Charlottes Ville

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Two lost souls, that’s what they had both thought of themselves.

John had moved to Charlottes Ville population 8.467, well that’s what it said on the welcome sign as he drove into town so he figured that made him number 8.468. So far he had learned two valuable lessons in his adult life, the first was he should never have married the bosses daughter, the second and this one John learned the hard way, when the bosses daughter wants a divorce, it’s not only the judge that can screw you over, he had never blamed her for the divorce, they had both wanted children and when the fun of trying had waned and the curios looks that soon followed took hold, it was time to see a doctor.

John was diagnosed with a low sperm count, his wife didn’t hear that instead all she heard was the word, sterile. Soon after the accusations started that blame game that sadly gets played out to it’s destructive end, the ‘your not a real man’ was even thrown into the arguments that rapidly followed and no matter how or what John did to save the marriage with her family deciding there was only one side to take, they took it, he was outnumbered. That slippery slop just got more slippery, the divorce was more of a relief than a surprise, it was then his ex father in law called him into his office and although coated with sugar, prity much read as, a transfer to one of the other law offices in the middle of nowhere or leave.

There was only one option left, leave. With no family to speak of and just about everything he owned now rammed into the back of his car he drove away, today he was doing something he had never ever done in his life, he had always planned everything, what exams to take at high school, what he would do to help himself in Uni that would get himself his law degree, down to what he would wear each day. Yet today he was just taking roads that he had never taken before, his planning had got him nothing more than a woman who as soon as she decided he was sterile had taken up with one of there friends, that great planning had gotten him nothing but pain now.

He was on the road for a week, sleeping in motels and just driving, seven days behind the wheel not knowing were he was going while he reevaluated his life and on that seventh day he came to one conclusion. His life sucked, a shocking realization for him, all those great plans had ment nothing anymore, he was now 38 and according to his ex wife, half a man. It was then that he decided that he would rather be half a man than none at all and so the sign for Charlottes Ville came into view, a picture postcard town if ever there was one, all picket fences and white houses.

John was smitten, feeling suddenly hungry he pulled alongside the diner in the center of town and sat at one of the corner tables. His original thought was to eat here and move on to the larger town down the road, whilst eating he read the paper that was on the table when he came in. Glancing through some of the stories flicking through the paper really, it was then he spotted the realtor’s notice for one of the picket fenced houses on the way into town, he hadn’t noticed the waitress standing at the end of the table getting ready to ask if he wanted more coffee.

He jumped and she giggled at his embarrassment, she looked down at what he was reading and mentioned that the realtors was just across the street if he was interested. John’s mind had already started to do the planning thing again, he would really have to keep that in check, so with a coffee as a take out he walked across the street to see what the realtor had to say. She was Josie ‘call me Jo’ and I think she had realized that day was going to be a real good day for her and indeed it was, we looked at the house, I made my decision there and then and the house was off the market later that afternoon the paper work made easier because of me acting as my own lawyer.

I was in within three weeks, fully furnished less than a week later, I still had money in the bank so work wasn’t one of those rush to do thing’s, while at school I liked track, by no means a jock but I held my own at distance, so now the town of Charlottes Ville got a new sight to shake there heads at, me running every morning, I even had my own route I took as well, from my house down to old Mo Blake’s barn through the lanes and come in through to top end of town, stopping at the diner for breakfast and a chat with my new friend Jeanie the waitress, she had soon found out I was a lawyer and didn’t waste any time in asking advice on anything and everything she could think of, I swear she had a pipeline to everyone in town and they in turn got her to talk to me.

It was there I met Terri, Jeanie had known Terri all through high school and confirmed my suspicions that she had been feeding Terri advice I had given her on one of those ‘what if’ conversations. I spotted her coming through the door, her shocking red hair aglow with the sun behind her, I felt a stirring in my loins and was incredibly grateful that I was sitting down with a table to hide behind, both the girls talked Kastamonu Escort for a few minutes and I could see Jeanie nodding her head in my direction. I couldn’t help myself as I watched her walk to my table, her hips swayed so gracefully, she sat across from me without even asking if she could, such was the confidence that exuded from her.

