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Subject: Central Valley High – 5 With the permission of the author, I am writing a story set in the same universe as the Nifty series “North Valley Football”. It’s my single favorite Nifty series and I could not resist adding my own contribution the world they have already built. Please read the original series before reading mine here: http://www.//gay/athletics/north-valley-football/. And my story is non-Canon from the original author’s work for now, so think of this as an Elseworlds take on their universe 🙂 If you like this, or have any suggestions, please let me know at ail. Finally, I have loved the Nifty Archive for many years, and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come. So please consider contributing to the site on the main page to help it continue to thrive � the link fty/donate.html. And enjoy! —- Central Valley High Football By Julio Sanchez Chapter Five Day 2 Chris and I walked out of the main building, towards the swim team area. The football field was on our left as we walked. It looked like a standard regulation-size field like any other in my world. It was empty now, except for a series of what appeared to be locker room benches placed all by themselves at one end of the field. I wondered to myself, “what the heck are those benches doing there?” We made our way past the field to a classic high school pool facility. It looked fairly ordinary from the outside, but who knows what perversity was inside to torment me. As it turned out, I was not even slightly prepared. Chris gave the double doors an ostentatious push and then walked in like he owned the building. Try as I might, I couldn’t help but stare at his large, plump butt through his speedo. My already swollen dick throbbed a bit more as I watched him walk in front of me. I wondered what it must look like…and maybe even what it must taste like. After walking in behind him, I took in the main pool facility. The pool was amazingly well maintained and of the standard size I am used to on my Earth. The walls were covered in the awards of past championships � a fair amount, I might add. This was clearly an all-star high school swim team. But I also noticed a few things that seemed out of place to me. There were a few of the same “Breeding Stands”, like the one I had just seen a NV football player tied to and viciously sodomized at in the main building, against the walls. I also saw some other sexual objects I couldn’t quite place. A few racks of what looked like various sex toys � as well a collection of some kind of mechanical devices that had dildos attached to arms that attached to pistons. I didn’t know what those were used for at the time. (While now my ass aches at the thought of them. But that was still to come.) However, I stopped my visual tour the minute I heard the moans. My eyes once again must have bugged out of my eyes because against one of the walls, next to another rack of sex toys, what must have been the whole swim team was crowded together. They were standing in a huddle next to two boys crouching on a pile of mats. The two boys were clearly naked except for the red swim team tank tops, just crouhcing in place, lightly rocking. It was hard to tell what was going on at first, so I took a few steps closer to see. They were both on all fours, sans speedos, facing away from each other, with their asses nearly touching each other. They were both giving out deep moans and seemed to be rocking back and forth, their butts meeting and then pushing away from each other, slowly but steadily. One was a blonde-haired white boy with a pronounced nose and a small but still muscly frame, he had his head back and his eyes closed like he was deep in thought. The other was a dark-haired white boy with delicate features and a very lanky but athletic frame, he had his eyes open but his mouth was staining with little whimpers of “oh my god!” My cock bursa escort involuntarily shot out another glob of juice when it dawned on me that they were both riding a single double-headed dildo! I could even see the spot on the nearby rack where the dildo was stored but now missing. Because they were using it to sodomize themselves on it! They were both still caged, so they weren’t even trying to cum. Based on the empty space in the rack for the missing dildo, it must have been huge, maybe 18 inches. I could see it pocking out of their boy holes each time they separated their cheeks, before drilling it back into each other. The other swim team members, in full team outfits, were lazily watching the pair pound each other. