Cassie Meets Her New Neighbors (Part 1)

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Nearly two weeks after Zack and Ellen moved into their new apartment there came a knock at the door. It was a bit of a surprise, since their place was at the end of a two-story building and offered a nearly private entrance for them and the one other apartment on the end.“El, can you get that?” Zack called from the second bedroom. He was attempting to assemble a TV stand and desk in what was going to be an office for him.“Okay!” Ellen dried her hands and went to the door. She glanced toward the rear of the apartment, wondering how long Zack was going to futz around with the furniture before asking for a hand. She almost regretted the decision to turn that room into an office for his computer because she knew once it was set up, he would be disappearing into it most evenings. But then, that might be a good thing, she sighed in resignation.While she had thought about arguing to turn it into a studio for her, the light was all wrong. As she walked to the door, she once again pictured the great room re-arranged to give her an area for her easel where the light from the skylight and two picture windows was nearly perfect, especially in the morning.Ellen was in her late twenties, an open face with a nice smile. She wasn’t slim, but well-proportioned for her height. Personally, she felt it made her a bit pear-shaped, so she worked hard to avoid what she called the ‘Gardener Girls Curse’. All three of her sisters had fallen victim to it and looked like the fruit. Well, except for Rosie, but only because she has enough topside to be more dumbbell-shaped, not that anyone would ever say that to her face!That thought had Ellen smiling as she opened the door and immediately realized that whoever the woman was, Ellen was never going to look that good, not in her lifetime! The woman was tall and so strikingly beautiful that Ellen was momentarily speechless.“Hi, I’m Cassiopeia. I know I’m late, but I was out of town and missed you moving in. I just want to welcome you to the building.” She was holding a bottle of wine by the neck and a small casserole dish.“Come in, come in. And thank you! We were wondering about our neighbor, but nearly assumed the apartment was empty.” She took the offered casserole and invited their neighbor in. From behind her, Ellen watched her hips sway and was surprised at her own reaction. Cassiopeia was taller than Ellen, much taller, nearly six feet in her heels, long curly dark hair which was loose and hung down to the middle of her back. Proportionately, she beat Ellen by a couple of cup sizes, well maybe even more than a couple. Ellen thought, ‘No sign of a pear with that bust and those hips!’“What a lovely place. I can’t believe you have done so much so quickly. That painting is wonderful! Oh, I’m sorry. I tend to get carried away, but that painting is terrific. It caught my eye as soon as you opened the door.” Cassie approached Ellen and held out her hand as Ellen put down the things in her hands. “Please call me Cassie, and according to the agent, you must be Ellen because there is no way you are a Zack.”“Yes, I’m Ellen, El for short. So, there is gossip already?”“Oh no, nothing like that. I was gone and had them hold any packages. When I saw Gabby in the office she told me you had moved in. The only thing she said was that they finally rented this apartment, that you two were a nice couple, and that you didn’t have any kids. She wasn’t gossiping, we had a small issue with a teenage boy who used to live here. She knew I was a little worried about who might move in.”“An issue?”“Well!” She said as she struck a very sexy pose. “Can we just say boys aren’t very subtle when they decide to pay attention to you? I’m sure you’ve experienced that as well. You are lovely!”“Nothing in your league, you look amazing!”“Thanks, but I disagree! So, do I get to meet your husband?”“Sure but lose that pose. He might cum all over himse … oh hell; did I really just say that out loud?”Cassie started laughing, a nice laugh from her belly. “Oh Ellen, I think we are going to get along wonderfully. Just never Kadıköy Escort edit anything you want to say to me! That was perfect — complimentary, hilarious, and a little dirty. Pretty much describes me to a ‘T’.”Ellen blushed as Cassie came over to her. “No blushing, I love anyone who can frankly speak her mind. I get a lot of smoke blown up my skirt at work and having someone honest is a blessing.” She hugged the younger woman with some feeling. Ellen could only think that if Zack were watching, he might really cum all over himself! Cassie was gorgeous and, as her Dad occasionally said about a woman: ‘Built like a brick shithouse’, only if he knew Ellen, her sisters, and their Mom were out of earshot. She never really understood if that was supposed to be a compliment or not until right this minute.“Zack’s in the back wrestling with some assemble-it-yourself furniture. Let me get him.”As she walked out, she saw Cassie in profile looking at the painting again, her painting and one she was quite proud of even if Zack never said squat about it.’Yup, a brick shithouse!’ She thought as she walked out. She couldn’t wait for Zack’s reaction! After eight years of marriage, she pretty well figured out Zack’s reaction to most things. She used to laugh whenever she busted him girl-watching and then his silly attempts to cover it up, but for the last couple of years, he rarely tried to cover it up.The few times she gave him shit about being so obvious right in front of her, his excuse was, “But honey, I’m a guy”, as if that excuses shitty behavior!