Chap. III – Bio love – “Pregnant and Hot

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Chap. III – Bio love – “Pregnant and HotChap. III – Bio love – “Pregnant and HotChapter III — —Other chapters and stories about would be dishonest to suggest that every day of every month that passed I had at my disposal a conquest, old or new to satisfy my cravings .. This is not the case. There were times to where I found myself without a friend, or see I did not necessarily want to have a presence is relatively easy solo. I even came to the conclusion that if I had not had such a taste for women in general and sex in particular I’d probably never married.But my body and especially my libido wanted more. I can say without shame I am an avid fan of masturbation, and solitary play. Even when I have a friend, a woman, even in this case I very frequently masturbate once or several times a day. Just as I close my eyes and I make a small film, I remember a particular scene I invent one with I do not know, the little neighbor girl or cross the street and go. In most cases we must admit it is with watching a movie I turned this practice.Internet now allows a virtually unlimited source of support for fantasies, from best to worst we can say. So I spent a long time to play alone, and I have taken and I took a lot of fun. It may be that a practice that I have a certain tone to bed. I often delays the arrival of pleasure for a long time, I happened to stay erect a caress me during the entire movie to do that at the end ejaculate. In other cases, especially if the film consists of several scenes with different contexts, very different girls I happen to have multiple orgasms as a result.In the 75 years before there were VCRs fortunately sex shops I frequented assiduously .. They projected films in small private booths where you were free to palucher if we wanted, just be careful to work anyway .. I watched countless videos of super 8mm who jumped, did not sound etc. .. but were sometimes very very hard .. Any one time ..Then later the VCR enabled easy viewing of movies and quantity also became more important, the greater variety. I do not count either the number of times I went with my girlfriend of the moment in a sex shop to buy a gadget or just a movie .. And this naturally gave rise to memorable pipes, or a kiss in the cramped cabin. Even with my wife Annie I remember some nice pipes in a sex shop.And there is the ultimate case, where the sex shop is run by a woman there ca get very hot especially when in affinity with the boss happened to me because in my city the sex shop had the distinction of often be held by women.So I pretty Furnished with handjobs time which I enjoyed, there was even a little delirious night or I decided to carry the joke too far .. It happened more than once elsewhere at various times in my life .. this is a record type in the day arriving to enjoy the greatest number of times for my part I never have exceeded 24 times and the last 4 or 5 times so I had an orgasm but a drop of sperm, or really a droplet and one must admit that over the last 10 times the erection is rather symbolic at least it would be impossible to penetrate a partner.Let us not forget also in these solitary games, anal pleasure, oh yeah you know I love that now takes care of my ass, well I’m busy one .. Prostate massage with vibrators is more convenient, but you can also add various penetrations, objects, cans of vegetables rarely but it happened. To move to this stage it I must be really excited or really hungry for a long time.It is not easy to give this kind of pleasure without conceiving a slight shame, at least you feel a little bad draw sheet as if it was just too different from others .. but I can assure you that others are not better, because I managed to have discussions with men or women who admit that sometimes they have not necessarily solitary practices Orthodox .. But generally stays quite hidden in their secret garden and buried in their closet.When I was twenty years, in 75 years the liberalization of morals was well underway. We lived in a mode of freedom that narrows to a trickle in 2010 .. I admit I lived dangerously undoubtedly all these years .. I never used condoms, and we do not even think. Once I got one good old “clap” that was of no consequence .. I reparlerais later for circumstances that are fun also.Today most young people are often sad and stuck vis a vis the sex. A facade of freedom exists, but is clearly seen reports girls / boys have changed.I’ll probably feel old all at once but I will say … In my time! We would run the shameless hussy and I must say that girls and women were not performed pray to share some intimate moments.Sometimes it was so fleeting that you wonder if it’s