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something about this scene seemed familiar. It felt like “warm-ups” or something similar. Like it’s an activity so common and everyone does it because they have to all take a turn. Occasionally one of the standing boys would reach down and slap one of the boys’ ass cheeks, leaving a red print, or pinch of the boys’ nipples, making them give out a deeper moan. But otherwise, they just softly chatted or played grab ass with other or stood around looking bored, practically ignoring the vigorous, sweaty, dirty, dildo riding going on right under their noses. When the team saw that we had entered a few put their hands up to wave to Chris. Chris said, “What’s up, chicos! Got some fresh meat here!” And then he reached over to me, pulled me into a headlock and started to suck on my ear, obviously showing the other boys his complete dominance over me. I didn’t make a move to push him off. As he reached over, I got a whim of his body odor and almost got weak at the knees. He smelled so sexy, like he had just had sex. Which maybe he did. Between that and feeling his nearly naked body press against my own, I was thoroughly hot and bothered. Finally, he let me go and shouted at the team, “Coach having us do “Double-D” drills?” One of the standing swimmers, another tall Latino like Chris, replied, “Yea, Coach said he had to trade off, 5 minutes for each pair, until you get here with the new fish. He even picked out the Nasty Ned model, with that slight electric discharge. Made us all leak like broken fucking faucets. I already went and my cage feels like it’s soaked inside. Splish splash. Anyway, Travis and Josh here are the last pair, they’ve got two more minutes.” With that I saw the large clock against the wall also acted a timer and it was counting down to zero. The dildo riders would have to ride it for two more minutes � while I guess getting electrocuted the whole time! But they didn’t seem to be in pain, in fact they looked like they were in heaven. I wondered what that must feel like. The speaker btw was named Carlito and he was almost as sexy as Chris, tall and somewhat dark-skinned Latino with spiked hair and big swollen pecs. Chris shouted at them, “Travis! Josh! You two gonna keep fucking around or ya gonna show your team captain the kind of bottom sluts I know you two can be?!” Almost in unison, they both shouted, “Yes, sir!” And with that they began to really pick up the pace, going from a slow, languid pace to really pistoning in-and-out of each other. Their moans began to nearly turn into screams. The blonde boy gave out deep, low sounds but the dark-haired boy seemed to really be feeling it. He was closing his eyes now too and shouting “Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes, Josh, yes yes, yes, I’m there, I’m there! Fuuuck!” And while the blonde boy (Josh) kept up his fast pace without stopping, the other boy (Travis) pushed back one last time and then started to shake from head to toe, real full body convulsions. At that point his head fell down, he began to make just a high-pitched screeching sound, and then I could see his arms begin to buckle. While still shaking, his bursa escort bayan torso collapsed down to the ground, arms spread above his head, forehead on the ground, ass still in the air, and still being pounded by Josh’s ongoing strokes. After a few seconds, he stopped screeching, but I could hear him breathing heavily and mouthing softly “oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.” His face was still pinched in pleasure/pain/relief. Josh kept going at it, enjoying it but not having the same reaction as Travis. I had no idea what just happened. I would normally have been scared but the boys started to hoot and holler as Travis had his seizure, so I assume it was nothing to be afraid of. Just then, the buzzer went off and their time was up. Josh looked back at Travis and said, “Some guys have all the luck. Well next time I’m gonna beat you to it, slut.” And then Josh eased off the dildo, coming out of him with a slight slurp, leaving the other end still stuck in Travis and the end previously in Josh’s tight ass lewdly hanging down from Travis’ hole. Travis was still giving off little shutters and shakes but he managed to yell back at Josh, “Well I’m still gonna collect, hm, I got the Big O first, hm, so you’re gonna take one my…loads at our next Victory Night. Slut.” And I could see Travis smiling, with his face still on the ground. I looked over at Chris with some confusion, and once again, he was all too happy to lean in and explain. “Travis and Josh always pair up on exercises like this and they have a little running bet, whichever one of them has a Super O before the other wins. The standing bet is whenever the team has their next Victory Night, whichever one of them loses has to take one of the winner’s loads, even though the team won. Any way the winner wants. Looks like Travis is gonna to get a pump a load into lil’ Josh at our next win. I’m definitely gonna watch that one. Maybe I’ll even join in and make Travis cum while pumping into Josh but also riding on my dick. He loves being in the middle of a fuck sandwich. Dirty little fucker.” That was a lot of new information. So, it seems like the whole jock world here is obsessed with these Big O’s, these prostate orgasms. I guess it’s all they can get, so they obsess over it. I’ve never had one before, so I had no idea what that would even feel like. It looked like Travis was on fire when he just got his. I was scared but also very, very intrigued. As Josh was putting his cock plug and speedo back on, the tall Latino who spoke to Chris earlier said to Josh, “I know you two have had this competition since forever but I don’t know why you keep at it. We all know Travis is the “Big O” king. I bet he could get one just from walking to school. You