“Zack! Our neighbor is here. They’ve been out of town so that’s why we haven’t seen hide nor hair.” She deliberately didn’t mention their neighbor’s gender so Zack would get no warning at all.“Sure thing, just give me a minute.”“Okay, we’ll be chatting.”Back in the living room, Cassie was still looking at the painting. It gave Ellen a great feeling. That painting was her pride and joy. She worked as a graphic artist for a web company, but her passion is painting, and while she’d sold a few pieces, being a starving artist sounds better than really starving. The attention Cassie was giving it made her feel incredible.Cassie suddenly turned as she realized Ellen had come back into the room. “You painted that, didn’t you?” she said, somewhat accusingly.“Guilty!”“God, it’s wonderful! Will you sell it to me?”“No, not that one.”“You have more?”“A few still in boxes. Are you an art collector?”“No, I just love this painting! If you have something just as good, I would love to see it. But my heart is set on seeing that one over my mantle.”“Your apartment has a fireplace?”“Not here, my house, outside Santa Rosa, I keep the apartment for work. Your picture would be perfect there.”We both paused and looked at my painting. It was of a barefoot woman walking through the doorway of a Mexican-style house. What made the painting so special to El was how the lighting works. There is light coming through a window, a glass-paned door next to her, and behind her in an open doorway. Her head was tilted down, with her hair hanging, covering her face, and a small dog was walking next to her. Ellen titled it ‘Santa Fe Sun’ and fell in love with it again. The model was based on a college roommate of hers, only more blonde and curvier. For a moment El realized it would look a little like Cassie if the hair had been darker. They both looked at the painting for a moment until Zack came in.Zack was also in his late twenties, about 5’10″, and looked a little like the former high-school soccer player he had once been, just one starting to gain a little weight. When he walked in, Cassie was looking at that painting of Ellen’s and then she turned around, Zack stopped like he had been hit by a bus.Ellen called it right, Zack was so surprised he actually physically stopped; she grinned to herself as she did the introductions.After shaking Cassie’s hand, he sat on the arm of the couch next to his wife while the two ladies talked for a bit.“Zack, Cassie brought over Kadıköy Escort Bayan a bottle of wine. Why don’t you open it and pour three glasses.”“Sure thing!”While he was getting the wine, Cassie and Ellen shared a look, a look every woman understands, “Men!”Cassie went back to her apartment, pleased on several levels. First off, that there was no hormonal cowboy with no tact or sense of privacy living next door. Secondly, she genuinely liked Ellen, especially her comment. Zack came across as a typical guy who had trouble meeting her eyes. But El had a freshness, not naive, just a freshness in both her look and openness. Cassie also thought just how pretty she was. Finally, there was the painting. It was incredible, and Cassie firmly considered, ‘I wasn’t kidding about buying it!’ Later that night, Cas had a dream which involved Ellen and left her wet and turned on. “I haven’t had one of those in a while!” She curled up under a light sheet and told herself firmly, “She’s married!”After Cassie left and Zack and El went to bed, El was a bit surprised. Zack was in an amorous mood, the first time in weeks. She wouldn’t call what happened ‘making love’, more like having quickie sex… well, quickie for him. Once again, he left her approaching the edge while he finished. Like what has become her new normal, when she went into the bathroom to clean up, she took things into her own hands and surprised herself thinking more about Cassie than anything else. She smiled to herself and images from Art School came to mind.As weeks went by, Ellen saw more and more of Cassie. She wasn’t sure what she did, but her work pattern was weird. Some days Cassie was out and about early, other days late, some days she worked well past midnight, and still others she was in early. Then she would disappear for a few days, Ellen assumed to her home, several hours to the north. Ellen asked what she did a couple of times, but Cassie seemed to be good at redirecting the conversation.Cassie found herself spending more time at her apartment than she used to. It wasn’t a change in work schedule, but she found that she really liked Ellen. It didn’t take long to realize that El and Zack weren’t overly happy with their relationship, but that was a line Cassie never crossed. She simply made sure she was there for her new friend whenever she could. What other people did generally didn’t bother her, but there were times when she got more than a little pissed off when someone did something really stupid!One Saturday, Ellen got the answer to what Cassie did for a living, but she got it in a very unpredictable way. The two were sharing a drink that Cassie called ‘late-in-the-day-mimosas’. Instead of champagne and orange juice, she substitutes wine coolers. Something was bothering Cassie and El assumed it was work-related.Zack wasn’t home for a change. He was spending a lot of time on his computer, so even when he was at home, he wasn’t always home. El wasn’t sure where he was off to, but she wasn’t too worried. It was nice to relax with just Cassie.