true. As this meeting on the train.Party on probation for my job when I returned from Bordeaux by night train, there was still compartments is tell you if it is old. I am on this train almost deserted. I arrived early and had found a compartment with no difficulty so. Shortly before departure, a young woman walks down the hall, then returned and settled in front of me in the compartment. She asks if she can move, of course ca does not bother me instead. Elephant leg pants, a blouse over a flower, a jacket with a big fur collar and a hat .. Ile is not hot .. It seems pretty low but smiling, at least she seems sad. She moved in front of me along the window starts at ease and takes a book.During the trip we started to chat a little, she had just been dumped by phone, her boyfriend had taken advantage of his trip in the family to break. She was vulnerable for sure, I was the right ear, there at the right time. I made her understand that she was pretty, I told him also. She did not find repulsive, it needed a presence and hugs. I was there. We flirted at first and then we could have stopped there to meet again .. I do not know. I felt like it was obvious and she realized. Betrayed she gümüşhane escort probably wanted revenge and we made love on the bench. No not crazy, but we both enjoyed it. At Austerlitz has long embraced it, it is separated I have never seen much of, I know neither his name nor his given name, but I can still see his face in darkness out of the station .It’s amazing what writing my adventures makes me feel good, I think I have too long kept some things for me .. some are light and others are really a burden, to an unimaginable degree.At the time I write this, I do not know yet if I will dare to write. I do not know if readers (if any) will include all and above all accept. In every man there is a dark side, the older I get the more I feel that mine is a ball and that ultimately I have great difficulty to face some of my acts, rightly or wrongly, I do not know if I could affect things, or if the change in the end I’m a victim of it. But it’s later than I would approach this time both so beautiful and happy I dare say but that ends badly in a tear that I think I have not yet been able to overcome. This is the light of a new event that I come to deliver me well.For now continue the green years.Just over 20 years it is the beautiful age, friends and friends are legion, and some are already established, even married and was not at all the intention, desire or even the idea of ??a fool friend. But sometimes the circumstances make it happen.Thierry and Mikaela were wagered for 2 years, her young teacher, seeking a way it’s likely she was teaching full history thesis. But now our beautiful Mikaela pregnant, so beautiful, original Italian, Sardinian very, very typical dark skin, dark eyes a smoldering gaze. Small very small, a tiny woman adorable and a great girlfriend. Thierry was the very type of guy, likes football, beer and all kinds of crap. He was in love with Mikaela and all us to understand, but never in our little band we would have had the idea of ??dredging, even if all we envy Thierry.But sometimes pregnancy makes a big difference. As I was not the same model as her husband, football has always bugged me, I am passionate about history, we had an intellectual affinity.More here and it is also a trait that has probably helped me with women, I am a good listener. I do not count the number of times I was chosen as a confidant by a friend, colleague, even without having to have anything between us .. I am not the man all the same! With Mikaela as with others when AC was wrong, bobo or dispute at the heart I had the right to confide in and I went up the morale, trying to cut corners.Our beautiful Italian, found herself pregnant at 20 or so 21 years I no longer have this detail in mind. We were happy for both of them and everything went very well for a time. A few months after this news, Mikaela began to make phone calls me son, she had no moral and had questions. As it stands, sometimes the mood is disturbed, I went back the moral somehow, but I felt she did not tell me everything.And one evening as she unpacked the whole thing. Since her belly began to swell, Thierry had been less eager, their sex became less frequent to the point that they were absent for over a month and that despite his attempts, Thierry was hidden.My first reaction was to say it’s regard for you, it can be so afraid. But one incident was a blemish history, she found a number of such accident on the desktop of Thierry. She had not dared to call and she asked me to do for her. Quite embarrassed I was trying to escape this trap but hey I could not leave it like that. I finally call the number to fall on a