It’s times like these that physics bends to it’s own will, I could swear she sat there and stared at me for hours, I didn’t mind, I didn’t even feel uncomfortable about her doing it, I got the chance to look at her, the red hair was natural, her eyebrows where slightly less shockingly red but not by much. Her dark eyes I originally thought were brown but there was a hint of green there as well, the light sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks only helped to extenuate her natural beauty, I doubted very much if she ever wore make up or if she did it would have been very little.

Then she smiled, oh what a smile. My heart did miss a beat and that stirring had now become a full blown erection that I was so desperately hiding beneath the table, she put her hand out for me to shake, it was then I noticed her other hand and a fading band line that was on her wedding finger.

“The names Terri I would like to thank you,”

I held her hand shook it gently and said, “the names John and your welcome.”

With that she got up and just as she was about to leave, leaned in and said, “it’s a good thing I’ve seen you jogging around town, or I would have serious doubts about your personal hygiene,”

I’m sure she still heard me laughing as she left the diner, without even realizing it, I had become part of a community, accepted as one of Charlottes Ville 8,000 plus family. I was head hunted soon after in fact, the town law firm consisted of one lawyer, Charley Harris, born and bread here he proudly boasts, only ever left to fight in Vietnam and then on to become a lawyer when the army let him go on a medical, he was a bull of a man, stood six foot tall a barrel chest with a full head of very gray hair, he always said he has two loves in his life, his wife, a small framed woman no more than five foot two who he dotted on and Charlottes Ville, his great plan was for me to become a partner and then take over entirely so he could retire

I didn’t see Terri for weeks after that initial conversation and although I had replayed what had happened and had been said in that very short conversation in my head, there was something else. I’m slow sometimes, ok were women are concerned I’m slow all the time, I suppose I was so wrapped up in her looks that I didn’t notice something else about her, her handshake was soft but there was an underlying, shock almost. Something akin to static, I noticed she had felt it as well because she raised her eyebrows, as if in shock but instantly dismissed it, which is why I didn’t give it a thought either, until sometime later.

Although I seemed to spend my life talking to Jeanie and eating at the diner I do take trips to the store, empty shelves in the kitchen and a fridge that had more light than food in it took me back to the days of Uni, so the single man paid for the single meals in his trolley headed for his car. As I approached my car I slowed, there leaning on the hood was Terri, arms crossed and what I later become to realize, one of those grins on her face, she was full of mischief.

She smiled and said “I have a job for you.”

“Dose it involve breaking into a sweat, I wouldn’t want to become a health hazard?” I asked.

That was the first time I saw her laugh and I liked it, she was one of those people that laughed with her eyes as well as her mouth and I found myself watching her more intently now.

“I have a flat and I can’t get the nuts off, so come make yourself useful.”

Her car was parked two down from mine, stood next to it were two cute little blonde girls about eleven years old and judging by there looks not only were they twins and other than the blonde hair they had inherited there mothers looks as well. As I changed the wheel, the girls took this as a golden opportunity to question me, about who I was, were I came from, even down to what I liked to eat. Terri sat back and enjoyed my discomfort; it’s not easy being questioned by two girls who would have made great lawyers, at first I was off hand with my answers, that was a waste of time they tore through that, I even tried not answering them, didn’t work, one of them sat next to the wheel arch, her back against the panel watching me. Torture, they may as well have got the lamp out and shined it in my face.

That overwhelming feeling of being outnumbered again took hold, Man has a fight or flight instinct inherent in them, once I had fought back my initial instinct of flight, I figured I had no choice but to fight, so I sat on the spare and faced my questioners. Both girls had initially smelt blood and went after it, wanting to know my life story, I noticed they took it in turns to ask questions there seemed to be a telepathy Kastamonu Escort Bayan between them, Terri just leaned against the car listening as I told my life story and how I ended up at Charlottes Ville. The only time I noticed Terri expression change was when one of the girls asked me when I was going to leave and move on.