barely win one out of 5 times. Maybe you just love taking Travis’ loads, eh boy?” Josh shot back, speedo in hand, “I don’t remember you complaining whenever I give you a piece of this ass. Right, Carlito? And I’m just getting started. Every king gets dethroned sooner or later. I’m gonna get even better than Travis at getting those Big Os, just you wait and see. Plus, we both like a little friendly competition, keeps up on our toes. Maybe that’s why we get at least two Big Os every week and you barely get one once a month.” The rest of the team heard those snaps from Josh to Carlito and gave out a collective, “AWWW damn!” The Carlito just gave a good-natured nod of the head, stuck his tongue out and like a ninja quickly gave Josh a loud slap on the ass before Josh could pull his speedo back up. For his part, Josh also stuck out his tongue and gave Carlito a wink. “Okay, okay, okay, wrap it up you dir-ty sex shop boys!” A loud Russian-accented voice boomed from one of the office doors, clearly this was a coach. He was not a tall man, 5’7″ at most, blonde hiar and he seemed much younger than I imagined a head coach to be. He may not have escort bursa been tall but he was fairly stout, built. Wearing what I imagine was the coach dress code of polo shirt and slacks. His main distinguishing feature, which stuck out at me, was his piercings. He had seven different piercings in his left ear. It made him look a bit sinister, like an S the sensation was so intense. I think I gave out little moans too. I don’t even know. Yosef liked this. A lot. He stopped but then he leaned in and said, “I will see to your training personally. You’ll see boy. You’ll be a boy slut yet.” My mouth ran dry. I was so horrified and excited by this. All of this. After he walked away, I looked down at my body and saw what I looked like. Completely naked, except for nipple rings, a cock cage, and a cock plug. And I would have to walk around in public like this, all day, every day. Waiting for someone to either grope me and keep walking or for them to buy me on an app, like I was a taxi ride, and then using me however they wanted to until their time was up. Taking it all in, really thinking about, I was almost in tears. The shame. The humiliation. This wasn’t who I was supposed to be! But the more I imagined it, the more the Juice was starting to infect my thoughts. I was on the verge of tears. But I was also starting to casually reach up to rub my own nipples. Or squeeze my ass cheeks so the plug would slide into me deeper, before pushing back out. I was caught between my old modesty and this new primal lust. It felt like the two parts of my mind were at war. And I had a suspicion who was winning… Once all the boys were set, he shouted, “Okay, Coach Yosef, get the boys ready for swim practice.” “You heard the Coach, swim sluts, get to it. I want to see those sexy asses in the pool, now, now, now.” Coach Vicente then focused on me, “Altamash, you heard what I said earlier, take that tight, hairy ass of yours over to the football team. I already told the football coach that you would be joining them.” “And Chris here will be joining you to introduce you to the football team. In fact, he’s going to escort you everywhere today to show you the ropes and get you settled. You do everything he tells you to do, you got that?” I nodded with a deep dread. He finished, “Good. Well, off you go. Hustle boys! Don’t want you to miss a thing. And consider this a gift, Chris. Something tells me you’re really going to enjoy the football team’s practice today.” And he winked. Even though Chris exploded at him and questioned his order only minute ago, he must have a real soft spot for his team captain. The warmth was obvious. To go out of his way to be nice to him. Even if he was essentially just a product pimped out by the coach. Chris shoved me playfully, though it still hurt a bit, and we walked out of the pool hall. As we left, I could hear splashing as the boys started practice. Once we were out of the building, I could feel the sun on my naked skin and I felt shame all over again. Hit me like a ton of bricks. This was my life now, a naked whore walking around a high school for all the world to see, in a world filled to the brim with every kind of pervert imaginable. We started walking and we barely got to the end of the fence around the football before Chris suddenly grabbed me from behind and walked me to the fence and pushed me against it. I reached up and held onto the chain link to steady myeslf. My heart was beating fast because I had no idea what was coming next. I knew what this big sexy top was capable of and I had no idea what was coming next. He said, “Coach said to do everything I say to do, right?” I meekly answered, “Yes.” “Yes, what?!” “Yes, sir.” “Good boy.” With one hand still on my shoulder blades, he brought another one down to my cock plug and got a good hold of it. He slowly started pull it out and push it back in in little tiny strokes. It felt so fucking good. “Because I’m gonna make sure you spend the day sweating. And remind you that, from now on, I own this ass.” And he started twisting the plug inside of me. — End of Chapter Five —

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