woman who clearly received many phone calls of a man in need of company .. in two words a whore.I could not say outright here with his permission I decided to talk about his problem with Thierry. It was a little heated at first, wondering what I mingled, but he softened and I finally get to finally talk. Eventually he confessed to me a little ashamed that it was blocked by Mikaela’s pregnancy, he was still in love, wanted her but was unable to perform the act of making love to her while her belly was rounded .. I had my answer I was relieved .. I did not tell him the number of such.Back to my beautiful Italian girlfriend, I explain the situation, I told her that number, it’s a good whore he’s having a desire to decompress, I arrange the matter short, not without some tears and wipe cajoling on my shoulder. I had a hard time understanding the attitude of Thierry because I have always found beauty in pregnancy in a woman, it may be stupid but I think this belly disproportionate lot of beauty. A pregnant woman for me is always beautiful.A few weeks passed, we see quite frequently and one night football game, we were there together was 6 or 7 friends and friends with Mikaela, everyone began to get excited before the 22 assholes in shorts who play Baball. Mikaela pulled me into the office to talk of other things.I was worried about his condition, how it was going for her, given the situation.She asked me point blank:”Do I please you? “I was surprised it very hard to give an answer .. I finally said yes but it was a friend .. Thierry a friend etc. ..”Yes I know all this, but you know I can, I want too, I use my fingers but I am not happy and it’s getting worse I’m going crazy”I told him that I understood the situation, but it was still difficult for me ..”Look I’ve not said that I was in love, I just want you to caress me, you make me really enjoy it all. I see only you and there is only you that I will do here is not you just love, and you will not be unhappy when you stop “I was shocked, I did not expect this kind of proposal.Where I was even more surprised was when she took my hand and placed it on her thighs. She wore a button front, but a lot of buttons were removed and the train of the dress I parted revealing her pussy, no panties, escort gümüşhane she had prepared his coup.Mikaela, had the red cheeks and downcast eyes. She died of shame. I let my hand slide up her thighs. Instantly she emissions. And eyes full of tears I apologize. I explain that to me is to ask for forgiveness, that I would not sell well. I console and get everything in the standard.She is a friend, I do not blame him at all, she is distraught and her situation is difficult. I wanted my friend Thierry has a lot of him here.A few days pass, and the following Friday night, call, Mikaela.Hello, it’s going .. the usual platitudes, and then returns to what it is we spent the previous. I do not seized where it is coming, it is a bit confusing, apologizes, says she would love it anyway.”I still want you if you can come tomorrow, I’m alone all by Thierry We for a football tournament, I’m bored””You want me to come keep you company? No problem “..”Yes just before noon, we’ll eat together”The next day I’m home and Mikaela Thierry shortly before noon. I am well mannered and it’s really a great girlfriend, plus she has no moral I bring her a small bouquet of flowers.What could be simpler? Think about it I do not know one that does not crack for a small bouquet. This kind of little things often make the difference.Mikaela, I just opened and seems delighted with my little present. I ask him how pregnancy happens, seems to ca. Yes it is already well rounded almost 6 months. We spend some quality time during the meal. I can even make her laugh as before.Then we will have coffee, as she has not stopped going and coming, I told him to sit comfortably in the lounge, I know the places I’ll get the coffee.I spend in the kitchen gets the coffee, the cups are ready on a tray. I come back in the lounge and there .. I miss all the cum on the floor plate.Mikaela is on the couch, naked and sublime with his round belly, his legs slightly apart and her breasts are swollen nipples are erect bistre brown, curly hair cascading down his shoulders.It makes me a little nod and said:”Come I too feel like caresses, I was stupid I’m sorry”I find it so beautiful that I did not ask any questions. I approach and I’m about to instinctively kisses on her lips.She puts her hand on my mouth and said:”No, not here but I could not”I understand what she means. A kiss is an expression of feeling, fondling, sex, this is not necessarily the case. I lay still a kiss on her cheek, she lets me do. I am humbled, yet it is not the case in general. But with it, it’s really