her shoulder, then in the mirror. With an expression of mock surprise on her face, she covered her breasts with her arms. She giggled and then walked behind him.

The quiet hum of a vibrator reached Rick’s ears. He could feel Nancy’s breath on his back. The sound became muffled and he felt Nancy let out a sigh. The noise got a little louder and Nancy moaned. Rick turned his head and watched in the mirror as Nancy fucked herself with a vibrator. She had one hand between her legs, moving the toy up and down. Her other hand was on her breast, alternately squeezing her tit and tugging on her nipple. Her eyes were shut and her lips were barely parted. Rick wondered what, or rather who, she was thinking of. Was she thinking of him, or of someone she had seen at the party? She took her hand off her breast and put it on Rick’s shoulder. Her fingers reached out and stroked his neck. Nancy leaned forward, pressing her erect nipples into his back. He could feel that she was breathing faster, and her moans were getting louder. Rick strained to make out a word or a name, but it was unintelligible. Rick looked in the mirror again. Judging by the movements of her arm, it was a big vibrator. He imagined her labia stretched around the toy as it slid in and out of her slick hole.

Abruptly Nancy put her arms around his waist and leaned hard against him. Her moans had turned to soft cries and her breaths were short and fast. He saw her arm stop moving as she squeezed him tight. Rick heard the vibrator hit the floor. It landed with a muffled clatter between his feet, resting in his piled up shorts. It pressed against his ankle, making his whole foot buzz. Nancy slowly relaxed her grip on him and stood up. Rick heard the door close behind him. In the mirror he saw Nancy tying something to the robe hook on the door, then bend over and pick up her toy. She ran it between her legs then stepped in front of him. Rick felt the hard plastic against his lips. It smelled like Nancy.

“This is the only taste of my pussy you’ll get until I decide otherwise,” Nancy purred as she tried to push the vibrator into Rick’s mouth. Rick grunted in reply. The idea of taking a dick-shaped object into his mouth did not thrill him, but the taste and smell of Nancy was an overwhelming temptation.

“It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone,” Nancy whispered, pushing even harder.

Rick erzurum escort surrendered to her, relaxing his jaw and letting her fill his mouth with the toy. It tasted like sex, and his cock jerked in response. She slid the toy in and out a few times. The vibrations made his tongue tingle. The vibrator hit Rick’s shorts with a dull thud, then rolled over and again rested against his foot. Nancy turned and walked towards the shower.

The shower was glass on three sides and large enough for at least two people. It had three shower heads – one directly overhead, and two handheld units on opposite walls. The pipes for the wall units snaked through the glass walls. She opened the door and turned the water on. Nancy turned a few knobs and soon all the water was flowing from the center shower head. She stepped in, but left the door wide open. Nancy was facing the rear wall with her head tilted back. The water soaked her hair before flowing down her back and being channeled between her ass cheeks. Rick could see her profile in the mirror on the wall, or he could look directly at her back side. He strained against the cuffs again as he watched her massage her breasts. She stepped back so the water flowed directly on to her tits. She let Rick watch the water splash off her breasts for a few moments.

Water was beginning to flow across the bathroom floor into the drain in the center of the room. The air was humid and the image of her in the mirror was hard to see because of all the moisture. Nancy grabbed one of the hand held shower heads and turned a knob. Needle like jets of water shot out of it, and she directed it against the bottom of her firm breasts. Rick could see that her nipples were erect, and it was certainly not due to the temperature. Thin streams of water pelted the amber skin of her areola. Rick stepped towards the shower, but was stopped by the collar. She had leashed him to something.

He looked back at Nancy. The glass walls of the shower were opaque with condensation, but he could see her clearly through the open door. She had switched the shower in her hand to the massage setting. The water was splashing against her ribs as she moved it down. Rick watched with rapt attention as the pulsing jets moved down her body and across her belly. He felt his cock ache as the water splattered on her hips. When she put the shower wand between her legs, Rick pulled on his restraints. He wanted to be closer to her. He wanted to be touched, even if he had to do it himself. But all he could do was watch. He watched Nancy’s fingertips toy with her mouth. He watched her tongue peek out and brush against her lips. He stared into the spray of water that obscured her pussy.

She put her free hand on the wall of the shower, leaning on it just as she had leaned on him. Nancy bit her lower lip as she shifted her stare to the floor. Her whole body began to jerk as the water continued to pound between her legs. Nancy dropped the shower wand and put both hands on the wall, then slowly sank to her knees. The water sprayed wildly as the unrestrained hose careened around the shower stall. Finally Nancy reached out and turned off the water. The hose went limp and the shower wand came to a rest.

Nancy smiled as she pulled herself up. Water splattered on the floor has she wrung out her hair. She walked slowly across the wet tiles until she was standing in front of Rick. His entire body was quivering with arousal and lust. She briefly met his stare, letting him know that his desire was equaled by her own. It was a delicate situation. Nancy suspected Rick was on the edge of orgasm. The challenge was how to make him last long enough to satisfy her own wants and needs. The soft buzzing of the vibrator caught her attention. She bent over and picked it up, running the tip along the inside of Rick’s leg as she stood up. With a slow, deliberate motion she raised the toy to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. With Rick watching her every move she reached behind him. She could see he was watching her in the mirror. Nancy lowered the vibrator and pressed it lengthwise between Rick’s ass cheeks. She giggled at the shocked look on his face. “Still feel like you are going to explode?” Nancy asked. “Not so much anymore,” Rick replied. “That odd, feeling something against my ass turn me on. Well, I guess I can start touching you again,” Nancy said. Once again the vibrator fell to the floor. Nancy put her hands on Rick’s shoulders and caressed his tense muscles. She lightly rubbed her tits against his back.

