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CD Experimenting with bearI’ve been wanting to try cross dressing for a while now. I’ve been hooking up with this bearish guy I met on grindr, and after one of our later fucks he told me he wanted me to dress up for him. I was shy in accepting at first, but I knew I wanted it. I got some clothes for the next time I’d be seeing him. I’m pretty average in terms of body, but I have a nice ass, so I got these red and white striped leggings to show it off.The bends in the lines once it gets to my ass really show off how tight and perky it is. His house is close to mine, and I walk there once it’s dark.I’ve got a black lace thong to match my tube bra, a white cami, and black pumps. I’m wearing a black wig too, it felt so good to have such long feminine hair. I walk up the driveway to his door. It’s quiet at night in this rich suburban neighborhood, his house is two stories but it has a pool and a sprawling backyard. kaçak iddaa He answers the door in a robe, he says he just got out of the shower, but I know he just wants to have less clothes to take off before he fucks me. “I love your outfit” he says, leading me to his bedroom with his hand on my exposed lower back. His hands were rough on my skin. He’s a businessman, but his hands are tough and masculine. On the way to his room we pass a mirror and I get a glance at my pink lips and my wingtip eyeliner. His robe is untied, I can see his chest hair and olive skin. He’s mixed Italian, and it shows. He’s a great lover, it made taking the feminine roll so much easier. As soon as he got my into his room he pushed my up against the door and started kissing my neck as he gave my ass a slap. I needed his cock in me, so I started jacking him off to get him hard. My knees were shaking, it was hard to not fall over bets10 with the black pumps. He kissed me neck some more and whispered how he could not wait to own my ass, and in one motion pushed me down to my knees and shoved his now hard cock in between my painted pink lips. I instinctively bobbed my head back and forth on his cock, just like I always had. I was drooling for his cock, he pushed my head down onto his cock, and I felt it down my throat. the thickness felt so smooth on my wet tongue and inviting pink lips. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and it’s visibly covered in my drool. “Stand up slut” he commands “get into position” I immediately stand and walk to the edge of his bed, and before I even get the chance to get on it he pushes my back and grabs my hips. With my feet on the floor and my palms on the bed, he grinds that wet cock on the soft fabric of my leggings. He pulls them down bets10 giriş “good slut” he says, inspecting my ass with the thing he’s visibly pleased with “you’ll make for a good toy” as he rubs the head of his cock on my hole. It’s hard, and I can feel my hole get tight, but I relax as much as I can, and he finally gets the head, then a little bit more, into my tight white ass.When we first started fucking a couple weeks ago it felt so wrong, he’s almost twice my age, but being dressed like this made it feel so right. He pulls my cami up as he slides deeper into my ass. With my thong not off but with the strap pulled to the side, he slides all the way into my hole. I squirm a little bit as he throbs his cock in me, but he chuckles and forces my head down into the bed. Now my hands and face are on the bed, and he’s giving me a real fucking. I’ve accepted my place as his bitch, and he grabs my hips and thrusts his cock all of the way in and out of my hole. His raw cock in my tight twink cd ass is so perfect. He leans forward as he grunts and thrusts hard into my ass. I feel him take off his robe and pull off my thin white cami.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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