special, I told her that she is really beautiful. I remember telling him that Thierry’s silly to act like that. I put my hands on his shoulders, and I gently caress her neck, she indulges her head back, his lips are parted, and trembling, her tongue tip and moistens his lips with eyes half closed she enjoys my sweet caress.This is a massage that I practice a sensual caress. She puts her hands on mine, and I slowly revealed to her breasts, which are hard and erect. I am just beginning to scratch their curve it gives a little moan.Mikaela is on edge, the poor are really hungry for caresses. His breath is short, I gently falling, massaging with light as possible over this beautiful chest. She was trembling from the tip of the toe hair is gently stirred by tiny chills. I find it hard to detach myself from the contemplation of his face is the epitome of pleasure she tasted, she finds, the pleasure of caressing him that her husband refused. I would have liked to keep a picture of his face at that moment. Although my memory really register right now, I see even this tiny button on the wing of his nose. She arches her back when the palm of my hand passes over her nipples. The really large areolas are dark sepia-brown, her breasts are huge, in fact it took a lot of chest with her pregnancy. It’s beautiful.I am now very excited and it feels a moment I band. I do not care I want Mikaela is well, it’s already difficult for her, I do not want to rush at any price. It is not even my intention to have fun, but to give him. I take my pleasure in the texture of her skin, her warmth, her moans and especially in view of this beautiful woman in the round belly, which surrenders. I want her to have the most beautiful orgasm ever. She deserves it. My hands still down, I just spent the mountains of his chest, I caress her sides. As I kneel in prayer before the Madonna. This is the case it is physical love incarnate, given bodily pleasure.These are moments that struck me strong. I had, I still have the utmost respect for Mikaela and frankly I never thought I’d be in this situation with her one day.She whispers “it’s good, please do continue.”My hands are now on her belly, I gently caress. Here I have great pleasure in this gesture, which I have not had the chance to have a c***d. Those moments when I could caress that belly full of promise are dear to my heart.I think now at the dawn of my latest age. I realize what I miss the emptiness I could never fill. Several times I had the promise and every time she is denied.This is the first time that I say but it has happened that I cry in the undermined, on this great void in remembering those whose belly had met my expectations, love fled, disappeared.When I was with Mikaela, I thought that one day life in the womb of another would be an extension of my life and I prodiguerais these caresses him. Alas, life, that bitch, refuse me .. This time it’s over.Mikaela, sighs under my caresses. Slowly, after long-cherished her stomach, I let slip my hands on his thighs. Her soft skin, dull and she shuddered. I gently rises towards her sex, her fleece is provided, and I do not really distinguish the injury. His black curly hair and her soft under my fingers. I realize that it is continuously agitated by an earthquake. Mikaela will let me down on the couch revealing gümüşhane escort bayan the sex that I will honor. I spread her thighs, lips apart, revealing the pink of her sex, her labia minora are tiny. Its button is slightly elevated and pointing the tip of his nose at the top of her lips. I approach my mouth, I put a kiss on that pussy. It feels good, very good. A heavy scent intoxicating. Mikaela trembling in every limb now. Ave my thumbs I dismiss the labia and I see how my caresses Mikaela expected, it is soaked, flooded is the right word. Thin streams of nectar glide slowly between his buttocks. His hair to his first crack glued to her skin is glistening in the light. I put my lips in the middle of this exciting offering. Mikaela lays his hands on my head and grabbed my hair. I lick and drop its nectar, what taste, what is maddening a musky taste, with hints of pepper. It’s burning, her pussy is a real furnace and it throbs at each lick. Each spasm expelling a little more liquor. With my fingers I pull back the labia minora at their junction décalottant a clitoris much bigger than I thought. Not really big but very, very long and scalped it really looks like a miniature penis. I annoys the tip of the tongue. Mikaela attracts me against her sex and arches, burying my face in the wet flower. My cheeks are wet, my nose too. I continue to suck the button .. I can see the face of my friend because of that round belly. But I know she is ecstatic, I feel that his orgasm is