“This is my home now, why would I want to leave this place when it’s taken me this long to fined it,” I said.

All three of them seemed happy with my answer, so with a pause now in the questions I finished off changing the spare and said my goodbyes. Despite the questions I found myself actually liking all three of them, I noticed my life seemed to change alittle more from that day on, once I finished my daily run at the diner I was joined for breakfast either by the girls or by Terri, much to Jeanie’s amusement. I even asked Terri if all three of them had a thing for sweaty men, she laughed, never answered but laughed, I got brave that day as well and asked her out, all she said was.

“It’s about time.”

It wasn’t a whirlwind romance by any stretch of the imagination. After all Charlottes Ville was my home now so with what I had figured out from the ‘what if’ conversations I had with Jeanie and the rumor mill that run through the town. I knew all about Terri and the alcoholic ex husband, once the divorce was final he jumped into his truck and headed out of town, that’s the last anyone had heard from him, including the girls. We started to spend more and more time together, day trips even holidays, it was on the final day of our holiday that Terri stood in front of me and said.

“are you going to ask me to marry you.?”

I had waited for the question, I even had my answer ready for her, “no I’m not, I figure if you and the girls want another man in your lives you will ask me.”

A tear built up in her left eye then run down her cheek and for one awful second I thought I had got it all so completely wrong, then to my relief she grabbed me and hugged me to her, I held her around the waste as she cried into my chest.

I heard her say something that sounded like “thank you.”

We had been back home for a week now and a routine had settled into my life, the girls would still join me for breakfast at the diner before heading for school, we would chat about anything and everything only this time I didn’t feel like I was being interrogated. Both the girls were getting there bags ready for school, they both looked up and then to each other, Jeanie was again filling my cup again.

“You drink a lot of coffee”

I knew the statement meant more than what it sounded like, so I looked at both of them and said. “Don’t compare me to your dad, I may be a man but not all men drink as much as your dad did, I drink coffee because I choose to drink coffee rather then alcohol, it’s my choice as well as my vice.”

Both girls blushed, looked at each other and did something that to this day makes me smile.

In unison they said, “mum wants you to marry you now,”

With that both girls got up and left for school and his time I blushed, as they passed me both kissed me on the check and left. I did ask Terri to marry me, but not before we sat down and talked about the one piece of my life that I never told the girls the day of my interrogation, the remarks my ex said to me.

Terri just hugged me and said, “you have a family now.”

We cried, we hugged, we made love, but most of all, I think to the relief of Jeanie and the 8,000 plus people of Charlottes Ville we became a truly loving family.


Terri had got used to my moods, picked up on them sometimes, even knew how to steer herself towards them when those same urges took her, I will never forget the one night that taught us both the extent we would go for each other and how deeply we both trusted each other. The air had been thick with sexual tension for most of the day, made worse by one then both of us heaping more wood onto the fire as it were.

It had all started with me giving her a slap on her ass that morning when we got up, seeing her naked every morning was a huge turn on for me, even with the birth of both the girls she was still a very fit sexy woman and turned many a male and female head as we walked around town, the mall or was out for the evening, I was never jealous after all I was the one that got to take her home, get her naked and in bed, sometimes the couch and the hallway has been known to get the pleasure of both of us stuck into each other as well.

We knew each other and trusted each other, saying that it never stopped us getting carnal in the morning and deeply sexual and loving in the evening, we both had a knowledge of each other that would frighten many couples, there had been times when we had made love and ended up crying in each other arms, simply because it was so intense and emotional, just as there have been times when we have gone on to be so basically sexual and carnal with each other that to anyone watching Escort Kastamonu it would have amounted to both of us raping each other.