“El, we need to talk,” Cassie said in a serious tone.El got a little concerned. She wasn’t sure why but suddenly Cassie’s slight distraction went from her own problem to one of Ellen’s.“Cass, that sounds like a break-up conversation. Are you moving?”“Oh no, nothing like that; it’s about your husband.”“Did Zack make a pass at you? That asshole!”“He tried, can we just say it didn’t work out as he thought.” Then she handed El a small key on a chain. Cassie almost grinned at the look on her face as she held the key.“I don’t understand!”“I know and I promise I will explain it all. For the first part, Zack figured out what I do for a living.”The apparent non-sequitur caused El to shake her head.“Trust me, it applies. Cassie took a deep breath before continuing. This was the unpredictable part, some people didn’t react well. “When I was in my early twenties, I did porn, a lot of porn. Something like a couple of hundred films. I do look different, but I guess Zach Escort Kadıköy saw one of my film clips on the Internet and made the connection. I’m always hesitant to tell anyone about it simply because people get so strange about it.”El did think about it, but it didn’t really bother her. The artist in her secretly wished she did portraits more often so she could paint Cassie and do her justice. At least she told herself that was what she thought when the idea of a nude Cassie popped in her head a while ago.“What did Zack do?” El pushed aside the idea of a naked Cassie and remembered they were talking about her husband, who apparently did something idiotic.“Zack knows how close we’ve gotten and — well, he sort of threatened to tell you about my past. He assumed I wouldn’t like that and it would make me amenable.”“Amenable? You mean he wanted sex and figured you would go along to avoid ruining our friendship.”Cassie heard the tone in El’s voice and realized that her nice, sweet, open neighbor was very, very angry and she was glad it wasn’t directed at her. She was more than a little concerned about how El would take her old profession and even her current one, but there was no way she would go along with Zack. What happened wasn’t exactly a common problem, but he wasn’t the first guy to try and capitalize on her past.“That shit! I’ve just…”“El, trust me, things didn’t work out as he planned. Zack’s not the first guy I had to deal with. Did you see him much yesterday?”“No, I came home from work and tried to do a little painting. He was in his office. I thought he was on the computer, but I heard one of his tools.”Cassie pulled out a DVD from her bag. “After he approached me yesterday, I told him to come back after lunch and I set up a security cam. I wanted there to be a record of whatever he did and thought you might get a kick out of it.”El looked at the woman who had become her best friend, “A kick?”“Yeah, like I said, things didn’t work as planned. Would you like me to tell you or would you like to see?”“Wait, you recorded my husband making a pass at you?”“You bet, and as I said, he wasn’t the first. I sort of developed this technique in dealing with them. The downside of the internet is there is so much porn and pretty much everything I did over a decade ago is out there for guys to jerk-off to.”“Before you get into it, what do you do now?”“Oh, I still work in the industry, on the management side of making the movies. I produce some and handle the production details. The last husband who made a pass over my job didn’t want sex, he wanted me to take him on location and introduce him to some of the actors. Personally, I think he was more interested in some of the male actors than me anyway.”“So, what did you do?”“Something like what I did with Zack. You see, I hate cheaters. And when the cheater is married to anyone I think of as a friend I get annoyed. So, show or tell?”“Show, I guess!”Cassie grinned, “I really think you are going to like this.”El shook her head. She was having trouble understanding why Cassie thought she would enjoy watching her husband do this.Cassie put the DVD in El’s player and sat next to her. When it started she was surprised by how Cassie was dressed. She was used to her dressing nice but casual. She always looked good, but usually very relaxed around her apartment. In the video, she was decked out as El had never seen her. A short, tight dress that traced every curve was visible as she stepped away from the camera. She ran her hands down her front, which was impressive to watch. El could easily see her in a porn movie… in fact, before she could finish that thought, the video Cassie spoke.“HI, El. If things go well, you are going to watch this. Do me a favor and know I would never betray you. But this dress and my actions early on will be self-explanatory. It’s going to look like I am going along with Zack, but trust me, he’ll never see it coming, guys never do!”El watched as Cassie opened the door and the lust she saw on Zach’s face was something she hadn’t seen in a few years. She felt a flare of jealousy that anyone, even Cassie, could make him feel like that. In many ways she missed it, but her sex life had been on the decline for a while. It just made her mad to know Zack obviously had little interest in her, even though she still looked like the girl he had married.

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