imminent. Into her vagina juice is thicker now. I only work with my tongue. Her thighs shake spasmodically on my head, it moves, I’m afraid it falls. And suddenly she lets out a loud cry, I feel her pussy really agitated by convulsive movements, I continue to suck her clit. It’s a howl that now extends, rolling his hips and his pelvis is projected upward, it is bent. His gasping breath, this time she trembled in every limb. I give the coup de grace by sliding fingers in her pussy .. Her orgasm lasted, his hands are clutching the fabric of the couch one hand and my shoulder to the other, it hurts me as she squeezes. Finally it drops my lips, nose, cheeks and chin soaked. Its scent is on me. I can finally see his face, a thin beads of sweat on his forehead, his temples, his hair is a little stuck. She looks radiant, eyes half closed she has barely catch his breath. It draws me to her, she stroked her hand and wiped my face. She said a tiny voice breathless “All right, good, good … “Then she drew my face close to hers and placed his lips on my forehead to make me a big kiss.”Come I will take care of you,” she says”But let not therefore” I said, I did not want her to think I took advantage of the opportunity.”Idiot, you gotta be in shape right? “I can only nod.”Come here, give me I’ll take care”I drop my clothes, I was naked my dick is swollen and erect, the glans is very pretty wet. Mikaela, approach her mouth and lips gently on my cock, she sucks. She sits on the edge of the sofa, I’m standing. His hands caress my buttocks, back on my chest, sucking me while she looks at me, her fingers take hold of my nipples, rolling the clamp. This is good works I love having my nipples in this way. She sucks with science, alternating fast round trip, with dives that put me in his throat. Mikaela gives me the best of herself, she has tears in her eyes as she takes me away. After the kitten that I have lavished, I do not long. I feel that I will enjoy it also realizes this and stops sucking me at the last moment. It makes me cum on her big tits offered .. my legs are barely, while bursts of heavy crash into her neck, her breasts and slide down in the furrows drawing lines on her skin glowing .. I love the show as well .. I have to sit, she caresses my forehead gently. She has bright eyes .. “Sorry, I can not in my mouth, I’m sorry, but it was good anyway” With infinite tenderness, I place a kiss on her belly, then her cheek, smiling at him. “It was very good, you are lovely”She looks at my cock which is still almost as hard. I understand she never told. Mikaela, settles comfortably, open their legs and I slid my cock gently into her. Her lips are red and are agitated small spasms. I swallowed her sex burning, wet as it is my impression of me to rub the silk. I try not too wear my my weight on her stomach. I kneaded her breasts that are hot and still wet with my seed. I file slowly, letting my erection back to its maximum. I’m excited, I know I would not for a second hour of orgasm. Mikaela accompanies my movements with her pelvis, she is in trance. With my thumb I is gently caressing her clitoris, she become hysterical, hugging me with her legs against her she must penetrate as far as possible in it. Her pussy quivers and shakes my tail spasmodically adding this to my massage go back .. My balls are hard, I feel up the juice in my rod .. This is a great violent k**ney beatings I poured out upon her as she has orgasm happens also under the caress of my fingers. Such synchrony is rare and difficult to obtain .. I lie down beside her on the couch .. I have a mad desire to kiss her but it is forbidden. I put kisses on his forehead and I gently cajole. She turned to me smiled at me, she looks at me and gently deposited a kiss on my lips “It was too good, you is love, I never took my foot like that”I must admit that it’s nice to hear this stuff .. Without playing the braggart I admit that this kind of confidence, I was often made. It is almost certain that I often came across women who had been disappointed by their husbands or partners. I do not think as good as that. And what part of this compliment is just a desire to please the other, a way of saying thank you …Thus until the end, I was an accomplice of Mikaela, so that two days before her delivery we made love in my bed. After she became the lifelong friend and this was done without any problems for her or for me. I remained always his confidant. One evening we were gathered or she slipped into my ear. “You know it’s a shame I’m not in love with you, because you have benefits that I miss a little you know”I would talk to her later, all is not finished …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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