That was how far our relationship had developed, she was the Yin to my Yang, we could do and up until now, have done so much to and with each other and the things that kept that all sane to both of us, was love and trust, a love so deep that we both knew that we would both walk on burning coals rather than hurt the other and there in lays the trust, not seen to either of us, not needed to be really. So there I was seeing that ass of hers wander by, so what’s a red blooded male supposed to do but give it a nice slap on the way past, she just giggled and went on her merry way to the shower. Now hearing the shower on and Terri splashing away in there had my heart racing and my penis getting more hard by the second, I knew I needed her now. so I got out of bed and into the bathroom, opening the door to the shower she already had her hand between her legs washing herself.

She turned and smiled that seductive smile, “want something.?” She asked.

All I could say was, “yes, you now,”

Terri went to kneel down to take me in her mouth, but I grabbed her under her arms to stop her and turned her around, her cute ass automatically moved itself towards me. With one thrust and the aid of the soap she had there I was inside her, she had already moved her hands up against the shower wall to steady herself against my thrust, hearing her gasp as I entered her, I moved my hands around her front to grab her breasts, her nipples already felt hard in the palms of my hands as I tried to take as much of her breasts in them as I could. I felt her push back against me, a sign from her that she wanted as much of me inside her as I could give her, my hands squeezed her breasts as I withdrew my penis a little and then thrust into her again.

We both knew this was going to be sex on a basic level, we wanted the other to come and we wanted it to be rough when we both got it, she again pushed back, almost challenging me to do better, I responded by taking my penis back until I almost left her vagina, whimpering alittle thinking that I had changed my mind before I forced myself back into her, she sighed and then giggled as we settled into a rhythm now, my hands holding those beautiful full breasts massaging them with my fingers, feeling the softness of them, I was fighting the urge to remove one hand and find her clitoris. Sometimes to many distractions for Terri didn’t give her as intense an orgasm as she wanted and I knew for a fact that her breasts are very sensitive.

I had conducted an experiment once, I wanted to see if I could make her come simply by the sensations I could give her breasts, sucking them, gently nibbling those fantastic thick nipples, the sensitive underside of her breasts all got some serious attention that evening and she came so hard that she forbade me to touch them for the rest of the night, she seemed to sense what I wanted to do, as she seemed to do really well and moved one of her own arms from the wall and her hand pushed one of mine off of her breast and down to her vagina, then returned hers to her breast. It seemed she wanted it all this morning, I took my lead from her as she was giving her breast a real hard time, massaging it, the pulling hard on those fantastic suck-able nipples, hearing her gently moan as she did so, I then followed suit thinking it was impossible yet feeling her nipple get even harder.

I run my free hand down over her pubic bone, and then curved two fingers into the top of her vagina, her clitoris was easy to find now, fully exposed and fully aroused, Terri sucked in air as she felt my touch. Our bodies were now as one, thrusting not so gently into each other, I run both fingers over her vagina again setting up a pattern, doubling up on the pleasure, when I thrust into her I stopped moving my fingers, when I withdrew I would rub her clitoris gently, sometimes roughly.

Under this amount of onslaught her body couldn’t last long and it wasn’t long before I heard her gasp and let out a soft moan, her knees went weak and I had to stop playing with her vagina so I could support her weight, her vagina muscles clamped around my penis almost stopping me from moving, such was the control she had, I thrust deep a couple more times but with the resistance that she had on me now I knew I couldn’t last more than a few seconds, then with one last deep thrust pushed myself as deep as I could into her, sending her into another orgasm and pushing my come deep into her. Terri had stopped playing with her breast to help give herself more support against the shower wall, when she started to collect herself again and with my now flaccid penis falling out of her.

She turned smiled and winked, “that’s a good start to the morning, bet you cant top that this evening.”

I laughed and we set about washing each other, Terri paying as much attention to my penis as I was to her vagina and those stunning breasts, we toweled each other down and dressed, I noticed that she made a point of making sure I knew she wasn’t wearing knickers and with another wink she left the bedroom. So now I was left in the bedroom with an interesting delemer, she had now laid down a challenge she never liked wearing knickers when she was feeling very sexed up.

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