“Relax, this is supposed to be fun,” she said as she pressed her thumbs into his warm flesh. The image of Rick in the mirror was still blurred by condensation, but Nancy could see that his cock was still fully erect. The tremors in his body had stopped. Nancy stepped in front of him again.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

Rick nodded in reply.

Nancy put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself and lifted one leg. Hanging from the back of the door was a pair of leather cuffs. They hung just above bursa escort Rick’s knees, slowly swaying on a long manila rope. Nancy slowly guided her foot into one of the cuffs. She reached up and unfastened the carabineer holding Rick’s arms in place, then put her arms around his neck. Slowly she pulled herself up and slipped her other foot into the second cuff. Her thighs brushed against Rick’s ribs. She felt Rick’s hands on her hips, pulling her closer. Nancy looked into Rick’s eyes and saw burning desire. Nancy wondered if this is what Courtenay and Lynn had seen right before he fucked them. She felt the tip of his cock graze against her labia, sending a chill up her spine.

“Frustrated yet?” she asked with a wicked grin on her lips.

“More than you can possibly imagine”, Rick groaned.

“I don’t know; I can imagine an awful lot. I imagined you taking Courtenay and Lynn behind the pool house for a quick threesome. Mmmm, watching you fuck two women? I’d like that,” Nancy replied.

Rick cupped Nancy’s ass cheeks in his hands, holding her steady. Her pussy hovered mere inches above his throbbing erection. Rick stood on his toes, trying to reach her. Only a fraction of an inch kept him from plunging into her. He wondered how she knew exactly where to stand to torture him like this. Her nipples grazed against his chest, causing his cock to ache for her. Was this the way she felt when he was chatting with Courtenay and Lynn? Had he subjected her to this exquisite agony?

Rick wanted it to end, but he also wanted it to last for a little longer. The anticipation of feeling her around him was euphoric. Rick could hear her breathing. His own pulse pounded through his body. He came down off his toes. Nancy followed him, continuing her hover as he stood flat footed. She sank down the final fraction of an inch, her hot wet pussy covering his dick like hot fudge on a sundae. It felt like they were melting into each other.

“You want more?” Nancy asked.

“I want all of you,” Rick insisted, raising his voice.

“I don’t think you are in a position to demand anything,” she whispered.

“Please,” Rick moaned.

Nancy sank down another inch, “Now that is a much better attitude.”

Nancy shivered has Rick’s cock split her labia apart. She knew this was his favorite part. She pulled herself back up. The look in Rick’s eyes was begging her for more. Once again she lowered herself. Once again Rick’s erection penetrated her. A burning was spreading through her arms, her muscles straining to hold her weight. She leaned forward, her breasts flattened against Rick’s chest. She sandwiched him between her body and the door. Inch by inch, Nancy slid down onto Rick’s cock. When she had taken him in completely she began to kiss him. The first kiss was on his lips, the second on his cheek. She nibbled on his ear.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered to him.

Rick took a deep breath. He squeezed Nancy’s ass. The feeling of her hot, wet flesh around his entire length was almost unbearable. He lifted her straight up. Her breasts were wet from the shower and slid against his chest. When only the very tip of his penis was still in her, Rick lowered her until his cock was sheathed inside her. He could feel Nancy moving her hips, grinding her clit against his shaft. The sound her shallow breathing thrilled him. Rick lifted her again, and she whimpered when her clit no longer touched him. Each time Rick lifted and lowered her, he went a little faster. They both grunted when Rick filled her.

“Hold me. Hold me right here,” Nancy said. She unwound her arms from Rick’s neck, and then hooked her fingers inside his collar. As she leaned back, her tits pulled away from his chest. The cool air raised goose bumps on her sweaty skin. Nancy ground her hips against Rick, trying to drive him even deeper into her pussy. She was riding him cowgirl style, except he was standing. She braced her knees against the door and pushed away from Rick just enough to see her pussy wrapped around the shaft of his cock. Nancy flexed her hips, riding up Rick’s throbbing erection. With her feet in the leather cuffs like stirrups she thought the only way to make this anymore cowgirl would be to put a bit in Rick’s mouth. She bent her legs and once again Rick impaled her with his dick. Nancy felt Rick ram his erection all the way inside her. The base of his cock pressed against her clit. If his dick was any thicker it would be painful to accommodate it. Nancy clenched down on Rick’s turgid shaft. He had been taunted long enough. She wanted him to climax inside her.

“I want you to fill me with your cum,” she cried.

Rick bucked like a wild horse under Nancy, watching her tits bounce with each thrust of his hips. Each mirror in the bathroom showed a different image of them. He could see her tits from the side; he could see her ass as it rose and fell. The sight of her naked body, the sound of her gasping for breath as she climaxed, and most of all the feeling of her all around him was too much. Rick felt his orgasm surge through him like a bolt of lightning. The result of Nancy’s teasing raced through his cock and flooded into to her pussy. Rick fell against the door as Nancy pressed herself against him. His cock jerked inside her as the last few drops of cum sputtered out of it.

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